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Author Diogo, Rui, author

Title Muscles of chordates : development, homologies, and evolution / Rui Diogo, Janine M. Ziermann, Julia Molnar, Natalia Siomava, and Virginia Abdala
Published Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2018]


Description 1 online resource (xiii, 648 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Contents Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface; About the Authors; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Methodology; Biological Material; Nomenclature; Phylogeny and Homology; Chapter 3: Non-Vertebrate Chordates and the Origin of the Muscles of Vertebrates; Ciona Intestinalis and Branchiostoma Floridae as Examples of Urochordates and Cephalochordates; Evolution and Homology of Chordate Muscles Based on Developmental and Anatomical Studies; Recent Findings on the "New Head Hypothesis" and the Origin of Vertebrates
Development and Evolution of Chordate Muscles and the Origin of Head Muscles of VertebratesGeneral Remarks; Chapter 4: General Discussion on the Early Evolution of the Vertebrate Cephalic Muscles; General Remarks; Chapter 5: Cephalic Muscles of Cyclostomes and Chondrichthyans; Myxine Glutinosa: Atlantic Hagfish; Petromyzon Marinus: Sea Lamprey; Hydrolagus Colliei: Spotted Ratfish; Squalus Acanthias: Spiny Dogfish; Leucoraja Erinacea: Little Skate; Evolution of Cephalic Muscles in Phylogenetically Basal Vertebrates
Metamorphosis, Life History, Development, Muscles, and Chordate Early EvolutionGeneral Remarks; Chapter 6: Cephalic Muscles of Actinopterygians and Basal Sarcopterygians; Mandibular Muscles; Hyoid Muscles; Branchial Muscles; Hypobranchial Muscles; General Remarks; Chapter 7: Development of Cephalic Muscles in Chondrichthyans and Bony Fishes; General Remarks; Chapter 8: Head and Neck Muscle Evolution from Sarcopterygian Fishes to Tetrapods, with a Special Focus on Mammals; Origin and Evolution of the Mammalian Mandibular Muscles; Hyoid Muscles; Branchial, Pharyngeal, and Laryngeal Muscles
Hypobranchial MusclesEmblematic Example of the Remarkable Diversity and Evolvability of the Mammalian Head: The Evolution of Primate Facial Expression Muscles, with Notes on the Notion of a Scala Naturae; General Remarks; Chapter 9: Head and Neck Muscles of Amphibians; Mandibular Muscles; Hyoid Muscles; Branchial Muscles; Hypobranchial Muscles; General Remarks; Chapter 10: Head and Neck Muscles of Reptiles; Mandibular Muscles; Hyoid Muscles; Branchial Muscles; Hypobranchial Muscles; General Remarks; Chapter 11: Development of Cephalic Muscles in Tetrapods; Development of Mandibular Muscles
Development of Hyoid MusclesDevelopment of Branchial Muscles; Development of Hypobranchial Muscles; Development of Cephalic Muscles in the Axolotl in a Broader Comparative Text; General Remarks; Chapter 12: Pectoral and Pelvic Girdle and Fin Muscles of Chondrichthyans and Pectoral-Pelvic Nonserial Homology; Muscles of Paired Appendages of Squalus Acanthias; Muscles of Paired Appendages of Leucoraja Erinacea; Muscles of Paired Appendages of Hydrolagus Colliei; Plesiomorphic Configuration for Chondrichthyans and Evolution of the Cucullaris; Forelimb-Hindlimb Serial Homology Dogma
Summary "Chordates comprise all vertebrates plus a variety of unfamilar, distantly related and crucially important lineages (sea squirts, acorn worms, others). This book will be the first volume to synthesize and summarize what is known of the organization, development, homology and evolution of the muscles of all chordate animals. Muscles as different as those used by sea squirts and for human facial expression will be included. For the first time muscles of the entire body and both the pectoral and pelvic regions will be reviewed."--Provided by publisher
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Chordata -- Anatomy
Muscles -- Anatomy
Developmental biology.
Natural history.
natural sciences.
SCIENCE -- Life Sciences -- Zoology -- General.
Muscles -- Anatomy
Chordata -- Anatomy
Developmental biology
Natural history
Form Electronic book
Author Molnar, Julia, author
Ziermann, Janine M., author
Siomava, Natalia, author
Abdala, Virginia, author
ISBN 9780203702987