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Description Synthesis is an information service for the research, development and educational communities in engineering and computer science.
Subject area Engineering and Design


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Synthesis Digital Library Access control in data management systems / Elena Ferrari
Synthesis Digital Library Action programming languages / Michael Thielscher
Synthesis Digital Library Active learning / Burr Settles
Synthesis Digital Library Activity theory in HCI : fundamentals and reflections / Victor Kaptelinin, Bonnie Nardi
Synthesis Digital Library Adaptive high-resolution sensor waveform design for tracking / Ioannis Kyriakides, Darryl Morrell, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola
Synthesis Digital Library Adaptive mesh refinement for time-domain numerical electromagnetics / Costas D. Sarris
Synthesis Digital Library Advanced circuit simulation using Multisim Workbench / David Báez-López, Félix E. Guerrero-Castro, and Ofelia Delfina Cervantes-Villagómez
Synthesis Digital Library Advances in modern blind signal separation algorithms : theory and applications / Kostas Kokkinakis and Philipos C. Loizou
Synthesis Digital Library Advances in waveform-agile sensing for tracking / Sandeep Prasad Sira, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Darryl Morrell
Synthesis Digital Library Advanced Metasearch Engine Technology
Synthesis Digital Library Advanced probability theory for biomedical engineers / John D. Enderle, David C. Farden, Daniel J. Krause
Synthesis Digital Library Advanced radar detection schemes under mismatched signal models / Francesco Bandiera, Danilo Orlando, and Giuseppe Ricci
Synthesis Digital Library Algorithms and software for predictive and perceptual modeling of speech / Venkatraman Atti
Synthesis Digital Library Algorithms for reinforcement learning / Csaba Szepesvári
Synthesis Digital Library Analysis and design of substrate integrated waveguide uising efficient 2D hybrid method / Xuan Hui Wu, Ahmed A. Kishk
Synthesis Digital Library Analysis of oriented texture with applications to the detection of architectural distortion in mammograms / Fábio J. Ayres, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan, and J.E. Leo Desautels
Synthesis Digital Library Analysis of the MPEG-1 layer III (MP3) algorithm using MATLAB / Jayaraman J. Thiagarajan and Andreas Spanias
Synthesis Digital Library Analysis techniques for information security / Anupam Datta [and others]
Synthesis Digital Library Analytical performance modeling for computer systems / Y.C. Tay
Synthesis Digital Library The answer machine / Susan E. Feldman