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Author Hepburn, Samantha J., author

Title Mining and energy law / Samantha Hepburn
Published Cambridge ; Port melbourne, vic. : Cambridge university press, 2015
Melbourne, VIC : Cambridge University Press, 2015


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Description xxi, 454 pages : illustrations, ; 25 cm
Contents Contents note continued: 10.4.1.Royalties -- 10.4.2.Royalty rates and mining taxes in the Australian context -- royalty rates -- ore royalty rates -- royalty rates -- owned minerals -- of a well-head -- taxes in Australia -- resource rent tax -- resource rent tax -- 10.5.Review questions -- 10.6.Further reading
Contents note continued: 2.3.Exploration licences and permits -- 2.3.1.Approval process -- 2.3.2.The character of an exploration licence/permit -- 2.3.3.Relevant legislative provisions -- South Wales -- Australia -- -- 2.3.4.Proprietary status of the exploration licence -- 2.3.5.Legal status of offshore exploration permits: s 51 (xxxi) Constitution -- 2.4.Retention licences and assessment leases -- 2.5.Mining and production leases -- 2.5.1.Statutory character of a mining lease -- 2.5.2.General terms and conditions of a mining lease -- 2.5.3.General entitlements of a mining lease -- 2.6.Review questions -- 2.7.Further reading -- 3.Australian offshore petroleum and minerals regulation -- 3.1.Introduction -- 3.2.Constitutional arrangements for offshore regulation -- 3.2.1.United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea -- 3.2.2.Territorial waters -- 3.2.3.State jurisdiction in the territorial sea --
Contents note continued: 3.2.4.Contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone, and the continental shelf -- 3.2.5.The high seas -- 3.2.6.Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (Cth) -- 3.2.7.Overview of the OGGSA title framework -- exploration permit -- retention lease -- production licence -- licence -- licence -- 3.2.8.Sea installations -- 3.2.9.Offshore petroleum safety: NOPSEMA -- 3.2.10.Joint petroleum area and Greater Sunrise: Australia and Timor-Leste -- 3.2.11.Offshore Minerals Act 1994 (Cth) -- 3.3.Review questions -- 3.4.Further reading -- 4.Natural gas regulation -- 4.1.Introduction -- 4.2.What is natural gas? -- 4.3.The Australian gas market -- 4.4.The regulatory framework for natural gas -- 4.4.1.The former natural gas access code -- 4.4.2.The National Gas Law: Functions of the AER and the AEMC -- 4.4.3.The National Gas Law: An overview --
Contents note continued: 4.4.4.Pipeline classification under the National Gas Law -- 4.4.5.Light and fully regulated pipelines -- 4.4.6.Access determination disputes -- 4.4.7.Access arrangement information for light and full regulation pipelines -- 4.5.Review questions -- 4.6.Further reading -- 5.Unconventional gas regulation -- 5.1.Introduction -- 5.2.What is unconventional gas? -- 5.2.1.Shale gas -- 5.2.2.Tight gas -- 5.2.3.Coal seam gas -- 5.3.How is unconventional gas extracted? -- 5.3.1.Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling -- 5.3.2.Water pumping for coal seam gas extraction -- 5.4.Environmental and social issues associated with unconventional gas extraction -- 5.5.Regulatory frameworks for unconventional gas: Queensland and New South Wales -- 5.5.1.Queensland: Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 -- requirements for resource titles -- and compensation framework -- 5.5.2.New South Wales --
Contents note continued: ownership framework under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 (NSW) -- licences and conditions under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 (NSW) -- access, compensation and access disputes -- of practice for CSG: Fracture stimulation and well integrity -- gateway process -- Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW); Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW) -- Water Management Act 2000 (NSW) and the Aquifer Interference Policy -- 5.6.Regulatory framework: Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) -- 5.7.Review questions -- 5.8.Further reading -- 6.Renewable energy: Regulation, the RET, wind energy, and the market framework -- 6.1.Introduction -- 6.2.What is renewable energy? -- 6.3.The renewable energy market -- 6.4.Statutory regulation: Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth) -- 6.5.Background to the RET --
Contents note continued: 6.6.Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) -- 6.7.The Large-scale Renewable Energy Target -- 6.8.The SRES and the Solar Credits Scheme -- 6.9.The economics of renewable energy -- 6.10.National electricity market -- 6.11.Wind energy: Regulatory and practical issues -- 6.12.Review questions -- 6.13.Further reading -- 7.Carbon capture sequestration -- 7.1.Introduction -- 7.2.What is carbon capture and storage? -- 7.3.Why do we need CCS? -- 7.4.Capturing CO2 -- 7.4.1.Pre-combustion technology -- 7.4.2.Post-combustion technology -- 7.4.3.Oxyfuel combustion -- oil recovery operations -- operations in the cement industry -- 7.5.Transporting CO2 -- 7.6.Storing CO2 -- 7.7.International CCS projects -- 7.8.CCS in Australia -- 7.9.Regulating the storage of CO2 in Australia -- 7.9.1.Victoria: Greenhouse Gas Geological Sequestration Act 2008 --
Contents note continued: 7.9.2.Queensland: Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2009 -- 7.9.3.The Australian offshore statutory regime -- Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 -- Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2010 -- 7.9.4.Legal liability for carbon capture in Australia -- concerns -- actions -- standards -- 7.10.Review questions -- 7.11.Further reading -- 8.Climate change and mining and energy policy -- 8.1.Introduction -- 8.2.Changes in the climate system: Atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, and sea level -- 8.3.The legal framework -- 8.3.1.The IPCC -- 8.3.2.The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change -- 8.3.3.The Kyoto Protocol -- 8.3.4.The Energy Charter and the Energy Charter Treaty -- 8.3.5.The Harvard Project: a new proposed framework for climate change -- 8.4.The economics of climate change --
Contents note continued: 8.5.The impact of climate change on Australian mining and energy Industries -- 8.6.Review questions -- 8.7.Further reading -- 9.Environmental regulation -- 9.1.Introduction -- 9.2.Jurisdictional framework -- 9.3.Bilateral agreements -- 9.4.Environmental impact assessment -- 9.5.Environmental assessment of onshore mining projects in Western Australia -- 9.6.Environmental assessment of onshore mining projects in Queensland -- 9.7.Environmental assessment of onshore mining projects in New South Wales -- 9.8.Commonwealth environmental legislation: Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 -- 9.9.Review questions -- 9.10.Further reading -- 10.Mining agreements and revenue frameworks -- 10.1.Introduction -- 10.2.Mining agreements -- 10.2.1.Concession agreements -- 10.2.2.Profit sharing contracts -- 10.2.3.Risk service contracts -- 10.2.4.Joint venture agreements -- 10.3.The core elements of a mining agreement -- 10.4.Revenue frameworks --
Machine generated contents note: 1.Ownership of minerals and natural resources -- 1.1.Introduction -- 1.1.1.The nature and scope of energy resources in Australia -- 1.2.Ownership of the subsurface strata at common law -- 1.3.Public ownership for minerals and petroleum -- 1.4.The proprietary status of mining tenements -- 1.5.Royal minerals: Gold and silver -- 1.6.Ownership of renewable resources: Hydro-electricity, geothermal, solar, and wind -- 1.6.1.Hydro-electrical power -- 1.6.2.Geothermal energy -- 1.6.3.Ownership of water in Australia -- 1.6.4.Access entitlements for wind and solar -- 1.6.5.Market progression -- 1.7.Division of land and resources: Overlapping tenures -- 1.8.Land access and compensation -- 1.9.Native title, cultural heritage, and mining rights -- 1.10.Review questions -- 1.11.Further reading -- 2.Resource titles: Permits, licenses, and leases -- 2.1.Introduction -- 2.2.Mining approval process: Exploration, assessment, and extraction phases --
Summary Mining and Energy Law is the only textbook available that encompasses a discussion of both the law and the policy of mining and resource regulation in existing and emergent areas, for the Commonwealth as well as for the states and territories in Australia
Analysis Australian
Notes "Foreword by Ross Garnaut" -- cover
Bibliography Includes bibliographic references and index
Subject Carbon dioxide mitigation -- Law and legislation -- Australia.
Carbon sequestration -- Law and legislation -- Australia.
Clean energy investment -- Australia.
Energy industries -- Law and legislation -- Australia.
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Environment law.UNAUTHORIZED
Environmental law -- Australia.
Environmental law.
Mineral industries -- Environmental aspects -- Australia.
Mining law -- Australia.
Mineral industries -- Australia.
Power resources -- Law and legislation -- Australia.
Author Garnaut, Ross, 1946- writer of forward
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