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Author Alexander, Ronelle

Title Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a grammar : with sociolinguistic commentary / Ronelle Alexander
Published Madison, WI : University of Wisconsin Press, ©2006


Description 1 online resource (xxi, 464 pages) : illustrations, maps
Contents Grammar -- Alphabets A The Cyrillic alphabet The Latin alphabet Spelling of proper names Pronunciation A Pronunciation of vowels and consonants Accent Ekavian and ijekavian Conventions of citation used Nouns and gender A Recognizing a noun's gender Gender in nouns of profession or nationality Personal pronouns Present tense of verbs A Verb conjugation, introduction The verb biti A Questions with question words "Yes-no" questions Presentative statements (ovo je, etc.) Conjunctions Adjectives, introduction A Possessive pronominal adjectives Demonstrative pronominal adjectives (ovaj, taj, onaj) Word order A The role of clitics The "XYZ" model of clitic placement Verb conjugation: the present tense Relationship between infinitive and present tense A Potential accent shifts Type pisati Type vidjeti / videti Type piti Type kupovati The verb moci Verb forms of politeness Adjectives, continued A Adjectives with single-syllable stems "Fleeting -a-" in adjectives; voicing assimilation Adjectives in -o Short and long forms of adjectives A "Indefinite" vs "definite" "Short vs. long" and "indefinite vs. definite" Cases of nouns, introduction The vocative case The nominative case The accusative case A Endings of nouns and adjectives Fleeting -a- in nouns, and possible accent shifts Accusative of interrogative pronouns The accusative of direct object The accusative with prepositions A Accentuation of prepositional phrases The preposition za The preposition u and days of the week The preposition na Object pronouns: clitic and full forms A Clitic (short form) object pronouns Full (long form) object pronouns Negation A Negation of present tense verbs Negation of other parts of speech The conjunction da A Da used to introduce statements Da after verbs of desire "Da + present" as possible infinitive replacement Infinitives A Infinitives after another verb Infinitive subjects Verbal aspect, introduction Word order A Subordinate clauses Pronoun objects of infinitives Present tense, continued A Type davati Type teci Feminine nouns ending in a consonant A Nouns with more than one gender Nominative plural A Endings of nouns and adjectives Consonant shifts before -i Fleeting -a- in masculine nouns Accent shifts in the plural Addition of -ov- / -ev- "Soft" consonants Plurals of nouns ending in -in Added syllable in neuter plurals Accusative plural Prepositions, continued A The preposition kroz The preposition uz The preposition na, continued Adverbs Pronominal adjectives, continued A Interrogative pronominal adjectives Descriptive pronominal adjectives Jedan and the idea "one" Speaking of and to "people" A Case endings of personal names Vi: singular or plural agreement? The Words for "person" and "people" The particle se and verbal usage, introduction Word order, continued Present tense, continued A Type ici Type kazivati Type jesti The verbs sedeti and sjediti Possessive pronominal adjectives, continued A Possessive adjectives referring to non-humans Derived possessive adjectives referring to humans Case forms, continued: the genitive case A Endings of nouns and adjectives Changes in the stem of masculine nouns Short, long and longer adjective forms Genitive forms of pronoun objects Genitive forms of interrogative pronouns The genitive with prepositions A Prepositions meaning "from": iz, od, s(a) Prepositions meaning "to, by": do, pored, kod The prepositions bez, izmedu and oko The genitive without prepositions A The adnominal genitive The idea of possession Location indicators: evo, nema Identification of colors Accusative vs. genitive objects and partitive meaning Numbers: 2, 3, 4 A The "counting form" Masculine nouns ending in -o Subjectless sentences, introduction Adverbs and question words, continued Conjunctions, continued Word order: embedded questions Present tense, continued A Type drzati Type doci The budem present of biti The verb htjeti / hteti Type pisati, continued Type uzeti Aspect, continued A Aspect pairs related by suffixation Aspect pairs related by prefixation Usage of aspect in present tense forms Aspect pairs of motion verbs Motion verbs used with prepositions and adverbs A Prepositions and the idea of motion Usage of motion verbs, with and without prepositions Question words concerning location and direction Motion verbs and tense meaning Infinitives following verbs of motion Negation, continued A Negated verbs, negative pronouns and "double negation" Contrastive negation, review Negative conjunctions Negated questions, "tag" questions Genitive plural A The genitive plural ending -a The genitive plural ending -i Nouns and adjectives in genitive plural Numbers: 5-10 and beyond A Numbers up to 10, review Numbers beyond 10 Number phrases as subject Partitive genitive, continued A Adverbs of measure and count vs. mass nouns "Existentials": ima and nema "Distributive" po Verbs taking genitive objects Time expressions, continued A Prepositions and adverbs of time and space Genitive adjective + noun expressions without preposition Time of the clock Non-negative pronouns Subjectless sentences, continued Clitic ordering within the XYZ model Present tense, continued A Type pisati, continued Verbs which make no consonant shift Type slati Locative and dative cases A Endings of nouns and adjectives Short, long, and longer adjective forms Dative-locative, interrogative pronouns Full form object pronouns, dative-locative Clitic form object pronouns: dative only Names of countries and languages The prepositions u and na with the locative case A The prepositions u and na in the meaning "location" Specific nouns as "u-words" or "na-words" Case choice and ideas of motion vs. location Time expressions: the preposition u + months of the year Other prepositions with the locative case A The prepositions o, po and pri Past tense, introduction Aspect, continued A Aspect and the past tense Aspect and conjunctions Time expressions: the idea of duration Types of reflexive pronominal forms A The pronominal possessive svoj The object pronouns sebe and sebi The pronominal form sam The dative case A The dative of indirect object Verbs which take dative objects Motion verbs, prepositions and the dative Verbs meaning "like" Possessive dative Dative of "affect" Subjectless sentences and the dative case The verb ciniti se Se-verbs, continued Nouns with plural form but singular meaning: vrata, kola Word order: object pronouns and the XYZ model Present tense, continued A Type razumjeti Type donijeti / doneti The imperative mood A Endings of the imperative mood Use of singular and plural imperative forms The "inclusive" imperative and the form hajde The form neka Negative imperatives: aspect choice in the imperative mood The instrumental case A Endings of nouns and adjectives The instrumental ending -u in feminine nouns The instrumental of interrogative pronouns Instrumental forms of pronoun objects Prepositions with the instrumental and other cases A The preposition s(a) meaning "with" Prepositions referring to location The instrumental without prepositions A The instrumental of means The instrumental in time expressions
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Subject Bosnian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Croatian
Bosnian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Serbian
Croatian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Bosnian
Croatian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Serbian
Serbian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Bosnian
Serbian language -- Grammar, Comparative -- Croatian
Sociolinguistics -- Former Yugoslav republics
FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY -- Serbian & Croatian.
Language and languages -- Political aspects
Kontrastive Grammatik
Vergelijkende grammatica.
SUBJECT Former Yugoslav republics -- Languages -- Political aspects
Subject Yugoslavia
Form Electronic book
ISBN 9780299211936