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Title Mapping our world : Terra Incognita to Australia / National Library of Australia
Published Canberra, A.C.T. : National Library of Australia, [2013]
Canberra, ACT : National Library of Australia, 2013


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 W'PONDS  912.94074 Nat/Mow  DUE 01-08-24
Description xxix, 256 pages : colour illustrations, maps ; 27 x 30 cm
regular print
Contents Part II. Medieval religious mapping -- The T-O Map (St Isidore of Seville, The Etymologies) / Susannah Helman -- Updating The Roman World (Anglo-Saxon world map) / Peter Barber -- The World In Miniature (Psalter world map) / Peter Barber -- A Beatus Map (Beatus de Liébana, Commentary on the Apocalypse) / Susannah Helman -- From Star-Taker To Sextant (ibn Ahmad Khalaf, Astrolabe) / Brenden Whyte -- Squeezing An Encyclopaedia Into A Map (Ramsey Abbey Higden map) / Peter Barber -- Part III. The Age of Discovery -- Rediscovering Ptolemy (Claudius Ptolemy, Cosmographia) / Granville Allen Mawer -- The Riddle Of Cattigara (Lorenz Fries, Map of Asia beyond the Ganges) / Granville Allen Mawer -- Heavenly Woodcuts (Hartmann Schedel, Nuremberg Chronicle) / Susannah Helman -- Qui Comenza El Mar Scuro : Here Begins The Dark Sea (Fra Mauro, Map of the world) / Nat Williams -- A Benedictine Monk's World View (Andreas Walsperger, World map) / Susannah Helman -- A Catalan Merchant And His Markets (Petrus Roselli, Sea chart of the Mediterranean) / Peter Barber -- The Southern Cross Revealed (Andrea Corsali, Letter to Giuliano de Medici; C. Julius Hyginus, Poetica Astronomica) / Martin Woods -- A Matter Of Perspective (Johannes Honter, The Southern Constellations) / Martin Woods -- New Constellations (Willem Jansz. Blaeu, Celestial globe) / Nigel Erskine -- Measuring The Southern Skies (Johann Bayer, Uranometria) / Martin Woods -- Spheres Of Influence (Diogo Ribeiro, Planisphere) / Susannah Helman -- Far From Lisbon (Diogo Homem, Chart of the Pacific Ocean and Chart of the North Indian Ocean, China Sea and part of the Pacific Ocean) / Martin Terry -- Reconciling Columbus And Ptolemy (The Gilt Globe) / Brendan Whyte -- Henry VIII's Atlas (Jean Rotz, The Boke of Idrography) / Robert J. King -- The Mysterious 'Iave La Grande' (Harleian or Dauphin map) / Robert J. King -- Terra Australis Not Yet Known (Oronce Fine, The New World of Countries and Islands Unknown to the Ancients) / Robert J. King -- Where In The World Was India South? (Heinrich Bünting, Cosmographia Universalis) / Granville Allen Mawer -- The Mercator Projection (Gerard Mercator, A new and augmented representation of the world) / Robert J. King -- Rethinking The Southern Continent (New Guinea and Polar hemispheres) / Susannah Helman -- Ortelius' Great World Map (Abraham Ortelius, New world map) / Peter Barber -- The First Modern Atlas (Abraham Ortelius, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum) / Martin Woods -- Australia In 1545 (Cyriaco Jacob zum Barth, Astronomia: Teutsch Astronomei) / Damian Cole
Part IV. The Dutch Golden Age -- The Indian Ocean World; (Petrus Plancius, A new world map, updated in many places ; Jan Huygen van Linschoten, His Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies) / Martin Woods -- Austrialia Del Espiritu Santo (Pedro Fernandes de Queirós, Memorial to Philip III of Spain) / Robert J. King -- Hessel Gerritsz, Master Cartographer (Hessel Gerritsz, Chart of Eendracht Land; Chart of the Malay Archipelago and Australia) / Martin Woods -- For The Dutch Republic, The Great Pacific (Hessel Gerritsz, Map of the Pacific Ocean) / Martin Woods -- At A Safe Distance (Johannes Janssonius, The East Indies; Cornelis Danckerts and Melchior Tavernier, Map of the entire world) / Martin Woods -- Hartog's Discovery (Journal of the Nassau Fleet in the years 1623, 1624, 1625, and 1626) / Justine Van Mourik -- The Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), VOC bond for 12,000 gulden; Jetso van Vos, VOC ship's log) / Martin Woods -- A Journey To The East Indies (Isaak de Graaf, From the Cape of Good Hope to the Sunda Strait) / Martin Woods -- A Stolen Chart (Isaak de Graaf, The Indian Ocean showing routes between the Cape of Good Hope and the Sunda Strait) / Martin Woods -- Shipwrecked (François Pelsaert, The Unlucky Voyage of the Ship Batavia; Bellarmine jug and cob from the wreck of the VOC ship Vergulde Draeck) / Justine Van Mourik -- Tasman's Journal (Abel Jansz. Tasman, The Huydecoper Journal) / Maggie Patton -- New Holland's Birth Certificate (Joan Blaeu, Eastern and Asian archipelago) / Martin Woods -- Tasman's Legacy (Abel Jansz. Tasman, Bonaparte Tasman map) / Maggie Patton -- 'Terre Australe', East Of New Holland (Melchisédech Thévenot, Account of Diverse Curious Voyages) / Martin Woods -- 'Lovers Of Praiseworthy Sea-Navigation' (Hendrick Doncker, Sea Atlas; Pieter Goos, East Indies navigation chart; Pieter Goos, East Indies navigation chart) / Martin Woods -- Antarctic World Views (Henricus Hondius, Polus Antarcticus; Nicholas Visscher, A new and very accurate map of the world) / Martin Woods -- The Grandest Of Maps (Justus Danckerts, Wall map of the East Indies) / Martin Woods -- An Unfinished Beauty (Johannes Loots and Romeyn de Hooghe, Unfinished wall map of the world, eastern hemisphere) / Eric Persak -- A Tale Of Two Worlds (Johannes Janssonius, Atlantis Majoris) / Martin Woods -- Proof Of The Daring Spirit Of His Ancestors (The De Vlamingh Plate) / Jeremy Green -- The Last Great Dutch Voyage To Australia (Gerard van Keulen, The South Land visited by Willem de Vlamingh in the months of January and February 1697) / Martin Woods
Part V. Europe and the South Pacific -- The Secret Of The Sea (Sir Robert Dudley, The Secret of the Sea) / Susannah Helman -- The Elusive East Coast Of New Holland (John Thornton, A draught of the coast of New Holland, and parts adjacent; Samuel Thornton, The English Pilot) / Granville Allen Mawer -- 'To See What That Country Would Afford Us' (William Dampier, A New Voyage Round the World; Mariner's callipers) / Granville Allen Mawer -- Master Globe-Maker (Vincenzo Coronelli, Globe gores) / Susannah Helman -- New Holland According To The Globe And Sun (Richard Cushee, Terrestrial globe) / Susannah Helman -- Bel Et Utile (Didier Robert de Vaugondy, Reduced map of Australasia) / Damian Cole -- 'No Longer Incognita' (Emanuel Bowen, A complete map of the Southern Continent, survey'd by Capt. Abel Tasman) / Damian Cole -- 'Our Trusty Friend, The Watch' (Norman Banham, John Harrison's first and fourth marine timekeepers (replicas of H1 and H4)) / Denis Shephard -- On The Verge Of Greatness (Alexander Dalrymple, Chart of that part of Papua visited by M. Bougainville in 1768) / Martin Woods -- Circumnavigating The World (Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, Voyage Around the World) / Rupert Gerritsen -- Hands Across The Sea (Jean-Baptiste d'Après de Mannevillette, Le Neptune Oriental) / Rupert Gerritsen -- 'Little Remains Now To Be Done' (James Cook (surveyor) and Isaac Smith (chartmaker), King George's Island or Otaheite; Newzeland; Part of the sea coast of New South Wales or the east coast of New Holland; A sketch of Botany Bay; Sea coast of New South Wales on the east coast of New Holland; Tupaia (surveyor) and James Cook (chartmaker), The Society Islands; Sydney Parkinson, View of part of the eastern coast of New Holland) / Susannah Helman -- 'Any News Of La Pérouse?' (Jean Nicolas Buache, Map of the Pacific Ocean drawn by order of the King for the voyage of La Pérouse) / Rupert Gerritsen -- A Revolution In Charting (Charles François Beautemps-Beaupré, Atlas of the Voyage of Bruny-Dentrecasteaux) / Rupert Gerritsen -- The Baudin Expedition (Louis Claude de Saulces Freycinet, Chart of the north river; Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (artist) and Claude-François Fortier (engraver), Coastal profiles of Van Diemen's Land and New Holland) / Rupert Gerritsen -- An Account Of The Voyage To Terres Australes (Pierre Bernard Milius, Manuscript journal) / Erica Persak -- Global Roaming (Louis Claude de Saulces Freycinet, General map of New Holland) / Martin Terry -- Péron's Grand Statement (Plan of Sydney) / Martin Terry -- 'This Excellent Timekeeper' (Thomas Earnshaw, Box chronometer, serial No. 520; Long case astronomical regulator) / Denis Shephard -- Coastal Profiles (William Westall, Views on the north and south coast of Australia) / Katherine Barnes -- Matthew Flinders: Intrepid Navigator (Matthew Flinders, Gulph of Carpentaria and the neighbouring parts; Part of the coast of New South Wales with its Barrier Reefs; Sheet V - South coast; South coast of Terra Australis; Sketches of the heads of No. 12 and No. 14 Inlets) / Rupert Gerritsen -- Terra Australis Or Australia (Matthew Flinders, General Chart of Terra Australis or Australia) / Rupert Gerritsen
Principal Partner's Foreword / Andrew Smith -- Foreword / Anne-Marie Schwirtlich -- Mapping Our World / Nat Williams -- Terra Incognita To Australia / Martin Woods, Susannah Helman -- The Early Printed Maps Collection Of The National Library Of Australia / Martin Woods -- Part I. Ancient Conceptions of the World -- The Very First World Map? (Late Babylonian map of the world) / Katherine Brnes -- Tjapangati's Map (Jon Rhodes, The maps to Marruwa) / Jon Rhodes -- Collaborations (Four maps from the Daisy Bates Collection) / Peter Sutton -- Stories From The Night Sky (Artist unknown, The Milky Way; Gulbidja Bara, The Magellanic Clouds) / David Kaus -- We Are All Navigators (Michael Nelson Jakamarra, Five Dreamings) / Peter Sutton -- The Antipodes (Macrobius, Commentary on the Dream of Scipio) / Peter Barber -- The Habitable World (Claudius Ptolemy, Geographia) / Granville Allen Mawer
Summary The cover image, World Map by Fra Mauro c. 1450 is one of the most important and famous maps of all time. This monumental map of the world was created by the monk Fra Mauro in his monastery on the island of San Michele in the Venetian lagoon. Now the centrepiece of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in St Marc's Square in Venice, the map in its nearly 600-year history has never left Venice - until now. Renowned for its sheer size, over 2.3 metres square, and stunning colours, the map was made at a time of transition between the medieval world view and new knowledge uncovered by the great voyages of discovery. Brilliantly painted and illuminated on sheets of oxhide, the sphere of the Earth is surrounded by the sphere of the Ocean in the ancient way. Yet Fra Mauro included the latest information on exploration by Portuguese and Arab navigators. Commissioned by King Afonso V of Portugal, it is the last of the great medieval world maps to inspire navigators in the Age of Discovery to explore beyond the Indian Ocean
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Cartography & map-making (Australia)
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Notes National Library's SRq copy is one of six hardbound copies issued with a slipcase. The binder is David Pool of Wildash Book Services, and the material is a colour called Fango from the Duo range of two-coloured bookcloth manufactured in Germany by Bamberger Kaliko GmbH and distributed in Australia by Winterbottom Products. ANL
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references (pages 229-237) and index
Notes Catalogue of the exhibition of the same name held at the National Library of Australia from 7 November 2013 - 10 March 2014
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Author Pool, David, binder. ANL
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