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Armed conflict Society & Social Sciences Politics & goverment Political activism : The role of terrorism in twenty-first-century warfare / Susanne Martin and Leonard Weinberg  2016 1
Armed conflict -- Sudan. : Sudan divided : continuing conflict in a contested state / edited by Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed and Gunnar M. Sørbø  2013 1

Armed conflict termination -- See War Termination


Armed conflict (War) -- See War

--subdivision Warfare under ethnic groups; also subdivision Wars under ethnic groups; and individual wars, battles, etc., e.g. Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905; United States--History--Queen Anne's War, 1702-1713; Gettysburg, Battle of, Gettysburg, Pa., 1863
Armed Conflicts   436
Armed Conflicts -- 20th century : Why nations go to war / John G. Stoessinger  2001 1

Armed Conflicts and Warfare -- See Warfare and Armed Conflicts

Engaging in any type of conflict including war or military conflict against another nation or organized group.
Armed Conflicts -- ethics   2
Armed Conflicts -- history.   3
armed conflicts Iraq : Into the long war : Oxford Research Group international security report 2006 / Paul Rogers  2007 1
armed conflicts Mali internal conflicts military interventions islam religious conflicts security policy conflict prevention : Le centre Mali : violences et instrumentalisation croisées / Aurélien Tobie  2017 1
armed conflicts Nepal ethnic minorities women peacebuilding : Social exclusion and conflict transformation in Nepal women, Dalit and ethnic groups : FAST country risk profile Nepal / Alexandra Geiser  2005 1
Armed conflicts -- peacebuilding -- Africa. : African conflicts and informal power : big men and networks / edited by Mats Utas  2012 1
Armed Conflicts -- psychological aspects : The great adventure : male desire and the coming of World War I / Michael C.C. Adams  1990 1
Armed Conflicts -- psychology   7
armed conflicts -- strategy. : Dangerous thresholds : managing escalation in the 21st century / Forrest E. Morgan [and others]  2008 1
armed conflicts -- terrorism -- women. : Female suicide bombers dying for equality? / edited by Yoram Schweitzer  2006 1
armed conflicts war conflict research terrorism History : The fog of peace : a memoir of International peacekeeping in the 21st century / Jean-Marie Guehenno  2015 1
armed conflicts Yemen : Regime and periphery in Northern Yemen : the Huthi phenomenon / Barak A. Salmoni, Bryce Loidolt, Madeleine Wells  2010 1
  Armed forces -- 27 Related Subjects   27
Armed Forces.   938
Armed Forces -- Aboriginal Australians.   15
Armed forces abroad.   4
Armed Forces -- Accounting : Improving Air Force enterprise resource planning-enabled business transformation / Jessie Riposo, Guy Weichenberg, Chelsea Kaihoi Duran, Bernard Fox, William Shelton, Andreas Thorsen  2013 1
Armed Forces -- Accounting -- Political aspects : Accounting at war : the politics of military finance / Warwick Funnell and Michele Chwastiak  2015 1
Armed Forces -- Aerial gunners   2
Armed Forces Afghanistan   19
Armed Forces Afghanistan 21st century : Afghanistan's local war : building local defense forces / Seth G. Jones, Arturo Muñoz  2010 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Demobilization : Reintegrating Afghan insurgents / Seth G. Jones  2011 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Finance : Can Afghan forces be effective by transition? : Afghanistan and the uncertain metrics of progress, part five / Anthony H. Cordesman  2011 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Officials and employees Training of International cooperation : No moment of victory : the NATO training mission in Afghanistan, 2009-2011 / Craig C. Felker, Martin Loicano  2021 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Operational readiness Evaluation : The reasons for the collapse of Afghan forces / by Anthony H. Cordesman  2021 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Reorganization : Disarmament and reintegration in Afghanistan  2003 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Statistics : Afghanistan and the uncertain metrics of progress / Anthony H. Cordesman  2011 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Training : Can Afghan forces be effective by transition? : Afghanistan and the uncertain metrics of progress, part five / Anthony H. Cordesman  2011 1
Armed Forces Afghanistan Training of : Building special operations partnerships in Afghanistan and beyond : challenges and best practices from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Colombia / Austin Long, Todd C. Helmus, S. Rebecca Zimmerman, Christopher M. Schnaubelt, Peter Chalk  2015 1
Armed Forces Africa   19
Armed Forces Africa Civil functions : African Peace Militaries : War, Peace and Democratic Governance / David J. Francis  2017 1
Armed Forces Africa Congresses : The African military in the 21st century : report of the 2007 Tswalu dialogue, 3-6 May / hosted by Jonathan and Jennifer Oppenheimer & organized by the Brenthurst Foundation in conjunction with the African Union (AU) [and others]  2007 1
Armed Forces Africa Demobilization : The lessons and limits of DDR in Africa / by Prosper Nzekani Zena  2013 1
Armed Forces Africa Medical care : HIV/AIDS and militaries in Africa / rapporteurs, Angela Ndinga-Muvumba and Robyn Pharoah  2009 1
Armed Forces Africa, North   2
Armed Forces Africa, North Economic aspects : Businessmen in arms : how the military and other armed groups profit in the MENA region / [edited by] Elke Grawert and Zeinab Abul-Magd  2016 1
Armed Forces Africa, North Political activity   2
Armed Forces Africa, Northwest : A Tragedy of Arms : Military and Security Developments in the Maghreb    1
Armed Forces Africa Officers Training of : Chinese professional military education for Africa : key influence and strategy / Paul Nantulya  2023 1
Armed Forces Africa Political activity   7
Armed Forces Africa South of the Sahara Demobilization Case studies : Case studies in war-to-peace transition : the demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants in Ethiopia, Namibia, and Uganda / Nat J. Colletta, Markus Kostner, Ingo Wiederhofer ; with the assistance of Emilio Mondo, Taimi Sitari, and Tadesse A. Woldu  1996 1
Armed Forces Africa South of the Sahara Foreign countries : Peacekeeping and peace enforcement in Africa : methods of conflict prevention / Robert I. Rotberg ... [and others]  2000 1
Armed Forces Africa, Southern Medical care : HIV/AIDS and militaries in Southern Africa / [rapporteurs, Angela Ndinga-Muvumba and Noria Mashumba]  2006 1
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