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Book Cover
Author Whyte, Robert, 1955- author.

Title A field guide to spiders of Australia / Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson
Published Clayton, Vic. : CSIRO Publishing, 2017


Description 1 online resource
Contents Cover; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; From arachnophobia to arachnophilia; How to use this book; Determining species -- everything helps, including genitals; Australia's rich arachnological history; Parts of a spider -- the need-to-know terms; Shortcuts to identification ; Behaviour; Eyes; Spinnerets; Location; Webs; Burrows; Egg sacs; Leaf-curlers ; Spider families from A to Z; Araneomorphae; Araneidae Orb-weavers; Araneinae Classic Orb-weavers; Araneus -- a huge task of discovery and classification; Backobourkia -- a true Aussie genus
Cyclosa -- a genus needing some serious attentionNew discoveries in the west, with some shared; Argiopinae St Andrew's Cross Spiders and allies; Cyrtarachninae Shiny Orb-weavers; Cyrtophorinae Tent-web Orb-weavers; Gasteracanthinae Spiny Orb-weavers; Mastophorinae Bolas Spiders and allies; Nephilinae Golden Orb-weavers; Kleptoparasites -- who's been stealing from my web?; Zygiellinae Leaf-curling Orb-weavers; Where did they come from and how did they get here?; Arkyidae Ambush-hunters; Variations galore -- and they all look like poo; A case of convergence -- ambush-hunters among flowers
Clubionidae Sac SpidersCorinnidae Swift Spiders and Ant Mimics; Ticopa -- a corinnid with an unusual biology; Deinopidae Net-casting Spiders; Desidae Intertidal and House Spiders; Eutichuridae Slender Sac Spiders; The problem of species, subspecies and forms; Filistatidae Crevice Weavers; Gnaphosidae Ground Spiders; The gnaphosid genus Eilica -- running with ants; Hersiliidae Two-tailed Spiders; Lamponidae White-tailed Spiders; Linyphiidae Money Spiders; Lycosidae Wolf Spiders; Mimetidae Pirate Spiders; Miturgidae Prowling Spiders; Nicodamidae Red-and-black Spiders; Oxyopidae Lynx Spiders
Pholcidae Daddy Long-legs SpidersPisauridae Fishing Spiders; Prodidomidae Long-spinneret Speedsters; Salticidae Jumping Spiders; Jumping Spider diversity -- so many species, so little time ; Is it an ant? Or is it an ant-mimicking Jumping Spider?; Peacock Spiders -- tiny dancers going viral as video stars; When is a Maratus not a Maratus? This is the question.; Ant, ant, on the wall, who mimics you best of all?; Calling all citizen scientists for project Opisthoncus; Extraordinary hunting strategies for a spider specialist; Separating Servaea species -- DNA helps paint the picture
Scytodidae Spitting SpidersSegestriidae Tube-web Spiders; Sparassidae Huntsman Spiders; Tetragnathidae Long-jawed Spiders; Theridiidae Comb-footed Spiders; The Redback Spider -- an Australian now living overseas; Tiny forest jewels -- spectacular Thwaitesia spiders; Thomisidae Crab Spiders; Notes on some recent name changes ; A remarkable find -- the missing male of a famous female; A spectacular ambush-hunter -- Thomisus spectabilis; Trochanteriidae Unusual Flatties; Uloboridae Venomless Spiders; Zodariidae Ant-eating Spiders ; Mygalomorphae; Actinopodidae Mouse Spiders
Summary Australians have a love-hate relationship with spiders. Spiders inspire fear, especially dangerous species such as the Redback and Sydney Funnelweb. Yet, Peacock Spiders, whose males spread a colourful fan and wave their legs in a courtship dance to impress females, have won rapturous appreciation worldwide. A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia uses photographs of live animals to enable identification of commonly encountered spiders to the family level and, in some cases, to genus and species. Featuring over 1300 colour photographs, it is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published. With more than two-thirds of Australian spiders yet to be scientifically described, this book sets the scene for future explorations of our extraordinary Australian fauna
Analysis Australian
Notes Includes index
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Subject Arachnida -- Australia -- Identification
Spiders -- Australia -- Identification
Spiders -- Australia
Spiders -- Habitat -- Australia
SCIENCE -- Life Sciences -- Zoology -- General.
Genre/Form Field guides
Form Electronic book
Author Anderson, Greg, 1958 September 27- author.
CSIRO (Australia)
LC no. 2017302819
ISBN 9780643107083