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ReadNK LOP : The wrong blood     
      The wrong blood W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK LOR    
      Shattered / Lord, Gabrielle W'PONDS  Book 2012
      When we collided / Emery Lord WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK LOT    
      Day four / Sarah Lotz W'PONDS  Book 2015
      The white road / Sarah Lots W'BOOL  Book 2017
ReadNK Lou    
      For the patriarch WATERFT  Book 2011
      We ate the road like vultures / Lynnette Lounsbury MELB  Book 2016
      South America / Regis St. Louis [and twenty-four others] MELB  Book 2022
ReadNK LOV    
      Eldritch tales : a miscellany of the macabre W'BOOL  Book 2011
      The festival by the sea / June Loves WATERFT  Book 2012
      Black teeth / Zane Lovitt MELB  Book 2016
      Wonderful feels like this / Sara Lövestam W'BOOL  Book 2017
      Tell me lies : a novel / Carola Lovering W'PONDS  Book 2018
ReadNK LOW    
      Friday night with the girls / Shari Low W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The lion wakes MELB  Book 2011
      Cosmos : the infographic book of space / Stuart Lowe and Chris North W'PONDS  Book 2015
      Left of the bang / Claire Lowdon W'BOOL  Book 2016
ReadNK LUC : Edenglassie / Melissa Lucashenko     
      Edenglassie / Melissa Lucashenko MELB  Book 2023
ReadNK LUD : Robert Ludlum's The Ares decision / written by Kyle Mills ; series created by Robert Ludlum     
      Robert Ludlum's The Ares decision / written by Kyle Mills ; series created by Robert Ludlum W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK LYE : The honey farm : a novel / Harriet Alida Lye     
      The honey farm : a novel / Harriet Alida Lye WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK LYN    
      Dolci di love / Sarah-Kate Lynch W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Shadow force MELB  Book 2011
      Hawk quest MELB  Book 2012
      Prophet song / Paul Lynch MELB  Book 2023
ReadNK MAA : Catwoman : soulstealer / Sarah J. Maas     
      Catwoman : soulstealer / Sarah J. Maas WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK MAC    
      A turn in the road MELB  Book 2011
      Dog binary MELB  Book 2011
      Control MELB  Book 2011
      Flesh house / Stuart MacBride W'PONDS  Book 2011
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ReadNK MAD    
      The essential ingredient - love W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Take a Bow, Noah Mitchell / Tobias Madden MELB  Book 2022
ReadNK MAG    
      Out of Oz : volume four in the Wicked years / Gregory Maguire ; illustrations by Douglas Smith MELB  Book 2011
      A lion among men : volume three in the Wicked years W'PONDS  Book 2011
      666 charing cross road MELB  Book 2011
      After Alice / Gregory Maguire WATERFT  Book 2015
      An isolated incident / Emily Maguire W'BOOL  Book 2016
ReadNK MAJ : Manfried the man : a graphic novel / by Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow     
      Manfried the man : a graphic novel / by Caitlin Major & Kelly Bastow WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK MAK : The borrower     
      The borrower W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK MAL    
      Unbury Carol : a novel / Josh Malerman W'PONDS  Book 2018
      Bird box / Josh Malerman W'BOOL  Book 2018
      Inspection : a novel / Josh Malerman WATERFT  Book 2019
      The messenger / Shiv Malik W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK MAN    
      Wolf Hall / Hilary Mantel W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Tiger hills / Sarita Mandanna MELB  Book 2010
      To the moon and back / Jill Mansell W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Wolf Hall / Hilary Mantel W'PONDS  Book 2010
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ReadNK MAR    
      The coffeeholic and the cafe MELB  Book 2010
      Beatrice and virgil MELB  Book 2011
      Killer move W'BOOL  Book 2011
      Wild cards I MELB  Book 2010
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ReadNK MAS    
      History of a pleasure seeker W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Marching with the devil : legends, glory and lies in the French Foreign Legion / David Mason MELB  Book 2011
      The last four days of Paddy Buckley / Jeremy Massey MELB  Book 2015
      All our wrong todays / Elan Mastai WATERFT  Book 2017
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ReadNK MAT    
      The only way is up / Carole Matthews MELB  Book 2011
      End of the night girl WATERFT  Book 2011
      Wrapped up in you / Carole Matthews WATERFT  Book 2011
      How to hang a witch / Adriana Mather WATERFT  Book 2016
4 additional entries    
ReadNK MAU : Mary Ann in Autumn : a tales of the city novel / Armistead Maupin     
      Mary Ann in Autumn : a tales of the city novel / Armistead Maupin W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK MAW : Tightrope / Simon Mawer     
      Tightrope / Simon Mawer MELB  Book 2015
ReadNK MAX    
      The golden spoon / Jessa Maxwell MELB  Book 2023
ReadNK MAY    
      The vintage caper W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The good daughters : a novel / Joyce Maynard MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK MAZ : The honey thief     
      The honey thief W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK MCA    
      The spoiler WATERFT  Book 2011
      French secrets / Roisin McAuley MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK MCB : Little black dress / Susan McBride     
      Little black dress / Susan McBride MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK MCC    
      As meat loves salt W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Charming quirks of others W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Corduroy mansions W'PONDS  Book 2010
      The double comfort safari club W'PONDS  Book 2011
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ReadNK MCD    
      When colts ran W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The cult of Osiris / by Andy McDermott W'PONDS  Book 2009
      The retribution / Val McDermid W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The doctor and the diva W'PONDS  Book 2011
5 additional entries    
ReadNK MCE    
      One way road: the autobiography of three time Tour De France green jersey winner Robbie McEwen WATERFT  Book 2011
      The children act / Ian McEwan MELB  Book 2014
      Nutshell / Ian McEwan WATERFT  Book 2016
      Machines like me : and people like you / Ian McEwan W'BOOL  Book 2019
      Lessons / Ian McEwan MELB  Book 2022
ReadNK MCF : Who's that girl / Mhairi McFarlane     
      Who's that girl / Mhairi McFarlane MELB  Book 2016
ReadNK MCG    
      The Diggers Rest Hotel / Geoffrey McGeachin W'PONDS  Book 2010
      The butterfly cabinet W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Wildhorse Creek / Kerry McGinnis MELB  Book 2010
      The last kestrel MELB  Book 2011
10 additional entries    
ReadNK MCI    
      At home with the Templetons / Monica McInerney W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Lola's secret / Monica McInerney W'BOOL  Book 2011
      Sabbath bloody sabbath MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK MCK    
      Solace / Belinda McKeon W'BOOL  Book 2011
      It's so easy and other lies : the autobiography / Duff McKagan W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Fifty grand : a novel of suspense / Adrian McKinty W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Cold, cold ground W'PONDS  Book 2012
7 additional entries    
ReadNK MCL    
      The Paris wife / Paula McLain W'PONDS  Book 2010
      The cold kiss of death / Suzanne McLeod MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK MCN    
      The crime of Huey Dunstan WATERFT  Book 2010
      Dead centre W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Zero hour W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Recoil / Mcnab, Andy W'PONDS  Book 2011
2 additional entries    
ReadNK MCR : Outback midwife / Beth McRae with Charlotte Ward     
      Outback midwife / Beth McRae with Charlotte Ward W'BOOL  Book 2015
ReadNK MCS : Fatty O'Leary's dinner party / Alexander McCall Smith     
      Fatty O'Leary's dinner party / Alexander McCall Smith MELB  Book 2014
ReadNK MCT    
      The scholar / Dervla McTiernan W'BOOL  Book 2019
      The good turn / Dervla McTiernan W'BOOL  Book 2020
      The Murder Rule / Dervla McTiernan W'BOOL  Book 2022
ReadNK MCW    
      A case of knives WATERFT  Book 2011
      Higher Ed / Tessa McWatt WATERFT  Book 2015
ReadNK MEA    
      The mint lawn / Gillian Mears W'PONDS  Book 1992
      Succubus revealed / Richelle Mead W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Foal's bread MELB  Book 2011
      Murder and redemption MELB  Book 2012
2 additional entries    
ReadNK MEE : The book of crows     
      The book of crows MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK MEI : The other life     
      The other life W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK MEJ : The last act of Hattie Hoffman / Mindy Mejia     
      The last act of Hattie Hoffman / Mindy Mejia W'PONDS  Book 2017
ReadNK MEL    
      The mistaken wife / Rose Melikan MELB  Book 2011
      Black light / Patrick Melton, Stephen Romano and Marcus Dunstan MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK MEN    
      How to read the air W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Office girl / a novel by Joe Meno W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Fetching sweetness : a novel / Dana Mentink MELB  Book 2016
      The exhibitionist / Charlotte Mendelson W'BOOL  Book 2022
ReadNK MER    
      Red runs the Helmand MELB  Book 2011
      Night train to Lisbon / Pascal Mercier ; translated from the German by Barbara Harshav W'PONDS  Book 2009
      Breakfast with Buddha W'PONDS  Book 2008
      Perlmann's silence / Pascal Mercier ; translated by Shaun Whiteside MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK MET : Starlings     
      Starlings W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK MEY    
      Thirteen hours W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Dead at daybreak / Deon Meyer ; translated by Madeleine van Biljon W'PONDS  Book 2012
      The chemist : a novel / Stephenie Meyer MELB  Book 2016
      A superior spectre / Angela Meyer WATERFT  Book 2018
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