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Mark   Medium Year
ReadNK DER    
      Trashed / a graphic novel by Derf Backderf MELB  Book 2015
      Very nice / Marcy Dermansky W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK DES    
      Saint Anything : a novel / Sarah Dessen MELB  Book 2015
      The pleasures of leisure / Robert Dessaix MELB  Book 2017
ReadNK DET : Thorn on the rose / Joy Dettman     
      Thorn on the rose / Joy Dettman MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK DEV    
      Ties that bind W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Kiss the bullet W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Anarchy / Megan DeVos MELB  Book 2018
      Loyalty / Megan DeVos MELB, W'BOOL   Book 2018
3 additional entries    
ReadNK DEW    
      Big girl small WATERFT  Book 2011
      The sisters brothers MELB  Book 2011
      The hare with amber eyes : a hidden inheritance / Edmund de Waal WATERFT  Book 2010
      The Sisters brothers / Patrick deWitt WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK DEY : Heart-breaker / Claudia Dey     
      Heart-breaker / Claudia Dey WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK DIA    
      The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao / Junot Diaz W'BOOL  Book 2009
      This is how you lose her / Junot Díaz W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK DIB    
      Cabal W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Ratking W'PONDS  Book 2010
      A rich full death MELB  Book 2011
      The Last Sherlock Holmes Story / Dibdin, Michael W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK DIC    
      Apocalypse for beginners / Nicholas Dickner ; translated by Lazer Lederhendler MELB  Book 2011
      Ghostland : an American history in haunted places / Colin Dickey W'PONDS  Book 2017
      Twenty-one truths about love / Matthew Dicks W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK DID    
      Book of Common Prayer / Joan Didion W'PONDS  Book 2012
      The reader on the 6.27 / Jean-Paul Didierlaurent ; translated by Ros Schwartz W'BOOL  Book  
ReadNK DIF : The language of flowers / Vanessa Diffenbaugh     
      The language of flowers / Vanessa Diffenbaugh W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK DIL    
      Murder on music row : a music industry thriller MELB  Book 2011
      Walking back to happiness W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK DIN    
      Three miles MELB  Book 2011
      The sunlit night : a novel / Rebecca Dinerstein W'BOOL  Book 2015
ReadNK DIO : The Marsh King's daughter / Karen Dionne     
      The Marsh King's daughter / Karen Dionne W'BOOL  Book  
ReadNK DIS    
      Writing to the wire / edited by Dan Disney & Kit Kelen MELB, W'PONDS   Book 2016
      Peace / Garry Disher W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK DO : The happiest refugee : my journey from tragedy to comedy     
      The happiest refugee : my journey from tragedy to comedy W'PONDS  Book 2010
ReadNK DOC    
      The devil's garden MELB  Book 2011
      Walkaway : a novel / Cory Doctorow W'PONDS  Book 2017
ReadNK DOE : Cloud cuckoo land / Anthony Doerr     
      Cloud cuckoo land / Anthony Doerr MELB  Book 2021
ReadNK DOH    
      Love & other man-made disasters / Nicola Doherty W'BOOL  Book 2016
      An insider's plague year / Peter C. Doherty MELB  Book 2021
ReadNK DOI : The poacher's son     
      The poacher's son W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK DOL    
      The second Penguin book of English short stories W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The ghost notebooks / Ben Dolnick W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK DON    
      Room : a novel / Emma Donoghue W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Touchy subjects / Emma Donoghue MELB  Book 2011
      Hood : a novel W'PONDS  Book 2011
      King's man / Angus Donald MELB  Book 2011
      The girl who was taken / Charlie Donlea W'PONDS  Book 2017
ReadNK DOU    
      The devil's diadem / Sara Douglass WATERFT  Book 2011
      The secrets between us / Louise Douglas W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The vices W'BOOL  Book 2011
      The Doomsday Testament / Douglas, James MELB, W'PONDS   Book 2011
4 additional entries    
ReadNK DOV : Life after truth / Ceridwen Dovey     
      Life after truth / Ceridwen Dovey MELB  Book 2020
ReadNK DOW    
      Too close for comfort / Clare Dowling W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Our magic hour / Jennifer Down W'PONDS  Book 2016
ReadNK DOY    
      Pieces of Sky / Trinity Doyle WATERFT  Book 2015
      Adult fantasy : my search for true maturity in an age of mortgages, marriages, and other adult milestones / Briohny Doyle MELB  Book 2017
ReadNK DOZ : The year's best science fiction     
      The year's best science fiction W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK DRA    
      Egypt : the book of chaos W'PONDS  Book 2008
      Battlestations MELB  Book 2011
      Tutankhamun : the book of shadows / Nick Drake MELB  Book 2009
      Escaping exodus : a novel / Nicky Drayden MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK DRN : Sabrina / by Nick Drnaso     
      Sabrina / by Nick Drnaso MELB, W'PONDS   Book 2018
ReadNK DRO : The boy who followed his father into Auschwitz / Jeremy Dronfield     
      The boy who followed his father into Auschwitz / Jeremy Dronfield W'PONDS  Book 2019
ReadNK DRU : Black heels to tractor wheels : a love story     
      Black heels to tractor wheels : a love story W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK DRY    
      The blind spy / Alex Dryden MELB  Book 2011
      Death in Siberia / Alex Dryden WATERFT  Book 2012
      I built no schools in Kenya : a year of unmitigated madness / Kirsten Drysdale W'PONDS  Book 2019
      The strangers we know / Pip Drysdale WATERFT  Book 2019
ReadNK Dub    
      Flight / Rosie Dub MELB  Book 2011
      Prick with a fork : the world's worst waitress spills the beans / Larissa Dubecki W'BOOL, W'PONDS   Book 2017
      Prick with a fork : the world's worst waitress spills the beans / Larissa Dubecki W'BOOL, W'PONDS   Book 2017
ReadNK DUE : The seamstress / Maria Dueñas     
      The seamstress / Maria Dueñas WATERFT  Book 2011
ReadNK DUF    
      Theodora : actress, empress, whore / Stella Duffy WATERFT  Book 2011
      Disaster was my god : a novel of the outlaw life of Arthur Rimbaud MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK DUG : A stolen life : a memoir / Jaycee Lee Dugard     
      A stolen life : a memoir / Jaycee Lee Dugard W'PONDS  Book 2011
ReadNK DUM : No man is an island / Adele Dumont     
      No man is an island / Adele Dumont W'PONDS  Book 2016
ReadNK DUN    
      The last werewolf W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The accidental proposal / Matt Dunn MELB  Book 2011
      Spartan / Matthew Dunn MELB  Book 2011
      The Briny Café / Susan Duncan W'BOOL  Book 2011
2 additional entries    
ReadNK DUP : Silenced : a novel / Kia DuPree     
      Silenced : a novel / Kia DuPree MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK DYE    
      Jeff in Venice, death in Varanasi MELB  Book 2011
      The midnight watch / David Dyer WATERFT  Book 2016
      White sands : experiences from the outside world / Geoff Dyer W'PONDS  Book 2016
ReadNK EAG    
      Summer skin / Kirsty Eagar WATERFT  Book 2016
      How to be depressed : a guide / by Dana Eagle ; illustrations by Kelly Puissegur W'PONDS  Book 2017
ReadNK EAR    
      I'll never get out of this world alive W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The fix / Nick Earls MELB  Book 2011
      The Fix / Earls, Nick W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Perfect skin / Nick Earls W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Empires / Nick Earls W'PONDS  Book 2021
ReadNK EAS    
      Eye of the red tsar MELB  Book 2011
      Siberian red MELB  Book 2012
      How Rory Thorne destroyed the multiverse / K. Eason W'BOOL  Book 2019
ReadNK EAT : Into white silence     
      Into white silence MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK EDL : The widow's daughter     
      The widow's daughter MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK EDM : Leaving home with Henry     
      Leaving home with Henry W'PONDS  Book 2010
ReadNK EDR : Salvage     
      Salvage W'PONDS  Book 1998
ReadNK EDW    
      The lake of dreams / Kim Edwards MELB  Book 2011
      Dead men's silver: the story of Australia's greatest shipwreck hunter W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The Tao of Bill Murray : real-life stories of joy, enlightenment, and party crashing / by Gavin Edwards ; illustrations by R. Sikoryak WATERFT  Book 2016
ReadNK EGA    
      Oceanic MELB  Book 2010
      CANDY HOUSE MELB  Book 2022
ReadNK EGE    
      Relic : the quest for the Golden Shrine WATERFT  Book 2010
      The guardians of the covenant / Tom Egeland ; [translated by Kari Dickson] W'PONDS  Book 2010
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