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ReadNK ADA    
      Help me, Jacques Cousteau / Gil Adamson MELB  Book 2011
      Everything we hoped for MELB  Book 2010
      The best American mystery stories 2011 W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Meet me in Atlantis : my obsessive quest to find the sunken city / Mark Adams W'PONDS  Book 2015
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ReadNK ADI    
      Last man in tower / Aravind Adiga MELB  Book 2011
      Last man in tower / Aravind Adiga W'BOOL, W'PONDS   Book 2012
      Last man in tower / Aravind Adiga W'BOOL, W'PONDS   Book 2012
      Between the assassinations / Aravind Adiga W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie MELB  Book 2017
ReadNK ADJ : Chain-gang all-stars / Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah     
      Chain-gang all-stars / Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah W'BOOL  Book 2023
ReadNK ADL : Mercy     
      Mercy W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK ADR    
      A better angel W'PONDS  Book 2011
      A Better Angel / Adrian, Chris W'BOOL  Book 2012
      The great night / Chris Adrian W'PONDS, WATERFT   Book 2012
ReadNK AGN : Saints v sinners / Katie Agnew     
      Saints v sinners / Katie Agnew MELB  Book 2010
ReadNK AHE : Sister pact / Ali Ahearn & Ros Baxter     
      Sister pact / Ali Ahearn & Ros Baxter W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK AHM : Love, hate & other filters / Samira Ahmed     
      Love, hate & other filters / Samira Ahmed W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK AID : Secret keeping for beginners / Maggie Alderson     
      Secret keeping for beginners / Maggie Alderson W'PONDS  Book 2015
ReadNK AIN : 7 days / Eve Ainsworth     
      7 days / Eve Ainsworth MELB  Book 2015
ReadNK AIR : Varamo / Aira, Cesar     
      Varamo / Aira, Cesar W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK AIT : Arctic floor     
      Arctic floor MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK AJA : I'm judging you : the do-better manual / Luvvie Ajayi     
      I'm judging you : the do-better manual / Luvvie Ajayi W'PONDS  Book 2016
ReadNK AKE : Hopeless kingdom / Kgshak Akec     
      Hopeless kingdom / Kgshak Akec WATERFT  Book 2022
ReadNK AKH : American dervish / Ayad Akhtar     
      American dervish / Ayad Akhtar MELB  Book 2012
ReadNK AKU    
      Pelagia and the red rooster W'PONDS  Book 2009
      The coronation : the further adventures of Erast Fandorin / Boris Akunin ; translated by Andrew Bromfield MELB  Book 2010
      Huia short stories 9 MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK ALB    
      The songs of Manolo Escobar W'BOOL  Book 2011
      Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda / Becky Albertalli W'BOOL  Book 2015
      The upside of unrequited / by Becky Albertalli W'BOOL  Book 2017
      The Hazel Wood / Melissa Albert W'PONDS  Book 2018
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ReadNK ALD    
      I can see my house from here : UTW writers' anthology 2010 W'PONDS  Book 2010
      The power / Naomi Alderman W'PONDS  Book 2017
      Everything I know about love / Dolly Alderton MELB  Book 2018
ReadNK ALE : Golden earrings / Belinda Alexandra     
      Golden earrings / Belinda Alexandra MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK ALG : The man with the golden arm / Nelson Algren ; introduction by Kurt Vonnegut     
      The man with the golden arm / Nelson Algren ; introduction by Kurt Vonnegut W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK ALI    
      Untold Story / Monica Ali W'PONDS  Book 2011
      What we're told not to talk about (but we're going to anyway) : women's voices from East London to Ethiopia / Nimko Ali MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK ALL    
      Island beneath the sea / Isabel Allende ; translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The peach keeper / Sarah Addison Allen W'PONDS  Book 2011
      A rural affair / Catherine Alliott W'BOOL  Book 2011
      One day in May / Catherine Alliott W'BOOL  Book 2011
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ReadNK ALM : Thornghost / Tone Almhjell     
      Thornghost / Tone Almhjell MELB  Book 2016
ReadNK ALT    
      Island of wings / Karin Altenberg MELB  Book 2011
      The road to Pemberley : an anthology of new pride and prejudice stories W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Heathen. Volume 1 / Natasha Alterici, writing & art ; Rachel Deering, letters WATERFT  Book 2017
ReadNK AMA    
      Say you'll be mine / Julia Amante MELB  Book 2011
      Open mic night at Westminster Cemetery : a novel in two acts / Mary Amato WATERFT  Book 2018
ReadNK AMI : Money : a suicide note / Amis, Martin     
      Money : a suicide note / Amis, Martin W'PONDS  Book 2012
ReadNK AMO : #Girlboss / Sophia Amoruso     
      #Girlboss / Sophia Amoruso WATERFT  Book 2014
ReadNK AMS : What the family needed / Steven Amsterdam     
      What the family needed / Steven Amsterdam W'BOOL, WATERFT   Book 2011
ReadNK ANA    
      The good muslim W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The water diviner / Andrew Anastasios, Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios ; based on the original screenplay by Andrew Anastasios and Andrew Knight MELB  Book 2014
ReadNK AND    
      To love and to cherish / Lyn Andrews W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Driftnet / Lin Anderson W'BOOL  Book 2006
      Picture her dead / Lin Anderson W'BOOL, W'PONDS   Book 2011
      Just business / Geraint Anderson MELB  Book 2011
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ReadNK ANG : The auschwitz violin     
      The auschwitz violin W'BOOL  Book 2011
ReadNK ANS : Modern romance / Aziz Ansari with Eric Klinenberg     
      Modern romance / Aziz Ansari with Eric Klinenberg W'BOOL  Book 2015
ReadNK APA : Sick in the head : conversations about life and comedy / Judd Apatow     
      Sick in the head : conversations about life and comedy / Judd Apatow W'PONDS  Book 2015
ReadNK APP : The last brother / Nathacha Appanah ; translated from the French by Geoffrey Strachan     
      The last brother / Nathacha Appanah ; translated from the French by Geoffrey Strachan MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK AQU : The Fremantle doctor / Frank Aquino     
      The Fremantle doctor / Frank Aquino W'PONDS  Book 2010
ReadNK ARA : The truth and other lies / by Sascha Arango; translated by Imogen Taylor     
      The truth and other lies / by Sascha Arango; translated by Imogen Taylor W'PONDS  Book 2015
ReadNK ARC    
      Only Time Will Tell / Archer, Jeffrey W'PONDS  Book 2012
      Tell tale / Jeffrey Archer W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK ARD    
      The bear and the nightingale / Katherine Arden W'PONDS  Book 2017
      The winter of the witch / Katherine Arden W'PONDS  Book 2019
      The girl in the tower / Katherine Arden W'PONDS  Book 2018
ReadNK ARM    
      Winter journey : a novel / Diane Armstrong W'BOOL  Book 2006
      War and peace and Sonya : a novel MELB  Book 2011
      Otherworld secrets : more thrilling otherworld tales / Kelley Armstrong MELB  Book 2016?
ReadNK ARN    
      Mosquitoland / David Arnold W'BOOL  Book 2015
      The strange fascinations of Noah Hypnotik / David Arnold W'PONDS  Book 2018
ReadNK ARU : A passage north / Anuk Arudpragasam     
      A passage north / Anuk Arudpragasam MELB  Book 2021
ReadNK ARV : The reconstructionist     
      The reconstructionist MELB  Book 2011
ReadNK ASA : Goodnight Punpun. 3 / story and art by Inio Asano ; translation, JN Productions     
      Goodnight Punpun. 3 / story and art by Inio Asano ; translation, JN Productions W'BOOL  Book 2016
ReadNK ASH    
      Equator MELB  Book 2010
      Mysterious death of Miss Austen W'PONDS  Book 2011
      A deadly penance : a Templer Knight mystery W'PONDS  Book 2011
      The bee and the orange tree / Melissa Ashley W'PONDS  Book 2019
ReadNK ATK    
      Started early, took my dog : a novel W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Abridged classics : brief summaries of books you were supposed to read but probably didn't / John Atkinson, creator of Wrong hands WATERFT  Book 2018
      The definitive bucket list : travel experiences in Australia and New Zealand - for the best years of your life / Lee Atkinson MELB  Book 2019
      Big sky / Kate Atkinson MELB  Book 2019
ReadNK ATT    
      Adventures of a young naturalist : the zoo quest expeditions / David Attenborough W'BOOL  Book 2017
      Journeys to the other side of the world : further adventures of a young naturalist / David Attenborough MELB  Book 2018
      Life on Earth : the greatest story ever told / David Attenborough W'BOOL  Book 2018
ReadNK ATW    
      I'm with the bears : [short stories from a damaged planet] / Margaret Atwood, ... [and others] ; introduced by Bill McKibben ; edited by Mark Martin W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Stone mattress : nine wicked tales / Margaret Atwood W'PONDS  Book 2015
      The heart goes last / Margaret Atwood MELB  Book 2015
      Angel Catbird / story by Margaret Atwood ; illustrations by Johnnie Christmas ; colors by Tamra Bonvillain ; letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot WATERFT  Book 2016
4 additional entries    
ReadNK AUB    
      At last W'PONDS  Book 2011
      Some Hope / Aubyn, Edward St WATERFT  Book 2012
      At last / Edward St.Aubyn WATERFT  Book 2012
ReadNK AUE    
      The mammoth hunters W'PONDS  Book 2010
      Bad man : a novel / Dathan Auerbach W'PONDS  Book 2018
ReadNK AUN : The monsoon bride     
      The monsoon bride W'BOOL  Book 2011
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