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Author International Federation of Automobile Engineers' and Technicians' Associations. International Congress (2012)

Title Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress. Volume 1, Advanced internal combustion engines (I) / Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA), editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


Description 1 online resource
Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering, 1876-1100 ; v. 189
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 189.
Contents Part 1. New Gasolines Direct Injection?GDI?, Spark Ignition?SI? & Compression Ignition?CI?Engines and Components -- A Novel Mechanism for Piston Deactivation Improving the Part Load Performances of Multi Cylinder Engines / Alberto Boretti and Joseph Scalzo -- Novel Crankshaft Mechanism and Regenerative Braking System to Improve the Fuel Economy of Passenger Cars / Alberto Boretti and Joseph Scalzo -- Experimental Investigation on Fuel Spray Optimization in Gasoline Direct Injection Engine / Bo Jiang, Xiaoliang Pan, Fafa Liu, Chaojun Wang and Xiaochuan Feng -- Improvement of Fuel Economy and Vehicle Performance Through Pneumatic Regenerative Engine Braking Device (Reneged) / Yan Zhang, Choyu Lee, Hua Zhao, Tom Ma and Jing Feng, et al. -- CAI Combustion of Gasoline and its Mixture with Ethanol in a 2-Stroke Poppet Valve DI Gasoline Engine / Yan Zhang, Hua Zhao, Mohammed Ojapah and Alasdair Cairns -- Technologies for the Next Generation of Downsized Gasoline Engines / Paul Freeland, James Taylor, Dave OudeNijeweme, Marco Warth and Bernd Mahr -- Control System Development for Gasoline HCCI Engine Which Based on Heat Management / Jianyong Zhang, Zhen Huang, Qi Yin, Yitao Shen and Lin Chen, et al
The Effect of Advanced Combustion Control Features on the Performance of a Highly Downsized Gasoline Engine / Karl Giles, Andrew Lewis, Sam Akehurst, Brace Chris and Nick Luard -- HCCI Cycle-by-Cycle Combustion Phase Control Based on Ion Current Technology in GDI Engine / Zhiyong Zhang, Liguang Li and Robert Dibble -- Efforts on Fuel Economy Improvement of 1.3 L TGDI Gasoline Engine / Chen Yang, Yuan Shen, Yi You and Fuquan Zhao -- Development of Two-Stage Turbocharger System with Electric Supercharger / Byeongil An, Hiroshi Suzuki, Motoki Ebisu and Hedeyuki Tanaka -- Effect of the Injection Method in DI CNG Engine on the Flame Propagation Process and Engine Performance / Xuedong Lin, Fang-en Yuan and Ya Huang -- Analysis of the Wear Behavior of Combustion Engine Components Using Radionuclide-Technique / Tamás Gergye, Mathias Roman Dreyer, Bernhard Kehrwald and Wolfgang Optatzy -- A Super Clean Diesel Vehicle for US LEV-III SULEV Category: Second Report; Advanced A/F Control for NOx Reduction and for SCR Heat Up / Jean Balland, Bart Schreurs, Michel Peters, Michael Parmentier and Julien Schmitt, et al
Research on Low Temperature Combustion of Homogeneous Charge Induced Ignition (HCII) in a Light-Duty Diesel Engine / Chao Yu, Jianxin Wang, Wenbin Yu, Jichun Liu and Dingwei Gao -- The Impact of Modified Piston in Two Stroke Engine on Toxic Emissions and Fuel Consumption / Jerzy Merkisz, Maciej Bajerlein, Łukasz Rymaniak and Andrzej ZióŁkowski -- Multi-Coil High Frequency Spark Ignition to Extend Diluted Combustion Limits / Shui Yu, Xiaoye Han, Kelvin Xie, Meiping Wang and Liguang Li, et al. -- Multiple Injection and Boosting Benefits for Improved Fuel Consumption on a Spray Guided Direct Injection Gasoline Engine / Jason King and Oliver Böcker -- Gray Cast Iron Cylinder Head Thermal Mechanical Fatigue Analysis / Jun Li, Pengcheng Wang, Xiaojuan Cui, Kang Li and Rentao Yi -- Development of FAW 2.0 L Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine / Jun Li, Jincheng Li, Yanfeng Gong, Haie Chen and Meilan Qu, et al. -- Faw V6 High Performance Gasoline Engine for Executive Class Car / Jun Li, Jincheng Li, Jianlong Song, Jinyu Liu and Weixing Hu, et al. -- Air System Proposal and Testing for a Downsized Two-Stroke Diesel Engine / Pavel Brynych, Jan Macek, Luděk Pohořelský, Jean-Charles Ricaud and Pierre-Yves Vallaude, et al
Part 2. Fuel Injection and Sprays -- Spray Characteristics of a Fuel Injector: A CFD Study / J. Suresh Kumar, V. Ganesan, J.M. Mallikarjuna and S. Govindarajan -- Co-Simulation Modeling of High-Pressure Fuel System and Engine Performance System and Control System in Common Rail Diesel Engine / Xinglan Xia, Kang Xu, Yin Liu, Min Liu and Shengli Wang, et al. -- Applying a Diesel Spray Model With Different Size Distribution Functions to High Pressure Diesel Spray Cases / Emekwuru G. Nwabueze -- Influence of Diesel Surrogates on the Behavior of Simplified Spray Models / Jonas Galle and Verhelst Sebastian -- Coupled 1D/2D/3D Modeling of Common Rail Injector Flow and Nozzle Cavitation / Valdas Čaika, Peter Sampl and David Greif -- Predicting the Effect of Fuel Path Controllable Parameters on the Performance of Combustion Controlled Diesel Engine / Zhijia Yang and Richard Stobart -- Influence of Biocellulose Derived Fuel Blends on Injection Properties / Sorin Sacareanu, Anghel Chiru, Alexandru Bogdan Muntean and Cornel Stan -- Research on the Effect of the Parameters of Common-Rail System on the Injection Rate / Guanjun Yu, Liguang Li, Jun Deng, Zhiqiang Zhang and Lin Yu -- The Influence of Diesel Nozzle Structure on Internal Flow Characteristics / Weidi Huang, Zhijun Wu, Ya Gao, Huifeng Gong and Zongjie Hu, et al. -- Analysis of Internal Flow Characteristics for GDI Injector / Bowen Zou, Shichun Yang, Kaiguo Li, Jingbo Li and Jungang Liu -- Characteristics of Flash Boiling Fuel Sprays from Three Types of Injector for Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI) Engines / Gaoming Zhang, Min Xu, Yuyin Zhang and David L.S. Hung
Part 3. Fuel and Lubricants -- World's First 100 % LPG Long Haul Truck Conversion / Alberto Boretti and Charles Grummisch -- Analysis of Engine Oil Containing MoDTC on the Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST 33C) / Linchun Wang, Liping Wang and Guiyun Li -- Effect of Ash-Less Antioxidants on Fuel Efficiency Retention of PCMO Containing MoDTC / Liping Wang, Linchun Wang, Guiyun Li and Xiaohong Xu -- Semi-Empirical Correlations of Physical and Chemical Delay Period of Diesel-Gasoline Combustion / Wei Jet Thoo, Arman Kevric, Hoon Kiat Ng, Suyin Gan and Paul Shayler -- The Energetic Potential of Engines Fueled with Biomass Derived Products / Anghel Chiru, Sorin Sacareanu, Ruxandra-Cristina Stanescu, Cornel Stan and Peter Zima -- Fuel Formulation for Future Drive Train Developments / Máté Zöldy, András Holló, Zoltán Szerencsés, Ferenc Kovács and Róbert Auer -- MoS2 Production Mechanism of MoDTC / Kazuhiro Umehara, Yukio Tatsumi and Noriyoshi Tanaka -- Research on Cam & Tappet Friction Test Method for Anti-Wear Performance Evaluation of Engine Oil / Chensheng Zou, Shengjun Huang and Jun Yu -- An Experimental Study on Biodiesel Characteristics in a Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine / Jae-Woong Kim, Hyung-Ik Kim, Yung-Jin Kim and Ki-Hyung Lee -- Engine Oil Antioxidant Selection for Delivering Superior Oxidation and Deposit Control Protection / Bo Liu and Vince Gatto -- Experimental Study of Influence of Gasoline Fuel with MMT on Aging Performance of Three-Way Catalyst / Shijin Shuai, Yinhui Wang, Junfeng Chen and Jianhua Xiao
Part 4. After Treatment and Emission Control -- Study on Engine Performance Influenced by External Cooled EGR / Nan Jiang, Jifeng Liu, Xueen Zhang, Xiaojun Cheng and Yang Yang, et al. -- The Study on the Capacity of NOx Storage-Reduction Catalyst for Lean-Burn Engine / Jianqiang Wang, Yuan Wang, Shuangxi Liu, Jidong Gao and Jie Ma, et al. -- New Techniques for Damage Assessment of Diesel Particulate Filters / Tim Hands and Qiang Li -- Dilution Air Refine System Used in Formaldehyde Measurement / Peipei Dai and Yunshan Ge -- A Study of SIC-Nanoparticles Porous Layer Formed on SIC-DPF Wall for Soot Oxidation / Keita Ishizaki, Shinichi Tanaka, Atsushi Kishimoto, Masamichi Tanaka and Naoki Ohya, et al. -- Enhancement of Regeneration Performance by a New Catalyzed DPF / Takeshi Matsumoto, Takeshi Mori, Satoshi Hirose and Hiroto Takeuchi -- Three Way Catalyst Modeling for HEV After Treatment System Design / Masayuki Tani, Masaaki Kubo and Shigemasa Shimojo
Investigations of Ammonia Emissions from Euro 5 Passenger Cars Over a Legislative Driving Cycle / Piotr Bielaczyc, Andrzej Szczotka, Antoni Swiatek and Joseph Woodburn -- A Study on Regulated and Unregulated Emissions from a Set of Five Gasoline and Ethanol Fueled Motorcycles / Renato Penteado, Luiz Carlos Daemme, Jürgen Krahl and Fátima Zotin -- Strategies to Control Particulate Emissions of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines / Oliver Berkemeier, Klemens Grieser, Kay Hohenboeken, Evangelos Karvounis and K. Moritz Springer -- A New Environmental Friendly Zirconium-Titanic-Ceria-Tungsten Mixed Oxides for Durable NH3-SCR deNOx Catalysts / Jianqiang Wang, Jidong Gao, Jie Ma and Meiqing Shen -- Under Actuated Air Path Control of Diesel Engines for Low Emissions and High Efficiency / Chris Criens, Frank Willems and Maarten Steinbuch -- A Novel Alkali-Catalyzed Alpha-Alumina DPF with High Catalytic Activity and Durability / Keisuke Mizutani, Kensuke Takizawa, Hironobu Shimokawa, Shuhei Oe and Naohisa Ohyama
A Super Clean Diesel Vehicle for us LEV III SULEV Category / First Report; A New Emission Strategy and Aftertreatment Management Control / Yuji Yasui, Hideki Matsunaga, Eiji Hashimoto, Naohiro Satoh and Bart Schreurs, et al. -- The Application of Nanometric Composite Materials in a Diesel Engine in the Aspect of Improvement of Deep Bed Filtration in a Diesel Particulate Filter / Jerzy Merkisz, Pawel Fuc, Piotr Lijewski and Andrzej Ziolkowski -- Study on the PM2.5 and Ultra Fine PM Characteristics of Diesel Vehicle with DPF Under the Different Driving Conditions / Mengliang Li, Xiong Chen, Jiguang Wang and Yueyun Xu -- The Model Based Control Strategy for an Advanced UREA-SCR System / Zhi Liu, Hongrong Wang and Yongfu Wang -- The NOx Conversion Efficiency Depending on the Deviation of SCR System Components and Amount of Soot Loading in c-DPF / Hyoung Sik Kim, Jong Ik Jeon, Chang Eun Choi and Won Kun Kim -- Detailed Investigation of Filtration and Regeneration Processes in a Diesel Particulate Filter System / Seungmok Choi and Kyeong Lee
Summary Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress are selected from nearly 2,000 papers submitted to the 34th FISITA World Automotive Congress, which is held by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China) and the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA). This proceedings focus on solutions for sustainable mobility in all areas of passenger car, truck and bus transportation. Volume 1: Advanced Internal Combustion Engines (I) focuses on: -New Gasoline Direct Injection(GDI), Spark Ignition(SI) & Compression Ignition(CI) Engines and Components -Fuel Injection and Sprays -Fuel and Lubricants -After-Treatment and Emission Control Above all researchers, professional engineers and graduates in fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering will benefit from this book. SAE-China is a national academic organization composed of enterprises and professionals who focus on research, design and education in the fields of automotive and related industries. FISITA is the umbrella organization for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world. It was founded in Paris in 1948 with the purpose of bringing engineers from around the world together in a spirit of cooperation to share ideas and advance the technological development of the automobile
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