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Author International Federation of Automobile Engineers' and Technicians' Associations. International Congress (2012)

Title Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress. Volume 7, Vehicle design and testing (I) : Vehicle Design and Testing / Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China), International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA), editors
Published Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, ©2013


Description 1 online resource (xxiv, 947 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 195
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 195.
Contents Part 1. Vehicle Performance Development -- A New Approach to Improve the Design Quality of Chinese National Brand Vehicle / Du Cao, Jing Deng and Fengfei Fu -- The Process of Vehicle Dynamics Development / Zhanglin Cai, Stephen Chan, Xiaofeng Tang and Jiang Xin -- Development of Methodologies for Evaluation, Simulation and Improvement of Cross-Wind Sensitivity / Guido Tosolin, Jonathan Webb, Alex Català, Alfonso Escuer and Young Jin Hyun -- Maneuvering Experiment of Personal Mobility Vehicle with CVT-Type Steering Mechanism / Yoshihiro Suda, Hirayama Yuki, Masahiko Aki and Takafumi Takagi -- Vehicle Performance Objective Management in Automotive R & D / Xuezhen Wu, Haiqiang Han, Liqiang Dai, Linghua Zou and Fuquan Zhao -- Improving Energy Efficiency of Heavy-Duty Vehicles: A Systemic Perspective and Some Case Studies / Juhani Laurikko, Kimmo Erkkilä, Petri Laine and Nils-Olof Nylund -- Study on the Active Front Steering System with Steady Gain / Youkun Zhang and Baohui Liu -- Design Optimization of Full Vehicle Suspension Based on Ride and Handling Performance / Tey Jing Yuen, Ramli Rahizar, Zainul Abidin Mohd Azman, Alias Anuar and Dzakaria Afandi -- Improve Fuel Economy of Commercial Vehicles Through the Correct Driving / Ping Guo, Zhenlei Li, Zhiwu Zhang, Jun Chi and Shuai Lu, et al. -- Research on Test Method of Off-road Vehicle Trafficability / Wenhu Qin, Zhanjun Guo and Weigong Zhang
Part 2. Vehicle Integration Platformized and Universal Design -- A Design Method for Future Automobiles / Zhifeng Wang, Wu Yang, Zhiguo Le and Fuquan Zhao -- Effect of Engineering Materials for Vehicle Collision Simulation / Yanling Huang, Gaoji Yin, Zhitao Wang, Juanli Ni and Li Li, et al
Part 3. Development of CAD /CAE/CAM and CF Methods in Automotive Practice -- Simulation of Leaf Spring Balanced Suspension Based on Virtual Test-Rig / Xinpeng Tang and Kun Liu -- A Simulation Analysis and Optimization of Mode and Stiffness of BIW / Qiuxia Zhang, Leyi Zhang and Mingtao Guo -- Vehicle Wading Simulation with STRA-CCM+ / Xin Zheng, Xin Qiao and Fanhua Kong -- Developing Low-Noise Low Back Pressure Intake System by CAE Technology / Yue Chang Chen, Haotian Shi and Yang Guang -- Study on Vehicle Modeling and Steering Performance / Minglun Cao and Cai Yang -- Surrogate Model for Aerodynamic and Handling Stability Optimization of a Tractor-Trailer in Crosswinds / Xu Gong, Zhengqi Gu, Jian Ye, Xu Yan and Zhiming Zhao -- Calculation of Drum Brake Temperatures in Ten-Cycle Braking / Kun Zhang and Cai Yang -- Solution of the Glare Risk in Vehicle Inner Trim Designing / Mengdong Mi, Yongqing Liu, Congwen Yu, Sujuan Peng and Bin Feng, et al
Topology Optimization Design of a Heavy Truck Frame / Jingxin Wang, Tie Wang, Yanchao Yang, Zhaohui Peng and Zhi Li, et al. -- Bridging the Gap Between CAD and CAE in Composite Structures Development Process for the Automotive Industry / Samouil Saltiel, Michalis Giannakidis and Nikos Toulas -- Ensuring Reliability of Automotive Electronics by Using Thermal Analysis / Boris Marovic and Alexandra Francois-Saint-Cyr -- Effects of Frequency Response Spacing on Vibration Fatigue Analysis / Jasuk Koo -- CAE Supported ESC Development/Release Process / Yiqin Mao, Johannes Wiessalla, Jan Meier, Wolfgang Risse and Guy Mathot, et al. -- Application of Optimization Algorithm to HVAC Configulation Design / Tatsuro Kyuto, Motohiro Kitada and Hideo Asano -- Research of Flow Field Simulation for Lubrication System and Effect Evaluation on a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission / Yinhui Lin, Zhihua Hu, Chaoqiang Xiong, Mengyan Zang and Yuan Jia, et al
Application of Stiffness Estimation and Structure Optimization in Rubber Component Development / Min Sun, Yuan Qu, Youfeng Qiu and Shenrong Wu -- Brake Cooling Simulation: A Combined Procedure of CFD, Thermal and 1D Software / Enric Aramburu and Roger Calvo -- BIW Optimization by Means of an Automated CAE Process for the Reduction of Welding Points / Pérez Mario, Calvo Roger and Hirschbeck Bernhard -- Establishing a Carbon Fiber Material Database for Crashworthiness Structural Development / Pablo Cruz and Raúl Ureña -- Full Vehicle Durability Analysis by Means of the IDIADA Virtual Proving Ground / Jordi Arbiol, José Antonio Muñoz, Xavierl Armengo and Enric Aramburu -- The Parametrical Design and Optimization of Body Frame Based on Crashworthiness and Lightweight / Yongxin Men, Guojun Zheng, Huicai Zelong Lu and Zelong Wang -- Development of Concept Analysis and Multi-Objective Optimization Platform for Body-In-White Structure / Yiwen Li, Hongjian Li, Zuofeng Pan and Tao Xu
Fatigue Life Prediction of Spot-Weld for Auto Body Based on Multiple Load Cases / Liling Zhang, Qing Jiang, Xuefeng Chen and Xu Wang -- Acoustic Isolation Analysis of Weatherstrip Considering Door Opening Condition / Tae Hyung Kim, Hak Jin Kim, Heon Young Kim, Joon Chul Park and Byung-Kwon Min, et al. -- Assessment of Modeling Individual Physiological Differences when Predicting Thermal Comfort / Curran Allen and Hepokoski Mark -- The Multi-Physics Coupling Analysis Based on Electro-Magnetic, Structural and Acoustic Characters for a Drive Motor in EV / Jinling Zeng, Yingzi Piao, Bingwu Lu, Fuxiang Huo and Qun Zhang -- Modular Car Body Design and Optimization by an Implicit Parameterization Technique via SFE CONCEPT / Fabian Duddeck and Hans Zimmer -- A New Approach for Vibro-Acoustic Optimization Using Discrete and Continuous Shape Variables Applied to a Car Body / Hans Zimmer, Arnold Gross-Thebing, Manohar Prabhu and Fabian Duddeck
Part 4. Advanced Chassis, Body Structure and Design -- Integrated Architectures for Third Generation Electric Vehicles: Technical Challenges Meeting Customer Requirements / Micha Lesemann, Leif Ickert, Lutz Eckstein, Sven Faßbender and Michael Funcke, et al. -- The Ring-Shaped Route Body Structure Design and Evaluation Method / Feng Xiao and XinHua Gao -- The Study of Wheeled Semi-trailer Design and Development Based on Scale Model / Xiong Xin, Xuexun Guo and Libo Wang -- The Concept and Methodology of Creating the Universal Life-Saver with Rotary-Screw Mover / Maxim Krasheninnikov, Anatoly Kulashov, Viktor Shapkin and Alla Koshurina -- Research on the Development Procedure of Light-Weight New Body Architecture / Xiangyang Fu, Guohong Shi, Xin Jiang, Yunhui Duan and Zhengchao Song -- Control and Simulation of Regenerative Suspension Using Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor / Weihua Wang and Songshan Liu
The Application of Tolerance Analysis During Engineering Process / Wei Wang and ZhiHan Zhou -- Synchronized Design Optimization Method of Body Joints and Major Cross Sectional Members / Jie Xiang, Yong Chen and Youmin Guo -- Design and Development of Contractive Suspension in Hill-Climb Races / Antonini Pierluigi and Cibrario Valerio -- Modularized Design of the Engine Compartment Design Based on the Theory of CBR / Honghua Li, Wei Li and Fuquan Zhao -- Development of First Order Analysis for Torsion Beam Suspension (FOA/TB) Corresponding to Modular Design / Kazuaki Chiku, Hideki Sugiura, Takaaki Uno and Toshiji Hirotani -- A Pillar Structure Optimization Design of Driving Safety / Guolin Li, Jun Sui, Xiang Zheng, Honghua Li and Fuquan Zhao -- A New Body Concept for Electric Vehicle: PBC-EV / Jaehyun Kim, Hongwoo Lee, Kyunghwan Chung, Hyounyoung Lee and Yeonsik Kang, et al. -- The Study on Development of High Security and High Comfort Commercial Vehicle Cab / Yuhai Chang and Xiaojun Yang
The Design and Simulation Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Regenerative Suspension System / Hongbin Ren, Sizhong Chen and Zhanzong Feng -- Optimization of the Magnetic Property of a Magnetorheological Squeeze Mount / Xinjie Zhang, Fangwu Ma, Fuquan Zhao, Konghui Guo and Mehdi Ahmadian -- Semi-Active Suspension Adaptive Control Strategy Based on Hybrid Control / Xinjie Zhang, Wuhui Yu, Fangwu Ma, Fuquan Zhao and Konghui Guo -- Optibody Project: Optimizing Vehicle Structures for Electric Light Trucks and Vans / Eduardo del Pozo de Dios, Arturo Dávila, Juan José Alba and Massimiliano Avalle -- Linear Quadratic Gaussian Optimal Control Strategy for Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle / Yan Chen, Wenqiang Chen, Xingmin Wei and Fuquan Zhao -- Design and Validation of a Race Car with Respect to Aerodynamics and Body Styling / Abdul Vaseem Akram, M. Ajay Kumar, K.C. Vora and Mohammad Rafiq
Part 5. Automotive Ergonomic, Interior and Exterior Trim Design -- Driver Accommodation Assessment Using Physics-Based Posture Prediction Model / Ozsoy Burak and Jingzhou (James) Yang -- Design of the Adjustable Vehicle Seating Buck for Ergonomics Verification / Hongfang Ling, Li Wu and Gang Li -- Study on Preventing Dazzle of Meter / Luo Pan, Xiaolin Liao, Guozheng Luo, Jing Wang and Dejian Cheng, et al. -- A Study and Application of Optimization on Console Development / Ruiyan Zhang, Ni Cao and Miao Luo -- Enhancing Vehicle Ingress/Egress Ergonomics with Digital Human Models / Nanxin Wang, Ksenia Kozak, Jian Wan, Gianna Gomez-Levi and Gary Strumolo -- Preliminary Research on Muscle Activity in Driver's Steering Maneuver for Driver's Assistance System Evaluation / Ryouhei Hayama, Yahui Liu, Xuewu Ji, Takahiro Mizuno and Tomoyasu Kada, et al. -- Color TFT Instrument Clusters in the Chinese Market / Huibin Li, Gerhard Mueller, Karl Reich and Leo Glasenhardt -- Color and Texture Design of Chinese Automobile Brand / Yanhong Hao and Fuquan Zhao -- Development of Shock-Absorbing Grip-Handle Structures on the Headliner / Hee Sang Park, Yongsu Chang and Jun Ho Jung -- SEMG Based Recognition for Lumbar Muscle Fatigue During Prolonged Driving / Xin Tao, Bo Cheng, Bo Wang, Feiruo Zhang and Guofa Li, et al
Part 6. Vehicle Style and Aerodynamic Design -- Aerodynamic Investigations in Conceptual Vehicle Development Supported by Integrated Design and Simulation Methods / Mario Hirz, Severin Stadler, Martin Prenner and Johannes Mayr -- Research on Drag Reduction of Commercial Vehicle Based on Aerodynamics / Shijie Fan, Qiang Fu, Jialin Zhang, Jinying Ma and Jing Zhao, et al. -- The State of Equilibrium in Car Body Design: The Application of Asymmetry for Enhanced Harmony / Liming Fu, Mingyang Sun and Alvin Chan
Part 7. New Materials and Structures -- The Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring by Finite Element Method and Experimental Measurements / Jiashi Wang, Zaike Li and Qibin Jiang -- Finite Element Analysis of Two Kinds of Dump Trunk / Zhi Li, Tie Wang, Jingxin Wang, Zhaohui Peng and Na Wang -- Advanced Solid Lubricant Technology Improve Engine Performance / Yupeng An, Kejin Zhang, Dan Wang, Junyan Zhang and Bin Zhang -- Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ31 Grain Refinement by Predeformation / Fei Xiong, Lichun Cui and Ping Wang -- Consideration of Biomimetics in Structural Design of Vehicle Side Intrusion Bars / Yan Rui, Aleksandar Subic and Chunhui Wang -- Development of High Performance FRP Crush Box / A Report of JSAE FRP Working Group Activity: Numerical Analysis of Fracture Behavior of FRP Crush Box with Tapered Trigger / Reika Akita, Atsushi Yokoyama, Asao Koike, Kouji Kawamura and Yoshihiro Sukegawa, et al
Development of the High Performance FRP Crush Box: A Report of JSAE FRP Working Group Activity. Analysis of Collapse Mechanism of the Trigger Part of FRP Crush Box / Asao Koike, Atsushi Yokoyama, Reika Akita, Yoshiro Sukegawa and Koji Kawamura, et al. -- Research of Application of Crash Durable Adhesive on a Chinese Domestic Car Body / Zhongying Yue, Xiukui Yuan, Chaoqian Gao, Liantai Yuan and Qiang Liu, et al. -- The Study of Aluminum Alloy Application on Automotive Control Arm / Juanli Ni, Li Li, Qiang Liu, Fuquan Zhao and Yi Xu, et al. -- Using Shape Memory Alloys in Automotive Safety Systems / Viorel Gheorghita, Paul Gümpel, Joachim Strittmatter, Chiru Anghel and Thomas Heitz, et al. -- Study on Electro Rheological Fluid Shock Damper and Adjustable Damping Performance / Jianhua Wang, Fei Xie, Yuncheng Wang and Chunbao Guo -- Cyclic Tension-Compression Test of Mg Alloy Sheet at the Elevated Temperature / Oh Suk Seo, Heon Young Kim, Myoung-Gyu Lee, Ji Hoon Kim and Dae Yong Kim -- The Third Generation Auto Sheet Steel: Theory and Practice / Shanqiang Ying and Han Dong
Summary Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress are selected from nearly 2,000 papers submitted to the 34th FISITA World Automotive Congress, which is held by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China) and the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA). This proceedings focus on solutions for sustainable mobility in all areas of passenger car, truck and bus transportation. Volume 7: Vehicle Design and Testing (I) focuses on: Vehicle Performance Development Vehicle Integration Platformized and Universal Design Development of CAD /CAE/CAM and CF
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