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Author International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010- ) (2012)

Title Unifying electrical engineering and electronics engineering : proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering / Song Xing, Suting Chen, Zhanming Wei, Jingming Xia, editors
Published New York : Springer, [2013]


Description 1 online resource (xxxiv, 2276 pages)
Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; 238
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; 238.
Contents Part I. Power generation, transmission and distribution -- Part II: Power generation, transmission and distribution -- Part III: Power system modeling and simulation -- Part IV. Load modeling, forecasting and management -- Part V: Power system planning, control, protection, maintenance and operation -- Part VI: Power system planning, control, protection, maintenance and operation -- Part VII: STATCOMS and HVDC -- Part VIII: Power line communications and power flow analysis -- Part IX: Reliability, diagnostics and prognostics -- Part X: Smart/micro grid distribution -- Part XI: Soft switching and multilevel converters -- Part XII: Rectifier, inverter and converter technology -- Part XIII: Rectifier, inverter, and converter technology -- Part XIV: Electrical machines and drivers -- Part XV: Electrical machines and drivers -- Part XVI: Active filters and harmonics -- Part XVII: Power supplies & power sources, electromagnetic -- Part XVIII: Energy conversion and management -- Part XVIX: Wind energy systems -- Part XX: Solar photovoltaic devices and systems -- Part XXI: Analog circuits and data conversion circuits -- Part XXII: Image and video processing -- Part XXIII: Signal processing theory and applications -- Part XXIV: Radar and array signal processing -- Part XXV: Antennas, modulation, coding, and channel analysis -- Part XXVI: Wireless communication and mobile computing -- Part XXVII: Wireless communication and mobile computing -- Part XXVIII: Mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks -- Part XXIX: Optical communications -- Part XXX: Analog circuits and signal conversion circuits -- Part XXXI: Low power and VLSI design -- Part XXXII : IC circuit design and test -- Part XXXIII: Control theory and applications -- Part XXXIV: Measurement, tracking, and space technology -- Part XXXV: Measurement, tracking, and space technology -- Part XXXVI: Knowledge and learning technologies -- Part XXXVII: Pattern recognition and machine intelligence -- Part XXXVIII: Modeling, simulation, and data processing -- Part XXXIX: Software, system, and network security
Part I. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (1). Methodology of Detection for Power Cable Insulation Defects Based on DC Voltage Withstand Test -- Methodology of Forecasting the Developing Tendency of a GIS PD Based on the Fractal Dimension and Catastrophe Theory -- Calculation of Lightning Surge Distribution in Transformer Windings -- The Detecting Methodology of GIS Insulation Defects Based on the AC Withstand Voltage Test -- The Methodology of Detection for GIS Insulation Defects Based on Lightning Impulse Test -- The Methodology of Detection for Power Cable Insulation Defects Based on AC Voltage Withstand Test -- Moisture Real-Time Identification for Utility Boiler Based on Mechanism Analysis--
Part II. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution (2) -- Identification of Coherent Generator Groups Based on Stochastic Subspace Algorithm -- Substation Topology Analysis Based on Improved Tracking Algorithm -- Evaluation Methodology About the Effect of the Sophisticated Test of GIS -- Harmonic Flux Distribution in Transformer Based on Harmonic-Balance Finite Element Method -- A Resonant Transformer with High Output Voltage Ratio -- Field Tests and Optimization Operation Research of a 600 MW Power Plant WFGD--
Part III. Power System Modeling and Simulation -- Simulation Models and Stability of PV Grid-Connected Power System Based on PSASP -- Delay-Dependent Small Signal Stability for Power System with Constant and Time-Varying Delays -- An Improved Dynamic Stability Analysis Method for Time-Delay Power System -- Identification of Excitation System under the Environment of Wide Area Measurement -- Variable Parameter Equivalent Model for the Loadability of Key Transmission Line--
Part IV. Load Modeling, Forecasting and Management -- A Hybrid Model for Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting Based on Wavelet Analysis and RBF Neural Network -- Z-BUS Loss Redistribution Based on Average Loss Coefficient -- Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Fuzzy Clustering Analysis Similar Days -- Based IGARCH Error Correction of the PLS-SVR Short-Term Load Forecasting -- Short Term-Load Forecasting Based on Meteorological Correcting Grey Model--
Part V. Power System Planning, Control, Protection, Maintenance and Operation (1). Three-Phase Active Power Filter Based on Neural Network Model Reference Adaptive Control -- An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Economic Dispatch with Value Point Effect -- The Methodology of Monitoring MOA Insulation Defects Based on Transient Voltage and Current -- A 2-Span Mask Algorithm for Optimal Scheduling with Discontinuous Fuel Cost Function -- Single-Phase Ground Fault Detection of Small Current Grounding System Base on Wavelets Analysis -- Dynamic Optimal CPS Control for Interconnected Power Systems Based on SARSA Algorithm -- Economic Operation Analysis of Multi-transformer Combinations -- Reactive Power Optimization for Distribution Network Based on Chaos Guide Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Gold Criterion--
Part VI. Power System Planning, Control, Protection, Maintenance and Operation (2) -- Multi-objective Reactive Power Optimization and Multi-attribute Decision Making Considering the Risk of Voltage Collapse -- Exploring Detection and Prevention of Harmonics in Electric Power System -- Selectivity of Zero-Sequence Current Backup Protection and Improvement Based on Wide Area Measurement System -- Reactive Power Coordination During Emergency DC Power Support -- Gain-Scheduled LPV Control of a Single-Machine Infinite-Bus Power System -- A State Estimate Algorithm Based on Current Measurement for Offshore Oil Grid -- An Automatic Gain Control Digital Time-Division Integrator for NFM in ITER Utilizing Campbelling Technique -- The Similarity Between the Derivative of LEMP and Its Approximate Result for Oblique Channel in Near Area--
Part VII. STATCOMS and HVDC -- STATCOM-Based Ice-Melting System of the Catenary System -- Three-Phase Four-Wire STATCOM Control Method Based on Neural Network PI Controller -- Direct Output Voltage Control Strategy for STATCOM Based on Multi-model and Neural Network PI Controller -- Relationship Between Electric Field and Contamination Deposited Characteristics of ±800 kV UHV DC Insulators at High Altitudes -- Analysis and Simulation of Cascade STATCOM Based on PAM Inverter--
Part VIII. Power Line Communications and Power Flow Analysis Relay-Enabled Hybrid Wireless and Powerline Communication Access Network for Smart Power Grid -- The Impact of SRS Effect and Attenuation on Transfer Power in DWDM System -- An Algorithm for Power Flow Control Based on the Generation Adjustment -- Flexible Power Flow Algorithm of AC-DC Power System--
Part IX. Reliability, Diagnostics and Prognostics -- Development of High-Voltage Discharge Fault Detection System -- Swing Blocking Criterion Based on Voltage Frequency Characteristics -- A Reliability Evaluation Method of Generation and Transmission Systems Based on Sequential Monte-Carlo Simulation -- Fault Diagnosis of Micro-grid Based on Petri Net -- Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Cyclic Statistics Method--
Part X. Smart/Micro Grid Distribution -- The Realization of the Distribution Network Self-healing Function and Dynamic Evaluation of Estimation Methods -- Combination of Heat and Power Used in the Distributed Energy System -- Microgrid Multi-objective Economic Operation Optimization Considering Reactive Power -- State Estimation of the Micro-grid -- A Multi-Agent Energy Coordination Control Strategy in Microgrid Island Mode -- The Auto-tuning of ASC and Fault Online Selection Device in Intelligent Substation--
Part XI. Soft Switching and Multilevel Converters -- A Novel Soft-Switching Converter with Passive Auxiliary Resonant Commutation -- Soft-Switching Technology of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for High-Power Flywheel Energy Storage System -- A Fast SVPWM Algorithm for Five-Level Inverter Considering Over-Modulation Region -- Loss Calculation of NPC Three-Level Converter in Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive Wind Power Generation System -- Dual-PWM Three-Level Voltage Source Converter Based on SVPWM--
Part XII. Rectifier, Inverter, and Converter Technology (1) -- Control Strategy of Grid-Connected Inverter Suppressing Grid-Voltage Background Harmonics Based on the Improved Passive Damping Method -- Control Methods for Tripled Structure NPC Inverter -- Grid-Connected Inverter Control Technology Based on the Deadbeat Algorithm -- Improvements of Droop Control Strategy for Grid-Connected Inverters of Micro-Sources -- Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Inverter Fault Diagnosis -- Design of Flyback Converter Based on Synergetic Control -- Model-Based Design and Verification of the Fuzzy PID Controller for a Digital Power Converter -- Analysis of Power Loss in Transformerless Grid Connected PV Inverter--
Part XIII. Rectifier, Inverter, and Converter Technology (2) -- Research and Design of Ignition System of Pulse Detonation Engine -- Design of Self-Tuning Fuzzy PID Controller on PWM DC-DC Converter -- A Planar SJ IGBT with Plugged p+ Collector -- An Improved Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control Algorithm and Its Application on PWM Rectifier -- Design of H Bridge Cascaded Filter and Bidirectional Converter for Railway Traction System -- Modeling and Designing of Buck Converters Based on Voltage Mode Control -- Fuzzy-Based Direct Power Control on Elevator System with Energy Feedback--
Part XIV. Electrical Machines and Drivers (1) -- A New Online Identification Method for X q of Synchronous Generator with Steady-State PMU Data -- Controlling of Double Y Shift 30° PMSM Series-Connected System Based on SVPWM -- Calculation of Rated Load Voltage for Permanent Magnet Motor by Finite Element Method -- Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Sliding Mode Observer -- No-Coupling Test Method for Brushless DC Motor Based on Model Identification -- Sliding-Mode Variable Structure Controller for Stator Flux and Torque of Induction Motor Drives -- Study Tip Leakage Vortex of CPU Fan with Skewed Rotors--
880-01 Part XVI. Active Filters and Harmonics -- An Auto-Tuning Filtering Method Based on Variable Reactors -- The Reverse Reactive Power of SVC in the Field of the Electric Arc Furnace's Reactive Power Compensation -- Design of Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm -- Combined Exact Feedback Linearization and Double Hysteresis Control for Active Power Filter -- The Application of Fuzzy PI Compound Control to DC Bus Voltage Regulation--
880-01/(S Part XV. Electrical Machines and Drivers (2) -- Test Platform of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Powertrain -- Analytical Model of Adjustable Permanent Magnetic Coupler with Monolayer Conductor Rotor -- The Modeling and Excitation Characteristics of the Transformer Under DC Bias -- Energy-Saving Research on Asynchronous Motor Voltage Regulation Using Γ Equivalent Circuit -- Transient Performances Analysis and Experiment for Optical Current Transformer -- Double-Motor Synchronous Control System Based on Deviation Coupling Strategy--
Part XVII. Power Supplies and Power Sources, Electromagnetic Compatibility -- Design of Numerical Control Power Supply System for Gas-Sensing Test Instrument -- The Mid-Frequency Power Research Based on Multiple Closed-Loop Feedback -- A Study on the Model of Electric Vehicle Charger and Battery -- Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Air Supply Flow of a PEM Fuel Cell System -- Modeling and Performance Analysis of a PEM Fuel Cell System -- The Modeling Method of Electromagnetic Interference of Double Observation Point Electric Equipments -- Electromagnetic Compatibility of Metallic Enclosure of EV Battery Management System Based on FEM--
Part XVIII. Energy Conversion and Management -- Application of Fuzzy Clustering Analysis in the Energy Systems Comparison -- Optimal Model for Overall HVAC System / --Part XIX. Wind Energy Systems -- Wind-Thermal Power Random Multi-objective Scheduling Based on PLSPP-MIPSO -- Reactive Power Compensation Strategy of DGIF Wind Park -- The Largest Wind Energy Capture Based on Feedback Linearization Control -- A Novel Hybrid Approach for Wind Power Forecasting -- Prediction of Short-Term Power Output of Wind Farms Based on Extreme Learning Machine -- Short-Term Wind Power Forecasting Based on Lifting Wavelet, SVM and Error Forecasting -- Reactive Power Optimization for Wind Power System Based on Adaptive Weights Flight Adjustment Particle Swarm Optimization -- Equivalent Models of Wind Farms with Fixed Speed Wind Turbines--
Part XX. Solar Photovoltaic Devices and Systems -- Hybrid Power System Composed of Photovoltaic and Commercial Power -- Optimal Power Smoothing Control Strategy of Photovoltaic-Energy Storage System Based on a Fast Particle Swarm Optimization -- A Novel Global Maximum Power Point Tracking Scheme Under Partially Shaded Conditions -- Photovoltaic Planning Process for Untypical Region--
Part XXI. Analog Circuits and Data Conversion Circuits -- A New Color Interpolation Algorithm for Bayer Pattern Digital Cameras Based on Green Components -- Analysis of Image Intensifiers Halo Effect with Curve Fitting and Separation Method -- Sparse Reconstruction Using the Integrated Approach for Magnetic Resonance Imaging -- Automated Estimation of Ore Size Distributions Based on Machine Vision -- Automatic Building Detection and 2D Footprints Reconstruction for VHR SAR Images -- A Novel Video Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Non-Local Normalized Convolution -- An Improved Method Research of SAR Images Thresholding Segmentation -- Efficient Self-Adaptive Image Steganography Scheme Based on Iterative Blending and Integer Wavelet Transform -- An Adaptive Image-Hiding Algorithm Based on Optimal LSBs Substitution -- Detecting Motion Regions Using Statistic Parameters -- Improved Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction Method--
Part XXII. Image and Video Processing (2) -- Image Specification Based on Multimodal Gaussian-Like Function -- An Adaptive Lossless Video Compression Algorithm Based on Video Flatness -- Texture Data Compression of 3D Face Based on Multi-color Simultaneous Algebra -- Face Detection Technology Research Based on AdaBoost Algorithm and Haar Features -- MRI Brain Segmentation Based on a Three-Dimensional Markov Random Field Model -- Analysis of Correlation Registration Algorithms in the Observation of Solar Magnetic Field -- Iterated Image Restoration in the Closed Underwater Environment -- Hyperspectral Images Target Recognition Using Projection Pursuit -- Automatic Image Annotation Based on Multi-scale Salient Region -- Implementation of Parallel Computing FAST Algorithm on Mobile GPU--
Part XXIII. Signal Processing Theory and Applications -- Realization of Vehicle SINS Four-Position Alignment Method Based on FPGA and DSP -- INS/GNS Integrated Navigation on Small Area -- Analysis About the Impacts of the Theodolites Distribution to the Two Stations Intersection Measurement -- The Research on the Jam Blind Separation of Misalignment Signal -- A Fast-Study Model of Aircraft Magnetic Field Based on Two Flights Data -- Optimal Frequency Band Selection Based on Filter Banks and Wavelet Packet Decomposition in Multi-class Brain-Computer Interfaces -- Channel Reduction by Cultural-Based Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Filter Bank in Brain-Computer Interfaces -- Positioning of Singular Point of Motor Vibration Signal Based on Wavelet Transform -- Apparent Longitudinal Conductivity Interpretation Method in Transient Electromagnetic Technique -- EEG Filtering Based on Machine Learning Simulation Design Analysis--
Part XXIV. Radar and Array Signal Processing -- Robust Estimation for Ship-Borne Radar Detecting Biases -- Measurement of Target's Motion Parameter for CW Radar -- Design and Implementation of Micro-broadband Radar Signal Source -- A Nonlinearity Measurement Method for Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging -- A Simulation Model of the Positioning Accuracy in the Multi-radar Foreign Object Debris Detection System -- Direction of Arrival Estimation of Two Wide-Band Sources with Small Array Based on Beam-Space Coherent Signal-Subspace Method -- Using Aero-Acoustic Vector Sensor for Acoustic Measurement and Target Direction Finding -- Design of Radar Electromagnetic Environment Simulator--
Part XXV. Antennas, Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis -- Gauss White Noise in Digital Frequency Modulation Scheme -- A Bandwidth Allocation Strategy Based on Multirate Sampling Method in Networked Control System -- Train-Ground Signal Credible Transmission Platform for Multi-rate LDPC Code -- A Nonlinear Distortion Compensation Algorithm for 32APSK Modulation over Satellite Channels -- Synchronization for Uncertain Chaotic Systems with Channel Noise and Chaos-based Secure Communications -- Novel Compound Planar Spiral Antenna -- A Broadband Portable Three-Wire Antenna for Low-Power Vertical-Incidence Ionosonde--
Part XXVI. Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing (1) -- Mobile Cloud Forwarding Service in Delay Tolerant Networks -- The Design of Passive Intermodulation Test System Applied in LTE 2600 -- Adaptive Modulation with Antenna Selection and Imperfect Feedback in Rayleigh Fading Channel -- An Improved Double Iterate Equalize Algorithm for Continuous Phase Modulation -- A Dual Channel Reservation MAC Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- An Improved K-Best MIMO Detection Algorithm for Parallel Programmable Baseband Architecture -- A New Synchronized Multi-interface MAC Protocol for Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks--
Part XXVII. Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing (2) -- Optimizing Polyphase Coded Signals for MIMO Radar -- Implementation and Performance Analysis of HARQ in 3GPP LTE System-Level Simulation -- A Busacker-Gowen Algorithm Based on Routing Scheme for Maximizing Throughput with Minimum Delay in WOBAN -- The Adaptive Header Compression Algorithm of Mobile IPv6 Network -- Timing Synchronization Algorithm for DRM -- A New Dynamic Frame Slotted ALOHA Algorithm Based on Collision Factor--
Part XXVIII. Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks -- A RSU Deployment Scheme Based on Hot Spot in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks -- A Dual-Mode MAC Protocol over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -- Performance Analysis for Dedicated Control Channel Multichannel Protocol -- Medium Access Control Protocol for Embedded Sensor Networks and B-MAC Design -- The WSN-Based Fine Agriculture Environmental Monitoring System--
Part XXIX. Optical Communications -- A 250 Mbps Transmitter with a Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diode for Plastic Optical Fiber Communication -- Secrecy Optical Communication System Based on Dynamic Strong Dispersion Control -- A DFS-Based Traffic Grooming Algorithm for Light-Trail Networks -- A Simple Method for Studying LED Phase-Frequency Characteristics--
880-02 Part XXXI. Low Power and VLSI Design -- A Comparison Analysis of Single-Ended Bit-Line Leakage Reduction Techniques at 40 nm Node -- A 0.5 V Divider-by-2 with Forward-Body Bias Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Implementation of a Built-in Temperature Sensor Using 65 nm 1.2 V Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor -- Design of Driving Platform for Ultra-High Resolution CCD--
880-02/(S Part XXX. Analog Circuits and Signal Conversion Circuits -- A Novel Signal Conditioning Circuit for Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor -- A Low Leakage Power-Rail ESD Clamp Circuit with Adjustable Holding Voltage in Nanoscale Process -- Design of Hybrid Continuous-Time/Discrete-Time ΣΔ Modulator -- Design of the Self-Tracking Filter Based on Frequency to Voltage Conversion -- Property of Butterworth Type Low-Pass Filter Used in Lock-in Amplifier for Precise Capacitance Transducer -- Comparative Study of Delta-Sigma Modulators for the Fractional-N PLL in WBAN--
Part XXXII. IC Circuit Design and Test -- The Design of Pseudo-random Signal Transmitting Electromagnetic Detection System Based on FPGA -- The Design and Application of Evolvable Hardware IP Core -- Design of a PWM/LDO Dual Mode Synchronous Buck Regulator -- Frequency Behavior of the Microcontroller Immunity Against the Conducted Radio Frequency Disturbance on Supply Pins -- A Novel Multi-RC-Triggered Power Clamp Circuit for On-Chip ESD Protection -- Design of Trigger Circuit for Series SCR 12-Pulse Phase-Controlled Rectifier -- The Design and Implementation of Interface Electronics for Silicon Micromechanical Gyroscopes--
Part XXXIII. Control Theory and Applications -- Design of Mamdani Cascade Fuzzy Control System for Inverted Pendulum -- Intelligent Control Algorithm of Electric-Fused Magnesia Furnace Based on Neural Network -- Dynamics and Control of an Active Magnetic Bearing-Rotor System with Time Delay -- Multimodel Nonlinear Predictive Control with Gaussian Process Model -- Availability Analysis of a Redundant System with Common-Cause Failure--
Part XXXIV. Measurement, Tracking, and Space Technology -- Study on LQG Regulation Design of DC Motor -- Scalar Magnetometer Configuration Scheme for Underwater Magnetic Anomaly Localization -- Attitude Disturbance and Control of Satellite During Space Net Projecting -- Optimal Sliding Mode Attitude Synchronization Control for Autonomous Docking to an Out-of-Control Target -- Precession-Identification Based on Sparse Representation -- Identification of Thermal Process Using Hammerstein Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm--
Part XXXV. Robotics, Automation, and System Identification -- Fuzzy PID Control of Six Degrees of Freedom Parallel Manipulators in Electro Hydraulic Servo System -- Jointly Connected Topologies and Its Application to Cooperative Timing Mission of Multiple Unmanned Air Vehicles -- Normalized Two Inputs Single Output Hammerstein System and Its Application -- An Improved Calibration Method of Micro Stereo Vision System--
Part XXXVI. Knowledge and Learning Technologies -- Alarm Association Rules Mining in Distributed Database -- An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Solving Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem -- Nonlinear Data Mining Method Based on Manifold Learning -- Improved Convex Incremental Extreme Learning Machine Based on Enhanced Random Search -- C-PESA: An Improved Comentropy-Based PESA Algorithm -- Study of the Hydrological Time Series Similarity Search Based on Daubechies Wavelet Transform -- Bidirectional Search Algorithm of Available Logistics Route Based on Site Closure--
Part XXXVII. Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence -- Geological Deformation Trends Based on Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Networks -- Face Recognition Based on a 2D Gabor-Modular Binaryzation-LDA Feature Extraction Method -- Fuzzy Clustering with Generalized Entropy Based on Neural Network -- New Recursive Robust Algorithms for the Estimation of AR Parameters -- Application Research of Support Vector Machine Classification Algorithm -- Improved Clustering Algorithms Used in Diesel Engine Vibration Fault Diagnosis Based on Bayesian Networks -- An Algorithm of Moving Objects Localization Based on Neighboring Analysis -- The Recognition of Leaf Shapes Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process -- Dimensional Reduction Applied in Lung Data's Classification--
Part XXXVIII. Modeling, Simulation, and Data Processing -- Environment Factor Simulation in Double Parameters Weibull Distributing -- Researches on Control of Iterated Function System Attractors -- Organization of LiDAR Point Cloud Based on 2D -- Denoising Method for Gross Errors and Random Errors of Monitoring Displacement for High Rock Slope -- Assessment of Storage Reliability for Accelerometer Based on Pseudo-Stable Data -- Virtual Prototype Design Technique of the CJ20-100 Model Alternating Current Contactor--
Part XXXIX. Software, System, and Network Security -- An Approach to Verify Correctness of the Mandatory Access Control Framework -- Extending Explicit Management of SMMHS to OpenMP for Heterogeneous Architectures -- Equidistant Checkpoint Placement for Checkpointing and Rollback Recovery -- SSE Instruction and Block Predetermination-Based Automaton Optimization -- A New Signature Scheme from Inner Automorphism Group -- New Multi-Receiver Id-Based Ring Signcryption Scheme -- Image Scrambling Based on Linear Distortion
Summary Unifying Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering is based on the Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEE 2012). This book collects the peer reviewed papers presented at the conference. The aim of the conference is to unify the two areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The book examines trends and techniques in the field as well as theories and applications. The editors have chosen to include the following topics; biotechnology, power engineering, superconductivity circuits, antennas technology, system architectures and telecommunication
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