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Title Mobile service robotics / edited by Krzysztof Kozłowski, Mohammad O Tokhi, Gurvinder S Virk
Published Singapore : World Scientific, [2014]
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Description 1 online resource
Contents Section 1. Plenary presentations. Abstractions for legged locomotion / Gabriel Lopes -- Mobile robots coordination and its application to iCART (Intelligent Cooperative Autonomous Robot Transporters) / Kazuhiro Kosuge -- Using kinematic redundancy to design fault tolerant robotic systems / Anthony A. Maciejewski -- CLAWAR to service robots / Gurvinder S. Virk -- Section 2. Assistive robots. Joint parameter mapping method for the control of knee prosthesis / J. Li [and others] -- ROBO-MATE: Exoskeleton to enhance industrial production / K.S. Stadler, W.J. Elspass and H.W. van de Venn -- A load estimation of a patient considering with a posture during standing motion / T. Yamada [and others] -- Using joint trajectories and time-scaling optimization for humanoid motion imitation of human beings / K. Munirathinam, S. Sakka and C. Chevallereau -- Finite state control of exoskeleton and wheel walker for gait restoration / D. Miranda-Linares and M.O. Tokhi -- EXO-LEGS for elderly persons / G.S. Virk [and others] -- Section 3. Autonomous robots. Energy and time minimization by means of trajectory planning in mobile robots / G. Hachem [and others] -- Investigation into the influence of the foot attachment point in the body on the four-link robot jump characteristics / S.F. Jatsun [and others] -- Optimization of motion primitives for high-level motion planning of modular robots / V. Vonasek [and others] -- Design and experimental verification of an intelligent wall-climbing welding robot system / Z. Gui [and others] -- A semi-autonomous manipulator system for decontamination and release measurement / M. Mende [and others] -- Performance of a two wheeled robot with extendable intermediate body on irregular terrains / S.A. Agouri [and others] -- Balancing and control of a two-wheeled robot on inclined surface / O.K. Sayidmarie, S.A. Agouri and M.O. Tokhi -- Potential field multi-objective optimization for robot path planning using genetic algorithm / H.H. Shehata and J. Schlattmann -- Wheel-walking pneumatically actuated robot / A. Aliseychik [and others] -- Section 4. Biologically-inspired systems and solutions. Homer's dream fulfilled -- Robotic walking servants / T. Zielinska -- New foot mechanism with one and two longitudinal arches for biped robots / K. Shibuya and Y. Urakubo -- Adjustment of pressure in antagonistic joints with pneumatic artificial muscles for rapid reacting motions / K. Tanaka, S. Nishikawa and Y. Kuniyoshi -- Development of an omnidirectional mobile robot with a spiral-type traveling-wave-propagation mechanism / M. Konno, Y. Mizota and T. Nakamura -- Self-adjustable transducer for bio-inspired strain detection in walking legs / M. Schaeffersmann, A. Schneider and J. Schmitz -- Design and motion planning of quadruped robotic platform / S. Raut, S.R. Kota and G.S. Virk -- Motion generalization with dynamic primitives / J. Rosado, F. Silva and V. Santos -- A study of the complete stride cycle in dynamically stable quadrupedal running / K.J. Waldron -- Section 5. Innovative design of CLAWAR. An introduction into robot organisms based on CoSMO modules / J. Liedke and H. Worn -- A novel resonant locomotion principle based on impact force for miniature mobile robot / J. Li [and others] -- Inspection of floating platform mooring chains with a climbing robot / A.G. Ruiz [and others] -- Friction optimized adhesion control of a wheel-driven wall-climbing robot / K. Kopietz [and others] -- Design of a wheel-legged hexapod robot for creative adaptation / J.-M. Jehanno [and others] -- Printable modular robot: An application of rapid prototyping for flexible robot design / D. Krupke [and others] -- Section 6. Innovative sensing and actuation. Linear electric actuator with a flexible hydraulic transmission / A. Safonov [and others] -- Outdoor validation of an intelligent prodder for humanitarian demining with a mobile manipulator / S. Baglio [and others] -- Force and angle feedback prodder / R. Fernandez [and others] -- Section 7. Locomotion. Concurrent optimization of mechanical design and locomotion control of a legged robot / K.M. Digumarti [and others] -- Coupled elastic actuation for biped walking / B. Wu, M. Zhao and K. Deng -- CPG-based control of bipedal walking by exploiting plantar sensation / D. Owaki and A. Ishiguro -- Effects of the vertical CoM motion on energy consumption for walking humanoids / S. Omran, S. Sakka and Y. Aoustin -- Comparing arc-shaped feet and rigid ankles with flat feet and compliant ankles for a dynamic walker / I. Kuhlemann [and others] -- Adding adaptable toe stiffness affects energetic efficiency and dynamic behaviors of limit cycle walking / S. Sun, Y. Huang and Q. Wang -- Online adaptive leg trajectories for multi-legged walking robots / A. Roennau, G. Heppner and R. Dillmann -- Characterizing swing-leg retraction in human locomotion / K. Poggensee, M. Sharbafi and A. Seyfarth -- Virtual impedance path-following walking control for a six-legged robot / H. Uchida and K. Takahashi -- Development of hexapod walking robot using straight type artificial muscle what can carry a load of 300 N / R. Shimano [and others] -- A configuration optimization algorithm based on quasi-static approach for a UGV / E. Corral [and others] -- Transition from walking to running of a bipedal robot to optimize energy efficiency / U. Romer, F. Bauer and A. Fidlin -- Graph-search based footstep planning for multi-legged robots on irregular terrain by using depth-sensor / S. Kishi and S. Inagaki -- Haptic foothold suitability identification and prediction for legged robots / M. Hoepflinger [and others] -- Robot-centric elevation mapping with uncertainty estimates / P. Fankhauser [and others] -- Chassis design of a mobile robot for reducing weight by excluding suspension elements / T. Okada [and others] -- Influence of external vibration disturbances on a wall climbing robot with vacuum grippers / V.G. Gradetsky [and others]
Section 8. Manipulation and gripping. Versatile -- High power gripper for a six legged walking robot / G. Heppner [and others] -- Second-order mobility analysis of grasps considering contact surface geometry / T. Yamada [and others] -- Pre-configured XY-axis cartesian robot system for a new ATLAS scanning facility / H. Marin-Reyes [and others] -- Section 9. Manufacturing, construction and underwater robotics. Safety and performance standard developments for automated guided vehicles / R. Bostelman, T. Hong and R. Eastman -- Design of an all-terrain spherical jumping robot with high-dynamic motion / V. Bilous [and others] -- A portable underwater robot with tensegrity body composed of thruster units / M. Shibata, T. Miyamura and N. Sakagami -- Stability study of underwater crawling robot on non-horizontal surface / H. Albitar, A. Ananiev and I. Kalaykov -- Section 10. Medical and rehabilitation robots. An analysis of a five-wheeled wheelchair for a static wheelie for climbing a step / Y. Munakata and M. Wada -- Control of sit-to-stand in paraplegics using ANFIS -- Simulation study / R. Hussain [and others] -- Internal models support specific gaits in orthotic devices / J.-M. Braun, F. Worgotter and P. Manoonpong -- Robotic-enhanced rehabilitation of patients with ILIZAROV apparatus: Preliminary study / P. Sauer [and others] -- Section 11. Modelling and simulation of CLAWAR. 3D real-time simulation framework for wall-climbing robots -- Towards the new climbing robot CREA / D. Schmidt and K. Berns -- Dynamic simulation of legged robots using a physics engine / D. Belter [and others] -- Multi robot simulator for robot operator training in TIRAMISU project / J. Bedkowski [and others] -- Section 12. Perception, localisation, planning and control. Efficient discontinuity filling in terrain maps for walking robot motion planning / P. Skrzypczynski -- Influence of walking speed and direction of movement on tactile ground classification process / K. Walas, M. Czachorowski and T. Halasz -- Inexpensive spatial position system for the automation of ultrasound NDT with mobile robots / M.A. Al Rashed and T.P. Sattar -- Tip-over stability-based path planning for a tracked mobile robot over rough terrains / J.-Y. Jun and F. Benamar -- Stabilization of acrobot after landing / K. Kozlowski, M. Michalski and P. Parulski -- Section 13. Service robots. Modeling and simulation of a silo cleaning robot / K. Dandan, A. Ananiev and I. Kalaykov -- Mechanism design and experiments of a multi-function cleaning robot / Y. Hong [and others] -- Deploying field robots for humanitarian demining: Challenges, requirements and research trends / D. Portugal, L. Marques and M. Armada -- Agricultural derived machines for humanitarian demining: State of the art / G.A. Naselli [and others] -- CREA -- A climbing robot with eleven vacuum adhesion chambers / D. Schmidt [and others] -- Mapping and understanding the human activity: A multilayer framework based on the ideomotor theory / C. Granata and P. Bidaud -- Section 14. Robot ethics. When children interact with robots: Ethics in the MOnarCH project / I. Ferreira and J. Sequeira -- A normative extension for BDI agent model / M. Tufis and J.-G. Ganascia -- Revealing the 'face' of the robot -- Introducing the ethics of Levinas to the field of robo-ethics / B.S. Wohl -- Towards development of ethically compliant robots / M.O. Tokhi
Summary Interest in control of climbing and walking robots has remarkably increased over the years. Novel solutions of complex mechanical systems such as climbing, walking, flying and running robots with different kinds of locomotion and the technologies that support them and their applications are the evidence of significant progress in the area of robotics. Supporting technologies include the means by which robots use to sense, model, and navigate through their environments and, of course, actuation and control technologies. Human interaction including exoskeletons, prostheses and orthoses, as well as service robots, are increasingly active important pertinent areas of research. In addition, legged machines and tracked platforms with software architecture seem to be currently the research idea of most interest to the robotics community
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Subject Mobile robots.
Form Electronic book
Author Kozłowski, Krzysztof.
Tokhi, M. O.
Virk, G. S. (Gurvinder S.)
ISBN 9789814623346 (print)
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