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Description Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) covers a wide range of disciplines including plant and animal sciences, farming, urban development and environmental management.
Subject area Wildlife and Conservation Biology
  Architecture and Built Environment
  Earth Sciences
  Marine Biology
Other name CSIRO Publishing eBooks
  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) eBooks


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CSIRO ebook collection 4WD driving skills : a manual for on and off road travel / Vic Widman
CSIRO ebook collection Shaping science and industry : a history of Australia's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 1926-49 / by CB Schedvin
CSIRO ebook collection Aboriginal biocultural knowledge in south-eastern Australia : perspectives of early colonists / Fred Cahir, Ian D. Clark and Philip A. Clarke ; [foreword by Barry Judd]
CSIRO ebook collection The Aboriginal story of Burke and Wills : forgotten narratives / edited by Ian D. Clark and Fred Cahir
CSIRO ebook collection Acarology : proceedings of the 10th International Congress / editors, R.B. Halliday [and others]
CSIRO ebook collection The Action Plan for Australian Mammals 2012
CSIRO ebook collection The action plan for Australian birds 2010 / by Stephen Garnett, Judit Szabo and Guy Dutson
CSIRO ebook collection The Action Plan for Australian Lizards and Snakes 2017 David G Chapple (author) ; Reid Tingley (author) ; Nicola J Mitchell (author) ; Stewart L Macdonald (author)
CSIRO ebook collection Adapting agriculture to climate change : preparing Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries for the future / editors, Chris Stokes and Mark Howden
CSIRO ebook collection Advances in reintroduction biology of Australian and New Zealand fauna / Doug Armstrong, Matthew W Hayward, Dorian Moro, Philip J Seddon, editors
CSIRO ebook collection Agriculture and the environmental imperative / editors, Jim Pratley and Alistar Robertson
CSIRO ebook collection Agroforestry for natural resource management / Ian Nuberg, Brendan George, Rowan Reid (editors)
CSIRO ebook collection Albatrosses / Terence Lindsay ; principal photographer, Rod Morris
CSIRO ebook collection The allure of fungi / Alison Pouliot
CSIRO ebook collection Alumina to zirconia : the history of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Chemistry / I.J. Bear, T. Biegler and T.R. Scott
CSIRO ebook collection AmAZed! : CSIRO's A to Z of biodiversity / Andrea Wild
CSIRO ebook collection Animal eco-warriors : humans and animals working together to protect our planet / Nic Gill
CSIRO ebook collection Animal health and production for the 21st century / K.J. Beh, editor
CSIRO ebook collection The Antarctic dictionary : a complete guide to Antarctic English / Bernadette Hince
CSIRO ebook collection Anti-fertility plants of the Pacific / R.C. Cambie and A.A. Brewis