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Author International Conference on Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment (10th : 2011 : Okinawa, Japan)

Title Protection of materials and structures from the space environment / editors: Jacob Kleiman, Masahito Tagawa, Yugo Kimoto
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


Description 1 online resource : illustrations (some color)
Series Astrophysics and space science proceedings, 1570-6591 ; v. 32
Astrophysics and space science proceedings ; v. 32.
Contents Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment -- ICPMSE Proceedings Series: How Did It All Start? / Jacob Kleiman -- Analyses of Hubble Space Telescope Aluminized-Teflon Insulation Retrieved After 19 Years of Space Exposure / Kim K. de Groh, Deborah L. Waters, Jelila S. Mohammed, Bruce A. Perry and Bruce A. Banks -- Effect of Solar Exposure on the Atomic Oxygen Erosion of Hubble Space Telescope Aluminized-Teflon Thermal Shields / Aobo Guo, Claire C. Ashmead, Kim K. de Groh and Edward A. Sechkar -- 41-55 / Post-flight Analysis of Materials Exposed on the Spectrometer Sub-unit of MEDET (18 Months On-Board ISS) / Virginie Rejsek-Riba, Sabine Soonckindt, Sophie Duzellier, S. Remaury and C. Durin, et al. -- 57-71 / Polymer Strain Experiment on MISSE 6 / Deborah L. Waters, Kim K. de Groh, Bruce A. Banks and Edward A. Sechkar -- Passive Space Environment Effect Measurement on JEM/MPAC & SEED / Yugo Kimoto, Junichiro Ishizawa and Hiroyuki Shimamura
Attenuation of Scattered Thermal Energy Atomic Oxygen / Bruce A. Banks, Katelyn T. Seroka, Jason B. McPhate and Sharon K. Miller -- Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) Spacecraft Silicone Experiment / Ching-cheh Hung, Kim K. de Groh and Bruce A. Banks -- The Effect of Tensile Stress on the Erosion of Polyimide in an Atomic Oxygen Environment / Ronen Verker, Dan Hassin, Nurit Atar and Eitan Grossman -- Critical Evaluation of Testing Results for Russian and Western Space Materials in Ground-Based Simulator Facilities and in Space Experiments / Z. Iskanderova, J. Kleiman, V. Issoupov, S.F. Naumov and S.P. Sokolova, et al. -- Accelerated Testing of Thermal Control Coatings Using Synchrotron Radiation and Evaluation of Materials Performance / H.R. Fischer, Yu. V. Butenko, C. Mooney, C. Semprimoschnig and M.H.W. Verkuijlen, et al. -- Effects of Secondary Electron Emission Yield of Polyimide Films on Atomic Oxygen Irradiation / Kumi Nitta, Eiji Miyazaki, Shinichiro Michizono and Yoshio Saito
The Effects of MEO Radiation Environment on Triple-Junction GaAs Solar Cells / Gao Xin, Yang Sheng-sheng, Wang Yun-fei and Feng Zhan-zu -- Interaction Mechanism of Soft X-rays with Irradiated Diamond-Like Carbon Films / Kazuhiro Kanda, Masahito Niibe, Kumiko Yokota and Masahito Tagawa -- Degradation of Silicone Oils Exposed to Geostationary Environment Components: Ultraviolet Radiations and Electron Flux / H. Jochem, V. Rejsek-Riba, E. Maerten, A. Baceiredo and S. Remaury -- Complex Investigations of New Black Thermal Control Coatings / A.V. Grigorevskiy, L.V. Kiseleva and V.N. Strapolova -- The Study of Simulated Space Radiation Environment Effect on Conductive Properties of ITO Thermal Control Materials / Feng Wei-Quan, Zhao Chun-Qing, Shen Zi-Cai, Ding Yi-Gang and Zhang Fan, et al. -- Computational Analysis of Mass Loss Rate of Polymeric Composites Under Electron Irradiation in Vacuum / R.H. Khasanshin, A.N. Timofeev and A.N. Galygin
Effects of Atomic Oxygen and Grease on Outgassing and Adhesion of Silicone Elastomers for Space Applications / Henry C. de Groh, Bernadette J. Puleo and Bruce M. Steinetz -- CNES Experiments on MEDET: Lessons Learned / Ch. Durin, S. Remaury, J.C. Mandeville, V. Rejsek-Riba and S. Duzellier, et al. -- Molecular Contamination Analysis on SUZAKU X-ray Imaging Spectrometer / Fumitaka Urayama, Atsushi Fujii, Eiji Miyazaki and Yugo Kimoto -- First Evaluation of Contamination on the JEM/MPAC & SEED / Susumu Baba, Junko Matsuyama, Junichiro Ishizawa and Yugo Kimoto -- A Method of Estimating the Charge Properties of Spacecraft Materials / Yifeng Chen, Shengsheng Yang, Xiaogang Qin and Hong Shi -- Registering the Elemental Composition of Micrometeoroids and Debris / N.D. Semkin, A.M. Telegin and K.E. Voronov -- An Investigation of Stress Dependent Atomic Oxygen Erosion of Black Kapton Observed on MISSE 6 / Sharon K.R. Miller, Bruce A. Banks and Edward Sechkar
The Effect of Surface Cracks on Tensile Strength in Polyimide Films Exposed to Low Earth Orbit in MPAC & SEED Experiment / Hiroyuki Shimamura, Yugo Kimoto and Takashi Nakamura -- Flight Experiment Results of the Polysiloxane-Block-Polyimide "BSF-30" on the JEM/MPAC & SEED Mission on the ISS / Eiji Miyazaki, Yugo Kimoto and Rikio Yokota -- Development of Heat Sealable Polyimide Thin Films with High Space Environmental Stability for Solar Sail IKAROS Membrane / Rikio Yokota and Masahiko Miyauchi -- Ion Beam Treatments for Enhancement of Surface Conductivity and Durability of Space Polymers: Results, Analysis, Mechanisms / J. Kleiman, Z. Iskanderova, F. Bussieres, A. Grigorevskiy and R. Sodhi -- Comparison of Properties of Solid Lubricant Between Two Exposure Experiments Aboard the ISS / Koji Matsumoto, Mineo Suzuki and Yugo Kimoto -- Instrumentation for Ground-Based Testing in Simulated Space and Planetary Conditions / Jacob Kleiman, Sergey Horodetsky and Vitali Issoupov
A Planetary Environmental Simulator/Test Facility / Jacob Kleiman, Sergey Horodetsky and Vitali Issoupov -- Influence of Atomic Oxygen Exposure on Friction Behavior of 321 Stainless Steel / Y. Liu, J. Yang, Z. Ye, S. Dong and L. Zhang, et al. -- Study of Tensile Properties of Mg-Rare Earth Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures / Hao Wang, Shangli Dong and Gang Lu -- Embrittlement of MISSE 5 Polymers After 13 Months of Space Exposure / Aobo Guo, Grace T. Yi, Claire C. Ashmead, Gianna G. Mitchell and Kim K. de Groh, et al. -- Temperature Effects of Ultraviolet Irradiation on Material Degradation / Kazuyuki Mori and Junichiro Ishizawa -- GEANT4 Simulation of Interplanetary Proton Induced Deep Dielectric Charging / Qin Xiaogang, Wang Ji, Yang Shengsheng, Chen Yifeng and Shi Hong -- Microstructure and Properties of Pure Zirconium After Irradiation by Charged Particles / Hai Liu, Hongpeng Zhang, Shangli Dong, Jingdong Xiao and Yong Liu, et al
Application of Dust Detection Techniques in Space Science and Spacecraft Projects / Danming Li, ChengXuan Zhao, Ziyu Ye, Chunyong Wang and Lianjun Jia, et al. -- Electron Beam Induced Charging and Secondary Electron Emission of Surface Materials / Haruhisa Fujii and Yuhki Ishihara -- Observation of Surface Discharge Phenomena on Dielectric Films Under Low Pressure Using Pockels Effect / Yohei Komiyama, Shota Suzuki, Hiroaki Miyake, Yasuhiro Tanaka and Tatsuo Takada -- Charging and Discharging Characteristic on PI Films Irradiated by Protons / Ryo Uchiyama, Hiroaki Miyake, Yasuhiro Tanaka and Tatuo Takada -- Degradation of Mechanical Properties of Spacecraft Polyimide Film Exposed to Radiation Environments / Shen Zicai, Liu Yuming, Feng Weiquan, Zhao Chunqing and Ding Yigang -- Deposition of Outgassed Products and Products of Radiation-Induced Atomization of Polymeric Composite on Quartz Glass Surfaces / R.H. Khasanshin, V.I. Kostyuk, A.N. Galygin and N.G. Alexandrov
Contamination of Outer Surfaces of International Space Station Studied by Non-Destructive Techniques / V.A. Borisov, S.F. Naumov, S.P. Sokolova, A.O. Kurilenok and V.E. Skurat, et al. -- Passive Measurement of Dust Particles on JEM/MPAC & SEED -- Experiment Summary, Particle Fluxes / Miyuki Waki and Yugo Kimoto -- Degradation of Optical Elements of Spacecraft Under the Impact of High-Velocity Particles / N. Semkin, L. Novikov and M. Kalaev -- Initial Sticking Rate of O2 Molecular Beams on Ni (111) Surface Depending on Kinetic Energy / Keisuke Inoue and Yuden Teraoka -- Hydrogen Removal from Hydrogenated Diamond-Like Carbon Films by Exposure to Photon and Energetic Atomic Oxygen Beams / Kumiko Yokota, Masahito Tagawa, Koji Matsumoto, Yuichi Furuyama and Akira Kitamura, et al. -- Resistance of Silicon-Containing Carbonized Lignin to Atomic Oxygen Erosion / Takeshi Kajimoto, Toshimitsu Hata, Masahito Tagawa, Hirotsugu Kojima and Hajime Hayakawa
Survivability of Silicon-Doped Diamond-Like Carbon Films in Energetic Atomic/Molecular Oxygen Beam Environments / Masahito Tagawa, Kazuhiro Kishida, Kumiko Yokota, Koji Matsumoto and Akitaka Yoshigoe, et al. -- Measurement of Surface and Volume Resistivity for Silver Coated FEP Used for Spacecraft / Hirofumi Suda, Yasushi Yamano, Shinichi Kobayashi and Kumi Nitta -- Measurement of Quantum Efficiency for Spacecraft Materials and Noise Reduction of Photoelectron Current Waveform / Yuta Nanjou, Yasushi Yamano, Shinichi Kobayashi, Kumi Nitta and Hiroaki Miyake, et al. -- Microtribological Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide Bonded Film Exposed to Space Environment by SM/SEED Mission / Masahito Tagawa, Kumiko Yokota, Kunitaka Ochi, Masao Akiyama and Koji Matsumoto, et al. -- Extreme Ultraviolet Emission from a Carbon Dioxide Laser-Sustained Oxygen Plasma / Akira Mizutani, Kazuhiro Kishida, Kumiko Yokota, Masahito Tagawa and Hiroyuki Shimamura, et al. -- Measurement of Atomic-Oxygen Flux Distribution / Takuya Hisashiba, Kazutaka Kuroda, Hirokazu Masui, Minoru Iwata and Kazuhiro Toyoda, et al
Summary The goals of the 10th International Space Conference on 'Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment' ICPMSE-10J, since its inception in 1992, have been to facilitate exchanges between members of the various engineering and science disciplines involved in the development of space materials, including aspects of LEO, GEO and Deep Space environments, ground-based qualification, and in-flight experiments and lessons learned from operational vehicles that are closely interrelated to disciplines of the atmospheric sciences, solar-terrestrial interactions and space life sciences. The knowledge of environmental conditions on and around the Moon, Mars, Venus and the low Earth orbit as well as other possible candidates for landing such as asteroids have become an important issue, and protecting both hardware and human life from the effects of space environments has taken on a new meaning in light of the increased interest in space travel and colonization of other planets. And while many material experiments have been carried out on the ground and in open space in the last 50 years (LDEF, MEEP, SARE, MISSE, AOP, DSPSE, ESEM, EURECA, HST, MDIM, MIS, MPID, MPAC and SEED), many questions regarding the environmental impact of space on materials remain either poorly understood or unanswered. The coming generations of scientists will have to continue this work and tackle new challenges, continuing to build the level of confidence humans will need to continue the colonization of space. It is hoped that the proceedings of the ICPMSE-10J presented in this book will constitute a small contribution to doing so
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Author Kleiman, Jacob I.
Tagawa, Masahito
Kimoto, Yugo
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