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Author Stubbs, Matt, 1986- author

Title Cell biology and genetics
Edition Fourth edition / Matt Stubbs, Narin Suleyman
Published St. Louis : Mosby, 2015
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Series Crash course
Crash course.
Contents Front Cover; Crash Course: Cell Biology and Genetics; Copyright; Contents; Series editor foreword; Prefaces; Authors; Faculty advisor; Acknowledgements; Dedication; Chapter 1: Cell biology and genetics of prokaryotes; Prokaryotic cell; Prokaryotic cell structure and organelles; Plasma membrane; Cell wall; Ribosomes; Nucleiod; Cytoskeleton; Cell specializations; Glycocalyx; Flagella; Pili; Transfer of genetic material; DNA replication; DNA polymerases; DNA replication fork; Antimicrobial agents; Inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis; DNA replication; RNA polymerase activity
880-01 Viral attachment to the host cellViral penetration and uncoating; Viral nucleic-acid synthesis; DNA polymerase inhibitors; Reverse transcriptase inhibitors; Virus particle maturation; Virus release; Chapter 2: Eukaryotic organelles; The eukaryotic cell; Structure and function of eukaryotic organelles; Plasma membrane; Membranous organelles; Nucleus; Mitochondria; Rough (granular) endoplasmic reticulum; Smooth (agranular) endoplasmic reticulum; Golgi apparatus; Lysosomes; Peroxisomes; Secretory vesicles; Non-membranous organelles; Ribosomes; The cytoskeleton
880-01 Inhibitors of cell-wall synthesis╬▓-lactams; Glycopeptides; Inhibitors of protein synthesis; Antibiotics and mitochondria; Inhibitors of metabolic pathways: anti-metabolites; Inhibitors of cell-membrane function; Antibiotic resistance; Viruses; Viral genomes; DNA viruses; Double-stranded DNA viruses; Single-stranded DNA viruses; Reverse transcribing DNA viruses; RNA viruses; Double-stranded RNA viruses; Positive-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses; Negative-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses; Reverse transcribing RNA viruses; Pathogenesis of viral infection; Antiviral chemotherapy
Cell diversity in multicellular organismsCell specialization; Differentiation; Chapter 3: The cell membrane; Structure of the cell membrane; Fluid mosaic model; Components of the biological membrane; Lipids; Phospholipids; Cholesterol; Membrane proteins; Integral proteins; Peripheral proteins; Functions of membrane proteins; Properties of biological membranes; Fluidity; Mobility of membrane components; Phospholipids; Proteins; Permeability; Transport across the cell membrane; Concepts; Distribution of ions across the cell membrane; Semi-permeable membrane concept; Electrochemical gradient
PumpsTransport across the membrane; Passive (simple) diffusion; Facilitated diffusion; Active transport; Primary active transport; Secondary active transport; Transport mechanisms; Ion channels; Carrier proteins; Glucose transporter; Active transporters; The Na+/K+ ATPase pump; Membrane potential; Definition; Maintenance of membrane potential; Electrochemical potential difference of ions; The Nernst equation; Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium; Resting membrane potential; Receptors; Concepts of transmembrane signalling; Types of receptor; Ionotropic receptors; Metabotropic receptors (G-protein coupled)
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Subject Cytology.
Form Electronic book
Author Suleyman, Narin, author
ISBN 0723437734 (ebook)
0723439516 (electronic bk.)
9780723437734 (ebook)
9780723439516 (electronic bk.)