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Title [Politics. Part 2]
Published 1886-
Table of Contents
Box 11:39Committee of privileges : person referred to in the senate (130th report) August 2007 
Box 11:38Federal election 1954 : joint policy speech 
  Box6:23We and our government, no. 5, 1956 / Mary F. Moore 
Box6:24Macquarie broadcasts, 1972 / Gough Whitlam 
Box6:25Marching on 1900 - 1950 : golden jubilee of the Labour Party, 1950 / Labour Party 
Box6:26Maritime indemnities : senate select committee, [1958] / Seamen's Union of Australia 
Box6:27Master plan for the city of Melbourne, 1946 / P. S. Robinson 
Box11:22Message to servicemen from the leader of the Labor Party (Arthur Calwell) : Labor will defend your interests / Australian Labor Party (Vic.) 
Box6:28Moral basis of democracy, 1941 / Eleanor Roosevelt 
Box6:29Municipal association of N.S.W. : proceedings at the fourth session, 1886 / Municipal Association of N.S.W 
Box6:30Municipal development in England, 1898 / Sidney Webb 
Box6:31Municipal finance and municipal enterprise, 1900 / Henry Hartley Fowler 
  Box7:1Dictatorship or more local government? the Australian dilemma examined, no.5, 1947 / Ulrich Ellis 
Box7:2National government : the Churchill way, 1935 / Winston Churchill 
Box7:3National Party 66th annual conference, 1982 / National Party of Austalia 
Box7:4National Party of Australia : election '87 policy summary,1987 / National Party of Australia 
Box7:5National Party of Australia : platform, 1975 / National Party of Australia 
Box7:6National Party of Australia :platform, 1981 / National Party of Australia 
  Box7:7What is democracy?, no. 38 / Lord Lindsay 
Box7:8National regional and local planning, 1944 / W. O. Burt 
Box7:9National sovereignty and world order, 1940 / R. L. Stock 
Box7:10Nehru on Africa, [1954] / Jawaharlal Nehru 
Box7:11Neither to right nor left, 1948 / William O. Douglas 
Box7:12Neo-protection scheme of the right hon. John Chamberlain, 1896 / Lord Farrer 
Box7:13Newcastle and the seventh state, 1964 
Box7:14New democracy and the state, 1919 / W. M. Paul 
Box7:15New Guinea : a series of lectures given in 1961 to the N.S.W. branch of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, 1962 / D'arcy Ryan 
Box7:16New order : a political policy for the people of Australia and this means you, 1943 / E. F. Grey 
Box7:17New South Wales Parliament, [1970] 
Box7:18Next steps in congressional reform, [1952] / George B. Galloway 
  Box7:19Positive foreign policy for the United States : special report, no. 49, 1958 / Npa International Committee 
  Box11:15Democracy, vol 2 :3, 1944 
Box7:20Of business and foreign policy : four papers, 1985 / Russel Madigan 
Box7:21Official federal platform of the Liberal Party of Austalia, 1971 / Liberal Party of Austraila 
Box7:22Of presidential prerogative, 1954 / Edward S. Corwin 
Box7:23On aristocratic constitutionalism in Swedish history 1520 - 1720, 1966 / Michael Roberts 
Box7:24On the study of international political science, 1956 / B. H. M. Vlekke 
Box7:25Open letter to the electors of Australia entitled democracy, 1937 / W. G. Higgs 
Box7:26Organisation of a new state, 1952 / Colin Clarke 
  Box7:27Origins of Parliament, no. 44, 1960 / Edward Miller 
  Box8:1Parliament in danger, no. 4, 1959 / Michael Foot 
Box8:2Parliament and people, 1960 / Edward Heath 
Box8:3Parliament of New Zealand and Parliament House, 1964 / H. N. Dollimore 
Box8:4Parliament of Tasmania : opening of the second session of the thirty-second parliament, 1956 / Ronald Hibbert Cross 
  Box8:5What local government wants, no. 1, 1950 / Local government of New South Wales 
Box8:6Parliamentary government, 1952 / Sydney D. Bailey 
Box8:7Parliamentary union of England and Scotland 1707, 1929 / G. M. Trevelyan 
Box8:8Party organisation, 1957 / Labour Party 
Box8:9Paying for Labour's programme, 1973 / Labour Party 
Box8:10Party system, 1958 / Max Beloff 
Box8:11Plan of a direct election law : for determining true primary and final elections by the will of a concurring majority of all the voters concerned and at one direct voting, 1909 / Thos D. Ingram 
Box8:12Planned state and the rule of law, 1948 / W. Friedmann 
Box8:13Plea for a permanent memorial in South Australia, 1951 / Travers Borrow 
Box8:14Plea for separation or the freedom and independence of Australia, 1888 
Box8:15Political education, 1951 / Michael Oakeshott 
Box8:16Political justice : a plea for effective voting as the only means of attaining real representation / W. L. Bowditch 
Box8:17Political theory : what is it?, 1958 / George E. G. Catlin 
Box8:18Politicians an inaugural lecture, 1958 / J. D. B. Miller 
Box8:19Politics and policy, 1959 / Leicester Webb 
Box8:20Politics and public opinion, 1942 / F. R. Lee 
Box8:21Portrait of a profession : the civil service tradition, 1953 / Edward Bridges 
Box8:22Post-war HOuse of Commons : how should it be elected, 1942 / Arthur C. Turner 
Box8:23Power politics and the baltic, 1959 / Folke Lindberg 
Box11:16Powers referendum, [1944] 
Box8:24P. R. in Ireland, [1957] / Proinsias Mac Aonghusa 
Box8:25Private member of the House of Commons and foreign policy in the nineteenth century, 1965 / Valerie Cromwell 
Box8:26Programme for government, 1961 / Willy Brandt 
Box8:27Proportional representation and the Irish free state, 1927 / John Mackie 
Box8:28Proportional representation manual, 1966 / Proportional Representation Society of Victoria 
  Box8:29Elections and effective government: a study of the British and other general elections, 1950-1953, no. 9, 1953 / Proportional Representative Society 
  Box8:30National unity and reconstruction : reform of parliamant the key, 1942-1943, no. 88, 1943 / Proportional Representative Society 
  Box8:31Objections to P.R. answered, no. 83, 1939 / John H Humphreys 
  Box8:32Regulations : applying the principle of proportional representation by the method of the single transferable vote illustrated by an example, no. 80, 1936 / A. J. Gray 
Box8:33Proportional representation : the French party-list system applied to Tasmania, 1913 / E. L. Piesse 
  Box8:34Democracy proportional representation, no.31, 1940 / F. A. Hermens 
Box8:35Purpose of liberalism, 1965 / Philip McBride 
  Box8:36Some principles of conservatism, 1961 / Peter Goldman 
Box8:37Questions on parliament, 1950 / K. Gibberd 
Box11:34Reasons for a constitutional convention : an echo of twelve years ago, [1914] / Senator Keating 
Box9:1Reduction of Victoria's loan works programme, 1951 / J. G. B. McDonald 
Box9:2Referendum : how should you vote?, [1944] / H. E. Thonemann 
Box9:3Referendum and reform : the upper house in New South Wales, 1933 / W. C. Wentworth 
Box9:4Referendum initiative and recall, 1931 / C. E. Martin 
Box9:5Regional authorities and local government reform : a consultation document for the Labour movement, 1977 / Labour Party 
Box11:35Report of Evidence tendered to the Royal Commission on the Constitution of the Commonwealth, 1928 / J.J. Kenneally 
Box9:6Returning officers duties in conducting annual municipal elections of councillors and elections to fill extraordinary vacancies and re-count of votes by stipendiary magistrate, 1962 / Alban Cyril Morley 
Box9:7Review of the development of local government in N.S.W, 1945 / F. A. Bland 
Box9:8Rhodesia : a re-orientation of Australian policy, 1972 / Walter Henderson 
Box9:9Rise of Roman imperialism : an inaugural lecture, 1940 / A. H. McDonald 
Box9:10Royal commission on government organization : first report on progress, 1961 / Royal Commission 
Box9:11Royal commission on local government in England : written evidence of the board of trade, 1967 / Royal Commission 
Box9:12Rules for the guidance of electorate committees : how to select a candidate and conduct an election campaign / Liberal Party of Australia 
Box9:13Rural economy in Australia, 1972 / Federal Rural Committee of the Liberal Party of Australia 
Box9:14Science and art of government, 1951 / Lord Hankey 
Box9:15Selection of talks and articles : on Australian Labor Party principles, 1950 / F. E. Chamberlain 
Box9:16Signposts for the sixties, 1961 / Labour Party 
Box9:17Sir John Morris memorial lecture : presidential government, [195?] 1886-1972 / Owen Dixon, Sir, 
Box9:18Spanish government and the axis : official German documents, 1946 / Department of State United States of America 
  Box9:19Labors plan for a greater Australia : Federal elections Decemeber 9, 1961 [1961] / Australian Labor Party 
  Box9:20Federal elections November 30, 1963 [1963] / Australian Labor Party 
Box11:17Speech of the Premier of South Australia, 1934 / R. L. Butler 
Box11:18Speech on the relations of Commonwealth and states, 1934 / R. G. Menzies 
Box 11:26Stadtewesen und fruhkapitalismus, 1948 / Mielcke, Karl 
Box9:21Study of politics, 1946 / D. W. Brogan 
  Box9:22Plural society, no. 16, 1956 / Labour Party 
Box 11:37Referenda : a caechism / Maurice McCrae Blackburn 
Box9:23Tanzania policy on foreign affairs, 1967 / Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere 
Box9:24Tasks of government : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford, 1958 / Max Beloff 
Box9:25Team work for the nation, 1947 / Herbert Morrison 
Box9:26Thinking about politics : an inaugural lecture delivered at Canberra, 1955 / P. H. Partridge 
Box11:19Third world and the west, 1981 / Malcolm Fraser 
Box10:1Towards equality : Labour's policy for social justice, 1956 / Labour Party 
Box10:2Two addresses by Prime Minister of Australia in Ottawa, 1941 / Robert Gordon Menzies 
  Box10:3Has parliament a future? no. 1, [195?] / Christopher Hollis 
Box11:20Urban and regional development, 1972 / Liberal Party of Australia 
Box10:4Victorian electors' guide to questions and candidates, 1892 / J. D. Melvin 
Box10:5Vision splendid of a nationalised and co-operative Commonwealth of Australia, 1930 / Frances Mortimore 
Box10:6Visions of Victoria, 1995 / Jeff Kennett 
  Box10:7Leadership in democracy, no. vii, 1939 / Lloyd of Dolobran 
Box10:8Way ahead with a Liberal Country Party government, 1974 / Liberal Party of Australia 
Box10:9Western political tradition, 1949 / R. H. Tawney 
Box11:21What about a job : that's the election issue, 1961? / Builders' Laborers' Union (Victorian Branch) 
Box10:10What federal government is, 1941 / K. C. Wheare 
Box10:11What happened at Hobart, [1955] / Australian Labor Party Victorian Central Executive 
Box10:12What is democracy?, 1940 / G. F. Powell 
Box10:13What is the Commonwealth?, 1962 / British Information Services Australia 
Box10:14What is the Referendum? some questions and answers, 1944 / Referendum Research Committee of the Melbourne University Labor Club 
Box10:15What makes amnesty international work?, 1987 / Amnesty International  
Box 11:27What Pangu believes. 
Box10:16What the federal system means to you / F. A. Bland  
Box10:17Where?, 5 views on Labour's future, 1959 / Hugh Berrington 
Box10:18Which M. P.? outline parliamentary profiles, [1959?] / Andrew Roth 
Box10:19Whither Australia? Whither Western Austraila?, 1935 / H. K. Watson 
Box10:20Who will win : the general election : what the gallup poll shows, 1955 / Robert Waithman 
Box10:21Why new states are vital to Australia, 1948 / Ulrich Ellis 
Box10:22Why new states are vital to Australia : the case for the seventh state, 1964 / Ulrich Ellis 
Box10:23Why proportional representation should be adopted for state and federal elections / Proportional Representation Society of Victoria  
Box10:24Work study and O and M in local government, 1962 / British Productivity Council 
Box 11:36Yes or No? Referendums. Saturday 3 September 1988. The cases for and against / Australian Electoral Commission 
Box10:25You voted left : you did right, [1945?] / Labour Party 
Box10:26Your parliament, 1951 / Hansard Society 
Box10:28Vote no: Commonwealth referendum, August 19, 1944 [1944] 


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Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of politics. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1886-, more specifically on government and party politics for individual parties in Australia with lesser coverage on political aspects of other countries, provinces and regions.
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Subject Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965 -- Political and social views
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Menzies, Robert, Sir, 1894-1978 -- Political and social views
Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives
Australia. Parliament. Senate
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons -- Rules and practice
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords -- Rules and practice
United States. Congress -- History
Amnesty International
Australian Country Party
Australian Democrats
Australian Labor Party. Victorian Branch
Australian Labor Party -- Congresses
Australian Labor Party -- Platforms
Liberal Party of Australia
National Party of Australia
Election districts
Election law
Expenditures, Public
Federal government
Government spending policy
International relations
Labor movement
Labor unions
Labor unions -- Australia -- Political activity
Legislative bodies
Legislative bodies -- Reform
Local government -- Australia
Local government -- Great Britain
Parliamentary practice -- Australia
Political parties -- Australia
Political science
Politics, Practical
Presidents -- United States
Public opinion polls
Regional planning -- Australia
Government aid to education -- Australia
World politics
Africa -- Politics and government
Australia -- Politics and government
Developing countries -- Politics and government
India -- Politics and government
Ireland -- Politics and government
Kashmir -- Politics and government
Pakistan -- Politics and government
Papua -- Politics and government
Papua New Guinea -- Politics and government
Spain -- Politics and government
Sweden -- Politics and government
Tanzania -- Politics and government
Zimbabwe -- Politics and government