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Author NATO/CCMS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application (29th : 2007 : Aveiro, Portugal)

Title Air pollution modeling and its application XIX / edited by Carlos Borrego and Ana Isabel Miranda
Published Dordrecht ; London : Springer : Published in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division, ©2008


Description 1 online resource (xliii, 737 pages) : illustrations, maps
Series NATO science for peace and security series. Series C, Environmental security, 1871-4668
NATO science for peace and security series. Series C, Environmental security. 1871-4668
Contents Note continued: Contribution of Biogenic Emissions to Carbonaceous Aerosols in Summer and Winter in Switzerland: A Modelling Study / S. Andreani-Aksoyoglu / J. Keller / M.R. Alfarra / A.S.H. Prevot / J.J. Sloan / Z. He -- Regional Air Quality Model over the Kanto Region of Japan: The Effect of the Physics Parameterization on the Meteorological and Chemical Fields / Masanori Niwano / Masayuki Takigawa / Hajime Akimoto / Masaaki Takahashi / Mitsuhiro Teshiba -- Regional Aerosol Optical Thickness Distribution Derived by CMAQ Model in the Siberian Forest Fire Emission Episode of May 2003 / Hee-Jin In / Yong Pyo Kim / Kwon-Ho Lee -- Modelling the Deposition of Reduced Nitrogen at Different Scales in the United Kingdom / Anthony J. Dore / Mark R. Theobald / Maciej Kryza / Massimo Vieno / Sim Y. Tang / Mark A. Sutton -- Long-Term Simulations of Surface Ozone in East Asia During 1980-2020 with CMAQ and REAS Inventory / Toshimasa Ohara / Kazuyo Yamaji / Itsushi Uno / Hiroshi Tanimoto / Seiji Sugata / Tatsuya Nagashima / Jun-ichi Kurokawa / Nobuhiro Horii / Hajime Akimoto -- Use of Meso-Scale Atmospheric Circulation Types as a Strategy for Modelling Long-Term Trends in Air Pollution / Douw Steyn / Bruce Ainslie / J.W. Kaminski / J.C. McConnell / Alberto Martilli / L. Neary -- Development and Applications of Biogenic Emission Term as a Basis of Long-Range Transport of Allergenic Pollen / Pilvi Siljamo / Mikhail Sofiev / Tapio Linkosalo / Hanna Ranta / Jaakko Kukkonen -- High Resolution Nested Runs of the AURAMS Model with Comparisons to PrAIRie2005 Field Study Data / Paul A. Makar / Craig Stroud / Brian Wiens / SunHee Cho / Junhua Zhang / Morad Sassi / John Liggio / Michael Moran / Wanmin Gong / Sunling Gong / Shao-Meng Li / Jeff Brook / Kevin Strawbridge / Kurt Anlauf / Chris Mihele / Desiree Toom-Sauntry
Note continued: Effect of Lateral Boundary Values on Atmospheric Mercury Simulations with the CMAQ Model / Q. Russell Bullock, Jr. -- Air Pollution Modelling with Perturbational Downscaling / Eugene Genikhovich / Mikhail Sofiev / Guy Schayes / Irene Gracheva -- Forest Fires Impact on Air Quality over Portugal / A.I. Miranda / A. Monteiro / V. Martins / A. Carvalho / M. Schaap / P. Builtjes / C. Borrego -- VetMet Veterinary Decision Support System for Airborne Animal Diseases / Jens Havskov Sorensen / Soren Alexandersen / Poul Astrup / Knud Erik Christensen / Torben Mikkelsen / Sten Mortensen / Torben Strunge Pedersen / Soren Thykier-Nielsen -- Development and Verification of TAPM / Peter Hurley -- Development of Fire Emissions Inventory Using Satellite Data / Biswadev A. Roy / George A. Pouliot / J. David Mobley / Thompson G. Pace / Thomas E. Pierce / Amber J. Soja / James J. Szykman / J. Al-Saadi -- Toward a US National Air Quality Forecast Capability: Current and Planned Capabilities / Paula Davidson / Kenneth Schere / Roland Draxler / Shobha Kondragunta / Richard A. Wayland / James F. Meagher / Rohit Mathur -- Two-Way Coupled Meteorology and Air Quality Modeling / Jonathan Pleim / Jeffrey Young / David Wong / Rob Gilliam / Tanya Otte / Rohit Mathur -- Numerical Simulation of Air Pollution Transport Under Sea/Land Breeze Situation in Jakarta, Indonesia in Dry Season / Toshihiro Kitada / Asep Sofyan / Gakuji Kurata -- Synergetic or Non-Linear Effects in PM[subscript 10] and PM[subscript 2.5] Scenario Calculations for 2015 in Belgium / Clemens Mensink / Felix Deutsch / Jean Vankerkom / Liliane Janssen -- Ch. 3 Data assimilation and air quality forecasting -- Rapid Data Assimilation in the Indoor Environment: Theory and Examples from Real-Time Interpretation of Indoor Plumes of Airborne Chemical
Note continued: Comparison of Data Assimilation Methods for Assessing PM[subscript 10] Exceedances on the European Scale / Bruce Denby / Martijn Schaap / Arjo Segers / Peter Builtjes / Jan Horalek -- Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) for Aerosols / Renske Timmermans / Martijn Schaap / Arjo Segers / Hendrik Elbern / Richard Siddans / Stephen Tjemkes / Robert Vautard / Peter Builtjes -- Modelling of Benzo(a)pyrene Depositions over North Sea Coastal Areas: Impact of Emissions from Local and Remote Areas / Ines Bewersdorff / Armin Aulinger / Volker Matthias / Markus Quante -- Air Quality Forecasting During Summer 2006: Forest Fires as One of Major Pollution Sources in Europe / Mikhail Sofiev / Pilvi Siljamo / Ari Karppinen / Jaakko Kukkonen -- Comparison of Methods to Generate Meteorological Inputs for Modeling Dispersion in Coastal Urban Areas / Akula Venkatram / Wenjun Qian / Tao Zhan / Marko Princevac -- Developing a Method for Resolving NOx Emission Inventory Biases Using Discrete Kalman Filter Inversion, Direct Sensitivities, and Satellite-Based NO[subscript 2] Columns / Sergey L. Napelenok / Robert W. Pinder / Alice B. Gilliland / Randall V. Marin -- Suggested Correction to the EMEP Database, Regarding the Location of a Major Industrial Air Pollution Source in Kola Peninsula / Marko Kaasik / Marje Prank / Jaakko Kukkonen / Mikhail Sofiev -- Fusing Observations and Model Results for Creation of Enhanced Ozone Spatial Fields: Comparison of Three Techniques / Edith Gego / P.S. Porter / V. Garcia / C. Hogrefe / S.T. Rao -- Ch. 4 Model assessment and verification -- Effect of Heterogeneous Reactions on Model Performance for Nitrous Acid / Golam Sarwar / Robin L. Dennis / Bernhard Vogel -- Saharan Dust over the Eastern Mediterranean: Model Sensitivity / Pavel Kishcha / Slobodan Nickovic / Eliezer Ganor / Levana Kordova / Pinhas Alpert
Note continued: Air Quality Ensemble Forecast Coupling ARPEGE and CHIMERE over Western Europe / Ana C. Carvalho / Laurent Menut / Robert Vautard / Jean Nicolau -- Uncertainty in Air Quality Decision Making / Bernard Fisher -- Application of Advanced Particulate Matter Source Apportionment Techniques in the Northern Italy Basin / Marco Bedogni / Simone Casadei / Guido Pirovano / Giovanni Sghirlanzoni / Andrea Zanoni -- Has the Performance of Regional-Scale Photochemical Modelling Systems Changed over the Past Decade? / C. Hogrefe / J.-Y. Ku / G. Sistla / A. Gilliland / J.S. Irwin / P.S. Porter / E. Gego / P. Kasibhatla / S.T. Rao -- Application of a Regional Atmospheric Emission Inventory to Ozone and PM Modelling over the French North Region: The summer 2006 Heat Wave Case Study / E. Terrenoire / V. Fevre-Nollet -- Evaluating Regional-Scale Air Quality Models / Alice B. Gilliland / James M. Godowitch / Christian Hogrefe / S.T. Rao -- Ozone Modeling over Italy: A Sensitivity Analysis to Precursors Using BOLCHEM Air Quality Model / Alberto Maurizi / Mihaela Mircea / Massimo D'Isidoro / Lina Vitali / Fabio Monforti / Gabriele Zanini / Francesco Tampieri -- Modelling Evaluation of PM[subscript 10] Exposure in Northern Italy in the Framework of CityDeltaIII Project / C. Carnevale / G. Finzi / E. Pisoni / M. Volta -- Comprehensive Surface-Based Performance Evaluation of a Size- and Composition-Resolved Regional Particulate-Matter Model for a One-Year Simulation / M.D. Moran / Q. Zheng / M. Samaali / J. Narayan / R. Pavlovic / S. Cousineau / V.S. Bouchet / M. Sassi / P.A. Makar / W. Gong / S. Gong / C. Stroud / A. Duhamel -- Comparison of Six Widely-Used Dense Gas Dispersion Models for Three Actual Railcar Accidents / Steven Hanna / Seshu Dharmavaram / John Zhang / Ian Sykes / Henk Witlox / Shah Khajehnajafi / Kay Koslan
Note continued: Statistical Approach for the Spatial Representativeness of Air Quality Monitoring Stations and the Relevance for Model Validation / Stijn Janssen / Felix Deutsch / Gerwin Dumont / Frans Fierens / Clemens Mensink -- Estimation of the Modelling Uncertainty Related with Stochastic Processes / Oxana Tchepel / Alexandra Monteiro / Carlos Borrego -- Development of a New Canadian Operational Air Quality Forecast Model / D. Talbot / M.D. Moran / V. Bouchet / L.-P. Crevier / S. Menard / A. Kallaur / The GEM-MACH Team -- Ch. 5 Aerosols in the atmosphere -- Predicting Air Quality: Current Status and Future Directions / Gregory R. Carmichael / Adrian Sandu / Tianfeng Chai / Dacian N. Daescu / Emil M. Constantinescu / Youhua Tang -- Diagnostic Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Sulfur Distributions over the Eastern United States Using the CMAQ Model and Measurements from the ICARTT Field Experiment / Rohit Mathur / Shawn Roselle / George Pouliot / Golam Sarwar -- Heterogeneous Chemical Processes and Their Role on Particulate Matter Formation in the Mediterranean Region / Marina Astitha / George Kallos / Petros Katsafados / Elias Mavromatidis -- Regional Coverage Modelling of Marine Aerosols Concentration in French Mediterranean Coastal Area / Romain Blot / Gilles Tedeshi / Jacques Piazzola -- Formation of Secondary Inorganic Aerosols by High Ammonia Emissions Simulated by LM/MUSCAT / Eberhard Renner / Ralf Wolke -- Origins and Formation Mechanisms of Aerosol during a Measurement Campaign in Finnish Lapland, Evaluated Using the Regional Dispersion Model SILAM / Marje Prank / Mikhail Sofiev / Marko Kaasik / Taina Ruuskanen / Jaakko Kukkonen / Markku Kulmala
Note continued: Modelling Regional Aerosols: Impact of Cloud Processing on Gases and Particles over Eastern North America and in Its Outflow During ICARTT 2004 / W. Gong / J. Zhang / M.D. Moran / P.A. Makar / S.L. Gong / C. Stroud / V.S. Bouchet / S. Cousineau / S. Menard / M. Samaali / M. Sassi / B. Pabla / R. Leaitch / A.M. Macdonald / K. Anlauf / K. Hayden / D. Toom-Sauntry / A. Leithead / J.W. Strapp -- On the Role of Ammonia in the Formation of PM[subscript 2.5] / C. Mensink / F. Deutsch -- Ch. 6 Interactions between air quality and climate change -- Linking Global and Regional Models to Simulate U.S. Air Quality in the Year 2050 / Chris Nolte / Alice Gilliland / Christian Hogrefe -- Impacts of Climate Change on Air Pollution Levels in the Northern Hemisphere with Special Focus on Europe and the Arctic / Gitte B. Hedegaard / Jorgen Brandt / Jesper H. Christensen / Lise M. Frohn / Camilla Geels / Kaj M. Hansen / Martin Stendel -- Regional Climate Change Impacts on Air Quality in CECILIA EC 6FP Project / Tomas Halenka / Peter Huszar / Michal Belda -- Ch. 7 Air quality and human health -- Models of Exposure for Use in Epidemiological Studies of Air Pollution Health Impacts / Michael Brauer / Bruce Ainslie / Michael Buzzelli / Sarah Henderson / Tim Larson / Julian Marshall / Elizabeth Nethery / Douw Steyn / Jason Su -- Long-Term Regional Air Quality Modelling in Support of Health Impact Analyses / C. Hogrefe / B. Lynn / K. Knowlton / R. Goldberg / C. Rosenzweig / P.L. Kinney -- Modeling Methodology to Support Evaluation of Public Health Impacts on Air Pollution Reduction Programs / Vlad Isakov / Haluk Ozkaynak -- Evaluating the Effects of Emission Reductions on Multiple Pollutants Simultaneously / Deborah Luecken / Alan Cimorelli / Cynthia Stahl / Daniel Tong
Note continued: Modelling of the Exposure of Urban Populations to PM[subscript 2.5], NO[subscript 2] and O[subscript 3], and Applications in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in 2002 and 2025 / J. Kukkonen / P. Aarnio / A. Kousa / A. Karppinen / K. Riikonen / B. Alaviippola / M. Kauhaniemi / J. Soares / T. Elolahde / T. Koskentalo -- Importance of Exposure in Addressing Current and Emerging Air Quality Issues / Tim Watkins / Ron Williams / Alan Vette / Janet Burke / B.J. George / Vlad Isakov -- Poster Session
Summary In 1969, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established the C- mittee on Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS). The subject of air pollution was from the start one of the priority problems under study within the framework of various pilot studies undertaken by this committee. The organization of a periodic conference dealing with air pollution modelling and its application has become one of the main activities within the pilot study relating to air pollution. The first five international conferences were organized by the United States as the pilot country, the second five by the Federal Republic of Germany, the third five by Belgium, the fourth four by The Netherlands, the next five by Denmark and the last five by Portugal. This volume contains the abstracts of papers and posters presented at the 29th NATO/CCMS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and Its Application, held in Aveiro, Portugal, during September 24-28, 2007. This ITM was organized by the University of Aveiro, Portugal (Pilot Country and Host Organization). The key topics distinguished at this ITM included: Local and urban scale modelling; Regional and intercontinental modelling; Data assimilation and air quality forecasting; Model assessment and verification; Aerosols in the atmosphere; Interactions between climate change and air quality; Air quality and human health
Analysis Air pollution modeling
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