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Author Mukai, Kusuhiro

Title Interfacial Physical Chemistry of High-Temperature Melts
Published Milton : CRC Press LLC, 2019


Description 1 online resource (135 pages)
Contents Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface to the Japanese Edition; Preface to the English Edition; Authors; Chapter 1: Introduction; 1.1 Interfacial Physical Chemistry; 1.2 Interface-Evolved World; 1.3 Relation to Engineering; References; Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Treating the Interface; 2.1 Interface; 2.2 Thermodynamic Treatment of the Interface; 2.2.1 Gibbs' Method; 2.2.2 Surface Tension; Thermodynamic Interpretation of Surface Tension; Surface Tension and the Position of the Dividing Surface; Surface Tension and Radius of Curvature Surface Tension and Binding Energy2.2.2.5 Surface Tension and Temperature; Surface Tension and Surface Stress; 2.3 Mechanical Treatment of Interface; 2.3.1 Mechanical Interpretation of Surface Tension; 2.3.2 Laplace's Equation; 2.3.3 Marangoni Effect; 2.4 Interfacial Phenomena at Equilibrium; 2.4.1 Adsorption; Gibbs' Adsorption Equation; 2.4.2 Wetting; Classification of Wetting; Measure of Wetting; Extension of the Wetting Concept; 2.4.3 Effect of Curvature; Vapor Pressure; Heat of Vaporization; Melting Point Solubility2.4.3.5 Phase Rule; 2.4.4 Nucleation; Homogeneous Nucleation; Heterogeneous Nucleation; 2.5 Interfacial Properties and Phenomena at Non-Equilibrium; 2.5.1 Interfacial Properties; Surface Tension; Interfacial Tension; Wettability (Contact Angle); 2.5.2 Interfacial Phenomenon; Nucleation Rate; Marangoni Effect; Dispersion; Penetration; References; Chapter 3: Interfacial Property of High-Temperature Melts; 3.1 Notes on Measurement Values; 3.1.1 Measurement Error; 3.1.2 Difficulties in Measurements Surface Tension of Metal3.1.2.2 Surface Tension of Slag; Interfacial Tension between Slag and Metal; Wettability (Contact Angle); 3.2 Surface-Interfacial Tension; 3.2.1 Surface Tension of Metal; 3.2.2 Surface Tension of Slag; 3.2.3 Slag-Metal Interfacial Tension; 3.3 Wettability between Metal and Ceramics; 3.3.1 Characteristics of Wetting between Molten Metal and Oxide; 3.3.2 Effect of the Chemical Composition of Metal and Oxide; 3.3.3 Physical Form and Factor of Surface; Surface Roughness; Structure of Interface; 3.4 Databook and Review Paper
3.4.1 Databook3.4.2 Review; References; Chapter 4: Interfacial Phenomena of High-Temperature Melts and Materials Processing; 4.1 Interfacial Phenomena in the Steel Refining Process; 4.1.1 Wetting; Behavior of Injected Argon Gas in a Continuous Casting Process2-4 Penetration of Slag5 and Metal6,7 into a Refractory 4.1.2 Nucleation of Alumina in Aluminum Deoxidation Processes in Molten Steel; 4.1.3 Others; Dispersion; Adsorption; 4.2 Marangoni Effect in Materials Processing; 4.2.1 Direct Observation of Marangoni Effect Occurring in High-Temperature Melts
Notes Marangoni Convection Due to the Temperature Gradient
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Author Matsushita, Taishi
ISBN 9780429555893