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Author International Conference on Emerging Computation and Information TeChnologies for Education (2012 : Hangzhou, China)

Title Emerging computation and information teChnologies for education : proceeding of 2012 International Conference on Emerging Computation and Information teChnologies for Education (ECICE 2012) / Elwin Mao, Linli Xu, and Wenya Tian (eds.)
Published Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, ©2012


Description 1 online resource (xxii, 789 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Series Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 1867-5662 ; 146
Advances in intelligent and soft computing ; 146.
Contents Student Performances Prediction Based on Improved C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm / Ping Gu and Qi Zhou -- Practical Teaching Reform for Digital Image Processing Based on Project-Driven / Yigang Wang, Shengli Fan, Jialin Cui, Zhuoyuan Wang and Lingong Li -- Application and Practice of Multimedia in Water Project Construction Teaching / Jianhui Wang, Zijie Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hai Lu and Xiaolin Yu -- Computer Assisted Instruction: Free Software Constructing the Procedural Knowledge of People with Moderate and Severe Mental Retardation / Shu Chuan Yu and Chih Hong Huang -- Technical Design and Realization of Concrete Experimental Teaching in Distance Education / Gangjun Zhai, Ping Dai, Jianxun Zhong and Xiaodong Dai -- Motor Velocity Detection Laboratory System Design Oriented to Engineering Education / Liheng Ying -- Higher Normal College Students' Social Ability Training of Sports / Pan Shiyi -- Research on Identification for a Class of Dynamic System / Xiaoping Xu, Yuan Yin, Feng Wang and Fucai Qian -- Spatial Configuration Ability Training in Engineering Graphics Course Using CAD Software / Liang Chen, Ruiqiu Zhang, Jinchang Chen and Jin Xu -- Selection and Satisfaction of Customers Attitude to Restaurants in Taoyuan International Airport of Taiwan / Cheng-Wen Liao -- The Research on Collision Detection in Virtual Reality / Huang Aiqing -- WFFS: A SaaS-Based Multi-tenant Workflow Engine / Bingcai Lv, Shidong Zhang, Zhengzheng Liu and Lanju Kong -- A Study of Multi-factor Driven Software Outsourcing Talents Training System / Yong Zhang and Qifan Yang
Constructing the Web Platform for the Fundamental-Computing Teaching of a Fused of Professional Application / Bing Fu -- A Development and Evaluation of Web-Based Annotation and Virtual Composing System for Video of Stream Type / Ah-Fur Lai and Jon-Shane Lee -- The Design and Implementation of Shooting Training and Intelligent Evaluation System / Zhong Lin and Shunxiang Wu -- Study and Simulation of Scheduling Strategies on Vehicle Operating Safety State Monitoring System / Guixiong Liu, Yi Gao and Jianlong Xu -- Study of Course System Adjustment Mechanism Based on the Employment Needs / Kuanzhang Tong, Zhanwei Liu and Wei Wang -- A Information Steganography System Based on Channel Encoding / Xuan-dong Sun and Xiao-jing Wang -- A Data Rights Control Model for a SaaS Application Delivery Platform / Jinchai Li, Shidong Zhang, Zhengzheng Liu and Lanju Kong -- Structure Analysis of Logistics and Transport Information Platform Based on GPS/GIS / Yuan Shiyu -- A Cloud Laboratory Framework Model for Teaching / Xiangyang Xu and Huafu Liu -- Individual's Performance Evaluation Model of High-Tech Firms in Science Parks of Taiwan / Tina C. Chiao -- Aspect-Oriented Weaving Framework for Learning Activity in the E-Learning Web System / Yuan-Chih Yu and Shing-chern D. You -- The Exploration on Practice Teaching Model to Cultivate Innovative Talents Case Study of "Database Technology and Application" Course / Liu Minhua -- Several Proposals to Improve the Teaching Effect of Fluid Mechanics / Hai Lu, Xiaoyu Zhang, Di Jiang, Zijie Zhao and Jianhui Wang, et al
Engineering Graphics Teaching Based on Interactive Fusion Mode / Qi Qiu and Heping Wen -- Several Reflections on Material Forming Specialized English Teaching / He Zhi, Xu Xueli, Zhou Haobin, Peng Tao and Liu Yanming -- Study on Factors for Teaching Quality of Higher Education / Lingcui Hu and Ping Xu -- Knowledge-Chip Supported Content Recommendation in the e-Learning Context / Luyi Li and Yanlin Zheng -- On Teaching C-E Translation to Chinese Advanced EFL Learners / Xiaonong Wang -- Combining College English Teaching with ESP Teaching to Meet the Need of Developing Inter-disciplinary Talent / Chongguo Chen, Gang Chen and Shigui Li -- Indexing and Abstracting on the e-Resources: An Evaluation of Web Databases / Liheng Ying -- Use SVM to Diagnose Beginner's Programming Misconceptions -- Loop Concept as an Example / Ah-Fur Lai and Cheng-Yu Yang -- Application of GA-BP Neural Network in MMS Index Prediction / Wang Huaibin, Wang Li, Wang Chundong and Zhou Haiyun -- Energy Bands Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis and Application for Pattern Discovery Cycle / Li Xiaoping, Cui Huijie, Song Ye, Jiang Zhixiang and Jing Yuhuan, et al. -- Algorithm Analysis and Application Based on Mutation Points Found in Quadratic Wavelet Transformation / Li Xiaoping, Liang Chunhui, Li Yinxiang, Chen Si and Sun Zhentian, et al. -- Residents' Veggies and Fruits Behavior around Remote Areas in Taiwan / Cheng-Wen Liao -- Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Effect on Natural Convection in a Partially Porous Cavity / Baoming Chen, Fang Liu and Xiang Ji
The Integrated Model Based on Rough Set and DEA for the Innovation Performance of the High-Tech Industry in Henan Province / Jian Wen, Lijuan Lei and Yawei Wang -- A Dynamic Computing Research for Value at Risk (VaR) of Shanghai Stock Market Based on the GARCH Model / Shi Xia -- A Nonlinear Multiregression Model Based on the Choquet Integral for Analyzing the Course Records / Zhenyuan Wang, Yan Nian, Jing Chu and Yong Shi -- The Research on the Psychological Quality for University Sports Development Training / Wei Wei -- Development of Orthodontics Computer-Assisted Instruction System / Shu-Li Wang, Yung-Yen Chiang and Shih-Yi Yeh -- Application Research of Blending Learning in Course Study / Xiaojing Liu, Weitong Huang, Xiaoying Wang and Xiaoqing Wang -- Teaching Reform and Practice of Pumps and Pumping Stations Course / Hai Lu, Di Jiang, Zijie Zhao, Jianhui Wang and Junxiang Qiao -- Teaching Reform and Practice on the Course of Building Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering / Jianhui Wang, Zijie Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hai Lu and Xiaolin Yu -- Design and Implementation of Human Resources Management System / Li Ran and Zhenlin Shen -- Control Engineering Training System Based QET DC Motor Control Trainer / Ling Ouyang, Dongyun Wang and Kai Wang -- Vehicle Operating Safe State Monitoring System Modeling Method Based on Automata / Jianlong Xu, Guixiong Liu and Yi Gao -- Design and Achievement on Building Material Virtual Demonstrate Experiment / Gangjun Zhai, Liyan Zhao, Weimin Ma and Xi Wang
The Design and Implementation of Pear Pruning Simulation System / Liu Li, Jia Bin, Ye Zhenfeng, Heng Wei and Zhu Liwu -- A Study of the Mobile Technology Literacy Indicators in Taiwan / Lin Peng-Chun, Cheng Hsu-Chen, Liao Wen-Wei and Yen Yung-Chin -- The Research on Evolution Schema Theorem on Gene Expression Programming / Huifang Cheng and Jingshun Xue -- Deformation Decision Knowledge Extraction of FWP Processing Based on RS and Entropy / Yaohua Deng, Guixiong Liu and Liming Wu -- Study on Co-allocation Algorithm of Educational Grid Resource / He Yongqiang and Zhang Shunli -- Problems and Countermeasures of Network Curriculum in Distance Education / Lian-duo Yan, Hui Jiang and Yan-li Chen -- Improved Collaborative Filtering Method Applied in Movie Recommender System / Tian Liang, Shunxiang Wu and Da Cao -- Research of Camera Calibration Based on BP Neural Network / Yongning Guo and Lihua Huang -- Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm Based on Non-ferrous Metals Warehouse Routing Problem Stacker / Genglie Zhou, Bo Chen, Chibing Hu and Wuyang Feng -- Study on the Performance Analysis of GSM / Jing Sha and Shanchen Pang -- The Application of Ant Colony in Maintenance Combinatorial Analysis / Xia Jian -- Study on Fluid Flow Characteristics in Channels by Using Lattice-Boltzmann Method / Baoming Chen, Sheng'an Li, Dong Wang, Heming Yun and Xiang Ji -- The Research on Model of Group Behavior Based on Mobile Network Mining and High-Speed Data Streams / Gu JianPing -- VGL: Variable Granularity Lock Mechanism in the Shared Storage Multi-tenant Database / Chengliang Sang, Qingzhong Li, Zhengzheng Liu and Lanju Kong
The Research on the Deviant Behavior and Parent-Child Relationship of Juvenile Crime / Wang Qiang -- The Functional Design of Learning Resources System with the View of Web2.0 for College English Instruction / Chen Jie -- The Application of Electric Machine and Drive Experimental Teaching of Web-Based Virtual Laboratory / Gangjun Zhai, Fengli Liu, Lin Liu and Yu Liu -- Network Course Construction and Teaching Web-Based Practice of Reinforced Concrete Structural Fundamentals for Adult Education / Wenfeng Liu, Jieying Sui and Yangbo Wu -- Using Microblogging for the PKM in the Web2.0 Environment / Tingjun Li -- Study on Educational Resources Management System Based on Grid Technology / He Yongqiang and Wang Xuerui -- An Embedded Voice Inquiry Experimental Platform for Temperature and Humidity Measurement on the Internet of Things / Songbin Zhou, Guixiong Liu and Chuanglu Lin -- Design of Aeronautic Expertise Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing / Yun Teng -- Research on Quality Control System Construction of Distance Network Education / Wen Qin, Hai-ying Li and Wu Qin -- An Internet Video Monitoring System Using Embedded Linux / Chunxia Lu and Shaokang Li -- Inclusive Design of Computer Aided Learning Facilities for Children with Motion Disabilities / Kin Wai Michael Siu and Mei Seung Lam -- Application Study for Simulation Technology in Experimental Teaching of Computer Network Course / Wang Tie -- An Intelligent Instructing Mechanism for Stream-Media-Based Video/Audio Education System in SME / Xiaoying Huang and Xiao Li
Teaching Reform Practice of Course of Routing and Switching Technology / Yujun Zhang, Jiansheng Wu, Liangxu Sun and Hang Yin -- Innovation of Software Engineering Graduate Designbased on Life Cycle of Software Development / Dandan Li, Liqin Hu and Xuemei Liu -- Mobile Data Management Frame of Internet of Things / Wang Jianmin, Fan Tongrang and Hu Yingxin -- Novel Technology of Wheel Braking Performance Accessing Based on WEIS / Mengyao Pan and Guixiong Liu -- The Research of Fast File Destruction Based on NTFS / Jun Huang and Shunxiang Wu -- The Invasion-Tolerant System Design for the COTS Products Based on the Median Voting Mechanism / Chen Jiandi -- Design of Networked Intelligent Sensor Module Based on IEEE1451.5 / Jiang Shifen and Liu Guixiong -- Investigation on Electronic Network Information Security Assurance / Lan Shourong and Li Xiaojin -- Rotary Face Recognition Based on Pseudo-Zernike Moment / Zhan Shi, Guixiong Liu and Minghui Du -- The Research on Outdoor Video Recovery System Based on GUI / Wang Jing, Chen Dan and Chen Yangmei -- Simulation of Large-Scale Isolated Aqueduct Structure under Earthquake Exaction / Liang Huang, Yaxin Xie and Bo Wang -- A Modified Doppler Diversity Receiver for OFDM / Yufeng Ma, Xueyan Chen, Hongyuan Wang, Baixin Mu and Yao Fu -- Preliminary Exploration of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Safety Inspection Clouds Information Service Platform / Jrjung Lyu, Yintsuo Huang and Jiawen Chen -- Geometrical Analysis on End-Face Grinding for Hot Roller with Cup-Shaped Wheel / Y.G. Liu, B.F. Feng and G.Q. Cai
Empirical Study on Firm Credit Risk Prediction Based on Default Distance / Hong Zhou, Jingyi Wang and Yilin Qiu -- Research of the Formation Mechanism of Widmanstatten Ferrite in 30Mn2 Steel / Yugao Liu -- Dendritic Crystal Growth Evolution of Al-2.6Cu Alloy under Different Supersaturation Conditions / Mingan Zhou -- Directional Solidification Microstructure Evolvement of Al-4.5Cu Alloy under Different Pulling Velocity Conditions / Chunhua Tang, Cui Liang, Jinjun Tang, Meng Xu and Guangming Zhang -- Individual's Performance Evaluation Model of Traditional Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan / Tina C. Chiao -- Comparative Analysis of Performance Evaluation Models between High-Tech and Traditional Firms of Taiwan / Tina C. Chiao -- Impacts of Derivatives on Firms' Value Empirical Results from Chinese Companies / Hong Zhou, Luzhuang Wang and Jiamin Wu -- Studying on the Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Biological Tissues / Sheng Zhang and Jie Gao -- The Research on Simulation of Vehicle Braking Performance and Definition of Risk Thresholds / Lu Hongping -- The Simulation of Plane Measurement Points / Yanming Jiang and Guixiong Liu -- Identity-Based SIP Authentication and Key Agreement / Wu ShaoBo and Li ChengShu -- The Research on Influence of Secure Authentication Mechanism for Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Wireless Network / Wu ShaoBo and Li ChengShu -- Research of Induction Motor Mathematical Frequency Speed Regulation / Hang Zhang, Delin Luo and Zhengyuan Zhang
Summary The 2012 International Conference on Emerging Computation and Information teChnologies for Education (ECICE 2012) was held on Jan. 15-16, 2012, Hangzhou, China. The main results of the conference are presented in this proceedings book of carefully reviewed and accepted paper addressing the hottest issues in emerging computation and information technologies used for education. The volume covers a wide series of topics in the area, including Computer-Assisted Education, Educational Information Systems, Web-based Learning, etc
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kunstmatige intelligentie
computational science
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EDUCATION -- Computers & Technology.
Educational technology
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Form Electronic book
Author Mao, Elwin
Xu, Linli.
Tian, Wenya.
ISBN 9783642284663