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Author International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering (2012 : Beijing, China)

Title Proceedings of the 2012 international conference on information technology and software engineering : information technology & computing intelligence / Wei Lu [and others], editors
Published Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, ©2013


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Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 211
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 211.
Contents Part 1. Information Technology -- Discovering Core Architecture Classes to Assist Initial Program Comprehension / Muhammad Kamran, Farooque Azam and Aasia Khanum -- Frequency Estimation on Power System Using Recursive-Least-Squares Approach / Liangliang Li, Wei Xia, Dongyuan Shi and Jianzhuang Li -- GNSS Integrity Monitoring Based on the Robust Positioning Solution / Haibo Tong, Jing Peng, Guozhu Zhang and Gang Ou -- Carrier-Aided Smoothing for Real-Time Beidou Positioning / Dengyun Lei, Weijun Lu, Xiaoxin Cui and Dunshan Yu -- Life Feature Extraction Based on Hilbert Marginal Spectrum Entropy for ADT Vibration / Fengjin Wang, Xiaoyang Li and Tongmin Jiang -- The Study of Emergency Response Dynamic Geographical Process Simulation Based On the Multi-Agent / Wensheng Zhou, Qiang Li, Jianxi Huang and Lihua Wang -- What on Earth Drive the Propagation of Tweets on Chinese MicroBlog Network / Jing Wang, Bingqiang Wang, Ke Zhu, Juan Shen and Jing Yu -- Tracking Control and Generalized Projective Synchronization of a Fourth-Order Circuit's Hyperchaotic System with Unknown Parameter and Disturbance / Xuanbing Yang -- A New Three-Dimensional Chaotic System with Different Wing / Xuanbing Yang
Geochemistry Records of Palaeoenvironment from Sanfangwan Neolithic Site in Jianghan Plain, Central China / Li Wu, Feng Li, Cheng Zhu, Wei Sun and Bing Li, et al. -- Three Dimensional DNA Graph Structure Solution to Maximum Clique Problem / Xiaoling Ren and Xiyu Liu -- Technique for In-flight Calibrating Installation Errors in Multi-IMU Redundancy System / Jinliang Zhang, Yongyuan Qin and Feng Wu -- An Effective Energy-Saving Approach for Ferry Routing in Opportunistic Networks / Zhi Ren, Cai-mei Liu, Hong-jiang Lei and Ji-bi Li -- Design of Nonuniform Quantizer in Satellite Navigation Receivers / Xianghua Zeng, Shaojie Ni, Rui Ge and Feixue Wang -- A New Security Problem of USB: Monitoring Cable Attack and Countermeasures / An Wang, Zheng Li, Xianwen Yang and Boang Feng -- BeiDou-1 Signal Simulation for Passive Location / Jianwei Zhan, Yong Wang, Jing Pang, Guozhu Zhang and Gang Ou -- A Hybrid Approach of Fault Inference and Fault Identification for Aircraft Fault Diagnosis / Xianhui Liu and Zhijuan Liu -- Division of Beijing Road Based on the Driving Pattern / Jingjing Chi, Jian Huang, Bowen Du and Zepeng Mao
The Influence of Turbulence Scintillation on The BER of THz Wireless Communication / Lianwei Bao, Hengkai Zhao, Guoxin Zheng and Weiwei Zhao -- A Loosely-Coupled Platform for Urban Traffic Strategic Noise Mapping / Wensheng Xu and Nan Li -- A Modified Particle Filter for Dynamic Multipath Mitigation in GPS Receivers / Yun Zhao, Xiaonan Xue and Tingfei Zhang -- Prediction and Early Warning of the Teaching Process Based on CMM Model / Hua Wang, Ningning Chen and Jing Chen -- A Method for Range Estimation Based on Image Processing / Qinghai He, Lianglong Da and Guojun Xu -- A Terrain Model Generation Method Based on 2D Plan Laser Scanner for Micro UAV Autonomous Flight / Jiang Wu, Qianru Li, Miaozhuang He and Feng Zhang -- The Research on Performances of Dual Receivers Positioning System / Jun Cheng, Huijing Dou, Qian Lei and Wenxue Li -- Precise Fundamental Matrix Estimation Based on Inlier Distribution Constraint / Yan Zhen, Xuejun Liu and Meizhen Wang -- State of Charge Estimation Based on a Composite Method for Power Lithium Battery / Danming Zhang and Yan Zhou -- The Research on Algorithm of Determining LR-Visibility in a Simple Polygon / Lijuan Wang, Qi Wei, Yuan Shi and Dandan He
Empirical Mode Decomposition of Long-term Solar Flare Activity / Lin-hua Deng and Song Feng -- Multiple Pitch Estimation Based on Modified Harmonic Product Spectrum / Xuemei Chen and Ruolun Liu -- Semi-Physical Research for INS/GPS Integrated Navigation / Guangxin Li and Jiabin Chen -- The Demand Forecasting Method for Repairable Spare Parts Based on Availability / Lianwu Zhang, Fanggeng Zhao, Jiangsheng Sun and Xiaoyan Shi -- Service Efficiency Evaluation of Distribution Facilities in Comprehensive Passenger Transport Hub / Zhe Zhang, Changxu Ji, Maojing Jin, Qian Li and Lifen Yun, et al. -- Analysis and Modeling of the Distribution Control Strategy of Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hub / Lifen Yun, Changxu Ji, Maojing Jin, Qian Li and Long Gao, et al. -- Research on the Internal Environment Evaluation Method of Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hub / Long Gao, Changxu Ji, Maojing Jin, Qian Li and Lifen Yun, et al. -- Research of National Historic City Dynamic Monitoring by Remote Sensing: A Case Study of Kashgar Historic Urban Area / Jianbo Tang and Wensheng Zhou -- Comparison Research of Reconstruction Algorithms About Airborne Electromagnetic Response Data / Dawei Yin, Jun Lin and Kaiguang Zhu
Gamma Model-Based Target HRRP Rejection / Daiying Zhou, Rong Wang, Chundan Zheng, Jinzhou Su and Xiaozhong Liu -- Application of Fuzzy Chance Constrained Programming in Research on Travel Intention of Passengers Within Comprehensive Transportation Corridor / Yanhong Li, Xiaonian Sun, Zhenzhou Yuan and Xianguang Wang -- Active Vibration Isolation System to Improve Free Space Optics Communication / Asan G.A. Muthalif, Khairiah K. Turahim and Syazwani Ab. Rahim -- The Design and Implementation of a Multi-Source Information Wide Area Adaptive Switching Equipment / Hang Zheng -- Part 2. Computing Intelligence -- Solving Fuzzy Job Shop Scheduling Problem Based on Interval Number Theory / Chuan He, Dishan Qiu and Hao Guo -- Tags Recommending Based on Social Graph / Benyang Xu and Hongming Zhu -- GPS Location History Data Mining and Anomalous Detection: The Scenario of Bar-Headed Geese Migration / Yan Xiong, Ze Luo, Baoping Yan, Diann J. Prosser and John Y. Takekawa -- Wave-Front Correction Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization / Huizhen Yang and Yaoqiu Li -- Data Scheduling Strategy in P2P VoD System Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm / Ya Zhou, Yunping Dai, Guimin Huang, Pingshan Liu and Xuanfeng Li
Detecting Items in Text Using Large-Scale Knowledge Base / Dianhui Hou, Jiuming Huang, Yunyi Xu, Siyu Jiang and Bin Zhou -- Q-Gram Variation for EBOM / Hongbo Fan and Nianmin Yao -- Research on FOPI Controller for Current Loop of PMSM Servo System / Youbin Zhang and Youguo Pi -- Optimization Design of Operating Parameters for Hydrogen Cyanide Conversion Rate Based on an Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and BP Neural Network / Yuantao Zhang and Taifu Li -- Q-Grams Suffix Type Single Pattern String Matching Algorithms / Zhiwei Zhang, Lijun Liu, Hongbo Fan and Qingsong Huang -- Fast Multi-Pattern String Matching Algorithms Based on Q-Grams Bit-Parallelism Filter and Hash / Peng Yang, Lijun Liu, Hongbo Fan and Qingsong Huang -- An Improved Memetic Algorithm and its Application in Multi-Constrained Test Paper Generation / Zhihao Wang and Xiangwei Zheng -- A Short Term Load Forecasting Based on Bagging-ELM Algorithm / Ru-zhi Xu, Xiao-feng Geng and Fan-ya Zhou -- Information Extraction Based on Event Driven from Template Web Pages / Xiuhong Zhang and Zhe Gong -- An Improved Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem / Yong Wang, De Tian and Yuhua Li
The Selection of Information Diffusion Monitoring Nodes in Directed Online Social Networks / Yongcheng Li, Shuguang Huang, Chaoran Fan and Guozheng Yang -- A Correcting Method for Article Error in English Essays of Chinese Students Based on Hybrid Features Classification / Ya Zhou, Xiaojuan Wang, Guimin Huang, Xiaolan Zeng and Xiangyan Zeng -- Adaptive Determining for Optimal Cluster Number of K-Means Clustering Algorithm / Jiankai Sun, Zhong Li, Fengyuan Zou and Yunchu Yang -- A Linked Data-Based Approach for Personalized Multimedia Retrieval / Dehai Zhang, Tianlong Song, Tianming Liu, Jun He and Qing Kang -- A Genetic Algorithm for Multiple Mobile Data Collectors' Path Planning in WSNs / Zhuowei Shen and Min Cao -- Statistics Analysis of the Structural Stress Process Based on the Wavelet Neural Network / Lihong Gao, Shenquan Liu, Jing Huang and Chuanliangzi Liu -- Evolving Activation Dynamics in Feedforward Neural Networks / Yu Chen and James A. Reggia -- Multi-Objective Model and Optimization for Airport Gate Assignment Problem / Dongxuan Wei and Changyou Liu -- A Simulation- and Metaheuristic-Based Approach for Inventory Optimization of Complex Distribution Systems / Dianjun Fang and Cong Li
A Novel Algorithm for Text Classification Based on KNN and Chaotic Binary Particle Swarm Optimization / Hui Xu, Shoudong Lu and Shixiang Zhou -- Clustering and Recommendation of Scientific Documentation Based on the Topic Model / Bin Liao, Weihua Wang and Chunmei Jia -- The Application of Hybrid Immune Algorithm in Distributed Generation Distribution Planning / Chun Li and Xiaoliu Shen -- An Improved Market-Based Auction Algorithm for UAVs Task Assignment Problem / Xin Liu and Ronggang Zhu -- Experimental Analysis of Non-Rollbackable Pseudo Random Number in Optimistic Parallel Simulation / Bing Wang, Bo Deng, Lili Chen, Fei Xing and Yiping Yao -- Imbalanced Data Classification Method Based on Clustering and Voting Mechanism / Rui Tang, Yuquan Zhu and Geng Chen -- The Worst Case Minimized Upper Bound in #2-SAT / Honglin Wang and Wenxiang Gu -- A Frequent Concept Lattice Algorithm Based on FP-tree for Mining Association Rules / Wang Hui -- The Research of Embedded Database Hybrid Indexing Mechanism Based on Dynamic Hashing / Huijie Chen and Jianwei Li -- Question Understanding and Similarity Computation Method Based on Semantic Analysis / Xia Yan
A Universal Heterogeneous Data Integration Standard and Parse Algorithm in Real-Time Database / Fei Chang, Li Zhu, Jin Liu, Jin Yuan and Xiaoxia Deng -- The Research of Efficient Algorithm to Generate Sudoku Puzzle / Sen Huang, Jin-cai Huang, Qing Chen, Sheng-yun Liu and Yan-jun Liu -- Oriented to the Privacy Protection Role Based on Access Control Model and Conflict Studies / Chen Wang, Lianzhong Liu and Lijie Gao -- Simulation and Stability Analysis of SRM Speed Control System Based on Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID / Jialiang Gan and Zhimin Li -- MPPT Control Method of PV System with PSO Algorithm Based on Minimal Particle Angles / Tianpei Zhou and Wei Sun -- Research of Nesting Problem of Difform Parts Based on Optimization Theories / Fengqi Zhang -- The Prediction of Short-term Traffic Flow Based on the Niche Genetic Algorithm and BP Neural Network / Chuan-xiang Ren, Cheng-bao Wang, Chang-chang Yin, Meng Chen and Xu Shan -- An Algorithm Based on Predicate Path Graph for Mining Multidimensional Association Rules / Hengmin Zhu and Qing Li -- Manifold Learning Technique for Remote Sensing Image Classification / Kang Liu and Xu Qian -- Complex Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Problem Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm / Yong Zeng, Dacheng Liu and Xiangyu Hou
The Spacecraft Diagnostics Expert System Based-on the Flexible Knowledge Modeling / Hongzheng Fang, Jian Sun, Liming Han and Haobo Yang -- The Modern City Central Business District Evolution Simulation / Lianpeng Zhu, Shuming Jiang, Shijie Xu and Jinfeng Miao -- DDR: A Multidimensional Case Retrieval Optimization Algorithm / Jing-Bin Wang and Xuan Hu -- Method to Increase Diversity in the Artificial Immune System / Jing Xie, Yaobin Hu, Huiling Zhu and Yulin Wang -- Research on Contextual Design in Human-Computer Interaction Under the Framework of Activity Theory / Xiaoxiao Cao, Lijue Wang and Shijian Luo -- Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Self-Update and Grid Strategy / Jianguo Wang, Wenjing Liu, Wenxing Zhang and Bin Yang -- Research on the Prediction of the Machining Quality of Maintenance Parts of Vehicle Equipment Based on LS-SVM / Qiaoyun Wu, Gang Chang and Huaijun Zhang -- A Personification and Genetic Combinational Algorithm for the Placement Problem of Digital Microfluidics-Based Biochips / Jingsong Yang, Zhenjing Yao, Yanxing Song and Chuncheng Zuo -- Incremental Update Algorithm of the Skyline Cube Over Label Security Database / Pengxin Ban
Improved MPPT Method Applied to PV System / Wenchao Li, Yuchao Sun, Xin Li, Xiaopeng Sha and Zhiquan Li, et al. -- Character Recognition Based on Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network / Xin-Yan Cao, Hong-Li Yu and Ying-Yong Zou -- Simulation of Sliding Mode Control for Artillery Velocity Servo System / Shu An, Zhengchun Liu and Fengbiao Yang -- Attitude Control System Research of Unmanned Airship / Bo Tian, Song Wang, Wang Guo and Juan Li -- The Identification of Main Contradictory Information / Rui Zhao, Yongquan Yu and Tao Zeng -- A Semi-Supervised Network Traffic Classification Method Based on Incremental Learning / Pinghong Li, Yong Wang and Xiaoling Tao -- Tuning the EBOM Algorithm with Suffix Jump / Hongbo Fan and Nianmin Yao -- Implement IP Core of the Conversion Between Fixed-point Format and Floating-point Format on FPGA / Jianye Wang, Cang Liu, Peng Jing and Chao Zhou -- A New Method of Self-Adaptive Tracking Based on IMM-CS / Jiesheng Liu, Dengyi Zhang, Zhiyun Zhang and Biyin Zhang -- Chinese Text Filtering Based on Domain Keywords Extracted from Wikipedia / Xiang Wang, Hu Li, Yan Jia and SongChang Jin -- An Evolutionary Semi-Supervised Subtractive Clustering Method by Seeding / Lei Gu
Summary Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering presents selected articles from this major event, which was held in Beijing, December 8-10, 2012. This book presents the latest research trends, methods and experimental results in the fields of information technology and software engineering, covering various state-of-the-art research theories and approaches. The subjects range from intelligent computing to information processing, software engineering, Web, unified modeling language (UML), multimedia, communication technologies, system identification, graphics and visualizing, etc. The proceedings provide a major interdisciplinary forum for researchers and engineers to present the most innovative studies and advances, which can serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working on information technology and software engineering. Prof. Wei Lu, Dr. Guoqiang Cai, Prof. Weibin Liu and Dr. Weiwei Xing all work at Beijing Jiaotong University
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