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Author International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering (2012 : Beijing, China)

Title Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering. Information technology / Wei Lu [and others], editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


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Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 210
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 210.
Contents 880-01 The Enhancements of UE Mobility State Estimation in the Het-net of the LTE-A System / Haihong Shen, Kai Liu, Dengkun Xiao and Yuan He -- Efficient Authentication Based on Orthogonality and Timeliness for Network Coding / Ming He, Lin Chen, Hong Wang, Zhenghu Gong and Fan Dai -- Modeling of Foreign Objects Debris Detection Radar on Airport Runway / Dandan Ao, Xuegang Wang and Hong Wang -- Min-Max Decoding for Non-Binary LDPC Codes / Leilei Yang, Fei Liu and Haitao Li -- A Security Attack Risk Assessment for Web Services Based on Data Schemas and Semantics / Wanwisa Phocharoen and Twittie Senivongse -- Analysis and Modeling of Heterogeneity from Google Cluster Traces / Shuo Zhang and Yaping Liu -- A String Approach for Updates in Order-Sensitive XML Data / Zunyue Qin, Yong Tang and XiaoBo Wang -- Fault Diagnosis of Nodes in WSN Based on Particle Swarm Optimization / Chengbo Yu, Rui Li, Qiang He, Lei Yu and Jun Tan -- Beat Analysis Based on Autocorrelation Phase Matrix / Yanzhu Gong, Bing Zhu, Hui Wang and Yutian Wang -- Improved Serially Concatenated Overlapped Multiplexing System and Performance / Suhua Zhou, Song Gao and Daoben Li
880-01/$1 Generalized Graph Regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation / Yang Hao, Congying Han, Guangqi Shao and Tiande Guo -- Research on Conformal Phased Array Antenna Pattern Synthesis / Guoqi Zeng, Siyin Li and Zhimian Wei -- Research on the Optimization of Wireless Sensor Network Localization Based on Real-Time Estimation / Xiancun Zhou, Mingxi Li and Fugui He -- (此行保留) Process Calculus for Cost Analysis of Process Creation / Shin-ya Nishizaki, Mizuki Fujii and Ritsuya Ikeda -- Parameter Estimation of LFM Signal by Direct and Spline Interpolation Based on FrFT / Jun Song and Yunfei Liu -- An Analysis Method for Network Status of Open-Pit WLAN Based on Latency Time / Jiusheng Du, Yijin Chen, Zheng Hou and Xiaona Wu -- Multi-Source Scheme for Reprogramming in Wireless Sensor Networks / Weihong Wang, Shusheng Zheng and Chunping Wang -- Study on Industrial Cluster Knowledge Emergence Model Based on Asymmetric Influence / Xiaoyong Tian, Huiyuan Jiang, Jin Zha and Linlin Li -- Study and Optimization of FIR Filters Based on FPGA / Jinlong Wang, Lan Wang and Zhen Yuan -- ES-VBF: An Energy Saving Routing Protocol / Bo Wei, Yong-mei Luo, Zhigang Jin, Jie Wei and Yishan Su
Real-Time Face Recognition Based on Sparse Representation / Xiao Chen, Shanshan Qu and Chao Ping -- Impact Analysis of Reducing Inbound Information Rate on the RDSS System Inbound Capacity / Jingyuan Li, Long Huang, Weihua Mou and Feixue Wang -- SNR Estimation Algorithm for Single Signal with Strong Multiple Access Interference / Jingyuan Li, Yuanling Li, Shaojie Ni and Guangfu Sun -- Use of Technology to Increase Functional Autonomy and Facilitate Communication for People with Disabilities: Design of an Emerging "Dis(ease)ability" Model / Raffaella Conversano and Gaetano Manzulli -- A Rectification Method for Removing Rolling Shutter Distortion / Gang Liu, Yufen Sun and Xianqiao Chen -- Design and Implementation of Electrolyzer Simulation System / Xingquan Cai and Kun Zang -- Counter Based Energy Saving Scheme for Sleep Mode in IEEE802.16e / Leilei Yang and Haitao Li -- An Object Encapsulation Approach for P2P Resource Sharing Platform / Shufang Zhang, Jun Han and Fei Jiang -- A Method of Optical Ultra-Wide-Band Pulse Generation Based on XPM in a Dispersion Shifted Fiber / Shilei Bai, Xin Chen, Xinqiao Chen and Xiaoxue Yang -- Extraction of Acoustic Parameters for Objective Assessment of Nasal Resonance Disorder / Ning Li
Congestion Distance Based BitTorrent-Like P2P Traffic Optimization / Qian He, Yanlei Shang, Yong Wang and Guimin Huang -- Unified Continuous Collision Detection Framework for Deformable Objects / Xiaoyang Zhu, Shuxin Qin, Yiping Yang and Yongshi Jiang -- Application of Data-Based Parameter Optimizing Approaches in IC Manufacturing System Simulation Model / Rong Su, Fei Qiao, Yumin Ma, Keke Lu and Liang Zhao -- An Electrical Connector Locating Method Based on Computer Vision / Haozheng Yan and Yifei Feng -- Analyses of Security Issues with RFID Application Under U-Healthcare System / Jung Tae Kim -- Performance of Low-Density Lattice Codes in COFDM Systems / Shuanlei Hu and Lianxiang Zhu -- A Secure RFID Communication Protocol Based on Simplified DES / Zhao Wang, Wei Xin, Zhigang Xu and Zhong Chen -- Novel Discrimination Algorithm for Deceptive Jamming in Polarimetric Radar / Can Huang, Zhuming Chen and Rui Duan -- ZigBee Improving Multicast Routing Algorithm / Leqiang Bai, Jialin Wang and Shihong Zhang -- A Real-Time and Reliable Transmission Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks for Sandstorm Monitoring / Jinze Du, Yubo Deng, Yi Yang and Lian Li
4D-Trajectory Conflict Resolution Using Cooperative Coevolution / Jing Su, Xuejun Zhang and Xiangmin Guan -- A Method of Road Recognition Based on LIDAR Echo Signal / Qinzhen Zhang and Weidong Deng -- Peer Segment Cache Replacement Based on Supply-Demand for Hybrid P2P VoD Services / Huang Guimin, Li Xuanfeng, Zhou Ya, Liu Pingshan and Dai Yunping -- Methods for Source Number Estimation in Underdetermined Blind Sources Separation / Hui Guo, Yong-qing Fu, Yan Liu and Jian-qiang Wang -- Frequency Stability Measurement Method Including Anomalies Detection / Hang Gong, Xiangwei Zhu, Feixue Wang and Fan Chen -- Mobile Peer Management in Wireless P2P Resource Sharing System / Hui Zhou and Jie Yang -- One ARGIS Prototype Based on Handheld Mobile Terminal / Lei Liu, Xiang Ren, Min Sun and Na Dong -- CTFPi: A New Method for Packet Filtering of Firewall / Cuixia Ni and Guang Jin -- Semantic Web Service Automatic Composition Based on Discrete Event Calculus / Kai Nie, Houxiang Wang and Jiao He -- Research and Application of Dual Drive Synchronous Control Algorithm / Herong Jin -- Traffic Flow Analysis and Prediction Based on GPS Data of Floating Cars / Xiangyu Zhou, Wenjun Wang and Long Yu
Customers' E-Satisfaction for Online Retailers: A Case in China / Ruimei Wang, Tianzhen Wu and Weihua Wang -- Improvement of Azimuth Super Resolution of Radar via Generalized Inverse Filtering / Chenghua Gu, Xuegang Wang, Wang Hong and Xuelian Yu -- Tracking Threshold Analysis of a Kind of FLL Based on Kalman Filter / Jianhui Wang, Shaojie Ni, Xiaomei Tang and Gang Ou -- A Modified Cross-High-Order Spectral Estimation Approach Based on Rotational Invariance Technique in Hybrid Colored Noises / Yuling Gao and Qing Huang -- A Simplified DBF Channels Calibration Algorithm and Implementation / Jiangxian Song, Chaohai Li, Wei Xia, Lilin Liang and Zishu He -- Parameter Estimation of Chirp Signals Based on FRFT Under the Low SNR / Wei Yang and Yaowu Shi -- The Study on Frequency Agility in Radar Combining Pulse-to-Pulse Frequency Agility and Doppler Processing / Xie Feng, Liu Feng and Ye Xiaohui -- An Improved Collision Avoidance Method for IEEE 802.11 DCF with Information-Sharing-List / Weizhen Tian, Mingrui Guo and Zhixin Li -- The Evaluation System for Cloud Service Quality Based on SERVQUAL / Hao Hu and Jianlin Zhang -- The Design and Realization of a High Speed Satellite Network Management Agent / Chuanjia Fu and Zhimin Liu
Simulation and Optimization of Via in Multi-Layer PCB / Jia Lu and Chunrong Zhang -- On-Chip Bus Architecture Performance Estimation for a Microprocessor Based on Queuing Model / Xuexiang Wang, Zhi Qi and Peng Cao -- Study on Time Delay Estimation Algorithm in Cable Monitoring Based on Wavelet Theory / Jiawen Zhou and Ying Liu -- Design and Implementation of a Security System for Mobile Terminals' Digital Content / Honglei Liu, Haihong E and Danzhi Wang -- Kane's Approach to Modeling Underwater Snake-Like Robot / Ke Yang, Xu Yang Wang, Tong Ge and Chao Wu -- Temperature and Strain Characteristic Analysis of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor / Bing Bai, Yubin Guo, Xiaohui Zhao, Jiayu Huo and Tiegang Sun -- A Fuzzy Neartude Based Approach to Simulate the Two-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Model / Lei Zhao, Xinling Shi, Yufeng Zhang and He Sun -- A Three-Dimensional Role Based User Management Model in Web Information Systems / Jiangfeng Li and Chenxi Zhang -- Key Management for Wireless Hierarchical Multicast / Jingjing Zheng, Chunyu Zhao and Hongyun Wang -- Novel Network Protocol for WSN Based on Energy and Distance / Haiyan Wu and Nana Gong -- Strategies for Improving the Convergence Rate of High Accuracy Surface Modeling / Na Zhao and Tianxiang Yue
Course-keeping Autopilot with RRD Based on GA-PD Adaptive Optimization / Lijun Wang and Sisi Wang -- The Research of Soft Handover Signaling for LTE System in High-Speed Railway Environment / Linlin Luan, Muqing Wu, Panfeng Zhou, Shiping Di and Shuyun Ge -- Track-Before-Detect Algorithm Based on Optimization Particle Filter / Huajian Wang -- End-to-End Delay Computation for Time Petri Nets / Li Pan -- Using the Reputation Score Management for Constructing FPFS System / Shufang Zhang and Jun Han -- Design and Simulation of AUV Visual Servo Charging Manipulator / Zhang Lefang -- Study on the Tracking and Parameter Estimating in Passive Magnetic Detection / Junji Gao, Daming Liu and Guohua Zhou -- Player Detection Algorithm Based on Color Segmentation and Improved CamShift Algorithm / Yanming Guo, Songyang Lao and Liang Bai -- Reputation Mechanism Model Research Based on the Trusted Third-Party Recommendation / Guangqiu Huang and Weijuan Zhao -- Non Antagonistic Integrated Combat Network Modeling / Yanbo Qi, Zhong Liu and Kun Sun -- Study on Monitoring System for Pipeline Security Based on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Technique / Jie Zhang
Virtualization Technology Based on the FT Platform / Jing Wang, Qingbo WU, Yuejin Yan and Pan Dong -- Design and Implementation of Light Sensor Node Based on ZigBee / Junke Lv -- Functional Safety Assessment for the Carborne ATP of Train Control System / Yang Li and Dongqin Feng -- Research of Personal Retrieval for Scientific Research Information Management System / Hu Liang and Xie Suping -- On the Average Diameter of Directed Double-Loop Networks / Sheng Li and Ying Li -- A Real-Time SFM Method in Augmented Reality / Hongyan Quan and Maomao Wu -- Delay-Dependent Observers for a Class of Discrete-Time Uncertain Nonlinear Systems / Dongmei Yan, Bing Kang, Ming Liu, Yan Sui and Xiaojun Zhang -- Deconvolution Algorithm in the Retrieval of Raindrop Size Distribution from a VHF Profiling Radar / Yukun Du, Zheng Run and Runsheng Ge -- Fast Cross-Layer Congestion Control Algorithm Based on Compressed Sensing in Wireless Sensor Network / Mingwei Li, Yuanwei Jing and Chengtie Li -- Design and Implementation of an Experiment Environment for Network Attacks and Defense / Songchang Jin, Shuqiang Yang, Songhe Jin, Hui Zhao and Xiang Wang
Study of Signal De-Noising in Wavelet Domain Based on a New Kind of Threshold Function / Jing-Bin Wang and Bao Wang -- Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on Adaptive Square Root Cubature Kalman Filter Algorithm / Sisi Wang and Lijun Wang -- A Novel Spatial Indexing Mechanism Leveraging Dynamic Quad-Tree Regional Division / Jine Tang, Zhangbing Zhou, Ke Ning, Yunchuan Sun and Qun Wang -- Feature Evaluation of Radar Emitter Signal Based on Logistic Regression Model / Yanli Deng, Weidong Jin and Zhibin Yu -- A Novel Algorithm of Modulation Classification and Carrier Frequency Estimation for MFSK / Cai Qiaolian, Ren Chunhui, Gao Chiyang and Hou Yinming -- The Design and Analysis of Regional Positioning System Based on Zigbee Technology / Jianpeng Lu and Hongbin Gao -- A New Watermarking Algorithm for Geo-Spatial Data / Haojun Fu, Changqing Zhu, Jianfeng Yuan and Hui Xu -- An Investigation of Stationary Signal Blind Separation Using Adaptive Algorithms / Xu Peng-fei and Jia Yin-jie -- A Novel Algorithm for 2D-Radar and Infrared Sensor Track Association / Jiesheng Liu, Dengyi Zhang, Hanbao Wu and Biyin Zhang -- Interference Management by Component Carrier Selection for Carrier Aggregation System in Heterogeneous Networks / Changyin Sun, Lan Huang, Jing Jiang and Guangyue Lu
Summary Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering presents selected articles from this major event, which was held in Beijing, December 8-10, 2012. This book presents the latest research trends, methods and experimental results in the fields of information technology and software engineering, covering various state-of-the-art research theories and approaches. The subjects range from intelligent computing to information processing, software engineering, Web, unified modeling language (UML), multimedia, communication technologies, system identification, graphics and visualizing, etc. The proceedings provide a major interdisciplinary forum for researchers and engineers to present the most innovative studies and advances, which can serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working on information technology and software engineering. Prof. Wei Lu, Dr. Guoqiang Cai, Prof. Weibin Liu and Dr. Weiwei Xing all work at Beijing Jiaotong University
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