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Title [Sociology. Part 1]
Published 1927-2000
Table of Contents
Box 1:1Abolition of War, 1956 / F. N. Keen 
Box 1:2Accent on youth : six Oxford lectures, 1961 
Box 1:3Adolescent : observations arising from discussions among members of the British Medical Association, subject of the year 1959-1960, 1961 / British Medical Association 
Box 1:4Advising the citizen, 1962 / National Citizen's Advice Bureaux Committee 
Box 1:5African you work with, 1967 / E. Raymond Silberbauer 
Box 1:6After the war ... then what?, 1944 
Box 1:7Age and the working lives of men : an attempt to reduce the statistical evidence to its practical shape, 1959 / F. Le Gros Clark 
Box 1:8Am I my brother's keeper?, 1946? / Marcus Aurelius 
  Box 1:9Adelaide of tomorrow - the planners and the public, 1964 
  Box 1:10Communication within the family, 1968 
  Box 1:11Design for a better environment, 1970 
  Box 1:12Employment in the sugar towns (Bundaberg case study), 1969 
  Box 1:13Frail aged, 1967 
  Box 1:14Future of the inner city, 1970 
  Box 1:15Meeting human need in suburban community, [1971?] 
  Box 1:16Responsibibility for community life in a new area, 1964 
  Box 1:17Responsibility for community living Melbourne, 1964 
  Box 1:18Responsibility for life in a country town (Young, N.S.W.), 1968 
  Box 1:19Responsibility for social development (Gladstone, Q'ld), 1972 
  Box 1:20Social consequences of automation, 1966 
Box 1:21Australia's bold adventure, 1957 
Box 1:22Automation and Skill, 1960 / E. R. F. W. Crossman 
Box 1:23Behind the racial tensions in South Africa, 1953 / Quintin Whyte 
Box 1:24Behind Japan's anglophobia : an observation by an American in Japan, 1939 / Charles Nelson Spinks 
Box 1:25Black in a white world, 1968 / Elizabeth Burney 
Box 1:26Bridge or reason, 1961 / Norman Z. Alcock 
  Box 2:1Men and machines : Aids to study number 12, 1927 / P. Sargant Florence 
  Box 2:2Pioneers of social progress : Aids to study number 20, 1928 / R. S. Lambert 
  Box 2:3America today : Aids to study number 32, 1928 / S. K. Ratcliffe 
  Box 2:4After-war social tendencies : Aids to study number 51, 1930 / C. Delisle Burns  
  Box 2:5Standing room only : a study in population : talks pamphlet number 62, 1930 / A. M. Carr-Saunders 
  Box 2:6Love and hate : a study of the energies of men and nations : Talks pamplet number 68, 1931 / William McDougall 
  Box 2:7Design in modern life : Talks pamphlets number 667, 1933 / British Broadcasting Corporation 
  Box 2:8African Dilemmas, 1948 / Elspeth Huxley 
Box 2:9Censors : the Rede Lecture 1961 / Lord Radcliffe 
Box 2:10Census 6 August 1991 : collector home study exercise, 1991 / Australian Bureau of Statistics 
Box 2:11Changes that are upon us, 1943 / A. P. Elkin 
Box 2:12Child deprived, 1965 / Victorian Teachers' Union 
Box 2:13Church of Rome in society and politics, 1943 / Harry P. Reynolds 
Box 2:14Communities in action today, [1948] / Lloyd Ross 
Box 2:15Community can do it : make a plan, 1945 / Australian Broadcasting Commission 
Box 2:16Conflict after class : new perspectives on the theory of social and political conflict, 1967 / Ralf Dahrendorf 
Box 2:17Conflict, science and the garden of Eden : the second Keith Roby Memorial Lecture in community sciency, 1984 / Brian Easlea 
Box 2:18Consequences of health care through government : a study of the social and financial effects of Canada's health care programs, 1972 / L. F. Detwiller 
Box 2:19Crime of slums : a better life for you and your children, 1941 / Dave H. Epstein 
Box 2:20Cult of violence, 1934 / Gilbert Murray 
Box 2:21Cultivating the human factor : employment and skills in Australia's rural industries, [1993] / Australian Bureau of Statistics 
Box 2:22Cultural institutions in the Australian community : to hell with culture, 1945 / John Metcalfe 
Box 2:23Deserted, 1943 / Melbourne Central Mission 
Box 2:24Development and welfare in the Western Pacific, 1943 / H. Ian Hogbin 
Box 2:25Development of the co-operative movement in Victoria : information paper, 1984 / Ministerial Advisory Committee on Co-operation 
Box 2:26Difficult housing estates, 1963 / Roger Wilson 
Box 2:27Discussion method, [196-] / Bureau of Current Affairs 
Box 3:1Divorce and the family, 1951 / C. E. Martin 
Box 3:2Dual standards of morality : a symposium, 1960 / Friends Home Service Committee 
Box 3:3Duty of the citizen : an address, 1939 / Edward Beatty 
Box 3:4East and west : towards mutual understanding, 1959 / George Fradier 
  Box 3:5Remuneration in a welfare state, 1961 / Baroness Wootton of Abinger (Barbara Wootton) 
Box 3:6Employee counselling : a survey of a new development in personnel relations, 1944 / Helen Baker 
Box 3:7Employment and workshops for the elderly, 1963 / National Old People's Welfare Council 
Box 3:8Enjoying retirement, 1961 / Patricia Shaw 
Box 3:9Etiquette : a comprehensive handbook for all occasions, setting out the general procedure and formality expected of a wll mannered person, specially compiled to suit the average Australian's way of life and for formal occasions, [193-] 
Box 3:10Experiment in community improvement, 1942 / Robert S. Ford 
  Box 3:11Advance to democracy : a report to the Fabian Colonial Bureau on the implications of partnership in multi-racial societies, 1952 / Advisory Committee of the Fabian Colonial Bureau 
Box 3:12Family and the community, 1947 / G. V. Portus 
Box 3:13Forecast of Australia's future and suggestions for a new order after the war, 1941 / F. N. Yarwood 
Box 3:14Fusion process : a map for the exploration of the realationship of people and organizations, 1953 / E. Wight Bakke 
Box 3:15Future of Australia's population, 1943 / James Barrett 
Box 3:16Guide to giving : a compilation fo facts related to Australian community needs, 1958 / Errol H. Coote 
Box 3:17Guide to reconstruction training scheme : what is being done, 1944 / Ministry of Post-war Reconstruction 
Box 3:18Hammondville : Liverpool Regional Museum 7 April - 27 May 2000, 2000 / Gabrielle Zilber 
Box 3:19Her Majesty's Civil Service Commissioners : a note on their history and duties, 1963 / Civil Service Commission 
Box 3:20Hiri, 1955 / Camilla Wedgwood 
Box 3:21History and man's attitude to the past : their rĂ´le in the story of civilisation, 1961 / Herbert Butterfield 
  Box 3:22Towards social equality : number 1, 1930 / John A. Hobson 
  Box 3:23Growth of common enjoyment : number 3, 1933 / J. L. Hammond 
  Box 3:24Welfare state : number 26, 1957 / William A. Robson 
  Box 3:25Can social policies be rationally tested? : number 27, 1957 / A. Macbeath 
Box 4:1Holland ahead : a short survey of the recovery of the Netherlands during the first eight months after her liberation, 1946 / Netherlands Government Information Service 
Box 4:2Home life in Kikuyu-Land or Kariuki and Muthoni, 1949 / B. Mareka Gecaga 
Box 4:3Homosexuality in South Australia : A collection of writings from South Australia, 1972 / Campaign Against Moral Persecution 
Box 4:4How to work with older people : a guide for professional and volunteer leaders of social activity programs, 1963 / Florence E. Vickery 
Box 4:5Human problems of innovation, 1960 / Honor Croome 
Box 4:6Humanity and war, 1935 / Chapman Cohen 
Box 4:7ICRC panorama : their story, 1996 / International Committee of the Red Cross 
Box 4:8Industry and society : a discussion document, 1974 / Central Industrial Scretariat 
Box 4:9Introduction to atomic politics, 1947 / Ulrich Ellis 
Box 4:10Invest in the future of your credit society, 1963 / John Giddens 
Box 4:11Jewish Jerusalem past and present: two memoranda, 1939 / Jewish national Fund and the Palestine Foundation Fund 
Box 4:12Jewish problem, 1944 / S. Brodetsky 
Box 4:13Key-way English as a world language : a simple way of teaching and using the English language, 1928 / W. E. Irish 
Box 4:14Lester Street experiment : a description of a residential neighbourhood project undertaken by the Community Development Group of Social Action/Abschol, 1971 / Bruce March 
Box 4:15Listening groups : handbook for leaders, 1944 / Australian Broadcasting Commission 


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Contents Boxes 1-4
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of sociology, which is the study and analysis of social phenomena, including the role in the social structure, its effects on society and its innate characteristics and inner structure. Includes materials from a variety of countries from 1927 to 2000
Notes Title and series title supplied by Cataloguer
Subject Older people -- Health aspects -- Australia
SUBJECT Africa, East -- Social life and customs
Subject African Americans
Older people
Assimilation (Sociology)
SUBJECT Australia -- Census, 1991
Subject Automation
African Americans
SUBJECT Canada -- Social life and customs
Subject Catholic Church -- Political activity
City and town life
City planning -- South Australia
Civil rights
Community development
Community development -- South Australia
Community information services
Community information services -- Great Britain
Conduct of life
Country life
Credit unions
Economic development -- Social aspects
Emigration and immigration
Employment -- Queensland -- Bundaberg
Frail elderly
Freedom of speech
SUBJECT Great Britain -- Social policy
Subject Homosexuality -- South Australia
Housing -- South Australia -- Adelaide
Human services
Industrial relations
Information services
Interpersonal communication
SUBJECT Japan -- Foreign relations -- Great Britain
Subject Jews
SUBJECT Jerusalem -- History
Subject Leisure
Nature and nurture
SUBJECT Netherlands -- Economic conditions -- 1945-
Subject Peace
Personnel management
Public records
Public welfare
Red Cross
Rural conditions
Security, International
Social change
Social classes -- England
Social service
Social planning
Social policy
SUBJECT South Africa -- Race relations
South Africa -- Social conditions
Subject Technological innovations
Urban ecology (Sociology)
Unemployment -- Queensland -- Bundaberg
War and society
Work environment
Youth -- Great Britain