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Author International Conference on Multiphoton Processes (12th : 2011 : Hokkaido University, Japan)

Title Multiphoton processes and attosecond physics : Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Multiphoton Processes (ICOMP12) and the 3rd International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO3) / edited by Kaoru Yamanouchi, Katsumi Midorikawa
Published Berlin ; London : Springer, 2012


Description 1 online resource
Series Springer proceedings in physics ; 125
Springer proceedings in physics ; 125.
Contents Part 1. Laser light sources -- Self-Referenced Scheme for Direct Synthesis of Carrier-Envelope Phase Stable Pulses with Jitter below the Atomic Time Unit / Günter Steinmeyer, Christian Grebing, Bastian Borchers and Sebastian Koke -- Single Shot Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilization of a 10 kHz, 10 W Regenerative Amplifier / Chengquan Li, Alex Schill, Florian Emaury, Jack Chu and Philippe Féru, et al. -- Intense Few-Cycle Mid-Infrared Laser Pulse Generation and Applications / Ruxin Li, Chuang Li, Liwei Song, Ding Wang and Canhua Xu, et al. -- Few-Cycle, Phase-Locked, Octave IR OPA Using BIBO and 800-nm Pump / N. Ishii, K. Kitano, T. Kanai, S. Watanabe and J. Itatani -- CEP-Stable, Few-Cycle, kHz OPCPAs for Attosecond Science: Energy Scaling and Coherent Sub-Cycle Pulse Synthesis / Kyung-Han Hong, Shu-Wei Huang, Jeffrey Moses, Xing Fu and Giovanni Cirmi, et al. -- Dual-Chirped Optical Parametric Amplification for Generating High-Power Infrared Pulses / Q. Zhang, E.J. Takahashi, O.D. Mücke, P. Lu and K. Midorikawa -- Development of High Power Infrared Optical Parametric Amplification Laser System Seeded by Self-difference Frequency Generation Pulses / Tsuneto Kanai, Sébastien Weber, Amelle Zaïr, Christopher Hutchison and Thomas Siegel, et al. -- Spatially Resolved Characterization of Sub-4-fs Laser Pulses Using Spectral Shearing Interferometry / T. Witting, F. Frank, C.A. Arrell, W. Okell and J.P. Marangos, et al. -- Enhancement of the Photon Flux of a Time-Compensated Monochromator by Phase Matching in a Hollow Fiber / H. Igarashi, A. Makida and T. Sekikawa -- Temporal Optimization of the Time-Delay-Compensated Monochromator / A. Makida, H. Igarashi and T. Sekikawa -- Characterization of Extreme Ultra-Violet Free-Electron Laser Pulses by Autocorrelation / A. Senftleben, T. Pfeifer, K. Schnorr, K. Meyer and Y.H. Jiang, et al
Part 2. High-order harmonics and attosecond pulse generation -- Formation of Attosecond XUV Pulses via Resonance with Hydrogen-Like Atoms Irradiated by Intense Laser Field / V.A. Polovinkin, Y.V. Radeonychev, Olga Kocharovskaya and M. Yu. Ryabikin -- Exploration of Below-Threshold Harmonic Generation Mechanisms of Cesium Atoms in Intense Mid-Infrared Laser Pulses / Y.-J. Chen, C. Laughlin and S.-I. Chu -- XUV Supercontinuum Generated by Incommensurate Two-Color Mid-IR Optical Parametric Amplifier / M. Negro, C. Vozzi, K. Kovacs, C. Altucci and R. Velotta, et al. -- Ionization Gating for the Generation of Tunable XUV Radiation and Isolated Attosecond Pulses / F. Calegari, M. Lucchini, K.S. Kim, C. Vozzi and S. Stagira, et al. -- Efficient Generation of Isolated Attosecond Pulse with CEP-Unstabilized Multicycle Infrared Double Optical Gating / Pengfei Lan, Eiji J. Takahashi and Kastumi Midorikawa -- Frequency-Controlled Isolated Attosecond Pulses Characterized by Both 750 and 400 nm Wavelength Streak Fields / H. Mashiko, M.J. Bell, A.R. Beck, M.J. Abel and K.R. Siefermann, et al. -- Generation of Highly Phase-Matched Isolated Attosecond Pulses Using Multi-mJ, Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabilized, Few-Cycle Laser Pulses / Tsuneto Kanai, Yuxi Fu, Yasuhiro Kamba, Samuel Bohman and Hiroshi Yoshida, et al. -- Route to One Atomic Unit of Time: Development of a Broadband Attosecond Streak Camera / Kun Zhao, Qi Zhang, Michael Chini and Zenghu Chang -- Quantum Path Interference in HHG: Impact on Harmonic Polarization and Molecular Imaging / M. Yu. Ryabikin, A.A. Gonoskov, I.A. Gonoskov and V.V. Strelkov -- XUV Interferometry of Attosecond Pulses / Yasuo Nabekawa, Eiji J. Takahashi, Yusuke Furukawa, Tomoya Okino and Kaoru Yamanouchi, et al. -- Exploiting Energetic XUV Super-Continua / P. Tzallas, E. Skantzakis, L.A.A. Nikolopoulos and D. Charalambidis -- The Influence of Plasma Defocusing in High Harmonic Generation / Chien-Jen Lai, Kyung-Han Hong and Franz X. Kärtner -- Beam Splitters for High-Order Harmonics Using Transparent Materials to Visible Light / Yosuke Kojima, Yuske Furukawa, Yasuo Nabekawa, Eiji J. Takahashi and Fumihiko Kannari, et al. -- Enormous Amplification of Full-Coherent Radiation in the Extreme Ultraviolet Region with a Free-Electron Laser / Eiji J. Takahashi, Tadashi Togashi, Makoto Aoyama, Koichi Yamakawa and Takahiro Sato, et al
Part 3. Ionization of atoms -- Breakdown of the Independent Electron Approximation in Sequential Double Ionization / C. Cirelli, A.N. Pfeiffer, M. Smolarski, X. Wang and J.H. Eberly, et al. -- Sequential Double Ionization: The Timing of Release / A.N. Pfeiffer, C. Cirelli, M. Smolarski, R. Dörner and U. Keller -- Study of Asymmetric Electron Emission in Two-Color Ionization of Helium (XUV-IR) / G. Laurent, W. Cao, I. Ben-Itzhak and C.L. Cocke -- Control the Electron Dynamics in Nonsequential Double Ionization with the Orthogonal Two-Color Field / Yueming Zhou and Peixiang Lu -- Sideband and Angular Distribution Oscillation of Photoelectrons Observed with XUV/IR 3D Momentum Imaging Spectroscopy / A. Sperl, H. Rietz, M. Schoenwald, A. Fischer and K. Simeonidis, et al. -- Attosecond Pump-Probe of Doubly Excited States of Helium through Two-Photon Interferometry / Johannes Feist, Stefan Nagele, Christopher Ticknor, Barry I. Schneider and Lee A. Collins, et al. -- Controlling and Reading Interference Structures Created by Strong Field Ionizing Attosecond Electron Wave Packets / X. Xie, S. Roither, D. Kartashov, L. Zhang and E. Persson, et al. -- Electron Wavepacket Interference Observed by Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy / L. Gallmann, M. Holler, F. Schapper and U. Keller -- Observing the Real-Time Evolution of Helium Atoms in a Strong Laser Field / Niranjan Shivaram, Henry Timmers, Xiao-Min Tong and Arvinder Sandhu -- Electron Correlation and Interference Effects in Strong-Field Processes / Markus C. Kohler, Carsten Müller, Christian Buth, Alexander B. Voitkiv and Karen Z. Hatsagortsyan, et al. -- Adiabatic Theory of Ionization of Atoms by Intense Laser Pulses / Toru Morishita and Oleg I. Tolstikhin -- Trajectory-Based Coulomb-Corrected Strong Field Approximation / T.-M. Yan, S.V. Popruzhenko, M.J.J. Vrakking and D. Bauer
Part 4. Molecules in intense laser fields -- Classical Models of H3+3+ Interacting with Intense Laser Fields / E. Lötstedt, T. Kato and K. Yamanouchi -- Electron-Scattering and Photoionization of H2+ and HeH 2+ / H. Miyagi, T. Morishita and S. Watanabe -- Molecular Orientation by Intense Visible and THz Optical Pulses / K. Kitano, N. Ishii and J. Itatani -- Below-Threshold High-Harmonic Spectroscopy with Aligned Hydrogen Molecular Ions / Fu-Yuan Jeng, Dmitry A. Telnov and Shih-I Chu -- Two-Center Interference of Heteronuclear Diatomic Molecules in High-Order Harmonic Generation / Xiaosong Zhu and Peixiang Lu -- Toward the Extension of High Order Harmonic Spectroscopy to Complex Molecules: Investigation of Aligned Hydrocarbons / C. Vozzi, R. Torres, M. Negro, L. Brugnera and T. Siegel, et al. -- Nonlinear Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy of D2 Using High-Order Harmonic Radiation / Yusuke Furukawa, Yasuo Nabekawa, Tomoya Okino, Kaoru Yamanouchi and Katsumi Midorikawa -- Steering of Molecular Multiple Dissociative Ionization with Strong Few-Cycle Laser Fields / Yunquan Liu, Xianrong Liu, Yongkai Deng, Chengyin Wu and Qihuang Gong -- A Generalized Approach to Molecular Orbital Tomography / C. Vozzi, M. Negro, F. Calegari, G. Sansone and M. Nisoli, et al. -- Tracing Attosecond Electron Motion Inside a Molecule / Liang-You Peng, Ming-Hui Xu, Zheng Zhang and Qihuang Gong -- Natural Orbital Analysis of Ultrafast Multielectron Dynamics of Molecules / Hirohiko Kono, Takayuki Oyamada, Tsuyoshi Kato and Shiro Koseki -- Protonic Configuration of CH3OH within a Diatomic-Like Molecular Picture / Tsuyoshi Kato and Kaoru Yamanouchi -- Siegert-State Method for Strong Field Ionization of Molecules / L. Hamonou, T. Morishita, O.I. Tolstikhin and S. Watanabe -- Ionisation and Fragmentation of Small Biomolecules with Femtosecond Laser Pulses / L. Belshaw, O. Kelly, M.J. Duffy, R.B. King and T.J. Kelly, et al. -- Initial Process of Proton Transfer in Salicylideneaniline Studied by Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy / T. Sekikawa, O. Schalk, G. Wu, A.E. Boguslavskiy and A. Stolow -- Visualizing Correlated Dynamics of Hydrogen Atoms in Acetylene Dication by Time-Resolved Four-Body Coulomb Explosion Imaging / Akitaka Matsuda, Mizuho Fushitani, Eiji J. Takahashi and Akiyoshi Hishikawa -- Ultrafast Delocalization of Protons in Methanol and Allene in Intense Laser Fields / Huailiang Xu, Tomoya Okino, Katsunori Nakai and Kaoru Yamanouchi -- Double Proton Migration and Proton/Deuteron Exchange in Methylacetylene in Intense Laser Fields / T. Okino, A. Watanabe, H. Xu and K. Yamanouchi -- High Energy Proton Ejection from Hydrocarbon Molecules Driven by Highly Efficient Field Ionization / S. Roither, X. Xie, D. Kartashov, L. Zhang and M. Schöffler, et al. -- Efficient Ionization of Acetylene in Intense Laser Fields / E. Lötstedt, T. Kato and K. Yamanouchi -- Laser-Assisted Electron Scattering and Its Application to Laser-Assisted Electron Diffraction of Molecules in Femtosecond Intense Laser Fields / Reika Kanya, Yuya Morimoto and Kaoru Yamanouchi
Part 5. Laser-induced Surface and Nanoscale Dynamics -- A System for Conducting Surface Science with Attosecond Pulses / C.A. Arrell, E. Skopalova, D.Y. Lei, T. Uphues and Y. Sonnefraud, et al. -- Attosecond Transversal Streaking to Probe Electron Dynamics at Surfaces / Luca Castiglioni, D. Leuenberger, M. Greif and M. Hengsberger -- Dynamics of Coherent Optical Phonons in PbTiO3 Excited by Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering / K.G. Nakamura, H. Koguchi, J. Hu, H. Takahashi and M. Nakajima, et al. -- High-Order Harmonic Photoelectron Spectroscopy System towards Measuring Attosecond Electron Dynamics on Solid Surfaces / Katsuya Oguri, Hidetoshi Nakano, Keiko Kato, Tadashi Nishikawa and Atsushi Ishizawa, et al. -- Effect of Light Polarization on Plasma Distribution and Filament Formation / L. Arissian, D. Mirell, J. Yeak, S. Rostami and J.-C. Diels -- Ignition of Doped Helium Nanodroplets in Intense Few-Cycle Laser Pulses / S.R. Krishnan, L. Fechner, M. Kremer, V. Sharma and B. Fischer, et al. -- Ultrafast Nanoscale Imaging Using High Order Harmonic Generation / Willem Boutu, David Gauthier, Xunyou Ge, Fan Wang and Aura Ines Gonzalez, et al. -- Strong-Field Effects and Attosecond Control of Electrons in Photoemission from a Nanoscale Metal Tip / M. Krüger, M. Schenk and P. Hommelhoff -- Femtosecond Laser-Induced X-Ray Emission from Gold Nano-Colloidal Solutions / K. Hatanaka, K. Yoshida, A. Iwasaki and K. Yamanouchi
Summary Recent advances in ultrashort pulsed laser technology have opened new frontiers in atomic, molecular and optical sciences. The 12th International Conference on Multiphoton Processes (ICOMP12) and the 3rd International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO3), held jointly in Sapporo, Japan, during July 3-8, showcased studies at the forefront of research on multiphoton processes and attosecond physics. This book summarizes presentations and discussions from these two conferences
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Author Yamanouchi, Kaoru
Midorikawa, Katsumi
International Conference on Attosecond Physics (3rd : 2011 : Hokkaido University, Japan)
ISBN 9783642289484