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Title [Financial economics]
Published 1842-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1100 years of service : how the Bank of New Zealand helped turn a small colony into its present status..., [1961?] / Bank of New Zealand 
Box 1:2ABC of international finance, 1968 / Alan Day 
Box 1:3Analysis of the socialisation of credit : nationalisation of banking, [193?] / L. Sharkey 
Box 1:4ANZ guide to buying, selling and building residential property, [1994] / ANZ 
Box 7:17Austral light, v. 2 no.11, 1893 
Box 1:5Authorisations and notifications, 1999 / Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 
Box 1:6At Barrack Street since 1850, [1959] / Commonwealth Savings Bank 
Box 1:7Australian finance : text of agreement, budgets must be balanced, [1930] 
Box 1:8Balance of payments / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 1:9Banking and currency reform, 1908 / J. W. Root 
Box 1:10Banking and finance : a statement by the NEC, 1976 / Labour Party 
Box 1:11Banking and insurance green paper : report of a Labour Party Study Group, 1973 
Box 1:12Banks, prices & unemployment / John MacLeod 
Box 1:13Batley's tables for immediate ascertainment, for effective interest rates... [192?] 
Box 1:14Battle for output 1947, 1947 
Box 1:15Business of banking, [1957] / Bank Education Service 
Box 1:16Capital and equality : report of a Labour Party study group, 1973 
Box 1:17Case against the Restrictive Trade Bill, 1963 
Box 1:18Case for bank nationalisation 
Box 1:19Century of banking in Victoria, 1951 / S. J. Butlin 
Box 1:20Charter and bye-laws of the Royal Economic Society, 1902 
Box 1:21Children and the federal budget : how to influence the budget process, 1980 / Children's Defense Fund 
Box 1:22Commonwealth price and rent control, 1948 / Milton Smith 
Box 1:23Conditions of monetary policy in Australia, 1958 / Dr. H. C. Coombs 
Box 1:24Consumers and the community : a study guide on the application of the Rochdale Principles to modern consumer problems, 1961 
Box 1:25Co-ordinating the demand for national resources between the public and private sectors of the economy / F. W. Holmes 
Box 1:26Corruption : W. Gallacher's great speech on the budget leakage, 1936 
Box 1:27Council as bankers : what Birmingham has done other councils should do..., 1930 / Gilbert White 
Box 2:1Credit : a descriptive and critical account..., 1932 / J. B. Brigden 
Box 2:2Critical analysis of the book by Lauchlin Currie, Ph.D., "The supply and control of money in the United States", 1935 / Benjamin M. Anderson 
Box 2:3Currency question : its important bearing on the present and future prosperity of Australia, 1894 / J. L. Menzies 
Box 7:19Dealing with debt: your rights and responsibilities / Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 
Box 2:4Decimal coinage, 1957 / Sir Leslie Melville 
Box 2:5Decimal coinage : a simple proposal, 1950 / Clifton R. Churchward 
Box 2:6Decimal coinage in India, 1956 / Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs) Government of India 
Box 2:7Decimal currency for Australia, 1958 / Sir Leslie Melville 
Box 2:8Decimal currency for "sterling" : practical test - transition period 
Box 2:9Decimal currency for "Sterling" (the simple solution), 1959 / Melville W. Johns 
Box 2:10Decimal currency : its history and its practicability in Australia, 1958 / N. E. Renton 
Box 2:11Decimal currency - why / Decimal Currency Council, Melbourne 
Box 2:12Decimalisation of currency : general council adopts committee's recommendations, 1958 
Box 2:13Depression experience of savings and loan associations in the United States, 1935 / Morton Bodfish 
Box 2:14Developing and financing a country's essential services / C. W. M. Court 
Box 2:15Dollars & cents & you 
Box 2:16Douglas credit scheme : a simple explanation and criticism, 1932 / W. K. McConnell 
Box 2:17East India Bank 
Box 2:18Effect of easy money policies on savings, savings institutions..., 1939 / Winthrop W. Aldrich 
Box 2:19Example of communal currency : the facts about the Guernsey Market House, 1911 / J. Theodore Harris 
Box 2:20Exposure : public credit and banking witchcraft / Fred Saidy 
Box 2:21Facts about money : ten radio talks, 1936 / W. K. McConnell 
Box 2:22Facts and fallacies of Douglas Credit : with a note on Australian credit policy, 1932 / D. B. Copland 
Box 2:23Fair deal for the shopper, 1961 
Box 3:1Federal funds market : its origin and development, 1957 / Parker B. Willis 
Box 3:2Fifth Summer School of Business Administration : banking and business, 1960 / University of Adelaide 
Box 3:3Fighting inflation 1945-1949, 1949 / Fabian Society of NSW 
Box3:4First four year plan torpedoed by 1962 budget / Australian Petroleum Exploration Association 
Box 3:5Fixed trust : a statement of underlying principles, 1931 / Dean Langmuir 
Box 3:6Food Council, the Consumers' Council Bill and milk distribution, [192?] / Ben Davies 
Box 3:7Foreign loans & a young democracy, 1893 / Theodore Fink 
Box 3:8Future of the sertling system, 1958 / Paul Bareau 
Box 3:9Gold, 1963 / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 3:10Gold standard and other diseases, 1932 / A. H. Mackmurdo 
Box 3:11Hire purchase and the banks in Australia, 1958 / A. Terence Maxwell 
Box 3:12Hire purchase harpies and you -- the people, 1958 / John Galbally 
Box 3:13Income concept in the light of experience / Irving Fisher 
Box 3:14Inflation : cause and cure, 1959 / Conference on Economic Progress 
Box 3:15Inflation : everybody's business, 1960 / Institute of Public Affairs 
Box 3:16Inflation : the Maldague Report, 1977 
Box 4:1Inquiry into the cost of living in Australia, 1910-11, 1911 / G. H. Knibbs 
Box 4:2Inquiry into the cost of living in New Zealand 1910-1911, 1912 / J. W. Collins 
Box 4:3International capital market, 1971 / John F. McDaniels 
Box 4:4International Finance Corporation, 1956 
Box 4:5International liquidity and gold, 1963 / Dr. T. E. Donges 
Box 4:6International monetary fund : its form and functions / J. Marcus Fleming 
Box 4:7Investment in progress : Britain's contribution to overseas development, 1960 / Duncan Crow 
Box 4:8Investor's guide : export processing zones in the Republic of China, 1990 / Export Processing Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China 
Box 4:9Keeping our money healthy,1966 / Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Box 4:10Labor government's banking legislation : provisions of the acts, 1045 / Australian Labor Party (State of Victoria) 
  Box 4:11Banking is your business / Frank Crean 
Box 4:12Labour and social credit : a report on the proposals of Major Douglas & the "New Age" 
Box 4:13Land, 1887 / A. J. O. 
Box 4:14Land for the (chosen) people racket, 1943 / C. H. Douglas 
Box 4:15Lang plan : the case for Australia / A. C. Paddison 
Box 4:16Marshalling of world resources to develop the newer countries and the role of the World Bank, [196?] / B. B. Callaghan 
Box 4:17McNamara's World Bank, 1973 / Escott Reid 
Box 4:18Menace of inflation, 1931 / A. Grenfell Price 
Box 4:19Monetary policy - decision-making, tools, and objectives, 1961 / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 4:20Money and banking in Australia, 1944 / Institute of Public Affairs (N.S.W.) 
Box 4:21Money & economic balance, 1962 / Federal Reserve Band of New York 
Box 4:22Money and inflation, [1974] / A. A. Walters 
Box 4:23Money based on the world's goods, 1923 / C. H. Chomley 
Box 4:24Money bills and the powers of the Legislative Council relative thereto, 1895 / J. MacGregor 
Box 4:25Money : master or servant?, 3rd ed. 1966 / Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Box 5:1National Consumer Affairs Advisory Council, 1990 
Box 5:2National income 1924 : a comparative study of the income of the United Kingdom in 1911 and 1924, 1927 / Arthur L. Bowley 
Box 5:3National wages policy, 1955 / James Driscoll 
Box 5:4Necessity of inflation : John Citizen's reply to the letters of Professor Giblin / Norman Campbell 
Box 5:5New poverty, 1964 / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 5:6Notes on capital and finance in Australia, 1892 / Edward Pulsford 
Box 5:7On the law of maximum profits and economic outlook in the U.S.A., 1954 / Catherine Welland 
Box 5:8Open market operations, 1969 / Paul Meek 
Box 5:9Origin and development of the Commonwealth Bank, 1945 / W. K. McConnell 
Box 5:10Other people's money, 1962 / Dr. H. C. Coombs 
Box 5:11Packages and prices / Helen Nelson 
Box 5:12Parliamentary government and the economic problem, 1930 / Winston L. Spencer-Churchill 
Box 5:13Plan for member bank reserve requirements, 1957 / Economic Policy Commission, American Bankers Association 
Box 5:14Preliminary estimates of national income and balance of payments 1959 to 1964 : presented to Parliament by the financial secretary to the Treasury by command of Her Majesty, 1965 
Box 5:15Price and wage controls, 1951 / Research and Policy Committee of the Committee for Economic Development 
Box 5:16Proposed Banking Act of 1935 : statement before the Subcommittee of the United States Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, 1935 / Winthrop W. Aldrich 
Box 5:17Protecting the consumer, 1963 / J. M. Wood 
Box 5:18Public debt and the private citizen, 1940 / Winthrop W. Aldrich 
Box 5:19Public enterprise does pay : a story of successful government industrial and financial enterprises in Australia 1911-1944, 1945 / Brian Fitzpatrick 
  Box 5:20Balancing the budget : no. 1, 1933  
  Box 5:21Organized scarcity and public policy / Harry D. Gideonse 
Box 6:1Report of a nation-wide sampling survey on anti-inflation measures, 1942 / National Opinion Research Center University of Denver 
Box 6:2Report of the Decimal Coinage Committee, 1959 
Box 6:3Report on the A.A.B.M. Symposium on the balance of payments problem, Kew Town Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, 14th March, 1961 
  Box 6:4World monetary debate : bases for agreement : No. 4, September 1966 / Fritz Machlup 
  Box 6:5Voluntary foreign investment curbs : a plan that really works : No. 6, April 1967 / Benjamin J. Cohen 
  Box 6:6Credit facilities or reserve allotments? : No. 7, September 1967 / Fritz Machlup 
  Box 6:7Transfer gap of the United States : No. 11, October 1968 / Fritz Machlup 
  Box 6:8On terms, concepts, theories and strategies in the discussion of greater flexibility of exchange rates : No. 14, April 1970 / Fritz Machlup 
  Box 6:9Benefits and costs of sterling : No. 15, June 1970 / Benjamin J. Cohen 
  Box 6:10Euro-dollar creation : a mystery story : No. 16, December 1970 / Fritz Machlup 
  Box 6:11Econometric study of euro-dollar borrowing by New York banks and the rate of interest on euro-dollars : No. 17, April 1971 / Stanley W. Black 
Box 6:12Rising prices in Australia, 1962 / Gerald Firth 
Box 6:13Role of the economist in federal policy making / Roy Blough 
Box 6:14Second progress report to the creditors, 1897 / Premier Permanent Building, Land and Investment Association 
Box 6:15Selection of facsimile bank forms and documents, [1957?] / Bank Education Service 
Box 6:16Short guide to hire purchase and instalment credit selling, 7th ed. 1959 / C. McNeil Greig 
Box 6:17Singular history of cost reduction in Australia, 1961 / Pharmaceutical Industry Information Service 
Box 6:18Social credit and Suez, 1956 
Box 6:19Sources and deployment of bank funds / N. A. Jackson 
Box 6:20 State Bank for New Zealand with sole right of note issue, 1906 / H. G. Ell 
Box 6:21Sterling area : what it is and how it works, 1948 / Paul Bareau 
Box 6:22Struggle against inflation : an interernational comparison of problems and policies, 1958 
Box 7:2Suggestions for improving the banking system, 1933 / Winthrop W. Aldrich 
Box 7:3Tickets witjout goods : a criticism of the Douglas social credit proposals / Lloyd Ross 
Box 7:4Towards a modern monetary standard, 1959 / Per Jacobsson 
Box 7:5Trading banks, inflation and depression : a statement of national monetary policy, 1953 / Fabian Society of Victoria 
Box 7:6Treasury control, 1950 / Sir Edward Bridges 
Box 7:7Truth in lending : what it means for consumer credit / Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 
Box 7:8Unit trusts and mutual funds in Australia, 1963 / Chartered Institute of Secretaries Australian Division 
Box 7:9Usury, 1931 / Hilaire Belloc 
Box 7:10Vital points on decimal currency and you.. / Australian Decimal Research Organisation 
Box 7:11What bimetallism is, 1893 / Henry McNiel 
Box 7:12What is bank credit, 1934 / W. K. McConnell 
Box 7:13What the decimilization of our currency will mean / Clifton R. Churchward 
Box 7:14Where is the money to come from:, 1938 / Jeffrey Mark 
Box 7:15Why not decimalise?, 1950 / Clifton R. Churchward 
Box 7:16Why prices rise, 1971 / Colin Clark 
Box 7:18Why your pound buys less and less, 1954 / H. J. Kelleher 


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