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Author International FLINS Conference (11th : 2014 : Joao Pessoa, Brazil)

Title Decision making and soft computing : proceedings of the 11th International FLINS Conference, Joao Pessoa (Paraiba), Brazil, 17-20 August 2014 / editors, Ronei Marcos de Moraes ... [and others]
Published Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., [2014]
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Description 1 online resource (xix, 741 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Series World Scientific Proceedings Series on Computer Engineering and Information Science ; 9
World Scientific proceedings series on computer engineering and information science ; v. 9
Contents Invited lectures. The contribution of fuzzy sets to decision sciences / D. Dubois -- Granular fuzzy systems: A new direction in soft computing and human centric decision-making / Witold Pedrycz -- Some approaches towards lattice computing in mathematical morphology and computational intelligence / Peter Sussner -- pt. 1. Decision making and decision support systems. Software architectural style for decision support systems / Zakarya A. Alzamil -- Early collection system design using fuzzy rule based inference / Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman -- A new architecture for a spatio-temporal decision support system for epidemiological purposes / Ronei M. Moraes, Jordana A. Nogueira, Ana C. A. Sousa -- Determining and prioritizing main factors of supplier reliability / Behice Meltem Kayhan, Selcuk Cebi -- Fuzzy laplace distribution with VaR applied in investment portfolio / M. P. C. Rocha, L. M. Costa, B.R.C. Bedregal -- A multicriteria supplier selection model using hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets / Cengiz Kahraman, Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar -- A weight determination method of subjective score in group decision / Tiefeng Zhang, Xin Lv, Jianwei Gu -- Evaluation of medical devices using fuzzy topsis with type-2 fuzzy numbers / Ismail Burak Parlak, A. Cagri Tolga -- Employing an interval type-2 fuzzy topsis method for knowledge management tool evaluation / Gulcin Buyukozkan, Ismail Burak Parlak, A. Cagri Tolga -- Expert system for evaluation of satisfaction of employees / Bogdan Walek, Jiri Bartos -- Expert system for selection of suitable job applicants / Bogdan Walek, Jiri Bartos -- Dynamic simulation of entrepreneurial project environmental assessment / Zhiyan Xu, Kaijun Xu -- Using dual-adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system in pilot's risk assessment / Kaijun Xu -- [symbol]-paramodulation for lattice-valued logic with equality / Xingxing He ... [et al.] -- Approximate reasoning method in linguistic truth-valued first-order logic system / Xiaosong Cui ... [et al.] -- pt. 2. Statistics, data analysis and data mining. Nash-particle swarm optimization applied to the analysis of timber markets in the Amazon forest / Anderson Alvarenga de Moura Meneses, Marcos Ximenes Ponte -- Bootstrapping DEA scores for traffic fatality risk assessment in Brazil / Jorge Tiago Bastos ... [et al.] -- Forecasting high frequency data: An ARMA-soft RBF network model for time series / Dusan Marcek -- Feature selection for imbalanced datasets based on improved genetic algorithm / Limin Du, Yang Xu, Liuqian Jin -- Infography usage in a systematic mapping about online social networks analysis / Jarbele C. Da Silva ... [et al.] -- On interval fuzzy Bayesian games: Preliminary results / T.C. Asmus, B.R.C. Bedregal, G.P. Dimuro -- Fuzzy conditional entropy based feature evaluation and selection / Hua Zhao, Keyun Qin -- Time series grouping and trend forecast using F1-transform and fuzzy natural logic / I. Perfilieva ... [et al.] -- Synthetic aperture radar edge detection with Canny's procedure and a gravitational approach / G. P. Silva Junior, S.A. Sandri, A.C. Frery -- New parameters estimators using EM-like algorithm for naive Bayes classifier based on beta distributions / Ronei M. Moraes ... [et al.] -- Accuracy evaluation of evolving fuzzy neural networks in pattern recognition tasks using data from four different statistical distributions / Jodavid de Araujo Ferreira, Ronei M. Marcos Moraes -- Performance evaluation of online training assessment on embedded system / Elaine A.M.G. Soares, Liliane S. Machado, Ronei M. Moraes -- A model for fishery forecast based on cluster analysis and nonlinear regression / Hongchun Yuan, Mingxing Tan, Ying Chen -- An efficient online learning approach for support vector regression / Jie Liu ... [et al.]
Pt. 3. Foundations of computational intelligence. [symbol]-ordered linear minimal resolution method in lattice-valued propositional Logic System LP(X) / Hairui Jia ... [et al.] -- Non-clausal multi-ary [symbol]-generalized resolution principle for a lattice-valued propositional logic / Yang Xu ... [et al.] -- Bases in L-semilinear spaces / Q.Y. Shu, Q.Q Xiong, X.P. Wang -- Two types of prime ideals on residuated lattices / Y. Liu ... [et al.] -- The strongly prime radical of a fuzzy ideal / Flaulles B. Bergamaschi, Regivan H.N. Santiago -- Some results on fuzzy sub positive implicative filters of non-commutative residuated lattice / Wei Wang, Yang Xu -- An adaptive spectrum allocation scheme based on matrix game in macro/femtocell hierarchical networks / Peng Xu ... [et al.] -- The algebra structure of linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic fuzzy lattice / Xin Liu, Ming'e Yin, Li Zou -- F[symbol]-transform-based solution of the Cauchy problem / Irina Perfilieva, Radek Valasek, Viktor Pavliska -- Interval migrative functions / F.T. Santana ... [et al.] -- Searching for a consensus similarity function for generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers / E. Vicente, A. Mateos, A. Jimenez-Martin -- Outline of 2n-valued propositional calculus with a big data setting / Long Hong, Ningning Zhou -- Outline of 2[symbol]-valued propositional calculus with a big data setting / Long Hong, Ningning Zhou -- Grafical illustrations of real-valued boolean consistent logical relations / Dragan Radojevic -- [symbol]-resolution method for lattice-valued Horn generalized clauses in lattice-valued propositional logic system / Weitao Xu ... [et al.] -- Fuzzification of boolean networks / Vladimir Dobric -- A method of data clustering based on dynamic learning / Xiaohong Liu -- Conjugate fuzzy S-implications obtained by OWA-operators / I. Benitez ... [et al.] -- Quasi-homogeneous overlap functions / L.M. Costa, B.R.C. Bedregal -- Inverse limits in fuzzy dynamical systems induced by interval maps / J.P. Borohski, J. Kupka -- Extension of N-dimensional lattice-valued negations / E.S. Palmeira, B.C. Bedregal -- Fuzzy homomorphism in fuzzy lattices preserving ideals / I. Mezzomo, B. Bedregal, R.H.N. Santiago -- On monotonic inclusion interval uninorms / F.L. Santana, R.H.N. Santiago, F.T. Santana -- Distance measures with probabilities, OWA operators and weighted averages / Jose M. Merigo, Ligang Zhou, Dejian Yu -- A rule base and its inference method using evidential reasoning / Liuqian Jin, Yang Xu, Xin Fang -- Bipolarity in social sciences and mathematics / Camilo A. Franco, J. Tinguaro Rodriguez, Javier Montero -- [symbol]-semi-lock semantic resolution method based on lattice-valued Propositional Logic LP(X) / Xiaomei Zhong, Yang Xu, Xingxing He -- Semantics of propositional fuzzy modal logic with evaluated syntax based on MV-algebras / Xiaodong Pan ... [et al.] -- Formal logical transformation of hierarchical human activity for reasoning based recognition / Shuwei Chen ... [et al.] -- pt. 4. Soft computing and applied research. Particle swarms applied to the quadratic assignment problem for solving the in-core fuel management optimization / Anderson Alvarenga de Moura Meneses -- MQDM: An iterative fuzzy method for group decision making / Ramon Soto C. ... [et al.] -- A fuzzy linguistic decision tools enhancement suite to solve linguistic decision making problems / F.J. Estrella, M. Espinilla, L. Martinez -- [symbol]-group lock resolution principle based on lattice-valued Propositional Logic LP(X) / Hua Zhu, Yang Xu, Jianbin Zhao -- Fuzzy relational equations and the covering problem / Q.Q. Xiong, Q.Y. Shu, X.P. Wang -- The influence on clustering results of electricity load curves using different clustering algorithms with different data normalization methods / Tiefeng Zhang ... [et al.] -- A global discretization method based on clustering and rough set / Hairui Luo ... [et al.] -- Detection of web server security problems using self organizing maps / Grzegorz Kotaczek, Tomasz Kuzemko -- A new concept of fuzzy image segmentation / D. Gomez ... [et al.] -- Histogram equalization based on the fuzzy local fittingness / Marco A. Garcia, Cherif Ben-Youssef, Ramon Soto C. -- Design of intelligent control for HVAC system using fuzzy logic / Andreas Munoz, Matilde Santos, Victoria Lopez -- Use of genetic algorithms for unmanned aerial systems path planning / Pablo Garcia Aunon, Matilde Santos Penas -- Image stabilization system based on minimization frame differences by a fuzzy logic supervisor / David Reolid Roldan, Matilde Santos, Victoria Lopez -- Fuel fuzzy control in an aircraft: A first approach / Elias Plaza Alonso, Matilde Santos Penas -- Fuzzy logic vs analytic controllers on a non-linear system / E. Aranda ... [et al.] -- From semantic fuzzy 2-Tuples to linguistics: A semantic partition / M.-A. Abchir, I. Truck -- Analysing Spanish daily energy demand by programming a graphical implementation with R / Jose Manuel Velasco ... [et al.] -- Post-processing expressive rendering effects for visual deficiency / C. Sauvaget ... [et al.] -- Toward a Polish intelligent virtual tutor: An overview of existing work / I. Truck, M. Durand, M. Watorek -- Proposal for a semantic annotation of graphical documents / I. Truck ... [et al.]
Pt. 5. Intelligent systems and knowledge engineering. Correlation analysis of performance metrics for classifier / Yangming Zhou, Yangguang Liu -- Artificial development and evolution of artificial neural networks using parametric L-systems with memory / Lidio Mauro Lima de Campos, Roberto Celio Limao de Oliveira -- A framework for overlapping clustering / Qi Zhang ... [et al.] -- Text co-clustering using matrix block and correlation coefficient / Chaoyang Chun, Yan Yang, Huijia Tang -- Eduvisor -- Data integration system for education / Jer Lang Hong -- A novel framework for validating dynamic web applications with multi language integration across different platforms / Chee Sheen Chan, Jer Lang Hong -- Multi-follower tri-level decision making with uncooperative followers / Jialin Han ... [et al.] -- A fuzzy SNS community centrality analysis method and a case study on Ren Ren Net in China / Zi Lu ... [et al.] -- Manufacture's logistics outsouring decision research based on free-rider / Guo Qiang, Jiang Min -- Training strategy to improve the efficiency of an intelligent detection system / Cesar Guevara, Matilde Santos, Victoria Lopez -- A novel weighting method for online ensemble learning with the presence of concept drift / Anjin Liu, Guangquan Zhang, Jie Lu -- A modified learn++.NSE algorithm for dealing with concept drift / Fan Dong ... [et al.] -- Improving group recommendation with outlier data filtering / Jorge Castro, Manuel J. Barranco, Luis Martinez -- Genetic algorithm based instance selection for nearest neighbor rule / Hua Zhao, Keyun Qin -- Prioritization of urban transformation projects in Istanbul using multiattribute hesitant fuzzy linguistic term sets / Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar, Cengiz Kahraman -- A parallel approach for computing approximations of dominance-based rough sets approach / Shaoyong Li, Tianrui Li, Hongmei Chen -- pt. 6. Uncertainty modeling. An information system security evaluation method of business operation targeting the service composition / Dan-Chen Wang, Yang Xu, Wei Pu -- A search method for feasible neighborhoods of intelligent car based on neighborhood systems / Hailiang Zhao -- A hybrid DEA-fuzzy method for risk assessment in virtual organizations / Fernanda Sales Bittencourt de Lemos ... [et al.] -- An online design of experiments for optimizing human perception on virtual garments / Xiao Chen ... [et al.] -- A study on after-temporal association between online search volume and stock price with an intelligent ATARII method / Changyu Wang ... [et al.] -- Introduction of new fuzzy methods in credit risk management / Milan Mrkalj -- A heuristic model of partial interdiction median problem for multi-sourcing supply systems / Shaohui Zhang ... Selecting relevant parameters of a textile process using fuzzy sensitivity and OWA operators / Imed Feki ... [et al.] -- pt. 7. Intelligent information processing. gMapReduce: A self-adaption MapReduce framework based on granular computing / Junbo Zhang ... [et al.] -- Comparing the performance of RBFN networks based software effort estimation models / Ali Idri, Wafa El Boukili, Abdelali Zakrani -- Extended approach for evolving neo-fuzzy neural with adaptive feature selection / A.M. Silva ... [et al.] -- User demand-driven patent topic classification using machine learning techniques / Fujin Zhu ... [et al.] -- Opening and closing from idempotent dilations / Nicolas Madrid, Irina Perfilieva -- A adjustment strategy of regional environmental quality assessment based on group differences / Bin Luo, Xiaohong Liu -- A fuzzy domain adaptation method based on self-constructing fFuzzy neural network / Peng Hao, Guangquan Zhang, Vahid Behbood -- An approach via fuzzy sets theory for predator-prey model / Magda da Silva Peixoto, Laecio Carvalho de Barros, Rodney Carlos Bassanezy -- Logistics performance evaluation using analytical neural network and cumulative belief degrees / Ozgur Kabak, Fusun Ulengin, Sule Onsel Ekici -- Ballistic reaching using visuomotor maps in a robot manipulator for starting a visually guided task / Daniel Fernando Tello Gamarra -- Some experimental results in classification using hybrid fuzzy morphological/linear perceptrons / Peter Sussner, Felipe Roberto Bueno -- Intelligent sensory evaluation of tobacco leaf based on NIRS / Ting Liu ... [et al.] -- Learning locally weighted Baysian network for AUC ranking / Qiong Wu ... [et al.] -- F-transform based on generalized residuated lattices / Anand Pratap Singh, S.P. Tiwari -- [symbol]-fuzzy associative memories with an emphasis on interval-valued and type-2 fuzzy associative memories / Tiago Schuster, Peter Sussner -- Fuzzy morphological perceptrons and hybrid fuzzy morphological/linear perceptrons / Felipe Roberto Bueno, Peter Sussner
Summary FLINS, originally an acronym for Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Technologies in Nuclear Science, is now extended to Computational Intelligence for applied research. The contributions to the 10th of FLINS conference cover state-of-the-art research, development, and technology for computational intelligence systems, both from the foundations and the applications points-of-view
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Author De Moraes, Ronei Marcos
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ISBN 9789814619967
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Other Titles 11th International FLINS Conference
Proceedings of the 11th International FLINS Conference
Eleventh International FLINS Conference