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Description Empire Online is an exciting collection of original documents relating to Empire Studies, sourced from libraries and archives around the world.
Subject area History
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Empire Online The abbey of bliss / a translation of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's Anandamath by Nares Chandra Sen-Gupta
Empire Online Abel Jansen Tasman's journal / tra[n]slated from the original Dutch by Charles Godfrey Woide, Chaplain of His Majesty's Dutch Chapel at St. James's
Empire Online An abstract of the proceedings of the Court of Directors of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies : commencing the 12th of May and ending the 10th of June 1696
Empire Online An account of Ireland in 1773 / by a late chief secretary of that Kingdom
Empire Online An account of New Zealand : and of the formation and progress of the Church Missionary Society's mission in the northern island / by William Yate
Empire Online [Account of Sir Hesketh Bell] 1909 Nov. 19
Empire Online An account of the colony of South Australia : prepared for distribution at the International Exhibition of 1862 / by Frederick Sinnett ; together with a catalogue of all the products of South Australia exhibited at the South Australian Court of the International Exhibition
Empire Online Account of the sieges of Lucknow / [James Innes]
Empire Online An account of the slave trade on the coast of Africa / by Alexander Falconbridge
Empire Online Account of the slaves who died on the Elizabeth
Empire Online Acct. of the fate of the Boyd
Empire Online Activities of the female suffrage movement in the Bahamas
Empire Online Address to the nations of the world by the Pan-African Conference in London, 1900
Empire Online Administration of tropical colonies 1905
Empire Online Advancement of African women in Kenya
Empire Online The adventures of a Sepoy / by M.L. Dube
Empire Online The adventures of William Dampier with others who left Capn. Sharpe in the South Seas and travaled back over land through the country of Darien
Empire Online Advisory Committee on Native Education in Tropical Africa
Empire Online The African colonizer
Empire Online Africa. Education in British Tropical Africa / paper by H. Vischer