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Title Proceedings of the 8th Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics : trends in the new millennium : Langkawi, Malaysia, 15-19 December 2002 / editors, B.V.R. Chowdari [and others]
Published Singapore ; River Edge, NJ : World Scientific, ©2002


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Contents pt. I. Batteries and battery materials. Lithium ion transfer through the interface between positive electrode and electrolyte in rechargeable lithium batteries / Z. Ogumi, T. Abe, Y. Iriyama -- Lithium nickel oxide derivatives: from an intercalation reaction to an electrode material for EV lithium-ion batteries / C. Delmas -- New lithium solid electrolytes, thio-LISICON: materials design concept and application to solid state battery / R. Kanno, M. Murayama, K. Sakamoto -- Designing chemically and structurally stable cathode hosts for lithium ion cells / A. Manthiram -- Layered Li-Mn-M-oxides as cathodes for Li-ion batteries: recent trends / K.M. Shaju, G.V.S. Rao, B.V.R. Chowdari -- Nanostructured energy storage materials / L.F. Nazar [and others] -- Synthesis and electrochemical property of lithium storage intermetallic compounds / T. Esaka -- Mineral fast ion conductors and mineral solid electrolyte batteries / W. Wang -- Study of the charge transfer process of LaNi[symbol] type electrodes in Ni-MH batteries / L.X. Que, N.P. Thuy -- Electronically conductive phospho-olivines as lithium storage electrodes / S.-Y. Chung [and others] -- CaSnO[symbol] as high capacity anode material for Li-ion batteries / N. Sharma [and others] -- The improvement of cycleability of LiMn[symbol] materials by coating with Ni, Co or Cu / S.T. Yang [and others] -- Studies on the performance of Li(Ni, Co)O[symbol] solid solutions as cathodes for lithium batteries / P. Kalyani [and others] -- A novel soft chemistry approach to synthesize LiNiVO[symbol] / N. Kalaiselvi [and others] -- Synthesis and redox behavior of oxygen deficient brannerite LiVWO[symbol] for lithium batteries / S.R.S. Prabaharan [and others] -- A new electrode with polyanion -- (MoO[symbol] as cathode for lithium ion batteries / K.M. Begam [and others] -- Structure and electrochemistry of 4-V positive electrodes prepared by succinic acid-assisted wet chemistry / S. Selladurai [and others] -- Performance comparison of commercial mobile phone battery / M. Azrulnizam, B. Surani, M.A. Sulaiman -- Comparison of LiCo[symbol] PLD film with bulk for the application of lithium micro-batteries / R. Vasanthi [and others] -- Solid state battery discharge characteristic studies on some new Ag+ ion conducting glasses / R.C. Agrawal [and others] -- Study of solid state protonic battery with composite solid electrolyte / K. Singh [and others] -- Performance of Zn-polyaniline rechargeable battery / M. Paramasivam [and others]
pt. II. Polymer electrodes and electrolytes. Thermally stable polymer electrolyte plasticized with PEG-B orate ester for lithium secondary battery / M. Wakihara [and others] -- Polymer electrolytes: problems, prospects and promises / G. Nagasubramanian, D.H. Doughty -- Composite polymer electrolytes based on hyperbranched polymer and application to lithium polymer batteries / T. Itoh [and others] -- Ambient temperature hybrid polymer electrolyte based on PVK+PVDF-HFP(co-polymer) for lithium batteries / M.S. Michael, T.Y. Tou, S.R.S. Prabaharan -- Nano-composite solid polymer electrolytes / M.A.K.L. Dissanayake -- Ionic conduction mechanism of polymer gel electrolytes / Y. Saito, H. Kataoka -- Polymer electrolytes: opportunities and challenges / A.R. Kulkarni -- The role of polymer electrolytes in drug delivery / R.J. Latham, R.G. Linford, W.S. Schlindwein -- Single ion conductor based on modified silica / N.-S. Choi [and others] -- Plastic crystal fast ion conductors / D.R. MacFarlane [and others] -- Solid state and electrochemical studies of poly (dimethylsilane) and poly (dimethylstannum) film electrodes / M.A. Kulandainathan [and others] -- Polypyrrole electrodes as cathodes in a rechargeable cell / K.P. Vidanapathirana [and others] -- Investigation on PMMA-based gel electrolyte for electrochromic devices / M.M. Kamisah -- Exploratory NMR imaging experiments to determine the possibility of a percolating mechanism in plasticized polymer electrolytes / S.T.H. Joykumar, G.M. Raghav, S.V. Bhat -- Ionic conductivity enhancement in PEO[symbol] composite solid polymer electrolyte due to Al[symbol] filler / P.A.R.D. Jayathilaka [and others] -- Characterization and conductivity study of poly (2 dimethylamino ethylmethacrylate) and its hydrochloride salt in solid state / J.R. Chetia, A. Dutta, N.N. Dass -- Nano TiO[symbol] composite PVDF polymer electrolyte / C.-Y. Chiang, P.P. Chu -- PVDF/phenolic blend polymer electrolyte / Y.J. Shen, P.P. Chu -- Electrical and structural properties of new Li+ ion conducting sol-gel derived ormolytes: (SiO[symbol])- LiCF[symbol] / R.K. Gupta [and others] -- Plasticized proton conducting polymer electrolytes based on polyethylene oxide and ammonium salts NH[symbol]X: X=F, BF[symbol] / S.S. Sekhon, M. Kumar -- The influence of dispersed state on the structure and capability of the polymer electrolytes based on PVDF/PMMA / S.T. Yang, H.J. Chen, J.H. Jia -- Mesoporous composite PEO solid polymer electrolyte / M.J. Reddy, P.P. Chu -- The doping effect on conductivity and glass transition temperature of solid polymeric electrolyte based on polyvinylchloride (PVC) / M.Y.A. Rahman [and others]
pt. III. Electrochromics, sensors and fuel cells. Materials concepts for solid state ionic devices / W. Weppner -- Electrochromics -- history, technology, and the future / C.M. Lampert -- Electrochromic properties of iridium oxide films prepared by pulsed anodic electrodeposition / Y. Jung, Y. Tak, J. Lee -- Electrochromic sensing of chloride using N-tetraphenyl porphine manganese (III) chloride Langmuir-Blodgett films / M.M. Salleh, Akrajas, M. Yahaya -- Electrochromic TiO[symbol] thin film prepared by dip-coating technique / S. Suriani, M.M. Kamisah -- Electrochromic characterization of electrodeposited WO[symbol] thin films / R. Vijayalakshmi, M. Jayachandran, C. Sanjeeviraja -- Ag[symbol] glass system: a novel reference electrode for SO[symbol] gas sensor / K. Singh, A. Lad, S.S. Bhoga -- New family of electrochemical cells for NO[symbol] decomposition with multi layer electro-catalytic electrode / S. Bredikhin [and others] -- Ferroelectric dispersed composite solid electrolyte for CO[symbol] gas sensor / K. Singh, P. Ambekar, S.S. Bhoga -- Electrical and microstructural characterization of Ni/YSZ cermet anode for anode-supported type SOFC / D.-S. Lee [and others]
pt. IV. Anion (O[symbol], F- ) and cation (Li+, Na+) conductors. Solid state ionics: interfaces vs. bulk / J. Maier -- Electrical characterisation of oxide ion conducting perovskites and apatites / A.R. West, E.J. Abram, D.C. Sinclair -- Study of sol-gel synthesized Ce[ymbol] solid electrolyte / T.-L. Wen [and others] -- Electrical conduction in BaTiO[symbol] in its mixed n/p regime under oxygen potential gradients / H.-I. Yoo -- Re-examination of oxide-ion conductivity of 7Bi[symbol] / A. Watanabe -- Water solubility in ceria and zirconia doped with rare earth oxides / S. Inami [and others] -- Oxygen permeability of 60-volume% Bi[symbol] and 40-volume% Ag composite prepared by citrate sol-gel method / K. Kobayashi, T. Tsunoda -- Conductivity studies of Bi[symbol] solid solutions / L.T. Sim [and others] -- Synthesis and ionic conductivity of PbBi[symbol] (M=V, P, As) and Pb[symbol] solid solutions / C.S. Lee [and others] -- Preparation and characterization of ionic conductor Bi[symbol] / S.L. Lee [and others] -- Fluoride ion conductors RPbF[symbol] (R=Rb, Cs) studied by X-ray diffraction and NMR / T. Okuda [and others] -- Effect of milling time on the particles size and microstructure of millscale derived BaFe[symbol] / S.A. Raba'ah [and others] -- Effect of copper oxide additions on the grain boundary resistivity in yttria-tetragonal zirconia / S. Ramesh -- Ceria-doped yttria crystals, their structure and electrical conductivity / M. Hartmanova [and others] -- AC impedance spectroscopic studies on Li[symbol] / M. Vijayakumar, S. Selvasekarapandian -- Synthesis and electrical characterization of Gd doped lithium phosphate / G. Hirankumar, M. Vijayakumar, S. Selvasekarapandian -- Lithium ionic conduction in LiAlO[symbol]-based oxides at elevated temperatures / T. Shimura [and others] -- Impedance spectroscopy and structural investigation of the Li+ conductor Li[symbol] / K. Yamada [and others] -- Frequency dependent electrical properties of the Na[symbol] and Na[symbol] NASICON material / C.R. Mariappan, G. Govindaraj -- pt. V. Electrochemical promoted reactions and supercapacitors. Synthesis, structure and electronic properties of anionically modified anatase / K.V. Ramanujachary [and others] -- Studies on heat treated Co-Cr[symbol] and Ni-Cr[symbol] electrodeposited surfaces under tribological conditions / D. Kalyanaraman, R. Chandramohan -- A catalytic SnO[symbol] based electrodes for electrosynthesis and energy device applications / M.A. Kulandainathan [and others] -- Conductive additive carbon for high voltage electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLCs) / M.S. Michael [and others] -- Effects of chemical pretreatment in the preparation of aluminum electrolytic capacitor anode / J.W. Lee [and others] -- Power sources for future road transport: electrochemical systems and fuel cells / T.G. Sakthivel, R. Smart, A.M. Krishnan
Summary This volume presents a comprehensive collection of state-of-the-art advances in the field of solid state ionic materials and the design, fabrication and performance of devices that use them, such as lithium batteries, gas sensors, fuel cells, supercapacitors and electrochromic displays. These electrochemical devices are becoming pervasive in our technologically driven lifestyles. The book includes research activities being carried out in the new millennium, through special keynote addresses, as well as invited and contributed papers, related to experimental and theoretical modeling in solid state ionics. The excellent coverage of topics arranged in such a fashion helps students and beginners to understand the field with enthusiasm. It also encompasses various experimental techniques often employed in solid state ionics research, such as XRD, XPS, hole-burning spectroscopy, EDAX, EXAFS, SEM, thermal analysis techniques, ac-impedance spectroscopy and other electrochemical techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, galvanostatic and potentiostatic electrochemical techniques. Theoretical and applied aspects of mixed conduction for applications mainly in solid oxide fuel cells occupy a portion of the text. Finally, this volume demonstrates the amount of research activities being carried out in this application-oriented field. Solid State Ionics will be of interest to all in the solid state ionics community, including chemists, physicists, materials scientists and electrochemists, both in industry and in research
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Author Chowdari, B. V. R
Asian Society for Solid State Ionics.
Asian Conference on Solid State Ionics (8th : 2002 : Langkawi, Malaysia)
ISBN 9789812776259
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