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Description JSTOR Open Access offers a range of open access titles that support academic research in core disciplines.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary
Other name JSTOR Early Journal Content (EJC)
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Special terms When accessing electronic resources, please ensure that you carefully read the publisher's privacy policy and information collection statement. Resources which require you to log in or, enable content sharing, may collect and store your data in jurisdictions outside of Victoria. Deakin is not responsible for the use of that information by the Publisher. Any queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.
Authorised users Open Access
Terms of use When accessing or referencing electronic resources, users should check the individual web site which may have terms and conditions/permissions specific to the use of that resource. If there are no terms of use/permissions then users must comply with Australian Copyright law and, in some cases, the copyright laws of other countries.
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JSTOR Open Access 50 Jahre EU : 50 Jahre Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofs zum Arbeits- und Sozialrecht / Franz Müntefering, Ulrich Becker (Hrsg.)
JSTOR Open Access Los '68 latinoamericanos : movimientos estudiantiles, política y cultura en México, Brasil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina y Colombia / Pablo Bonavena y Mariano Millán [editores] ; Pablo Bonavena [and eleven others]
JSTOR Open Access 9 to 5 : do you know if your boss knows where you are? / Edward Balkovich, Tora K. Bikson, Gordon Bitko
JSTOR Open Access A ciência como profissão : médicos, bacharéis e cientistas no brasil (1895-1935) / Dominichi Miranda de Sá
JSTOR Open Access A Civil Society The Public Space of Freemason Women in France, 1744-1944
A foreign affair : Billy Wilder's American films / Gerd Gemünden
JSTOR Open Access A Global History of Ideas in the Language of Law / Gunnar Folke Schuppert
JSTOR Open Access A la sombra de los libros : lectura, mercado y vida pública / Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo
JSTOR Open Access À l'ombre de l'Inco : étude de la transition d'une communauté canadienne-française de la région de Sudbury, 1890-1972 / Donald Dennie
JSTOR Open Access A modo de silabario : para leer a Michel Foucault / selección y notas de Nelson Minello Martini
JSTOR Open Access "A world-proof life" : Eleanor Dark, a writer in her times, 1901-1985 / by Marivic Wyndham
JSTOR Open Access Aantekeningen bij Tjan Tjoe Siem's vertaling van de lakon Kurupati rabi / door E.M. Uhlenbeck ; met medewerking van J. Soegiarto
JSTOR Open Access Abbott's gambit : the 2013 Australian federal election / editors, Carol Johnson and John Wanna (with Hsu-Ann Lee)
JSTOR Open Access Abe-Kōbō y la narrativa japonesa de posguerra / Guillermo Quartucci
JSTOR Open Access Aberration of mind : suicide and suffering in the Civil War-era South / Diane Miller Sommerville
JSTOR Open Access Ableism in academia : theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education / edited by Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh
JSTOR Open Access Aboriginal placenames : naming and re-naming the Australian landscape / editors, Luise Hercus, Harold Koch
JSTOR Open Access Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley / John Taylor
JSTOR Open Access About Russia, its revolutions, its development and its present / Michal Reiman
JSTOR Open Access Der Abschreckungseffekt auf die Grundrechtsausübung : Strukturen eines verfassungsrechtlichen Arguments / Julian Staben