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Author EPD Congress (22nd : 2011 : San Diego, Calif.)

Title EPD Congress 2011 : held during TMS 2011 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, San Diego, California, USA, 27 February-3rd March 20011 / editors, Sergio N. Monteiro [and others]
Published Boston, Mass. : John Wiley & Sons, [2011]
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Description 1 online resource (1097 pages) : illustrations
Contents Characterization Methods and Synthesis Techniques. Design and Implementation of Low Cost Measurement System for Determination of Thermal Conductivity Coefficient / J D Calderon, NJ Ramirez, L Lopez, C Perez -- Material Performance of TBCs at High Temperature in Moisture-Containing Environments Using a Load-Based Micro-indentation Technique / J M Tannenbaum, B S-J Kang, M A Alvin -- Digital Construction and Characterization of Reticulated Porous Microstructures from Sacrificial Templates / Jason A Kulpe, Stephanie J Lin, Jason H Nadler -- Selective Removal of Thiophene from Liquid Fuels over Nickel Based Nanocrystalline Zinc Oxide / Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Jewel Andrew Gomes, Hylton McWhinney, Doanh Tran, Sameer Pallavkar, Md Islam, George Irwin, David Cocke -- Mineral Processing and Analysis. Characterization of a Greensand Slate from Cedro do Abaet' : Brazil to the Synthesis of a Potassium Thermophosphate / Adriana de Aquino Soeiro da Silva, Joao Alves Sampaio, Francisco Manoel Garrido, Marta Elo̕sa Medeiros, Luiz Carlos Bertolino -- Application of High-Power Nanosecond Pulses to Flotation Separation of Sulfide Minerals / Igor Zh Bunin, Valentine A Chanturiya, Alexey T Kovalev, Irina A Khabarova, Elizaveta V Koporulina -- Sulfur Deposition Impact on Surface Morphology of Fly Ash-Based Adsorbent for Mercury Removal / Wei Gao, Qing-cai Liu, Cun-fang Lu, Jian Yang, Huimin Zheng, Chun-ling Yao -- Sulfur Contents on the Distribution Characteristics of Mercury in Coals / Wei Gao, Qing-cai Liu, Jian Yang, Cun-fang Lu, Hinmi Zheng -- Characterization of Burrows from Mining District of Pachuca : Real Del Monte, in Hidalgo State and Viability Study to Use These Residues as Alternate Industrial Material / Herǹndez A Juan, Salinas R Eleazar, Patįo C Francisco, Rivera L Isauro, Reyes P Mart̕n, P̌rez L J Miguel, Jùrez T Cesar, Cerecedo S Eduardo -- Technological Characterization of Phonolite Rock to be Applied as Source of Nutrients to the Brazilian Agriculture / Aline Maria dos Santos Teixeira, Jôo Alves Sampaio, Francisco Manoel dos Santos Garrido, Marta Eloisa Medeiros -- Study on Thermal Stabilities of 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles Copper and Zinc Complex / Zhongliang Xiao, Yan Shi, Huanli Yang, Yu Ding, Zhong Cao, Daoxin Wu -- Investigation on Extracting Boric Acid from Saline Brine by Boron Specific Chelating Resin / Xiang Xiao, Bai-zhen Chen, Xi-chang Shi, Yun-feng Fu, Hui Xu, Xi-yun Yang -- Low Temperature Carbothermic Reduction of Panzhihua Low Grade Ilmenite after Ball Milling / Ying Lei, Yu Li, Jinhui Peng, Libo Zhang, Shenghui Guo, Wei Li -- Characterization of Steel and Cast Iron. Effect of Initial Structure on Grain Refinement of Medium Carbon Steel Processed by ECAP / Jozef Zrnik, Sergey Dobatkin, George Raab, Libor Kraus, Martin Fujda -- Effect of Test Temperature and Prior Straining on the Deformation Mode of Austenitic Stainless Steel during Tensile Testing / S Roychowdhury, S Neogy, M Gupta, V Kain, D Srivastava, GK Dey, RC Prasad -- Evaluation of Aging Embrittlement of Austenitic Stainless Steels JN1, JJ1 and JK2 by Cryogenic Small-Punch Testing / Maribel L-Saucedo-Mųoz, Shin-Ichi Komazaki, Toshiyuki Hashida, Victor M Lopez-Hirata -- Investigations on the Cyclic Crack Growth Behaviour of Spring Steel Wire Reinforced EN AW-6082 / Matthias Merzkirch, Kay Andř Weidenmann, Volker Schulze -- Effect of Cr Content on Corrosion Resistance of Experimental Fe-Cr Alloys under SCW Condition / Jian Li, J Miles, W Zheng, Alvin Qian, P Liu, W Cook -- Internal Friction and Three Dimensional Atom Probe Analysis of Bake Hardening Phenomenon in Ultra-Low Carbon Bake Hardening Steel / Hua Wang, Wen Shi, Lin Li -- Characterization of Non-Ferrous Alloys. Characterization of the Manganese Oxide Scales Formed on a Grooved Cast Pb-Ag Anode from a Zinc Electrowinning Operation / TT Chen, JE Dutrizac -- Thermophysical Properties of the Platinum-Copper System / Shahid Mehmood, Ulrich E Klotz, Gernot Pottlacher -- Processing and Characterization of Ultra-Fine Grain Structure in Al Alloy by Equal Channel Angular Pressing / Prasad P Shanmugasundaram, Narayani Narasimhan, Balasivanadha Prabhu -- Structural Characterization. Segmentation of Three-Dimensional EBSD Data through Fast Multiscale Clustering / Cullen McMahon, Cassandra George, Md Zakaria Quadir, Michael Ferry, Lori Bassman -- Microwave Sintering of CaO Stabilized Nature Baddeleyite / Li Jing, Peng Jinhui, Guo Shenghui, Li Wei, Zhang Libo -- Nanomaterials, Nanotechniques and Thin Films. Microstructural Characterization of Nanomaterials Produced from Co-Products of the Ethanol Production (DDGS) / Joner O Alves, Chuanwei Zhuo, Yiannis A Levendis, Jorge A S Tenorio -- Photoluminescence of the Interface of SnO:F/CdS: In/CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells Prepared Partially by the Spray Pyrolysis Technique / Shadia J Ikhmayies, Riyad N Ahmad-Bitar -- Particle Size Analysis of Metal Nanoparticles Using Ultra-High Resolution Mass Sensors / Kerri-Ann Hue, Ken Babcock, Patrick O'Hagan, Kerry Hasapidis -- Production of CdSTex Thin Films and Bandgap Investigation of the Produced Solid Solution / Shadia J Ikhmayies, Riyad N Ahmad-Bitar -- An Investigation of the Photoluminescence and Transmittance of CdSTex Thin Films / Shadia J Ikhmayies, Riyad N Ahmad-Bitar -- Measuring the Elastic Modulus of Polymers by Nanoindentation with an Atomic Force Microscope / Daniel Hoffman, Ibrahim Miskioglu, Jaroslaw Drelich, Katerina Aifantis -- Microstructural Analysis of Nanomaterials Synthesized from Unserviceable Tires / Joner O Alves, Chuanwei Zhuo, Yiannis A Levendis, Jorge A S Tenorio -- Effect of Heat Treatment Schedules on the Crystallization Behavior and Thermal Expansion of a Lithium Disilicate Based Glass-Ceramic / Onder Guney, Erdem Demirkesen -- Characterization of Nanocrystalline Silver Fabricated by Warm-Vacuum-Compaction Method / Wei Liu, Qionghua Zhou -- Characterization of Polymers, Composites and Natural Materials. Characterization of Tensile Properties of Piassava Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites / Denise Cristina Oliveira Nascimento, Isabela Lêo Amaral da Silva, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Felipe Perisš Duarte Lopes, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Characterization of Tensile Tested Continuous Bamboo Stripped Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites / Lucas Lopes da Costa, Sergio Neves Monteiro, R̥mulo Leite Loiola -- Characterization of Thermal Behavior of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Curaua Fibers by Differential Scanning Calorimetry / Felipe Perisš D Lopes, Ailton S Ferreira, Rub̌n J Sanchez Rodriguez, Teresa E Castillo, Sergio N Monteiro -- Characterization of Thermogravimetric Behavior of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Coir Fiber / Helvio P G Santaf̌, Ruben J S Rodriguez, Sergio N Monteiro, Teresa E Castillo -- Flexural Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Composites Reinforced with Continuous Buriti Petiole Fibers / Tammy G Rodrigues Portela, Lucas L da Costa, R̥mulo L Loiola, Sergio N Monteiro -- Rheological and Dynamic Strain Rate Studies of Wax-Coated Granular Composites Used in Sports Surfaces / J W Bridge, A Kiziltas, D J Gardner, M L Peterson, C W McIlwraith
Characterization of Plastic Materials Used in the Automotive Industry (Impact-Stress) / A Rojo, NJ Ramirez, JE Salgado -- Dynamic-Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Banana Fibers / Nathalia Carneiro Garcia Rosa, Lucas Barbosa de Souza Martins, Felipe Perisš Duarte Lopes, Lucas Lopes da Costa, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Rub̌n Jesus Sanchez Rodriguez -- Characterization of Thermal Properties of Curaua Fibers by Photothermal and Photoacoustic Techniques / Felipe Perisš Duarte Lopes, Leonardo Mota, Marcelo Gomes da Silva, Helion Vargas, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Photoacoustic Thermal Characterization of a Natural Biofoam Extracted from the Buriti Palm Tree / Lucas L da Costa, Leonardo Mota, Milton B Filho, Marcelo G da Silva, Tammy G R Portela, Helion Vargas, Sergio N Monteiro -- Pullout Test of Jute Fiber to Evaluate the Interface Shear Stress in Polyester Composites / Isabela Lêo Amaral da Silva, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Felipe Perisse Duarte Lopes, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Thermal Analysis Characterization of Ramie Fibers with Different Diameters / Ruben Sanchez Rodriguez, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Isabela Lêo Amaral da Silva, Felipe Perisš, Duarte Lopes, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Poster Session. Tensile Behavior of Epoxy Composites Reinforced with Continuous and Thinner Ramie Fibers / Jarbas Bravo Neto, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Pullout Tests of Sisal Fibers in Epoxy Matrix for Characterization of Interfacial Shear Stress / Wellington Pereira Iǹcio, Artur Camposo Pereira, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Fernando Wypych, Rafael Marangoni -- Preparation of SCR Catalyst Carrier by APCVD and Sol-gel Technologies / Jian Yang, Qingcai Liu, Mei Yang, Wenchang Xi, Wei Gao -- Hydrometallurgy. Hydrometallurgy of Chlorides: A Review of Recent Developments / Dirk Verhulst, VI Lakshmanan -- Development of a Novel High-Chloride Circuit for the Starfield Resources' Ferguson Lake Project / M Dry, N Verbaan, E Bourricaudy, M Moran -- Synthesis of TiO by an Innovative Atmospheric Mixed Chloride Leach Process / VI Lakshmanan, R Sridhar, R Roy -- Integrated Plant to Recover Zinc, Lead and Silver from Crude Zinc Oxides Applying ZINCEX and PLINT Technologies / C Frias, G Diaz, D Martin, F Sanchez, A Mejias -- N, N'-Tetrasubstituted Malonamide Derivatives and Hydrochloric Acid Solutions: An Interfacial Study / M Soledade Santos, Marc F Cornella, Jôo N Reis, Sandra S Reis, Ana P Paiva -- Recovery of Precious Metals from Base Metal Sulfide Ores by a Hydrometallurgical Process / VI Lakshmanan, R Sridhar, R Roy -- Recovery of Precious Metals from Chloride Media Using Microalgae Waste from Biofuel Extraction / Katsutoshi Inoue, Kanjana Khunathai, Keisuke Ohto, Hidetka Kawakita, Kinya Atsumi, Hisaya Kato -- Pyrometallurgy and Acid Regeneration. Chloride Metallurgy: Process Technology Development / Edgar Peek -- The Purification of Titanium Tetrachloride: A History / Lisa E Helberg -- Zirconium Chlorination Behavior: A Literature Review / Donald Voit -- HCl Leaching and Acid Regeneration Using MgCl Brines and Molten Salt Hydrates / Jan de Bakker, Joshua LaMarre, Vladimiros Papangelakis, Boyd Davis -- Precipitation of Hematite and Recovery of Hydrochloric Acid from Concentrated Iron Chloride Solutions by a Novel Hydrolytic Decomposition Process / L Becze, SJ Hock, GP Demopoulos -- Application of Oxygen Enrichment for the Pyrohydrolysis of Metal Chlorides / K Adham, C Lee, K O'Keefe, B Wasmund -- Segregation Roasting of a Saprolitic Laterite Ore: An Experimental Investigation / Munyaradzi Kwatara, Juzer Tayabally, Edgar Peek, Ron Schonewille -- Mechanism of Selective Chlorination of Reduced Limonitic Nickel Laterite Using a Solid Chloride Agent / Chuanlin Fan, Xiujing Zhai, Yan Fu, Yongfeng Chang, Binchuan Li, Ting-an Zhang -- Molten Salts, Magnesium and Aluminum. Evaluation of 2.25Cr-1Mo Alloy for Containment of LiCl/KCl Eutectic during the Pyrometallurgical Processing of Used Nuclear Fuel / BR Westphal, SX Li, GL Fredrickson, D Vaden, TA Johnson, JC Wass -- Numerical and Experimental Study of Fluid Flow during Electrolytic Process for Magnesium Production / Hyun-Na Bae, Myung-Duk Seo, Seon-Hyo Kim, Go-Gi Lee, Jae-Young Jung -- Magnesium Removal from Secondary Aluminum Melts in Reverberatory and Rotary Furnaces / Eulogio Velasco, Jose Nino, Marcos Cardoso -- Rapid Removal of Chlorine in Molten Salt Electrolysis of Magnesium Chloride / G̲kham Dem??rc??, Ishak Karakaya -- The Dissolution Behavior of TiCxO Solid Solutions in Chloride Melt / Xiaohui Ning, Chao Du, Qiuyu Wang, Shuqiang Jiao, Hongmin Zhu -- Study on Mechanism of Aluminum Production by Alumina Carbothermic Reduction-chlorination Process in Vacuum / Fulong Zhu, Bin Yang, Qingchun Yu, Baoqiang Xu, Yongnian Dai -- Electrochemical Removal of Impurity Mg from LiCl-KCl Melts / Bing Li, Miao Shen, Suzhen Li, Jingwei Lou, Jianguo Yu -- Direct Synthesis of Niobium Aluminides Powders by Sodiothermic Reduction in Molten Salts / Na Wang, Chao Du, Shuqiang Jiao, Kai Huang, Hongmin Zhu -- Solidification, Deformation, and Heat Treatment. The Influence of Solidification Rates on Hot Workability and Mechanical Properties of AM60 Magnesium Alloy / G Kugler, M Tercelj -- On the Homogenization of Cobalt Modified 17-4 PH Stainless Steel / Arpana S Murthy, Simon Lekakh, Von L Richards, David Van Aken -- Investigation of the Effects of Solidification Rate and Melt Hydrogen Concentration on Porosity Formation in Aluminum Alloy 2024 / P N Anyalebechi -- Characterization of the Microstructure of Commercial-Size Ingots of Aluminum Alloy 3004 / P N Anyalebechi -- Expansion and Collapse of Liquid Aluminum Foams / Zhuokun Cao, Chuan Li, Hongjie Luo, Guangchun Yao -- Review of Classical Design Methods as Applied to Aluminium Billet Heating with Induction Coils / Mark William Kennedy, Shahid Akhtar, Jon Arne Bakken, Ragnhild E Aune -- Interactions of Non-Metallic Inclusions with Steel and Slag: Thermodynamic Modeling, Experiments and Metallographic Analyses / Susanne K Michelic, Mario Hartl, Christian Bernhard -- Liquid Metal Flows Under Non-Homogeneous Magnetic Field: Lorentz Force Flowmeters in Metallurgy / Jurij Kolesnikov, Christian Karcher, Andre Thess
Research on the Combination of Microwave and Heat Pump Drying of Silica Sand / Hao Niu, Yu Li, Ying Lei, Libo Zhang, Jinhui Peng, Huilong Luo, Shenghui Guo -- Process Modeling. Simulation of Macrosegregation Due to Melt Convection and Grain Sedimentation in Steel Ingots Using a Mixture Model / Wensheng Li, Houfa Shen, Baicheng Liu -- Effect of Casting Speed on Temperature Difference between Copper Plate and Solidifying Shell in Meniscus of Slab Continuous Casting Mold / Xiang-ning Meng, Miao-yong Zhu -- Numerical Simulation of Decarburization Reaction on the Surface of Liquid Iron / Hyun-Jin Cho, Sang-Joon Kim, Hae-Geon Lee -- 3D Simulation of the Melting during an Electro-Slag Remelting Process / A Kharicha, A Ludwig, M Wu -- An Analysis of Electromagnetic Field and Joule Heating of Electroslag Remelting Processes with Two Series-Connected Electrodes / Fang Wang, Baokuan Li -- Modeling of Copper Converter Foamover and Operational Improvements / Pengfu Tan, Jared Ball, Ben Hogg, Darren Snashall, Paul Telford -- Powders and Composites. Exploratory Research in Reactive Spark Plasma Extrusion / P Mehra, K Morsi -- Preliminary Investigations of the Effect of Particle Size and Tip Size in the Current Activated Tip-Based Sintering (CATS) of Nickel Powder Compacts / A El-Desouky, K S Moon, S K Kassegne, K Morsi -- Exploratory Investigations in Reactive Current Activated Tip-based Sintering (CATS) / A Numula, K Morsi, KS Moon, SK Kassegne -- Improvement on the Tribological Characteristics of Particulate Copper Silicon Carbide Composites / David Esezobor, Atinuke Oladoye -- Smelting, Refining, and Liquid Processing. Removal of Textile Dye Using Electrocoagulation / Jewel Andrew Gomes, Sadia Afrin Jame, Daniel Chen, Venkata Palla, Paul Bernazzani, David Cocke -- Preparation and Properties of CuInS Thin Films by Electrodeposition and Sulfurization / Min Li, Huimin Lu, Lisha Yang -- Effect of Technological Conditions on Enrichment of Phosphorus during Melting Adjusting Process of Converter Slag / Min Chen, Hongxu Cui, Zhen Tian -- Experimental Study on the Production of Nitrogen-Bearing Stainless Steel by Injecting Nitrogen Gas / Liyuan Sun, Jingshe Li, Anping Dong, Yongfeng Chen, Shufeng Yang, Lifeng Zhang -- A New Method of Synthesis of Rod-Like FeO Particle / Xiyun Yang, Xichang Shi, Hui Xu, Xiang Xiao -- Direct Observation of Al Drop and Gas Bubbles in the Anode₆Cathode Space during Aluminum Electrolysis / Jilai Xue, Yifang Zheng, Jun Zhu, Xiang Li, Lin Li -- Extracting AlO from Coal Gangue by Carbonthermal Reduction -- Alkaline Leaching Process / Jun Zhu, Jilai Xuel, Tao Li -- ESP Dust Recovery Process Test Works, Plant Trial, Commissioning, Operations and Metallurgical Performance / Pengfu Tan, Peter Woodall, Paul Telford -- Posters -- Materials Processing Fundamentals. Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloys by Atmospheric Plasma Arc Discharge / Mehdi Asgharifar, Rouzbeh Sarrafi, Radovan Kovacevic -- Preparation and Characterization of Porous Ni-Ti Alloys / Luxing Feng, Jilai Xue, Jun Zhu, Yuanling Gao, Chen Dong -- Ultrasound-Assisted Electrolysis in NaOH Solution for Hydrogen Generation / Jigang Li, Jilai Xue, Zhenjun Tan, Yifang Zheng, Lei Zhang -- Metals. Recycling and Material Price: An Exploration of the Effects of Secondary Substitutability on Price Stability / Nathan Fleming, Elisa Alonso, Frank Field, Randolph Kirchain, Richard Roth -- Increased Recycled Aluminum Content during Remelting by Incorporating Compositional Uncertainty / Tracey Brommer, Elsa Olivetti, Britt Elin Gihleengen, Hans Ole Riddervold, Geir Øyen, Randolph Kirchain -- On In-Process Separation of Zinc from EAF Dust / N-Y Ma -- The Removal of Nickel from Leachate of Galvanic Sludge with Titanium Dioxide / Muge Sari Yilmaz, Deren Sibel Kasap, Ozgul Dere Ozdemir, Sabriye Piskin -- Recycling of High Quality Steel Scraps Directly in Electroslag Remelting Process (ESR) / Burak Birol, Muhlis Nezihi Saridede -- Recycling of Wastes Generated during the Steelmaking Process / V B Telles, J O Alves, D C R Espinosa, J A S Ten̤rio -- Differential Removal of Copper and Iron from Acidic Polymetallic Aqueous Solutions / Jinhui Li, Youjun Xiao, Daoling Xiong, Ruixiang Wang, Hao Chen -- Research on Effect of Recombination Action of Rare Earth Metals La, Ce and Y on Soil Enzymatic Activities / Jinxia Nie, Yunnen Chen, Dachao Zhang -- Waste Utilization. Designing a Collaborative System for Socio-Environmental Management of Industrial Waste / MS Borges, F Baldini -- Analysis and Control of Light Hydrocarbon Gases in the Pyrolysis/Combustion Process of Several Solid Wastes / Joner O Alves, Chuanwei Zhuo, Yiannis A Levendis, Jorge A S Tenorio -- Reduction Properties of Iron Ore Composite Pellets Bearing Waste Plastics / Burak Birol, Muhlis Nezihi Saridede -- Recycling Charge and Subsidy for Waste Packaging Containers in Taiwan / Esher Hsu, Chen-Ming Kuo -- Treatment of Waste Leaching Liquor of a SHS Produced Tungsten Boride / M Seref Sonmez, Sertac Yazici, Bora Derin -- Study on the Treatment of Waste Water Containing High Concentration of Ammonia Nitrogen / Yunnen Chen, Lichao Ding, Jingbiao Fan -- Building Materials. Production of Rock Wool from Ornamental Rock Wastes / Joner O Alves, Girley F Rodrigues, Denise C R Espinosa, Jorge A S Tenorio -- Recycling of Fluorescent Lamp Glass into Clayey Ceramic / Alline Sardinha Cordeiro Morais, Thais Cristina da Costa Caldas, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Carlos Maur̕cio Fontes Vieira -- Clayey Ceramic Incorporated with Powder from the Sintering Plant of a Steel-Making Industry / M M Ribeiro, S N Monteiro, C M F Vieira -- Recycling of Ornamental Rock Waste into Clayey Ceramics / Carlos Maur̕cio Fontes Vieira, Mariane Costalonga de Aguiar, Sergio Neves Monteiro -- Use of Ash from the Incineration of Urban Garbage into Clayey Ceramic / APNM de S̀, JPD Vitorino, S N Monteiro, CMF Vieira -- Influence of Fly Ash and Fluorgypsum on Hydration Heat and Compressive Strength of Cement / Dao-Wu Yang, Yan Yao, Ju-Lan Zeng, Li-Xian Sun -- Study on Solidification/Sintering Brick Making with EMD Residue / Wang Jia, Peng Bing, Chai Li-yuan, Zhang Jin-long, Zhang Qiang
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Author Monteiro, Sergio Neves.
Minerals, Metals and Materials Society.
Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. Annual Meeting (140th : 2011 : San Diego, Calif.)
Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. Extraction and Processing Division.
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