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Description SAGE Business Cases is a collection of case studies for use in Business and Management courses at all levels, to help students understand theoretical concepts in practice.
Subject area Accounting
  Human Resource Management
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Sage Business Cases The 1997 Asian financial crisis / Mohamed Branine
Sage Business Cases 2010 FIFA World Cup : an analysis of South Africa's decision based on Keynes and game theory / Portia Pearl Siyanda Sifolo
Sage Business Cases The 2010 Greek Financial Crisis / Ioannis Kassotakis, Olga Kassotaki
Sage Business Cases 2011 debt limit crisis : how should the Fed respond? / William B. English, Jaan Elias
Sage Business Cases 2015 UNFCCC Paris summit : India's dilemma / Gaurav Shobhane, Bhaumik Jain, Gautam Anchalia, Ayush Agrawal & Amit Garg
Sage Business Cases 20th century U.S. agricultural policy / Michael J. Douma
Sage Business Cases 21 days of change : addressing the post-war consequences on women's well-being in Colombia / Maya Hoveskog, Deycy Janeth Sánchez Preciado, Heydy Belsy Pabón Ortiz
Sage Business Cases 360 State Street : real options / Matthew Spiegel, Sheri Scully
Sage Business Cases 3D printing throws a wrench in the works for the Craftsman brand / Charlotte Allen, Gina Harden, Warren W. Fisher
Sage Business Cases 3D Robotics : disrupting the drone market / Toby Stuart, Chris Anderson
Sage Business Cases 3D Systems : "stuck in the middle" of the 3D printer boom? / Alan N. Hoffman
Sage Business Cases 7-Eleven Inc. : the fine line between franchise independence and interdependence / Terrell Hunt, Cindy Lee, Charlotte Pekoske, James S. O'Rourke
Sage Business Cases 9/11 - the effects and organizational response / Mohamed Branine
Sage Business Cases The A-12 stealth bomber : escalating commitment to a failing project / David S. Christensen, Robin Boneck
Sage Business Cases A.1. steak sauce : Lawry's defense / Tim Calkins
Sage Business Cases A' Votre Sante : product costing and decision analysis in the wine industry / Priscilla S. Wisner
Sage Business Cases À Votre Santé (B) : process costing and decision analysis in the wine industry / Roopa Venkatesh, Amy Fredin, Jennifer Riley
Sage Business Cases A123 Systems : a new lithium-ion battery system for electric and hybrid cars / Alan N. Hoffman
Sage Business Cases Aadhaar / G. Shainesh, Shyam Sunder, K. Sudhir, Jaan Elias, Jean Rosenthal
Sage Business Cases AARP / Michael J. Worth