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Author Miličić, Dejan, author

Title Introducing RavenDB : the database for modern data persistence / Dejan Miličić
Published Berkeley, CA : Apress L. P., 2022


Description 1 online resource (xviii, 197 pages) : illustrations
Contents Intro -- Table of Contents -- About the Author -- About the Technical Reviewer -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Chapter 1: Getting Started with RavenDB -- A Brief History of Databases -- Problems with Relational DBMS -- Impedance Mismatch -- Object-Relational Mappers -- Normalization -- Modern Web Applications -- NoSQL -- Origins of "NoSQL" Name -- Why NoSQL? -- Characteristics -- Additional Advantages -- Challenges -- Outcome -- NoSQL Database Types -- Key-Value Stores (KVS) -- Document Stores (DS) -- Graph Databases (GD) -- Wide-Column Stores (WCS) -- Multi-Model Databases -- RavenDB
History -- Advantages of RavenDB -- Extreme Performance -- Fully Transactional -- Auto Tuning -- Safe by Default -- High Availability -- Topologies -- How to Start? -- Creating Your First Database -- Seeding Sample Data -- Northwind Database -- Documents -- Summary -- Chapter 2: Document Modeling -- Abstraction and Generalization -- Modeling in Relational Databases -- Data Encapsulation Challenge -- Modeling in NoSQL Databases -- JSON Documents -- Properties of Well-Modeled Documents -- Aggregates -- Unit of Change and Unit of Consistency -- Distributed Systems
Aggregates in the Distributed System -- Aggregates as Transaction Boundaries -- Modeling in RavenDB -- Documents -- Identifiers -- Modeling Document Relationships -- One-to-One Relationship -- Embedding -- Referencing -- Referential Integrity in RavenDB -- One-to-Many Relationship -- Many-to-Many Relationship -- Summary -- Chapter 3: Querying -- Querying in RavenDB Studio -- RavenDB Query Language Basics -- Filtering -- Query by Nonexistent Property -- Query by Non-string Properties -- Filtering by Complex Properties -- Filtering by Id -- Cross-Collection Query -- Inequality Query
Logical Operators -- Range Queries -- Casing -- Full-Text Searching -- Sorting -- Paging -- Advanced Querying -- Projecting Results -- Projecting with Object Literals -- Declaring Functions in Queries -- Aggregation -- Handling Relationships -- Accessing Related Documents -- Include -- Summary -- Chapter 4: Indexes -- Queries from the Perspective of a Database -- Unbounded Queries -- Paging -- Filtering -- Indexes -- Types of Indexes -- Downsides of Indexing -- RavenDB's Indexing Philosophy -- Summary -- Chapter 5: Map Indexes -- Static Indexes -- Static Map Index -- Static Index Analysis
Expanding Map Index -- Indexing References -- Stored Fields -- Computed Fields -- Dynamic Fields -- Fanout Index -- Multi-Map Index -- Indexing Hierarchical Data -- Summary -- Chapter 6: MapReduce Indexes -- Grouping -- MapReduce -- Aggregation -- Static MapReduce Indexes -- Static Versus Automatic Indexes -- Moment of Initial Indexing -- Aggregation Complexity -- MultiMapReduce Indexes -- Artificial Documents -- Creating Artificial Documents -- Indexing Artificial Documents -- Summary -- Chapter 7: Full-Text Search -- Basics of Full-Text Search -- Single Term -- Multiple Terms -- Searching over Complex Objects
Summary Simplify your first steps with the RavenDB NoSQL Document Database. This book takes a task-oriented approach by showing common problems, potential solutions, brief explanations of how those solutions work, and the mechanisms used. Based on real-world examples, the recipes in this book will show you how to solve common problems with Raven Query Language and will highlight reasons why RavenDB is a great choice for fast prototyping solutions that can sustain increasing amounts of data as your application grows. Introducing RavenDB includes code and query examples that address real-life challenges you'll encounter when using RavenDB, helping you learn the basics of the Raven Query Language more quickly and efficiently. In many cases, you'll be able to copy and paste the examples into your own code, making only minor modifications to suit your application. RavenDB supports many advanced features, such full-text search, graph queries, and timeseries; recipes in the latter portion of the book will help you understand those advanced features and how they might be applied to your own code and applications. After reading this book, you will be able to employ RavenDB's powerful features in your own projects. What You Will Learn Set up and start working with RavenDB Model your objects for persistence in a NoSQL document database Write basic and advanced queries in the Raven Query Language Index your data using map/reduce techniques Implement techniques leading to highly performant systems Efficiently aggregate data and query on those aggregations Who This Book Is For Developers accustomed to relational databases who are about to enter a world of NoSQL databases. The book is also for experienced programmers who have used other non-relational databases and want to learn RavenDB. It will also prove useful for developers who want to move away from using Object-Relational Modeling frameworks and start working with a persistence solution that can store object graphs directly
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Includes index
Subject Database management.
Application software -- Development.
Computer systems.
Form Electronic book
ISBN 9781484289198