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Author International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (31st : 2011 : Kōbe-shi, Japan)

Title ICAME 2011 : Proceedings of the 65th Yamada Conference and the 31st International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME 2011) held in Kobe, Japan, 25-30 September 2011 / Y. Yoshida, K. Mibu, editors
Published Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, ©2012


Description 1 online resource
Contents 880-01 Mössbauer studies of frataxin role in iron-sulfur cluster assembly and dysfunction-related disease -- Nuclear inelastic scattering of heme proteins: from iron ligand vibrations to low energy protein modes -- Manipulation of the heme electronic structure by external stimuli and ligand field -- How Mössbauer spectroscopy can improve Li-ion batteries -- Chemical state of Fe in LaNi₁x Fe x O₃ and its effect on electrical conduction property -- Environmental applications: catalysts and removal or re-cycling of by products -- Installation of an IR microscope at the nuclear resonance beamline ID18 of ESRF -- ¹⁴⁹Sm and ⁵⁷Fe nuclear resonant inelastic scattering of filled skutterudites SmFe₄X₁₂ (X: pnictogen) -- Study of interparticle interaction in conjugates of magnetic nanoparticles injected into mice -- Mapping analyses of Fe-diffused mc-Si using Mössbauer microscope and photoluminescence -- Development of system and technology for mössbauer spectroscopic microscope -- Upgrade of the nuclear resonant scattering beamline, BL09XU in SPring-8 -- Time-domain interferometry experiments using multi-line nuclear absorbers -- Co² interaction with Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 cells: a ⁵⁷Co emission Mössbauer spectroscopic study -- Mössbauer studies of hemoglobin in erythrocytes exposed to neutron radiation -- Aspartic acid interaction with cobalt(II) in dilute aqueous solution: A ⁵⁷Co emission Mössbauer spectroscopic study -- Mössbauer spectroscopy for characterizing biodegradation of magnetic nanoparticles in a living organism -- Chemical proprieties of the iron-quinone complex in mutated reaction centers of Rb. sphaeroides -- Mössbauer effect of Ni-doped strontium ferrite -- An enthalpy of solution of platinum in iron studied by ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Si/Al influence on Fe--₀Al₃₀xSi[x] alloys -- Mössbauer study of mechanical deformation induced order-disorder transition in Fe75AlSi alloys -- An enthalpy of solution of rhenium in iron studied by ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
880-01/(S Iron carbide nanoparticles produced by laser ablation in organic solvent -- Mössbauer spectra of Eu(III) and Gd(III) complexes of phosphine oxides with chelating perchlorate -- Study on the spin crossover transition and glass transition for Fe(II) complex film, [Fe(II)(H-triazole)₃]@Nafion, by means of Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Crystal structure and spin state of Fe₀.₅Co₀.₅(NCS)₂(bpa)₂ -- 1D iron(II) spin crossover complexes with 1,2,4-triazol-4-yl-propanoic acid -- Neutral and anionic duality of 1,2,4-triazole α-amino acid scaffold in 1D coordination polymers -- Gold-surface binding of molecular switches studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Impact of ligand spacer and counter-anion in selected 1D iron(II) spin crossover coordination polymers -- Weak cooperativity in selected iron(II) 1D coordination polymers -- A Mössbauer spectroscopic study on the action of Ce in the catalyst for dehydrogenation of etylbenzene to styrene -- Mössbauer study of C18N/Fe Langmuir-Blodgett layers -- Effect of nanocrystallization on the electrical conduction of silver lithium phosphate glasses containing iron and vanadium -- Formation and superparamagnetic behaviors of LaFeO₃ nanoparticles -- Structural and ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer study of EuCr₁₋x Fe x O₃ nanocrystalline particles -- Magnetic and Mössbauer studies of Fe and Co co-doped SnO₂ -- Electron magnetic resonance and Mössbauer studies on iron doped SnO₂ nanoparticles -- Mössbauer study of ε-Al x Fe₂₋x O₃ nanomagnets -- Mössbauer spectroscopy of protein-passivated iron oxide nanoparticles -- Surface crystallization of Co-containing NANOPERM-type alloys -- Vibration DOS of ⁵⁷Fe and Zn doped rutile Sn(Sb) oxides -- Mössbauer study on the antiferromagnetic FeO synthesized under high pressure -- Iron-sulfur clusters--new features in enzymes and synthetic models -- Cooperative spin transition and thermally quenched high-spin state in new polymorph of [Fe(qsal)₂]I₃ -- ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer probe of spin crossover thin films on a bio-membrane
Study of the structural and magnetic properties of metallic iron-hematite particles for use in magnetorheological fluids -- A proof-of-principle experiment of EIT with gamma radiation in FePSe₃ single crystal -- Solvation of gold and rare earths by tributyl phosphate -- ⁵⁷Fe conversion electron Mössbauer study of oxidized iron-nickel alloy pins -- Iron-containing microphases in multiwalled carbon nanotubes -- Magnetic iron-containing nanoparticles on the surface of multiwalled carbon nanotubes -- Mössbauer spectroscopy: analysis and predictions for Li-ion batteries -- Mössbauer Spectroscopy: an elegant tool for the active sites identification and quantification in Pt-Sn-In based naphta reforming catalysts -- A Mössbauer study of the magneto-structural coupling effect in SrFe2As2 and SrFeAsF -- A Mössbauer study of Ba(Fe1-x Mn x)2As2 single crystals -- A CEMS search for precipitate formation in 57Fe implanted ZnO -- Unfolding the role of iron in Li-ion conversion electrode materials by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Electrical conductivity and local structure of barium manganese iron vanadate glass -- ¹⁵⁵Gd Mössbauer spectroscopic and powder X-ray diffraction study of CeO₂-GdO₁.₅ solid solution -- Mössbauer study of FINEMET type nanocrystalline ribbons irradiated with swift heavy ions -- Electronic spin transition of iron in the Earth's lower mantle -- Evidence for a weakening 'dead zone' in Tokyo Bay over the past 30 years -- In-situ Mössbauer spectroscopy with MIMOS II -- Solving puzzles of glasses with nuclear resonance scattering -- A comparison of crystalline and quasicrystalline Al-Mn-Fe compounds -- ²³⁷Np Mössbauer studies on actinide superconductors and related materials -- ¹⁵⁵Gd Mössbauer investigation of the magnetic order and spin-reorientation in Gd₃Ag₄Sn₄ -- Study of the structure and electronic state of thiolate-protected gold clusters by means of ¹⁹⁷Au Mössbauer spectroscopy -- The hyperfine properties of a hydrogenated Fe/V superlattice -- Study on the ferromagnetic state in iron mixed-valence complexes, A[FeIIFeIII(dto)₃] (A = (n-CnH₂n + 1)4N; dto = C₂S₂O₂) by means of Mössbauer spectroscopy
Atomic short-range order in iron based Fe-Mo alloys studied by ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Electronic property of SrFe₂As₂ under high pressure studied by ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Characterization of mineral phases of agricultural soil samples of Colombian coffee using Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction -- Orbital order in layered manganites probed with ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy -- ¹⁵¹Eu Mössbauer measurements of CuLa₁x Eu x O₂ with luminescent property -- Observation of the charge order in perovskite manganite Pr₀.₅ Ca₀.₅ MnO₃ by Mössbauer quadrupole effect -- The structural and magnetic behaviour of the MgFe₂xCrxO₄ spinel ferrite -- Magnetic properties of Nb₁xHfxFe₂ -- DyNi2Mn--magnetisation and Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Mössbauer study on Y-type hexaferrite Ba₂Mg₂Fe₁₂O₂₂ -- Mössbauer study of giant hard magnetic K₂Fe₃(OH)₂(SO₄)₃(H₃O)₂ -- Doping-induced valence change in Yb5Ge₄x (Sb, Ga) x : (x <-1) -- Dilute magnetic properties of Fe doped Al₂O₃ powders prepared by sol-gel method -- Mössbauer study of ¹¹⁹Sn in ¹¹⁹In* implanted 3C-SiC -- Reclassification of CK chondrites confirmed by elemental analysis and Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy -- Mössbauer, TEM/SAED and XRD investigation on waste dumps of the Valea lui Stan gold mines -- Mössbauer study of dissimilatory reduction of iron contained in glauconite by alkaliphilic bacteria -- Mössbauer study of the Ordinary-Chondrite meteorite Thylacine Hole-001 -- ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer analysis of the Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic deep-sea chert: Paleo-redox history across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary and the Toarcian oceanic anoxic event -- Mössbauer investigations of synthetic valleriite -- Mössbauer studies of subfossil oak -- The stabilization of archaeological iron objects: Mössbauer and XRD studies -- Temperature dependence of the quadrupole splitting of olivine and pyroxene from the Plains of Gusev Crater on Mars -- Current status of iron-based superconductors -- A ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer study on the FeSe and Fe(Se, Te) superconductors: discontinuities in the hyperfine parameters at T c -- Concluding remarks to ICAME2011
Summary Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME 2011) held in Kobe, Japan, September 25-30, 2011 Y. Yoshida (Ed) Professor Rudolf L. Mössbauer passed away just before this conference on 14 September 2011. At the Opening Ceremony by Dénes Nagy, Chairperson of IBAME, with Yutaka Yoshida, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, dedicated the conference to the memory of Professor Mössbauer. This volume focuses on the most recent studies on the materials research for the global environment among the usual topics which have been discussed in this long-standing conference series: Advances in Experimental techniques and Methodology, Theories of Hyperfine Interaction, Dynamics, Biological and Medical Application, Chemical Applications, Nanomaterials, Solid State Physics, Earth Science, Mineralogy and Archaeology, Materials Science and Industrial Applications. Prof. W. Keune gave us a keynote lecture on the applications of Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Magnetism. There were both a special session on the Database and the hot topics session on Iron based superconductors. Prof. S. Campbell made concluding remarks. The special papers presented by Profs. C.E. Johnson, I. Nowick, G. Vogl, J.M. Genin, F.E. Wagner, and J. Stevens in Evening session are also included in this volume. Reprint from Hyperfine Interactions
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Author Yoshida, Yutaka (Materials scientist)
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