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Title [Health]
Published 1886-
Table of Contents
Box 6:50 10 tips for safer health care : what everyone needs to know, 2003 / Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care 
Box 1:1Active Australia : getting started exercise, 1998 / Australian Sports Commission 
Box 1:2Aids antibody testing counselling form : a guide for the health care provider, 1989 / Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health 
Box 1:3Alcohol and alcoholism : a police handbook, [196?] / Health and Education, Co-ordinating Committee on Alcoholism 
Box 1:4Alcoholism review and treatment digest : our drinking habits, 1960 / Harold Whitman 
Box 1:5Alleged vaccinal injuries : illustrated, 1907 
  Box 1:6Lyon phonetic manual, no. 2, 1891 / Edmund Lyon 
  Box 1:7Whipple natural alphabet with a memoir of the inventor, no. 3, 1892 / Daisy M. Way 
Box 1:8Annual report of the board of directors of the Pennsylvania institution for the deaf and dumb for 1866, 1867 / Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb 
Box 1:9Anti-mosquito measures with special reference to India, 1943 / G. Covell 
Box 1:10Australian health insurance program : the plain facts, 1973 / Minister for Social Sercurity, Australian Government 
  Box 6:1Pelvic floor muscle exercises for women, no.1 
  Box 6:2Pelvic floor muscle exercises for men, no.2 
  Box 6:3Faecal incontinence, no.6 
  Box 6:4Expecting a baby?, no.8 
  Box 6:5Bed-wetting in young adults, no.10 
  Box 6:6Childhood bewetting, no.13 
  Box 6:7Prostrate and bladder problems, no.14 
  Box 6:8Nocturia : going to the toilet at night, no.15 
  Box 6:9Bladder problems and the prostate 
  Box 6:10Bladder training 
  Box 6:11Constipation and urinary incontinence 
  Box 6:12Continence : myths and facts 
  Box 6:13Continence products and appliances 
  Box 6:14Dementia and urinary incontinence 
  Box 6:15Good bladder habits for everyone 
  Box 6:16List of ten frequently asked questions 
  Box 6:17Pelvic floor exercises for men 
  Box 6:18Pelvic floor exercises for women 
  Box 6:19What is a continence assessment? 
  Box 6:20What is urinary incontinence? 
  Box 6:21March 2005 (Revised - including additional estimates 2004-05), 2005 
  Box 6:22January 2006, 2006 
  Box 6:58Emergency care among adult public patients in Australia, no. 27, March 2006 / Australian Insitute of Health and Welfare 
Box 1:11Australia's national health?, [1966?] / Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Information Bureau 
Box 6:51Better practice guidelines on complaints management for health care services, 2004 / Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care 
Box 1:12Bringing up children / L. M. Hort 
  Box 1:13Program of speech therapy and lip reading in California public schools, vol. XXVIII, no. 2,1959 / Roy E.Simpson 
  Box 1:14Milk : the indispensable food for children, no. 4, 1918 / Dorothy Reed Mendenhall 
Box 1:15Care of the baby : notes for mothers, 1914 / Victorian Branch of the British Medical Association 
Box 1:16Chemist give facts on poisoning city water : putting fluoride in city water scheme of pro-reds, [1960?] / E. H. Bronner 
Box 1:17Child nutrition in a rural community : studies in education, no. 6, 1941 / H. C. D. Somerset 
Box 1:18Child with brain damage, 1966 / Association for the Aid of Crippled Children 
Box 1:19Cigarette smoking and health : a review of studies by the California State Department of Public Health : a summary of opinion : a proposal for action, 1963 / Department of Public Health, State of California 
Box 1:20Clinical problems in children of primary school age : the proceedings of the 19th child guidance inter-clinic conference, 1963 / National Association for Mental Health 
Box 1:21Commercial foods : suitable for inclusion in gluten free diets, 1968 / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
Box 1:22Common sense on fluoridation, 1962 / A. J. Taylor 
Box 1:23Deaf in Britain : a general outline, 1961 / National Institute for the Deaf 
Box 1:24Dental health manual : for the use of those engaged in teaching dental health, 1961 / Department of National Health and Welfare 
Box 1:25Diabetes vision impairment and blindness, 1985 1927- / Allene R. Van Son 
Box 1:26Diabetes weighed diets, [1961?] / Dietetic Association, Victoria 
Box 1:27Dietary guidelines for people with heart disease and/or raised blood fats, 1982 / Royal Melbourne Hospital, Nutrition Department 
Box 1:28Dietary survey of six hundred and seven families in seven cities and towns in Scotland, 1930 / J. B. Orr 
Box 1:29Dietary tips for possible nutrition related problems in the pediatric cancer patient, 1978 / Kristina Moore 
Box 6:23Don't let alcohol damage your community / Australian Government 
Box 2:1Dr. A/ Graham Bell's private experimental school, 1898 / John Hitz 
Box 2:2Dr. Joseph Claybaugh Gordon, [1903?] / John Hitz 
Box 2:3Drink problems in Australia and New Zealand, 1960 / James H. Hudson 
Box 2:4Drinking driver, 1965 / British Medical Association 
Box 2:5Drugs : handle with care,1966 / Department of National Health and Welfare 
Box 2:6Easy appealing milk free prosobee and sobee recipes,1973 / Mead Johnson 
Box 2:7Eating for health : an easy guide to shopping and cooking low-fat meals, 1996 / National Heart Foundation 
Box 2:8Esophagostomy or pharyngostomy tube feeding / Roswell Park Memorial Institute 
Box 2:9Everybody's business : the 1959 mental health act and the community, 1960 / Nesta Roberts 
Box 2:10Extension of opportunities for early training in speech and language for deaf children, 1908 / J. B. Showalter 
Box 2:11Facts on fat, 1999 / Nutrition Education Service, Sanitarium Health Food Company 
Box 2:12Fallacies facts and figures of drunken driving, [1960?] / Public Relations Officer of the Victorian Associated Brewers 
Box 2:13Family budget meals : nutrient analysis information, 1970 / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
  Box 2:14Cancer : how to recognize its danger signals and what to do about them, 1956 / Walter C. Alvarez 
Box 6:24Feeling better : statement of corporate intent 2004-2007, 2004 / Medibank Private 
Box 2:15Fit food for man, 1970 / A. D. Andrews 
Box 2:16Fluoridation, [1960?] / Australian League of Rights 
Box 2:17Fluoridation fallacy : a commentary on official statements which support the fluoridation of public water supplies, 1961 / R. F. Boyd Gaudin 
Box 2:18Fluoridation of public water supplies : a critique of the conduct of the fluoridation studies in the united Kingdom, 1963 / National Pure Water Association 
Box 2:19Fluoridation menaces: freedom health life, 1957 / New Zealand Anti-Fluoridation Association 
Box 2:20Food and health : study of nutrition in Australia, 1941 / M. J. Coppel 
Box 2:21Food for those who hesitate : tips that they might tolerate, 1976 / Jane E. Helsel 
Box 2:22Food guide pyramid : building a better diet / USA Rice Council 
Box 2:23Food labelling for gluten / National Food Authority 
Box 2:24Food requirements, 1921 / H. G. Chapman 
Box 2:25Foodsense : best before and use by : a guide to the changes, 1991 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
Box 2:26Foodsense : food facts not fads, 1991 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
Box 2:27Foodsense : monitoring our food and nutrition / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
  Box 2:28Food safety, no. 1, 1992 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
  Box 2:29About food additives, no. 2, 1992 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
  Box 2:30Understanding food labels, no. 3, 1992 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
  Box 2:31Food protection, no.4, 1992 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
Box 2:32Food standards committee report on antioxidants in food, 1963 / Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 
Box 3:1Genesis of the British national health service, 1961 / John Jewkes 
Box 3:2Gluten free recipes, 1964 / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
Box 3:3Good food deserves : good cooking, [194?] / Commonwealth Department of Health 
Box 3:4Good food for older persons, 1952 / Ontario Interdepartmental Nutrition Committee 
Box 3:5Good nutrition for the radiotherapy patient, 1979 / University of Texas System Cancer Center 
  Box 3:6Removed & added to collection on indiv. bib. 
Box 3:7Guide to healthier eating, [198?] / Lesley Houston 
Box 3:8Guide to national health benefits, 1966 / Commonwealth Department of Health 
Box 3:9Guidelines for addressing HIV/AIDS related discrimination in health care, 1992 / Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health 
Box 6:24Handbag calorie counter / Australian Women Weekly 
Box 6:49Health and ageing factbook, 2006 / Department of Health and Ageing 
Box 3:10Health guide : hints for better health, 1990 / Health Education Authority 
Box 3:11Healthful eating, 1959 / Department of National Health and Welfare, Canada 
Box 3:12Healthful eating, 1963 / Department of National Health and Welfare, Canada 
Box 3:13Helen Keller, 1906 / John Hitz 
Box 3:14Helping the people to help themselves : the story of the United Nations relief and rehabilitation administration, 1944 / United Nations Information Organisation 
Box 3:15Helps and hindrances of deaf children in acquiring speech and language at the natural age, 1908 / Mary S. Garrett 
Box 3:16High protein recipes : using casec and protenum / Mead Johnson 
Box 3:17Homes for the ages : first preliminary report,1957 / Senate Interim Committee on Public Health 
Box 3:18Hospital insurance and diagnostic services program in Canada, 1962 / Department of National Health and Welfare, Canada 
Box 3:19How to control bed bugs, 1972 / U.S. Department of Agriculture 
Box 6:25How to prevent smal pox and other infection / Lever Brothers Limited 
Box 3:20Hygienic food handling, 1962 / Betty C. Hobbs 
  Box 6:26National immunisation progem schedule (valid from 1 November 2005), [2005] / Department of Health and Ageing 
  Box 6:27National varicella (chickenpox) vaccination program : some common questions and answers, 2005 
Box 3:21Inconsistencies of the NAtional Health Service : a study in the conflict between individual demand and collective supply, 1965 / James M. Buchanan 
Box 3:22Information for expectant mothers, [1950] / Royal Newcastle Hospital 
Box 3:23In quest of health : a tribute to the soviet medical services, [1965?] / Frank Hartley 
Box 3:24In support of a nutrition policy for school canteens, 1982 / Australian Nutrition Foundation 
Box 3:25Inter-marriage of disease, [190?] / F. A. Nyulasy 
Box 6:52It's easy to find a way to get some extra fruit and vegies in your day, 2004 / Department of Health and Ageing 
Box 3:26Jogging to fitness with Herb Elliot / Jack Cannon 
Box 3:27Joint consulation in hospitals and service industries, [195?] / Department of Labour, Canada 
Box 4:1Keeping fit, 1967 / Commonwealth Council for National Fitness 
Box 4:2Knowledge : the only insurance against alcoholism, [1964] / Co-ordinating Committee on Alcoholism 
Box 4:3Kooyong story : fifty years of service to the blind,1978 / Association of the Blind 
Box 4:4Lean and Low: your guide to low fat eating with lean beef and lamb, 1992 / Nutrition Department, Austrailan Meat and Live-Stock Corporation 
Box 4:5Life blood : the official account of the transfusion services, 1945 / Ministrry of Health and Department of Health for Scotland 
Box 4:6Local option at Bessbock : the temperance colony in Ireland, [188?] / National Temperance 
Box 4:7Low fibre diet, 1969 / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
Box 4:8Lung cancer : diesel buses not guilty, 1960 / Department of Government Transport N. S. W 
Box 4:9Maternity : notes for mothers, 1914 / Victorian Branch of the British Medical Association 
Box 6:53Maximising national effectiveness to reduce harm and improve care, executive summary : fifth report to the Australian Health Minister's Conference / Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care 
Box 4:10Milk consumption and the growth of school-children : second preliminary report on tests to the Scottish Board of Health, 1929 / Gerald Leighton 
Box 4:11Mischievous university-dogma : examined disproved repudiated and abandoned by distinguished university men, 1911 / W. J. Furnival 
SeriesMSAC update 
  Box 6:54Strengthening evidence-based health care in Australia, vol 1: edition 1, July 2006 
Box 4:12Multiple sclerosis the mystery disease, 1989 / National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia 
Box 4:13Naso-gastric tube feeding / Roswell Park Memorial Institute 
Box 6:55National asthma strategy 2006-2008 : summary, [2006] 
Box 4:14National diet : a memorandum prepared in connection with inquiries made by the N.S.W. Board of Trade, 1922 / D.T. Sawkins 
Box 6:34National Health policies, 1972 / Liberal Party 
  Box 6:28Mental illness : the facts 
  Box 6:29What are anxiety disorders? 
  Box 6:30What is an eating disorder? 
  Box 6:31What is bipolar mood disorder? 
  Box 6:32What is depression? 
  Box 6:33What is schizophrenia? 
Box 6:35National standards for mental health services : supporting quality mental health care in Australia / Department of Health and Ageing 
Box 4:15Need we go hungry?, UNESCO :food and people, 1950 / C.E. Kellogg 
Box 4:16New data on alcohol and duration of life, 1928 / Raymond Pearl 
Box 4:17Not yet five, 1946 / Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health, London  
Box 4:18N. S. W. humanist society : report on termination of pregnancy, 1963 / N. S. W. Humanist Society 
Box 4:19Nutralipid : an ideal energy source for complete parental nutrition, 1980 / Vitrum, Stockholm 
Box 4:20Nutrition : a helpful ally in cancer therapy, 1978 / Ross Laboratories 
Box 4:21Nutrition : an ally in cancer therapy, 1987 / Ross Laboratories 
Box 4:22Nutrition notes : commonsense tips for healthier eating / Alison Wailes 
  Box 6:36Nutrition and healthy eating, no.1, 2005 / Sonja Tansey 
  Box 6:37Safety in childrens services, no.3, 2005 / Sonja Tansey 
  Box 6:38Food safety, no.4, 2005 / Sonja Tansey 
  Box 6:39Program evaluation, no.5, 2005 / Sonja Tansey 
Box 6:56Palliative care : caring for a family member or friend who has a terminal illness 
Box 4:23Paying for health care, 1969 / E. G. Whitlam 
Box 4:24Plant derived essential fatty acids, [1992] / Meadow Lea Foods 
Box 4:25Poisoning our water supplies, [1962] / Bruce H. Brown 
Box 4:26Possibilites of deaf children, 1906 / Mary S. Garrett 
Box 4:27Pre-natal care, 1970 / Department of Health, Victoria 
Box 4:28Principles of dietary managment for individuals with diabetes mellitus, 1982 / Joint Committee of the Australian Association of Dietitians and the Austrlian Diabetes Society 
Box 4:29Principles of nutrition education for individuals with diabetes mellitus, 1983 / Joint Committee of the Australian Association of Dietitians and the Australian Diabetes Society 
  Box 4:30Cigarettes and health, no. 220a, 1966 / Pat McGrady 
  Box 4:31Water fluoridation facts : not myths, no. 251a, 1965 / Louis I. Dublin 
Box 4:32Questions and answers on allergies in your baby, 1989 / Health Department Victoria 
Box 5:1Radioactive fallout and human diet, 1963 / Consumers Association 
Box 5:2Recognition of intoxication : report of a special committee of the British Medical Association, 1958 / British Medical Association 
Box 5:3Recommended diets : As an adjust to treatment in the management of hyperlipidaemia,1974 / ICI Australia 
Box 5:4Reducing the risks of cot death : to reduce the risk of sids / Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation 
Box 5:5Report of the consultative committee on hospital reform, 1953 / J. R. Marshall 
  Box 5:6Directions to parents of deaf children : for their treatment from infancy in order that they may learn speech and lip reading, no. 13, 1886 / Mary S. Garrett 
  Box 5:7How Helen Keller was taught speech, no. 47, 1905 / Sarah Fuller 
  Box 5:8Facial speech reading, no.21, 1892 / Hermann Gutzmann 
Box 5:9Rethinking drug policy : a summary of a report by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority, 1989 / Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority 
Box 5:10Science has unlocked exciting news about canned food so you can unlock the goodness, [1988] / Canned Food Information Service 
Box 5:11Something choice / Proprietors of Signal Cocoa  
Box 5:12State services for the blind in California, 1959 / Co-ordinating Council on State Programs for the Blind 
Box 6:40Strengthening medicare : Australian Department of Health and Ageing collection and use of information consent and verification form 
Box 5:13Student body : lifestyle sex and staying healthy, 1985 / Australian Medical Association 
Box 6:59Summary of some studies in tropical acclimatisation : (preliminary communication) / Sundstroem, E. S 
Box 6:57Supporting carers in their caring roles : information for carers 
Box 5:14Surprising nutritional truth about canned food, 1988 / Canned Food Information Service 
Box 5:15Talk on culinary herbs, 1952 / Madame Grobner 
Box 5:16Tasmanian anti-fluoridation association : news behind the news : world wide newsletter / Clyde Fry 
Box 6:41Teenagers and alcohol : a parents guide / Department of Health and Ageing 
  Box 6:42Issue 48, November 2005 
Box 6:43Therapeutic group premium policy : pharmaaceutical benefits items which ahve a therapeutic group premium which effect from 1 August 2005, 2005 
Box 5:17Third english speaking conference on infant welfare, 1924 / Nathan Straus 
  Box 6:44Babies : enjoy them they grow up so fast 
  Box 6:45Kids 1- 4 : on the move your childs safety out and about 
  Box 6:46Kids 5 - 11 :helping kids learn to deal with change 
  Box 6:47Adolescents : talking it through 
  Box 6:48Relationships : how to deal with family breakup 
Box 6:61Treatise on you and your sex life : an illustrated guide book for men 
Box 6:62Treatise on you and your sex life : an illustrated guide book for women 
Box 5:18Trends and patterns in drunken driving 1953 to 1960, 1961 / Christian Economic and Social Research Foundation 
Box 5:19Ulcer diet / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
Box 5:20Ulcer weight reducing diets / Australian Dairy Produce Board 
Box 5:21Understanding and coping with stroke : a handbook for patients and their families, [1970] / Australian Brain Foundation 
Box 5:22Understanding the effects of ms on the bladder, 1992 / National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia 
Box 5:23Unlock the secrets of canned food, 1988 / Canned Food Information Service 
Box 5:24Value of certain supplements to the diet of children, 1935 / T. W. Simpson 
Box 5:25Vegemite : concentrated yeast extract for dietary administration of vitamin B complex, [195?] / Research Laboratories Kraft Foods 
Box 5:26Vitamin K for newborn babies : information for parents, 1994 / National Health and Medical Research Council 
Box 5:27Water fluoridation : the facts, 1958 / Ronald H. French 
Box 5:28Water fluoridation : the facts, 1958 / Australian Dental Association 
Box 5:29Webster's simplified cholesteral watcher with poly and unpoly saturate counts, 1975 
Box 5:30What everyone should know about multiple sclerosis,1989 / Multiple Sclerosis Society 
Box 5:31What is malnutrition? hundreds of thousands of American children are undernourished, [192?] / Lydia Roberts 
Box 5:32What you should know about food / Mary Blackley 
Box 5:33Who gets what at what cost from Australia's National Health Service?, 1961 / Pharmaceutical Industry Information Service 
Box 5:34Why fewer general hospitals will be built in Australia, 1962 / Pharmaceutical Industry Information Service  
Box 5:35World hunger, [198?] / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
Box 5:36High protein diet / Dairy Foods Recipe Bureau (Australian Dairy Produce Board) 
Box 5:37Low fat diet / Dairy Foods Recipe Bureau (Australian Dairy Produce Board) 


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of health. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1866-.
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Subject Bell, Alexander Graham, 1847-1922
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Australia)
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind
Aging -- Statistics
AIDS (Disease) -- Patients
AIDS (Disease) -- Patients -- Care
Allergy in infants
Antibody diversity
Asthma -- Australia
Baby foods
Blind -- Services for
Blood -- Transfusion
Brain-damaged children
Cancer -- Diagnosis
Cancer -- Diet therapy
Cancer -- Treatment
Canned foods
Cerebrovascular disease -- Patients -- Care
Cerebrovascular disease -- Patients -- Family relationships
Cerebrovascular disease -- Psychological aspects
Child care services
Child development
Child rearing
Children -- Nutrition
Convenience foods
Cooking (Herbs)
Dairy products
Deaf -- Education
Deaf -- Great Britain
Dental care -- Australia
Dental health education
Depression, Mental
Diabetes -- Complications
Diabetes -- Nutritional aspects
Dietary supplements
Drinking of alcoholic beverages
Drug abuse
Drunk driving -- Great Britain
Eating disorders
Enteral feeding
Families -- Health and hygiene
Fatty acids in human nutrition
Fecal incontinence
Fish as food
Food -- Caloric content
Food -- Cholesterol content
Food -- Labeling -- Australia
Food -- Packaging
Food -- Shelf-life dating
Food -- Standards
Food additives
Food allergy in infants
Food habits
Food handling
Food -- Safety measures
Gastrointestinal system -- Diseases -- Treatment
Gluten-free diet
Gluten-free diet -- Recipes
Health -- Soviet Union
Heart -- Diseases -- Nutritional aspects
High-protein diet
HIV-positive persons
Hospitals -- Administration
Infants -- Care
Infants -- Development
Health insurance
Health insurance -- Canada
Hearing disorders
Infants -- Care
Low-fat diet
Low-fat diet -- Recipes
Lungs -- Cancer
Malaria -- Prevention
Manic-depressive illness
Maternal and infant welfare
Medical care -- Australia
Medical care -- Australia -- Quality control
Medical statistics
Mental health
Mental health laws -- England
Menus -- Planning
Milk -- Health aspects
Milk -- Nutritional aspects
Milk-free diet -- Recipes
Multiple sclerosis
National health services
Nutrition -- Australia
Nutrition and dental health
Nutrition -- Requirements
Obstetrics -- Surgery
Old age homes
Older people -- Care -- Australia
Palliative treatment
Physical fitness
Pregnant women
Prenatal care
Prostate -- Diseases
Public health
Public health -- Soviet Union
Radioactive contamination of food
School-age child care
School lunchrooms, cafeterias, etc
Self-care, Health
Smallpox -- Prevention
Smoking -- Health aspects -- Australia
Speech therapy
Stomach -- Intubation
Substance abuse
Sudden infant death syndrome
Teachers of the deaf
Teenagers -- Alcohol use
Tube feeding
Urinary incontinence
Vaccination -- Complications
Vitamin B in human nutrition
Vitamin K
Water -- Fluoridation
Water quality