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Author International Symposium on Amyloidosis (11th : 2006 : Woods Hole, Mass.)

Title XIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis / edited by Martha Skinner [and others]
Published Boca Raton : CRC Press, ©2008


Description 1 online resource (xxiv, 406 pages) : illustrations
Contents Preface; Outstanding Achievement Award -- Dr. Alan S. Cohen; Symposium Keynote Address -- Dr. Stanley Prusiner; Report of the Nomenclature Committee; ; ; MECHANISMS OF FIBRIL FORMATION AND CELLULAR RESPONSE; KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Effect of Membranes and Surfaces on the Fibrillation of an Amyloidogenic Light Chain: Relevance to the Etiology of Al Amyloidosis, X. Meng, M. Zhu, and A.L. Fink; ; Heparan Sulfate Promotes the Refolding and Oligomerization of SAA1.1: A Short Sequence is Implicated in this Misfolding Process, J.B. Ancsin, E. Elimova, and R. Kisilevsky; ; Mouse Senile Amyloidosis: Possible Horizontal Transmission in the Mouse Room, X. Fu, T. Korenaga, J. Yan, F. Ge, B. Zhang, J. Qian, H. Naiki, J. Sawashita, M. Mori, and K. Higuchi; ; Charge Differences of Deposits in AL and NALCDD, B. Kaplan, A. Livneh, and G. Gallo; ; Role of the C-terminal Amino Acids in ß2-Microglobulin Amyloid Formation, J. Kim, Y. Motomiya, M. Nakamura, M. Ueda, S
Saito, Y. Misumi, S. Himeno, K. Obayashi, S. Shinriki, W. Meng, U. Semba, H. Kai, and Y. Ando; ; Serum Amyloid A Generates High-Density Lipoprotein from Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells, Y. Kumon, S. Abe-Dohmae, S. Yokoyama, and T. Sugiura; ; Amyloid Light Chains Localize to Lysosomes and Cardiac Fibroblasts Show Reduced Mitochondrial Function, G. Monis, J. Eberhard, L.H. Connors, M. Skinner, and V. Trinkaus-Randall; ; Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma of Alzheimer Patients Promote ß-Amyloid Fibril Formation In Vitro, K. Ono, M. Noguchi-Shinohara, M. Samuraki, Y. Matsumoto, D. Yanase, K. Iwasa, H. Naiki, and M. Yamada; ; A Novel Assay for Detection of Amyloid Induced Apoptosis, J.F. Paulsson, S.W. Schultz, M. Köhler, I. Leibiger, P.-O. Berggren, and G.T. Westermark; ; Human Amyloidogenic Immunoglobulin Light Chains Alter Cardiomyocyte Signaling and Disrupt Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan (HSPG) Expression, X. Peng, E. Kim, T. Miller, G. Karamitis, L.H. Connors, M
Skinner, and D.B. Sawyer; ; GAGs Associated with Fibril Extracts Mediate Fibrillogenesis in AL Amyloidosis, R. Ren, Z. Hong, L.H. Connors, M. Skinner, C.E. Costello, and V. Trinkaus-Randall; ; Decorin in AA Amyloidosis, T.N. Wien, R. Sørby, T. Landsverk, and G. Husby; ; Structural Evolution of Immunoglobulin Light Chain during Amyloid Fibril Formation: A Deep UV Resonance Raman Spectroscopic Study, M. Xu, E.M. Baden, K.M. Jasmin, M. Ramirez-Alvarado, and I.K. Lednev; ; ; AA AND LOCALIZED AMYLOIDOSES; KEYNOTE ADDRESS: AA Amyloidogenesis: Basic and Translational Research, R. Kisilevsky and W.A. Szarek; ; ; Histochemical and Immunohistochemical Characteristics of Amyloid Deposits, Á. Apáthy and M. Bély; ; Ultrastructural Characteristics of Amyloid Deposits, M. Bély, Á. Apáthy, and P. Kapp; ; Odontogenic Feline and Canine Tumor-Associated Amyloid is Formed from Ameloblastin, R. Donnell, C.L. Murphy, M. Eulitz, T.K. Williams, S.D
Macy, D.T. Weiss, and A. Solomon; ; Amyloidogenic Region of Odontogenic Ameloblast Associated Protein (ODAM), J.S. Foster, D.P. Kestler, C.L. Murphy, S.J. Kennel, J.S. Wall, D.T. Weiss, and A. Solomon; ; What is the Best Way to Assess Predisposition to AA Amyloid in Inflammatory Joint Disease?, J.A. Hunter, R.D. Baxter, A. Stirling, J. France, F. Varyani, and M.S. Mak; ; Advances in Non-Invasive Imaging of AA Amyloid in Mice, S.J. Kennel, T. Richey, J.S. Avenell, P.N. Hawkins, A. Solomon, and J.S. Wall; ; Detection and Identification of Amyloid Deposition Associated with Human Unerrupted Tooth Follicles, D.P. Kestler, J. Hudson, S.D. Macy, C.L. Murphy, J.S. Foster, D.T. Weiss, and; A. Solomon; ; Vascular AA Amyloid Formation Modeled in Cell Culture, B. Kluve-Beckerman; ; Amyloidosis in Ankylosing Spondylitis -- Unexpected Findings Underscoring the Importance of Typing of Amyloid Deposits, D. Kracker, N.O. Litbarg, and M.M
Picken; ; Lack of Correlation Between Amyloid A Protein Levels and Clinical Parameters in Aspirated Fat Tissue of Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients with Secondary Amyloidosis, M. Lidar, B.P. Hazenberg, J. Bijzet, W. Hauck, D. Garceau, R. Kedem, and A. Livneh; ; Chronic, Slowly Progressing Nephropathy Due to Amyloidosis of CSAA (SAA4) Origin, R.P. Linke, S. Adler, U. Hegenbart, S. Schönland, J. Lutz, F.C. deBeer, and H.-J. Gröne; ; Redistribution, Clearance and Re-induction of Amyloid in Reactive Murine AA Amyloidosis, S.N. Nyström and G.T. Westermark; ; N-Formyl Peptide Receptor-Like 1 of the Neutrophils in the AA-Amyloidosis Tissues is Less Stained, E. Ohara, Y. Kumon, and T. Sugiura; ; AL in the Clinical Setting of AA: The Importance of Amyloid Typing, K. Oshima, D. Kracker, and M.M. Picken; ; Foie Gras is a Dietary Source of AEF, T. Richey, C.L. Murphy, J.S. Wall, G.T. Westermark, P. Westermark, D.T. Weiss, and A
Solomon; ; The Effect of a Variety of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on Murine Amyloidogenesis, S. Shtrasburg, M. Lidar, M. Pras, R. Gal, and A. Livneh; ; Translocation of Systemic Amyloidosis by Peripheral Blood Monocytes, J. Sponarova, S.N. Nystrom, and G.W. Westermark; ; FK506 Inhibits Murine AA Amyloidosis Without Modulating Serum SAA Levels, M. Ueda, Y. Ando, M. Nakamura, T. Yamashita, K. Obayashi, Y. Misumi, S. Shinriki, A. Ueda, R. Zeledon, S. Himeno, S. Saito, J. Kim, W. Meng, and M. Uchino; ; Local Tumorous AA-Amyloid Deposition in a Case of Hepatic Adenomatosis: Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization Employing SAA-mRNA Probes, S. Urieli-Shoval, P. Flemming, M. Stolte, and R.P. Linke; ; SAA4-Related AA Amyloidosis, S. Wang, C.L. Murphy, D. Kestler, S.D. Macy, T.K. Williams, D.T. Weiss, and A. Solomon; ; Measurement of Amyloidogenic SAA Isotype, SAA1, T. Yamada, and Y
Okuda; ; ; FAMILIAL AND TTR AMYLOIDOSES; In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of Genistein on TTR Stabilization and Aggregation, M.R. Almeida, I. Cardoso, N. Ferreira, and M.J. Saraiva; ; Labial Salivary Gland Biopsy for Diagnosis of Amyloid Polyneuropathy Portuguese Type, B. Amaral, T. Coelho, and A. Guimarães; ; Hereditary Gelsolin Amyloidosis in an Iranian Family: The First Report from the Middle East, M.R. Ardalan, M.M. Shoja, T. Paunio, S. Tanskanen, S. Kiuru-Enari, A. Rastegar, and M. Kashgarian; ; A Case of Compound Heterozygosity in a Nigerian Male with Identification of a New Transthyretin Variant Phe44Leu and Val122Ile, C.T. Barry, T. Prokaeva, P. Soohoo, B. Spencer, D. Pimental, and L.H. Connors; ; Suppression of HepaticT synthesis by Antisense Oligonucleotides, M.D. Benson and B. Kluve-Beckerman; ; ; ; Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Amyloidogenic Proteins, C.E. Costello, R. Théberge, C. Lin, J. Kingsbury, E. Klimtchuk, L.H. Connors, M
Skinner, D.C. Seldin, and P.B. O'Connor; ; ATTR (Thr59Lys) Amyloidosis with Involvement of Heart, Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous System, Gut and Salivary Glands in an Egyptian Man, Previously Diagnosed as "Familial Amyloid Neuropathy of Portuguese Type", G.E. Feurle, J.J. Liepnieks, M.D. Benson, and R.P. Linke; ; Systemic Amyloidosis of Fibrinogen Origin in the Wild Living Stone Marten (Martes Foina), O. Geisel, R. Mentele, F. Lottspeich, and R.P. Linke; ; Familial Amyloid Nephropathy of Fibrinogen Aa (E526V) Origin. Report of the First Case from Austria, S. Hargassner, G. Biesenbach, G. Syré, K. Altland, and R.P. Linke; ; Laryngeal Amyloidosis in Patients with Apolipoprotein AI I174S and I178P, A.J.C. Hazenberg, F.G. Dikkers, P.N. Hawkins, J. Bijzet, D. Rowczenio, M.D. Posthumus, M.K. Leijsma, J. van der Wal, and B.P.C. Hazenberg; ; Hereditary Fibrinogen A a-Chain Amyloidosis: Clinical Features and the Curative Role of Liver Transplantation, N.D. Heaton, J
O'Grady, M. Rela, P. Muiesan, J.A. Wendon, L. Sizer, J. Sedgwick, M. Thoma, F. Murgatroy, C.J. Mathias, H.J. Goodman, D. Rowczenio, A. Bybee, G. Tennent, P.N. Hawkins, and A.J. Stangou; ; Amyloidosis in the Transgenic Mice of Mouse Amyloidogenic Apolipoprotein A-II (apoa2c), K. Higuchi, F. Ge, X. Fu, J. Yao, Z. Guo, J. Yan, B. Zhang, H. Zhang, J. Qian, J. Sawashita, and M. Mori; ; Urinary Transthyretin: A Possible Biochemical Marker in the Early Stage of Renal Dysfunction, S. Himeno, M. Ueda, M. Nakamura, T. Yamashita, K. Obayashi, X. Sun, Y. Misumi; S. Shinriki, A. Ueda, Y. Uji, S. Saito, J. Kim, W. Meng, and Y. Ando; ; Unique Phenotype of Vitreous Amyloidosis in Different Endemic Areas, N. Kakizoe, Y. Ando, T. Kawaji, E. Ando, O. Sandgren, O.B. Suhr, and H. Tanihara; ; Composition of Peripheral Nerve Amyloid after Orthotopic Liver Transplant for FAP, J.C. Kincaid, J.J. Liepnieks, and M.D
Benson; ; Characterization of Fibrillar Transthyretin in Ex Vivo Cardiac Deposits from Cases of Senile Systemic Amyloidosis, J.S. Kingsbury, R. Théberge, C.E. Costello, and L.H. Connors; ; Comparison of Cardiac Amyloidosis Associated with Wild Type Transthyretin and the Isoleucine 122 Variant, H.J. Lachmann, H.J.B. Goodman, J.D. Gillmore, A. Wechalekar, D.M. Rowczenio, A. Bybee, and P.N. Hawkins; ; AL Amyloidosis in a Patient with a T60A TTR Mutation, H.J. Landau, R.L. Comenzo, P. Zhou, B. Clark, J. Teruya-Feldstein, S. Wang, C
Summary Providing the most current information on amyloidosis available, this book reviews research performed by world leaders in the field. This is the most complete clinical and research reference available on systemic amyloid and amyloidosis. It is divided into five subject areas: mechanisms of disease and cellular response, AA and localized amyloidosis, familial and TTR amyloidosis, AL amyloidosis, and new diagnostic and emerging translational approaches. The coverage of translational approaches, new basic research, and the editor's clinical approach to amyloidosis sets this book apart from other books on abnormal protein folding
Notes "Held at the Marine Biological Laboratory campus in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA on November 5-9, 2006"--Preface
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Author Skinner, Martha, M.D.
ISBN 9781420043358
Other Titles 11th International Symposium on Amyloidosis
Eleventh International Symposium on Amyloidosis