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Author Nijhout, H. Frederik

Title Insect Hormones
Published Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1994
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Description 1 online resource (282 p.)
Contents Cover page -- Half-title page -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Contents -- Preface -- Chapter 1: Anatomy of the Insect Endocrine System -- The Prothoracic Glands -- The Corpora Allata -- The Neuroendocrine System -- The Brain-Retrocerebral Neuroendocrine Complex -- The Neuroendocrine System of the Ventral Nerve Cord -- Chapter 2: Mechanisms of Hormone Action and Experimental Methods -- Mechanisms of Hormone Action -- Lipid Hormones -- Peptide Hormones -- Regulatory and Developmental Hormones -- Hormone-sensitive Periods -- Methods in Insect Endocrinology -- Hormone Assays
Chapter 3: Metabolism and Homeostasis -- Fat Body and Hemolymph -- Carbohydrate Metabolism -- Lipid Metabolism -- Water Balance and Diuresis -- Muscle-Stimulating and Cardioactive Peptides -- Proctolin -- Cardioactive Peptides -- Neurogenic Amines as Endocrine Secretions -- Chapter 4: The Developmental Physiology of Growth, Molting, and Metamorphosis -- The Molting Cycle -- Hidden Phases in the Molting Cycle -- Growth of Soft Cuticle -- Triggers for Molting -- Growth -- Metamorphosis -- Progressive Larval Differentiation (Heteromorphosis) -- Hemimetabolous Metamorphosis
Holometabolous Metamorphosis -- Evolution of Holometabolous Metamorphosis -- Allometric Consequences of Holometabolous Metamorphosis -- Physiological Control of Metamorphosis -- Chapter 5: The Endocrine Control of Molting and Metamorphosis -- The Head Critical Period and PTTH Secretion -- The Prothoracicotropic Hormone -- The Role of Ecdysteroids in the Molting Cycle -- Ecdysone and Ecdysteroids -- Hormonal Control of Ecdy sis and Tanning -- Bursicon -- Pupariation Factors -- Juvenile Hormone (JH) -- The Role of Juvenile Hormone in Metamorphosis
Juvenile Hormone-Sensitive Periods and Developmental Switches -- Inhibition of PTTH Secretion by JH -- Ecdysiotropic Effects of JH -- The Coordination of Physiological and Endocrine Events during Molting and Metamorphosis -- Spatial Patterns in Molting and Metamorphosis -- Delayed Effects of JH -- Endocrine Interactions between Hosts and Parasites -- Insect Hormones and Third-Generation Pesticides -- Chapter 6: Reproduction -- Morphology of the Reproductive Systems of Insects -- Females -- Males -- General Features of Insect Reproductive Physiology -- Hormonal Control of Reproduction in Females
Thermobia domestica (Thysanura) -- Diploptera punctata (Blattaria) -- Locusta migratoria (Orthoptera) -- Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera) -- Aedes aegypti (Diptera) -- Hormonal Control of Reproduction in Males -- Hormonal Control of Accessory Gland Function -- Hormones and Sex Determination -- Rabbit Fleas and Rabbit Hormones -- Chapter 7: Diapause -- Environmental Induction of Diapause -- Endocrine Control of Diapause -- Embryonic Diapause -- Larval Diapause -- Pupal Diapause -- Adult Diapause -- Chapter 8: Polyphenisms -- Chromatic Adaptations -- Seasonal Polyphenisms -- Castes in Ants
Summary Although insect endocrinology is one of the oldest and most active branches of insect physiology, its classic general texts are long out of date, while its abundant primary literature provides little biological context in which to make sense of the discipline as a whole. In this book, H. Frederik Nijhout's goal is to provide a complete, concise, and up-to-date source for students and nonspecialists seeking an overview of the dynamic and wide-ranging science that insect endocrinology has become since its beginnings nearly eighty years ago in the study of insect metamorphosis. The author offers a comprehensive survey of the many roles that hormones play in the biology of insects. Among the topics discussed are the control of molting, metamorphosis, reproduction, caste determination in social insects, diapause, migration, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, diuresis, and behavior. The account features a summary of the most current and accurate thinking on the complex roles of ecdysone and juvenile hormone in the control of metamorphosis, a process still misunderstood and misrepresented in biological textbooks and many professional reviews. Throughout, the book's emphasis is on the biology of the organism and the ways in which physiological and developmental regulatory mechanisms are integrated into the insect's life cycle
Notes Castes in Termites
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Bibliography Includes bibliographical references (pages 215-251) and indexes
Subject Insect hormones
Insects -- Development
Insects -- Physiology
Insect Hormones
Insecta -- growth & development
Insecta -- physiology
Insect hormones.
Insectes -- Développement.
Insectes -- Hormones.
Insectes -- Physiologie.
Insects -- Development.
Insects -- Physiology.
Insetos em geral (biologia)
SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology
Form Electronic book
ISBN 0691225117