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Author International Symposium on Scientific Problems and Long-term Preservation of Large-scale Ancient Underground Engineering (2015 : Longyou, Zhejiang, China)

Title Ancient underground opening and preservation / editors, Zhifa Yang, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, Chikaosa Tanimoto, Osaka University, Japan
Published London : Taylor & Francis, [2016]


Description 1 online resource : text file, PDF
Series Environetbase
Contents Conservation of volcanic caves at Azores islands, Portugal / A.M. Malheiro, J.C. Nunes, L.R. Sousa & F. Marques -- Research on laboratory preparation of nano calcium-based consolidant and preliminary application in earthen site reinforcement projects / P.F. Dai, W.W. Chen & N. Wang -- Scientific discovery of a unique cloud-shaped rock pillar in an ancient quarry in Zhejiang Province / X.L. Deng, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang -- Study of protection for "Cuiguangyan" ancient caverns based on virtual reality technology / J.P. Fang, Y.L. Sun, Z.Q. Li & T.R. Wen -- Study on monitoring data after the reinforcement of No. 4-2 rock pillar of No. 4 cavern in Longyou Grottoes / Y. Fu, C.J. Wu, Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, X. Zhang & Z.L. Peng -- Study on the deformation and failure process of No. 24 ancient cavern of Longyou Grottoes / Y. Fu, Q. Zhang, H. Yuan, X.S. Shi, T.W. Tang, X.L. Deng & Y.P. Long -- Roof cracks investigation and cracking mechanism analysis of Niuchang ancient cave in Longyou, Southeast China / Z.H. Han, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, J. Zhou, Z.F. Yang, G. Chen, Y. Fu & J. Zheng -- A preliminary stability analysis of a cavern complex at Changyu quarry, China / W.T. He, Z.F. Yang, J. Lin, J.Y. Wang & Q.H. Luo -- Research on the classification of surrounding rock quality in the Longyou Grottoes based on the D-S evidence theory / Y.S. Hu, X.H. Liao & Y.C. Zhai -- Earthquake environments and micro-tremor characteristics of Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang, China / Y. Iwasaki, C. Tanimoto, K. Koizumi, K. Nakagawa, Y. Ishikawa, K. Oike, L.M. Wang, X.D. Wang & Q.L. Guo -- Influence of stress corrosion effect on the long-term stability of the Longyou Rock Caverns : a case study of cavern NO. 3 / H.L. Jia, W. Xiang, Y. Chen, Z.F. Jin, J.H. Song, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu -- Restoration of ancient collapsed cavern by the high-density DC sounding method / W.J. Jin, L.Q. Zhang, Y.J. Shang, Z.F. Yang & L.H. Li -- Application of wireless sensor network for environmental monitoring in Longyou Grottoes / K. Koizumi, C. Tanimoto, Y. Iwasaki, L.H. Li, L. Li & Y. Fu -- Identification of key blocks in the corners of intersecting chambers / J.Y. Li, G.X. Yuan, J.Y. Dong & Z.Q. Huang
Tuff rocks diseases mechanism analysis and preservation in Chengde Mountain Resort / L. Li, W.C. Chen & M.S. Shao -- Engineering geological conditions of large ancient quarrying caverns in Shepan Island, Zhejiang Province, China / L.H. Li, X.L. Deng, Z.F. Yang, W.D. Sun, S.B. Chen & P.F. Liu -- Weathering rates of chisel imprints on pelitic siltstone inside five Longyou caverns / L.H. Li, Y.F. Tan, X.L. Deng, W.T. He, Z.F. Yang, Y. Fu & E.C. Liu -- Applications of steel structure and engineering rubber cushions in the reinforcement of rock pillars and roofs of Longyou Grottoes No. 1 cavern / M.F. Li, Y.P. Long, H.Y. Sun, Y. Fu, J.W. Zhu & Z.F. Yang -- Numerical analysis of the hydraulic effect on the surrounding rock and rock pillars of the No. 7 cavern in the Longyou Grottoes / Y.P. Li, Z.Y. Wang, J.W. Ma, Y. Fu, Y.L. Sun & Z.F. Yang -- The application of nondestructive testing methods for the investigation of weathering diseases of stone relics / Z.H. Liang, J.Z. Sun, Z.J. Zhang, A.Y. Shao & X.H. Zheng -- 3D laser scanning and geometric modeling of Suichang gold mine of the Ming Dynasty in Zhejiang Province / X.H. Liao, S.H. Chen, C.Y. Ye, T.J. Wang, Y.C. Zhai, L.H. Li, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang -- The microstructure analysis of Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes repaired exfoliation murals / H. Liu, J.C. Lu, G.L. Xu & A. Xohrat -- Investigation and analysis on crack propagation of surrounding rock mass in the AiGong Cave of Longyou / Y.B. Liu, G.C. Wang & Z.F. Yang -- Stability concerns of ancient large underground openings : case histories from Egypt, Jordan and Italy / M. Coli -- Effect of the balance on the bias pressure of partition wall between caverns No. 4 and No. 5 in the residual rock of the Longyou Grottos / Z.L. Peng, R.D. Peng, Z.D. Cui, Z.F. Yang, Y. Fu & Q. Gao -- Analysis of engineering geological problems in ancient man-made underground rock structures in Longyou, China / Q. Gao, L.H. Li, L.Q. Zhang, Z.F. Yang, G. Chen & Y. Fu -- Stability-based analysis for touristic route selection in the ancient man-made underground rock structures in Longyou, China / Q. Gao, Z.F. Yang, L.Q. Zhang, L.H. Li, Z.J. Zhang, Y.J. Shang, G. Chen, Y. Fu & E.C. Liu -- On stone transportation from ancient underground quarries at Changyudongtian / J.Z. Qu, J. Lin, H. Bao, C. Xu, J.W. Zhu, Q.L. Zeng, L.X. Zhu, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang -- Analysis of the stability and groundwater seepage for the Tomb No. 2 of the Han Dynasty in Dingtao / J.H. Song, W. Xiang, S.J. Yan, H.L. Jia & K. He -- Characteristics of rock weathering of the Niuchang cavern in Longyou Grottoes / Y.L. Sun, Z.F. Yang, J.P. Fang, X.H. Liao & Y. Fu -- Research on the relative weathering and spalling depth of rocks on the Gate of Lixian of ancient City Wall at Quzhou / Y.L. Sun, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He, Y. Fu, J.P. Fang & W.P. Bu -- Investigation on the gutters in caverns Nos. 1-5 of Longyou Caverns / Y.F. Tan, L.H. Li, W.T. He, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu
Environmental monitoring at Mogao Grottoes and panorama photo filing / C. Tanimoto, K. Koizumi, C.Z. Piao, X.D. Wang & Q.L. Guo -- On properties of tuff in ancient underground quarries at Changyudontian and stone windows in Wenling / C.X. Tao, Q.H. Luo, Y.M. Yan, W.T. He, K.J. Tao, Z.F. Yang, L.X. Zhu & J.W. Zhu -- Analysis of the long-term stability of large ancient underground engineering / P.J. Wang, B.L. Jiang & G.X. Yuan -- Assessing the relative stability of the Mogao Grottoes using a rock mass quality classification approach / X.D. Wang, Y.W. Wang, Q.L. Guo, Q.Q. Pei & S.L. Yang -- Triggers of rockfall on a slope related to large ancient underground caves cultural heritage (China) / X.L. Wang, L.Q. Zhang & Z.F. Yang -- Numerical study on the failure cracking process and associated acoustic emissions of Longyou No. 3 grotto pillars / Y. Wang, X. Li, Z.F. Yang, Z.D. Cui & X.S. Shi -- Mechanical effect of hydrostatic pressure on No. 3 rock pillar in No. 7 cavern of the Longyou Grottoes / Z.Y. Wang, Y.P. Li, J.W. Ma, Y.L. Sun, Y. Fu & Z.F. Yang -- Tourism planning for new scenic of Longyou Grottoes based on engineering geology / T.R. Wen, N. Wu, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He & L. Tong -- Research on the global tourism planning mode of the new scenic in Longyou Grottoes / N. Wu, T.R. Wen, Z.F. Yang, W.T. He, Y. Fu & L. Tong -- Groundwater prevention and treatment technology of ancient underground caverns in Shepan Island, Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province, China / T.Y. Yang, Z.J. Zhang, J.J. Yang, W.T. He & Z.F. Yang -- Taizhou ancient stone windows and geological characteristics of the stone material / Z.F. Yang, Z.H. Han, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, J. Zhou, W.T. He & Z.J. Zhang -- Discovery and recognition of scientific values of forty-nine large scale ancient underground engineering in Zhejiang Province / Z.F. Yang, Y.J. Shang, L.Q. Zhang, L.H. Li, J. Zhou, Q. Gao, W.T. He, J.W. Zhu, J.X. Ding, Q.L. Zeng, G.M. Guo & Z.J. Zhang -- Lessons from old underground openings in rocks : the wisdom of ancient engineers / Y.H. Hatzor -- Enzyme Induced Calcite Precipitation (EICP) to strengthen the ability of anti-wind erosion of earthen archaeological sites / P.B. Yuan, P.F. Dai & W.W. Chen -- The research status analysis of shallow-buried ancient underground projects with room and pillar style / Y.C. Zhai, Y.S. Hu & X.H. Liao -- A geophysical study of the depth of the rubble landfill in large ancient Shuiyun and Guanxi cavern / W.H. Zhang, W.J. Jin, Z.F. Yang, L.H. Li & R. Cui -- The best angle of V notch to flat crack in ancient rock mining / X. Zhang, Q. Chen, L.Y. Li, Y. Liu, Z.F. Yang, X.S. Shi, T.W. Tang & Y. Fu -- Weathering rate of stone of Confucius Temple Hall in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, China -- part I : measuring method and results / Z.J. Zhang, B. Zhang, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang
Weathering rate of stone of Confucius Temple Hall in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, China -- part II : reasons for weathering asymmetry / Z.J. Zhang, B. Zhang, L.H. Li & Z.F. Yang -- Research on weathering of lithoid cultural relics and its evaluation / X.H. Zheng, J.Z. Sun, Z.J. Zhang, A.Y. Shao & Z.H. Liang -- NMR evaluation of a consolidation process by the dispersion of Ca(OH)[subscript 2] in porous sandstone / H. Zhou, A.M. Netto, B. Blümich, F. Gao & Y. Xiao -- Rock breaking mechanism of an old mining method in the Tang dynasty mining pit of Suichang gold mine / J. Zhou, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, R.H. Xiao, Z.F. Yang, Z.J. Zhang, Y.M. He, S.H. Chen & C.Y. Ye -- Three-dimensional geological modeling of Longyou grotto No. 3 with terrestrial laser scanning / J. Zhou, A. Braun, L.Q. Zhang, X.L. Wang, R.H. Xiao, Z.F. Yang & Z.H. Han -- Long-term stability of rock pillars in the Longyou Ancient Grottoes : sonic wave detection and numerical investigation / S.W. Zhou, C.C. Xia & M. Huang -- Analysis and protection scheme for the roof collapse of cave No. 24 of the Longyou Caves / J.W. Zhu, W.S. Li, A. Braun, Z.F. Yang & Y. Fu -- Enlightening ancient underground quarry culture to the modern urban space construction / X.P. Zhu & B. Lv -- Stability and risk analysis of ancient cavities in historical areas : the case of Yulin Caves, China / L.R. Sousa, X.D. Wang, Q.L. Guo, D. Dias, P.B. Yuan & R.L. Sousa
Notes "Proceedings of the International Symposium on Scientific Problems and Long-term Preservation of Large-scale Ancient Underground Engineering, 23-26 October 2015, Longyou, Zhejiang, China."
"A Balkema book."
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Subject Historic sites -- Conservation and restoration -- Congresses
Abandoned quarries -- China -- Congresses
Abandoned quarries.
Historic sites -- Conservation and restoration.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Form Electronic book
Author Yang, Zhifa, editor
Tanimoto, Chikaosa, editor
ISBN 9781315647104