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Title Bacterial type III protein secretion systems / Samuel Wagner, Jorge E. Galan, editors
Published Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2020


Description 1 online resource
Series Current topics in microbiology and immunology, 0070-217X ; v. 427
Current topics in microbiology and immunology ; 427.
Contents Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- 210 A Unified Nomenclature for Injectisome-Type Type III Secretion Systems -- Abstract -- References -- 168 Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms Controlling Type III Secretion -- Abstract -- 1 Introduction -- 2 T3SS Regulation on the Transcriptional Level -- 2.1 Control by Central Transcriptional Activators -- 2.2 Transcriptional Control of the Key T3SS Regulators -- 2.3 Silencing and Activation of T3SS Master Regulator Expression by Modulator Proteins -- 3 T3SS Regulation on the Post-transcriptional Level -- 3.1 Control of Translation
3.1.1 Sensory RNAs-RNA Thermometers -- 3.1.2 Translational Control by CsrA/RsmA RNA-Binding Proteins -- 3.2 Control of T3SS mRNA Structures and Stability-Influence of Helicases and RNases -- 3.3 Regulatory RNAs -- 3.4 Feedback Control Mechanisms Through Secreted Effectors or Anti-sigma Factors -- 4 T3SS Regulation on the Protein Level -- 4.1 Changing Binding Partners -- 4.2 Modulation or Modification of T3SS Regulatory Components -- 5 Conclusions and Future Perspectives -- References -- 164 Assembly and Post-assembly Turnover and Dynamics in the Type III Secretion System -- Abstract
1 Introduction -- 2 Structure and Function of the Injectisome -- 3 What Drives Protein Assemblies? -- 4 Assembly of the IM Export Apparatus -- 5 Assembly of the Membrane Rings -- 6 Assembly of the Cytosolic Complex -- 7 Assembly of the Needle -- 8 The First Substrate Switch and Assembly of the Needle Tip -- 9 The Second Substrate Switch and Assembly of the Translocon -- 10 Stability and Dynamics of the Injectisome -- 11 Concluding Remarks -- References -- 178 The Structure of the Type III Secretion System Needle Complex -- Abstract -- 1 Visualizing the Needle Complex
2 A Structural Blueprint of the Needle Complex -- 3 The Individual Building Blocks of the Needle Complex -- 3.1 The Inner Membrane Protein SctD -- 3.2 The Second Inner Membrane Protein SctJ -- 3.3 The Outer Membrane Protein SctC -- 3.4 The Needle Adaptor Protein SctI -- 3.5 The Needle Filament Protein SctF -- 3.6 The Tip Complex Protein SctA -- 3.7 The Export Apparatus Proteins SctV, SctR, SctS, SctT and SctU -- 4 Assembly, Conformational Flexibility and Substrate Secretion -- 5 Future Directions -- References
170 Molecular Organization and Assembly of the Export Apparatus of Flagellar Type III Secretion Systems -- Abstract -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Structure of the Transmembrane Export Gate Complex -- 2.1 FlhA Ring Structure -- 2.2 FlhB -- 2.3 Core Structure of the Export Gate Complex -- 3 Cytoplasmic ATPase Ring Complex -- 4 Sorting Platform -- 5 Assembly of the Type III Protein Export Apparatus -- 6 Conclusion -- References -- 192 Structures of Type III Secretion System Needle Filaments -- Abstract -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The T3SS Needle: Biological Functions
Summary One of the most exciting developments in the field of bacterial pathogenesis in recent years is the discovery that many pathogens utilize complex nanomachines to deliver bacterially encoded effector proteins into eukaryotic and prokaryotic target cells to modulate a variety of cellular functions for the pathogens benefit. These protein-delivery machines include the type III secretion system (T3SS), which is widespread in nature and encoded not only by bacteria pathogenic to vertebrates or plants, but also by bacteria that are symbiotic to plants or insects. Because they are essential virulence factors for many important human pathogens, these systems are emerging as a prime target for the development of new-generation, anti-infective drugs. This book reviews our current understanding of these intriguing injection machines as well as of the closely related T3SS that serves in flagella assembly. Individual chapters focus on regulation, assembly, structure, and function of the type III secretion machine and on the evolution of the secreted effector proteins. Given its scope, this book will appeal to a broad readership, including researchers and teachers in the fields of infectious diseases, host pathogen interactions, plant and animal pathogenesis, and symbiosis
Subject Pathogenic bacteria.
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Author Wagner, Samuel
Galán, Jorge E.
ISBN 9783030521233