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Author International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (13th : 2012 : Linz, Austria)

Title Computers Helping People with Special Needs : 13th International Conference, ICCHP 2012, Linz, Austria, July 11-13, 2012, Proceedings. Part II / Klaus Miesenberger [and others] (eds.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012


Description 1 online resource : illustrations (some color)
Series Lecture notes in computer science, 0302-9743 ; 7383
LNCS sublibrary. SL 3, Information systems and application, incl. Internet/Web and HCI
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7383.
LNCS sublibrary. SL 3, Information systems and applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI.
Contents A Multimodal Approach to Accessible Web Content on Smartphones / Lars Emil Knudsen and Harald Holone -- Mobile Vision as Assistive Technology for the Blind: An Experimental Study / Roberto Manduchi -- Camera-Based Signage Detection and Recognition for Blind Persons / Shuihua Wang and Yingli Tian -- The Crosswatch Traffic Intersection Analyzer: A Roadmap for the Future / James M. Coughlan and Huiying Shen -- GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as a Navigation System for the Visually Impaired / Jesus Zegarra and René Farcy -- Visual Nouns for Indoor/Outdoor Navigation / Edgardo Molina, Zhigang Zhu and Yingli Tian -- Towards a Real-Time System for Finding and Reading Signs for Visually Impaired Users / Huiying Shen and James M. Coughlan -- User Requirements for Camera-Based Mobile Applications on Touch Screen Devices for Blind People / Yoonjung Choi and Ki-Hyung Hong -- A Route Planner Interpretation Service for Hard of Hearing People / Mehrez Boulares and Mohamed Jemni -- Translating Floor Plans into Directions / Martin Spindler, Michael Weber, Denise Prescher, Mei Miao and Gerhard Weber, et al. -- Harnessing Wireless Technologies for Campus Navigation by Blind Students and Visitors / Tracey J. Mehigan and Ian Pitt -- Eyesight Sharing in Blind Grocery Shopping: Remote P2P Caregiving through Cloud Computing / Vladimir Kulyukin, Tanwir Zaman, Abhishek Andhavarapu and Aliasgar Kutiyanawala -- Assessment Test Framework for Collecting and Evaluating Fall-Related Data Using Mobile Devices / Stefan Almer, Josef Kolbitsch, Johannes Oberzaucher and Martin Ebner -- NAVCOM -- WLAN Communication between Public Transport Vehicles and Smart Phones to Support Visually Impaired and Blind People / Werner Bischof, Elmar Krajnc, Markus Dornhofer and Michael Ulm -- Mobile-Type Remote Captioning System for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing People and the Experience of Remote Supports after the Great East Japan Earthquake / Shigeki Miyoshi, Sumihiro Kawano, Mayumi Shirasawa, Kyoko Isoda and Michiko Hasuike, et al
Handheld "App" Offering Visual Support to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) / Bogdan Zamfir, Robert Tedesco and Brian Reichow -- Cloud-Based Assistive Speech-Transcription Services / Zdenek Bumbalek, Jan Zelenka and Lukas Kencl -- Developing a Voice User Interface with Improved Usability for People with Dysarthria / Yumi Hwang, Daejin Shin, Chang-Yeal Yang, Seung-Yeun Lee and Jin Kim, et al. -- Wearable Range-Vibrotactile Field: Design and Evaluation / Frank G. Palmer, Zhigang Zhu and Tony Ro -- System Supporting Speech Perception in Special Educational Needs Schoolchildren / Adam Kupryjanow, Piotr Suchomski, Piotr Odya and Andrzej Czyzewski -- Designing a Mobile Application to Record ABA Data / Silvia Artoni, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Claudia Fenili and Barbara Leporini, et al. -- Creating Personas with Disabilities / Trenton Schulz and Kristin Skeide Fuglerud -- Eye Controlled Human Computer Interaction for Severely Motor Disabled Children: Two Clinical Case Studies / Mojca Debeljak, Julija Ocepek and Anton Zupan -- Gravity Controls for Windows / Peter Heumader, Klaus Miesenberger and Gerhard Nussbaum -- Addressing Accessibility Challenges of People with Motor Disabilities by Means of AsTeRICS: A Step by Step Definition of Technical Requirements / Alvaro García-Soler, Unai Diaz-Orueta, Roland Ossmann, Gerhard Nussbaum and Christoph Veigl, et al. -- Indoor and Outdoor Mobility for an Intelligent Autonomous Wheelchair / C.T. Lin, Craig Euler, Po-Jen Wang and Ara Mekhtarian -- Comparing the Accuracy of a P300 Speller for People with Major Physical Disability / Alexander Lechner, Rupert Ortner, Fabio Aloise, Robert Prückl and Francesca Schettini, et al. -- Application of Robot Suit HAL to Gait Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients: A Case Study / Kanako Yamawaki, Ryohei Ariyasu, Shigeki Kubota, Hiroaki Kawamoto and Yoshio Nakata, et al
Sign 2.0: ICT for Sign Language Users: Information Sharing, Interoperability, User-Centered Design and Collaboration: Introduction to the Special Thematic Session / Liesbeth Pyfers -- Toward Developing a Very Big Sign Language Parallel Corpus / Achraf Othman, Zouhour Tmar and Mohamed Jemni -- Czech Sign Language -- Czech Dictionary and Thesaurus On-Line / Jan Fikejs and Tomáš Sklenák -- The Dicta-Sign Wiki: Enabling Web Communication for the Deaf / Eleni Efthimiou, Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Thomas Hanke, John Glauert and Richard Bowden, et al. -- Sign Language Multimedia Based Interaction for Aurally Handicapped People / Matjaž Debevc, Ines Kožuh, Primož Kosec, Milan Rotovnik and Andreas Holzinger -- Meeting Support System for the Person with Hearing Impairment Using Tablet Devices and Speech Recognition / Makoto Kobayashi, Hiroki Minagawa, Tomoyuki Nishioka and Shigeki Miyoshi -- Dubbing of Videos for Deaf People -- A Sign Language Approach / Franz Niederl, Petra Busswald, Georg Tschare, Jürgen Hackl and Josef Philipp -- Towards a 3D Signing Avatar from SignWriting Notation / Yosra Bouzid, Maher Jbali, Oussama El Ghoul and Mohamed Jemni -- Sign Language Computer-Aided Education: Exploiting GSL Resources and Technologies for Web Deaf Communication / Stavroula-Evita Fotinea, Eleni Efthimiou and Athanasia-Lida Dimou -- SignMedia: Interactive English Learning Resource for Deaf Sign Language Users Working in the Media Industry / Luzia Gansinger -- SignAssess -- Online Sign Language Training Assignments via the Browser, Desktop and Mobile / Christopher John -- Towards General Cross-Platform CCF Based Multi-modal Language Support / Mats Lundälv and Sandra Derbring -- Developing an Augmentative Mobile Communication System / Juan Bautista Montalvá Colomer, María Fernanda Cabrera-Umpiérrez, Silvia de los Ríos Pérez, Miguel Páramo del Castrillo and María Teresa Arredondo Waldmeyer
The Korean Web-Based AAC Board Making System / Saerom Choi, Heeyeon Lee and Ki-Hyung Hong -- SymbolChat: Picture-Based Communication Platform for Users with Intellectual Disabilities / Tuuli Keskinen, Tomi Heimonen, Markku Turunen, Juha-Pekka Rajaniemi and Sami Kauppinen -- Developing AAC Message Generating Training System Based on Core Vocabulary Approach / Ming-Chung Chen, Cheng-Chien Chen, Chien-Chuan Ko, Hwa-Pey Wang and Shao-Wun Chen -- New Features in the VoxAid Communication Aid for Speech Impaired People / Bálint Tóth, Péter Nagy and Géza Németh -- AAC Vocabulary Standardisation and Harmonisation: The CCF and BCI Experiences / Mats Lundälv and Sandra Derbring -- Speaking and Understanding Morse Language, Speech Technology and Autism / András Arató, Norbert Markus and Zoltan Juhasz -- Reverse-Engineering Scanning Keyboards / Foad Hamidi and Melanie Baljko -- A Communication System on Smart Phones and Tablets for Non-verbal Children with Autism / Harini Sampath, Bipin Indurkhya and Jayanthi Sivaswamy -- Assessment of Biosignals for Managing a Virtual Keyboard / Manuel Merino, Isabel Gómez, Alberto J. Molina and Kevin Guzman -- Applying the Principles of Experience-Dependent Neural Plasticity: Building up Language Abilities with ELA®-Computerized Language Modules / Jacqueline Stark, Christiane Pons, Ronald Bruckner, Beate Fessl and Rebecca Janker, et al. -- Assistive Technology: Writing Tool to Support Students with Learning Disabilities / Onintra Poobrasert and Alongkorn Wongteeratana -- Communication Access for a Student with Multiple Disabilities: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative Approach / Frances Layman, Cathryn Crowle and John Ravenscroft -- Multimedia Advocacy: A New Way of Self Expression and Communication for People with Intellectual Disabilities: / Gosia Kwiatkowska, Thomas Tröbinger, Karl Bäck and Peter Williams -- How Long Is a Short Sentence? -- A Linguistic Approach to Definition and Validation of Rules for Easy-to-Read Material / Annika Nietzio, Birgit Scheer and Christian Bühler -- CAPKOM -- Innovative Graphical User Interface Supporting People with Cognitive Disabilities / Andrea Petz, Nicoleta Radu and Markus Lassnig
A Real-Time Sound Recognition System in an Assisted Environment / Héctor Lozano, Inmaculada Hernáez, Javier Camarena, Ibai Díez and Eva Navas -- Gestures Used by Intelligent Wheelchair Users / Dimitra Anastasiou and Christoph Stahl -- Augmented Reality Based Environment Design Support System for Home Renovation / Yoshiyuki Takahashi and Hiroko Mizumura -- Fall Detection on Embedded Platform Using Kinect and Wireless Accelerometer / Michal Kepski and Bogdan Kwolek -- Controlled Natural Language Sentence Building as a Model for Designing User Interfaces for Rule Editing in Assisted Living Systems -- A User Study / Henrike Gappa, Gaby Nordbrock, Yehya Mohamad, Jaroslav Pullmann and Carlos A. Velasco -- MonAMI Platform in Elderly Household Environment: Architecture, Installation, Implementation, Trials and Results / Dušan Šimšík, Alena Galajdová, Daniel Siman, Juraj Bujňák and Marianna Andrášová, et al. -- Modeling Text Input for Single-Switch Scanning / I. Scott MacKenzie -- DualScribe: A Keyboard Replacement for Those with Friedreich's Ataxia and Related Diseases / Torsten Felzer, I. Scott MacKenzie and Stephan Rinderknecht -- Easier Mobile Phone Input Using the JusFone Keyboard / Oystein Dale and Trenton Schulz -- Automatic Assessment of Dysarthric Speech Intelligibility Based on Selected Phonetic Quality Features / Myung Jong Kim and Hoirin Kim -- Adaptation of AAC to the Context Communication: A Real Improvement for the User Illustration through the VITIPI Word Completion / Philippe Boissière, Nadine Vigouroux, Mustapha Mojahid and Frédéric Vella -- Tackling the Acceptability of Freely Optimized Keyboard Layout / Bruno Merlin, Mathieu Raynal and Heleno Fülber -- Measuring Performance of a Predictive Keyboard Operated by Humming / Ondřej Poláček, Adam J. Sporka and Zdeněk Míkovec
Dysarthric Speech Recognition Error Correction Using Weighted Finite State Transducers Based on Context-Dependent Pronunciation Variation / Woo Kyeong Seong, Ji Hun Park and Hong Kook Kim -- Text Entry Competency for Students with Learning Disabilities in Grade 5 to 6 / Ting-Fang Wu and Ming-Chung Chen -- Vision SenS / Berenice Machuca Bautista, José Alfredo Padilla Medina and Francisco Javier Sánchez Marín -- Computer-Aided Design of Tactile Models: Taxonomy and Case Studies / Andreas Reichinger, Moritz Neumüller, Florian Rist, Stefan Maierhofer and Werner Purgathofer -- Three-Dimensional Model Fabricated by Layered Manufacturing for Visually Handicapped Persons to Trace Heart Shape / Kenji Yamazawa, Yoshinori Teshima, Yasunari Watanabe, Yuji Ikegami and Mamoru Fujiyoshi, et al. -- Viable Haptic UML for Blind People / Claudia Loitsch and Gerhard Weber -- Non-visual Presentation of Graphs Using the Novint Falcon / Reham Alabbadi, Peter Blanchfield and Maria Petridou -- Towards a Geographic Information System Facilitating Navigation of Visually Impaired Users / Slim Kammoun, Marc J. -M. Macé, Bernard Oriola and Christophe Jouffrais -- Combination of Map-Supported Particle Filters with Activity Recognition for Blind Navigation / Bernhard Schmitz, Attila Györkös and Thomas Ertl -- AccessibleMap: Web-Based City Maps for Blind and Visually Impaired / Höckner Klaus, Daniele Marano, Julia Neuschmid, Manfred Schrenk and Wolfgang Wasserburger -- Design and User Satisfaction of Interactive Maps for Visually Impaired People / Anke Brock, Philippe Truillet, Bernard Oriola, Delphine Picard and Christophe Jouffrais -- A Mobile Application Concept to Encourage Independent Mobility for Blind and Visually Impaired Students / Jukka Liimatainen, Markku Häkkinen, Tuula Nousiainen, Marja Kankaanranta and Pekka Neittaanmäki -- Do-It-Yourself Object Identification Using Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired People / Atheer S. Al-Khalifa and Hend S. Al-Khalifa
An Assistive Vision System for the Blind That Helps Find Lost Things / Boris Schauerte, Manel Martinez, Angela Constantinescu and Rainer Stiefelhagen -- Designing a Virtual Environment to Evaluate Multimodal Sensors for Assisting the Visually Impaired / Wai L. Khoo, Eric L. Seidel and Zhigang Zhu -- A Segmentation-Based Stereovision Approach for Assisting Visually Impaired People / Hao Tang and Zhigang Zhu -- KinDectect: Kinect Detecting Objects / Atif Khan, Febin Moideen, Juan Lopez, Wai L. Khoo and Zhigang Zhu -- A System Helping the Blind to Get Merchandise Information / Nobuhito Tanaka, Yasunori Doi, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Yoshinori Takeuchi and Hiroaki Kudo, et al. -- Accessibility for the Blind on an Open-Source Mobile Platform: MObile Slate Talker (MOST) for Android / Norbert Markus, Szabolcs Malik, Zoltan Juhasz and András Arató -- Accessibility of Android-Based Mobile Devices: A Prototype to Investigate Interaction with Blind Users / Sarah Chiti and Barbara Leporini -- TypeInBraille: Quick Eyes-Free Typing on Smartphones / Sergio Mascetti, Cristian Bernareggi and Matteo Belotti -- Real-Time Display Recognition System for Visually Impaired / Irati Rasines, Pedro Iriondo and Ibai Díez -- A Non-visual Interface for Tasks Requiring Rapid Recognition and Response: An RC Helicopter Control System for Blind People / Kazunori Minatani and Tetsuya Watanabe -- Reaching to Sound Accuracy in the Peri-personal Space of Blind and Sighted Humans / Marc J. -M. Macé, Florian Dramas and Christophe Jouffrais -- Hapto-acoustic Scene Representation / Sebastian Ritterbusch, Angela Constantinescu and Volker Koch -- Efficient Access to PC Applications by Using a Braille Display with Active Tactile Control (ATC) / Siegfried Kipke -- Applications of Optically Actuated Haptic Elements / Branislav Mamojka and Peter Teplický -- Trackable Interactive Multimodal Manipulatives: Towards a Tangible User Environment for the Blind / Muhanad S. Manshad, Enrico Pontelli and Shakir J. Manshad -- Introduction of New Body-Braille Devices and Applications / Satoshi Ohtsuka, Nobuyuki Sasaki, Sadao Hasegawa and Tetsumi Harakawa
Summary The two-volume set LNCS 7382 and 7383 constiutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, ICCHP 2012, held in Linz, Austria, in July 2012. The 147 revised full papers and 42 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 364 submissions. The papers included in the second volume are organized in the following topical sections: portable and mobile systems in assistive technology; assistive technology, HCI and rehabilitation; sign 2.0: ICT for sign language users: information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration; computer-assisted augmentative and alternative communication; easy to Web between science of education, information design and speech technology; smart and assistive environments: ambient assisted living; text entry for accessible computing; tactile graphics and models for blind people and recognition of shapes by touch; mobility for blind and partially sighted people; and human-computer interaction for blind and partially sighted people
Analysis Computer science
Information storage and retrieval systems
User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction
Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)
Computers and Society
Computers and Education
Computer Applications
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and author index
Subject Assistive computer technology -- Congresses
Assistive computer technology.
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings.
Conference papers and proceedings.
Actes de congrès.
Form Electronic book
Author Miesenberger, Klaus, 1966-
ISBN 9783642315343
Other Titles ICCHP 2012