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Book Cover
Author Kraemer, Ross Shepard

Title Women's Religions in the Greco-Roman World : a Sourcebook
Published Cary : Oxford University Press, 2004


Description 1 online resource (743 pages)
Contents Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Abbreviations; Introduction; ONE Observances, Rituals, and Festivals; 1. Why Women Are Compelled to Worship Dionysos EURIPIDES Bacchae 23-42; 2. The Rites of the First Bacchic Worshipers EURIPIDES Bacchae 677-768; 3. Women Worshipers of a Dionysian Deity, Sabos DEMOSTHENES On the Crown 259-60; 4. Rituals for Brides and Pregnant Women in the Worship of Artemis LSCG Suppl. 115; 5. Objects Dedicated to Artemis Brauronia IG II2 1514; 6. Women Participants at a Festival of Adonis THEOCRITUS Idyll 15, 95-149
7. Ritual Regulations in a Dionysiac Thiasos LSAM 488. Epitaph of Alcmeonis, a Priestess of Dionysos Henrichs HSCP 82 (1978): 148; 9. The Establishment of Dionysiac Rites in Magnesia I. Magn. 215a.24-40; 10. Ritual Equipment for a Women's Festival in Hellenistic Egypt P. Hib. 54; 11. Three Excerpts from Ovid on the Rites of Roman Women; 11A. Roman Matrons Who Celebrate the Matralia (A Festival to the Goddess, Mother Matuta) OVID Fasti 6.473-568; 11B. Roman Matrons Who Wash the Statue of Venus on April 1 OVID Fasti 4.133-62; 11C. The Ritual Practices of an Old Woman OVID Fasti 2.571-82
12. Women's Rites of Dionysos in Greek Cities DIODORUS OF SICILY Library 4.3.2-513. Women Members of a Monastic Jewish Community Outside Alexandria PHILO On the Contemplative Life 2, 32-33, 65-69, 83-85, 87-89; 14. (Jewish?) Women in Alexandrian Public Life PHILO The Special Laws 3.169-75; 15. The Women's Court of the Jerusalem Temple JOSEPHUS The Jewish War 5.198-200, Against Apion 2.102-4; 16. Excerpts from Plutarch on Greek and Roman Women's Religions; 16A. Devotees of Dionysos Protected by Women from the Town of Amphissa On the Bravery of Women 13 (Moralia 249)
16B. The Dionysiac Proclivities of Olympias, Mother of Alexander the Great Life of Alexander 2.1-516C. How Women's Bacchic Frenzy Explains an Epithet of the God (Bacchus) Roman Questions 104 (Moralia 288-89); 16D. Why Roman Matrons Founded a Temple to the Goddess Carmenta Roman Questions 56 (Moralia 278); 16E. Why Women Use Milk but Not Wine in Offerings to Rumina Roman Questions 57 (Moralia 278); 16F. Gender Distinctions in Sacrifices to Hercules Roman Questions 60 (Moralia 278); 16G. Why Seduced Vestal Virgins Are Buried Alive Roman Questions 96 (Moralia 286-87)
16H. Why Roman Women Wash Their Heads on the Ides of August Roman Questions 100 (Moralia 287)17. Excerpts from the Travel Writer Pausanias on Greek Women's Religions; 17A. The Public and Secret Rites to Demeter Performed by Elder Women in Corinth Description of Greece 2 (Corinth) 35.6-8; 17B. The Athletic Contests for Women in Honor of Hera at Elis Description of Greece 5 (Elis 1) 16.2-8; 17C. Women's Worship of Eileithyia and Sosipolis at Elis Description of Greece 5 (Elis 1) 20.2-3; 17D. Women's Rites to Demeter at Achaia Description of Greece 7 (Achaia) 27.9-10
Summary This is a substantially expanded and completely revised edition of a book originally published in 1988 as Maenads, Martyrs, Matrons, Monastics. The book is a collection of translations of primary texts relevant to women's religion in Western antiquity, from the fourth century BCE to the fifth century CE. The selections are taken from from the plethora of ancient religions, including Judaism and Christianity, and are translated from the six major languages of the Greco-Roman world: Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, and Coptic. The texts are grouped thematically in six sections: Observances
Notes 17E. The Festival Laphria, in Honor of Artemis Description of Greece 7 (Achaia) 18.11-12
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Subject Women -- Religious life -- Rome -- History -- Sources
Women -- Religious life -- Greece -- History -- Sources
Women -- Religious life.
SUBJECT Rome -- Religion -- Sources
Greece -- Religion -- Sources
Subject Greece.
Rome (Empire)
Genre/Form History.
Form Electronic book
ISBN 9780199725830