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Title Advances in asymmetric autocatalysis and related topics
Published [Place of publication not identified] : ELSEVIER ACADEMIC Press, 2017


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Contents Front Cover; Advances in Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Related Topics; Copyright Page; Contents; List of Contributors; Preface; 1 Asymmetric Autocatalysis and the Origins of Homochirality of Organic Compounds. An Overview; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Examination of the Origins of Homochirality by Using Asymmetric Autocatalysis with Amplification of Chirality; 1.2.1 Circularly Polarized Light; 1.2.2 Chiral Inorganic Crystals of Quartz, Sodium Chlorate, Cinnabar, and Retgersite; 1.2.3 Chiral Crystals Formed from Achiral Organic Compounds
1.2.4 Asymmetric Autocatalysis on the Enantiotopic Face of an Achiral Organic Crystal of an Achiral Organic Compound1.2.5 Chiral Crystal of DL-Serine Sulfate; 1.2.6 Spontaneous Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis; 1.3 Asymmetric Autocatalysis Initiated by Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen Isotope Chirality and by Cryptochirality: Highly Sen ... ; 1.3.1 Chiral Amino Acids Arising from Hydrogen Isotope Substitution; 1.3.2 Chiral Compounds Arising from Carbon and Oxygen Isotopomers as Chiral Initiators of Asymmetric Autocatalysis; 1.3.3 Discrimination of Cryptochirality by Asymmetric Autocatalysis
1.3.4 Chiral Discrimination of Helical Silica and Helical Mesoporous Silica by Asymmetric Autocatalysis1.4 Structure of Asymmetric Autocatalyst Determined by Single Crystal X-Ray Crystallography; 1.5 Summary; References; 2 Soai Autocatalyst as Conveyor of Chirality Coupling Autocatalysis With Asymmetric Induction; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Results and Discussion; 2.2.1 Asymmetric Alkylation: Preliminary Approach; 2.2.2 Parallel Asymmetric Alkylation by Soai Autocatlayst; 2.2.3 Coupling Asymmetric Autocatalysis With Asymmetric Alkynylation; Reaction Optimization Asymmetric Alkynylation of Azaaryl Aldehydes2.2.3.3 One-Pot Asymmetric Autocatalysis-Catalysis Sequence; 2.2.4 Towards Remote Amplification of Chirality; 2.3 Conclusion; References; 3 Graph Theoretical and Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Soai Reaction on Natural Sciences; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Soai Graph; 3.3 Main Communities of the Soai Graph; 3.4 Disciplines of Journals and Books Citing Soai's Paper; References; 4 Kinetic and Structural Aspects of Mirror-Image Symmetry Breaking in the Soai Reaction; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 A Brief History of the Discovery of Soai Reaction
4.2.1 Extreme Sensitivity, Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis and Mirror-Symmetry Breaking4.2.2 Effect of Circularly Polarized Light; 4.2.3 Effect of Chiral Additives; Easily Soluble Additives; Hydrocarbons; Heteroatomic Additives; Nonsoluble Additives; 4.3 Structural Aspects of the Soai Reaction Intermediates; 4.3.1 Macrocycle; 4.3.2 Monomer and Dimers; 4.3.3 Tetramers and Oligomers; 4.3.4 Adducts and Transition State; 4.3.5 X-Ray of Isolated Crystals; 4.4 Kinetic Analysis of the Soai Reaction; 4.4.1 The Dimer Catalysis Period; 4.4.2 The Refinement Period
Summary Advances in Asymmetric Autocatalysis and Related Topics provides various viewpoints on the important developments in asymmetric autocatalysis that have occurred in the past few years, also including brand new information in the field. Asymmetric autocatalysis is a chemical reaction which leads from achiral starting materials to chiral products, and in which the product accelerates its own formation reaction (conventional catalysis) and promotes the prevalence of its own chiral configuration (asymmetric induction). The combination of these two effects in the same reaction was unprecedented before 1995 when it was first described by Kenso SOAI at the Tokyo University of Science. Since then, several new combinations of this effect have been found, most intriguingly the possibility of absolute asymmetric synthesis, which is the spontaneous formation of the excess of one of the enantiomers of the product, a dream of organic chemists for more than a century. The book contains expert-contributed chapters that describe the most exciting recent developments in the field of the Soai reaction and in related topics, ranging from mechanistic studies and theoretical research, to very practical problems in chiral syntheses and products
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