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Description ACLS Humanities E-Book collection focuses on the core disciplines of the humanities - literature, linguistics, history, art history, philosophy.
Subject area Humanities
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Other name American Council of Learned Societies
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ACLS Humanities E-Book The 60s communes : hippies and beyond / Timothy Miller
ACLS Humanities E-Book "A tender age" : cultural anxieties over the child in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries / by William F. MacLehose
ACLS Humanities E-Book Abe Fortas : a biography / Laura Kalman
ACLS Humanities E-Book Abortion and woman's choice : the state, sexuality, and reproductive freedom / Rosalind Pollack Petchesky
ACLS Humanities E-Book Abortion before birth control : the politics of reproduction in postwar Japan / Tiana Norgren
ACLS Humanities E-Book Abraham Lincoln and the second American Revolution / James M. McPherson
ACLS Humanities E-Book The absent-minded imperialists : empire, society, and culture in Britain / Bernard Porter
ACLS Humanities E-Book Absolutism and society in seventeenth-century France : state power and provincial aristocracy in Languedoc / William Beik
ACLS Humanities E-Book Absolute music and the construction of meaning / Daniel K.L. Chua
ACLS Humanities E-Book Academic culture in the Spanish colonies / by John Tate Lanning
ACLS Humanities E-Book Accidental occidental : economics and culture of transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic, and the Balkan Area / Lajos Bokros
ACLS Humanities E-Book The accidental republic : crippled workingmen, destitute widows, and the remaking of American law / John Fabian Witt
ACLS Humanities E-Book Acclimatization in the Andes : historical confirmation of climatic aggression in the development of Andean man / by Carlos Monge, translated by Donald F. Brown
ACLS Humanities E-Book Acting in the cinema / James Naremore
ACLS Humanities E-Book Acts of Mar Mari. http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/no2002110674 English
ACLS Humanities E-Book Adam and Eve in the Armenian tradition : fifth through seventeenth centuries / Michael E. Stone
ACLS Humanities E-Book Adam Mickiewicz : the life of a romantic / Roman Koropeckyj
ACLS Humanities E-Book Adelaide and the country, 1870-1917 : their social and political relationship / J.B. Hirst
ACLS Humanities E-Book The Adena people / by William S. Webb and Charles E. Snow ; with a chapter on Adena pottery and a foreword to the new ed. by James B. Griffin
ACLS Humanities E-Book The administration of Normandy under Saint Louis / Joseph Reese Strayer