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Description Brill E-books is a multi-disciplinary ebook collections in the subject areas of European History and Culture collections, International Law, Language and Linguistics, and Educational Research.
Subject area Law
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Other name Brill European History and Culture eBook Collection
  Brill International Law Collections
  Brill Educational Research eBook Collection
  Brill ebooks


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Brill E-books Addressing corruption allegations in international arbitration / by Brody K. Greenwald and Jennifer A. Ivers
Brill E-books Anti-money laundering & terrorism financing law and policy : showcasing Australia / Anne Imobersteg Harvey
Brill E-books Approaches by the permanent five members of the UN Security Council to the concept of 'threat to the peace' under Article 39 of the UN Charter / by Tamsin Phillipa Paige
Brill E-books Art therapy in Australia : taking a postcolonial, aesthetic turn / edited by Andrea Gilroy, Sheridan Linnell, Tarquam McKenna and Jill Westwood
Brill E-books Arthur Miller's Death of a salesman / edited by Eric J. Sterling
Brill E-books Article 28 : the right to education / by Mieke Verheyde
Brill E-books Article 3 : the best interests of the child / by Michael Freeman
Brill E-books Article 5 : the child's right to appropriate direction and guidance / Garton Kamchedzera
Brill E-books Asian yearbook of human rights and humanitarian law. Volume 3 / edited by Javaid Rehman, Ayesha Shahid, Steve Foster
Brill E-books Avant-garde film / edited by Alexander Graf and Dietrich Scheunemann
Brill E-books Avant-garde cultural practices in Spain (1914-1936) : the challenge of modernity / edited by Eduardo Gregori, Juan Herrero-Senes
Brill E-books Baader-Meinhof Returns : History and Cultural Memory of German Left-Wing Terrorism
Brill E-books The belt and road initiative : law, economics, and politics / edited by Julien Chaisse, Jedrzej Gorski
Brill E-books Biomapping indigenous peoples : towards an understanding of the issues / edited by Susanne Berthier-Foglar, Sheila Collingwood-Whittick and Sandrine Tolazzi
Brill E-books Blurring boundaries : human security and forced migration / edited by Stefan Salomon, Lisa Heschl, Gerd Oberleitner and Wolfgang Benedek
Brill E-books The body in language : comparative studies of linguistic embodiment / edited by Matthias Brenzinger and Iwona Kraska-Szlenk
Brill E-books British popular culture and the First World War / edited by Jessica Meyer
Brill E-books Catching Australian theatre in the 2000s / edited by Richard Fotheringham and James Smith
Brill E-books Children, autonomy and the courts : beyond the right to be heard / by Aoife Daly
Brill E-books Child-friendly Justice : a quarter of a century of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child / edited by Said Mahmoudi, Pernilla Leviner, Anna Kaldal, Katrin Lainpelto