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Description HeinOnline gives access to law journals. The English Reports and the Philip C. Jessup Library, and Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law are also included. Includes four centuries of research covering: History, Law, Political Science, Business, Public Policy, Government, Criminal Justice, Gun Regulation, Human Rights and Justice.
Subject area Law
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Other name Heinonline
  Acts of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
  Australian Law Reform Commission
  American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)
  American Bar Association Journals
  Association of American Law Schools (AALS)
  Canada Supreme Court Reports
  Code of Federal Regulations
  Criminal Justice in America: U.S. Attorney General Opinions, Reports, and Publications
  Early American Case Law
  English Reports
  European Centre for Minority Issues
  Federal Register Library
  Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
  International Law Association Reports
  Law Journal Library
  Legal Classics
  Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)
  Open Society Justice Initiative
  Pentagon Papers
  Revised Statutes of Canada
  Criminal Justice & Criminology Collection
  U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
  U.S. Presidential Library
  U.S. Statutes at Large
  U.S. Supreme Court Library
  U.S. Treaties and Agreements
  United States Code
  Women and the Law (Peggy)
  World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary and Historical Documents and Resources
  Gun Regulation and Legislation in America


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Click for full text Access catalogue record Dates for online coverage
Hein Online AALL spectrum 01 Jan. 1996-
Hein Online (Latest issues unavailable) The AALS directory of law teachers / prepared by the Association of American Law Schools 01 Jan. 1922 - 08 Aug. 1954
Hein Online ABA child law practice 01 Jan. 1997 - 31 Dec. 2017
Hein Online (Latest issues unavailable) ABA journal 01 Jan. 1984 - 22 July 2022
Hein Online ABA journal of affordable housing & community development law 01 Jan. 1991 - 31 Dec. 1994
Hein Online (Latest issues unavailable) ABA journal of labor & employment law 01 Jan. 2010 - 22 July 2022
Hein Online ABA juvenile & child welfare law reporter 01 Jan. 1982 - 31 Dec. 1984
Hein Online Aberdeen student law review 01 Jan. 2010 - 31 Dec. 2022
Hein Online Aboriginal law bulletin 01 Jan. 1981 - 31 Dec. 1997
Hein Online Academic journal of law and governance / Romanian Academic Society of Administrative Sciences, R.A.S.A.S 01 Jan. 2013 - 31 Dec. 2021
Hein Online Access to justice in Eastern Europe 01 Jan. 2018-
Hein Online Accord, A Legal Journal for Practitioners 01 Jan. 2011 - 31 Dec. 2017
Hein Online (Latest issues unavailable) Accounting, economics, and law : a convivium 01 Jan. 2011 - 22 July 2021
Hein Online Acta Facultatis Politico-Iuridicae Universitatis Scientiarum Budapestinensis de Rolando Eötvös nominatae 01 Jan. 1993-
Hein Online Acta juridica (Cape Town, South Africa) 01 Jan. 1959 - 31 Dec. 1990
Hein Online Acta juridica Hungarica 01 Jan. 1991 - 31 Dec. 2015
Hein Online Acta Societatis Martensis 01 Jan. 2005 - 31 Dec. 2010
Hein Online Acta Universitatis Danubius Juridica 01 Jan. 2005-
Hein Online Acta Universitatis Lucian Blaga 01 Jan. 2001 - 31 Dec. 2022