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Author International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering (2012 : Beijing, China)

Title Proceedings of the 2012 international conference on information technology and software engineering : software engineering & digital media technology / Wei Lu [and others], editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


Description 1 online resource
Series Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 212
Lecture notes in electrical engineering ; v. 212.
Contents Part 1. Software Engineering -- Detecting Null Dereference with a Game / Jie Chen -- Interactive and Collaborative E-Learning Platform with Integrated Social Software and Learning Management System / Zhao Du, Xiaolong Fu, Can Zhao, Qifeng Liu and Ting Liu -- Neural Network Based Software Reliability Prediction with the Feed of Testing Process Knowledge / Tian Jie, Zhou Yong and Wang Lina -- Complexity Metrics Significance for Defects: An Empirical View / Syed Muhammad Ali Shah and Maurizio Morisio -- A Petri Net Based Automatic Executable Code Generation Method for Web Service Composition / Zhijun Ding, Jieqi Liu and Junli Wang -- A SPMP Changeability Measurement Model for Reducing Software Development Risk / Sen-Tarng Lai -- Timing Sequence Analysis Technology and Application of RVD Software Based on Black Box Testing Environment / Zhenhua Wang, Guofeng Zhang, Zhaohui Chen, Weijin Zhang and Suo Xuhua -- Application Research of Two-Dimensional Barcode in Information Construction of Colleges / Yan Yan, Qifeng Li, Minghua Cao, Haiyan Chen and Jianbin Xue -- Automatic Test of Space Rendezvous and Docking GNC Software / Zhenhua Wang, Zhaohui Chen, Guofeng Zhang and Hanxiao Zhang
Design and Implementation of Material Supply System Based on B/S and C/S Mixed Mode / Taiping Mo, Meng Wang, Kefeng Fan and Dan Wang -- A Power System Distributed Computing Model Based on SOA / Ruifeng Zhao, Wei Yan, Jinge Zhang and Fang He -- Measurability: A Key Problem for Test Systems / Jing Wang, Qi Zhang and Wei Jiang -- MBCrawler: A Software Architecture for Micro-Blog Crawler / Gang Lu, Shumei Liu and Kevin Lü -- Optimization Model of Software Fault Detection / Ye Jun-min, Chen Ying-xiang, Chen Jing-ru and Feng Jia-jie -- Generic Contract-Regulated Web Service Composition Specification and Verification / Jie Zhai, Zhiqing Shao, Yi Guo and Haiteng Zhang -- Adaptive Random Testing Through Dynamic Partitioning by Localization with Restriction and Enlarged Input Domain / Korosh koochekian sabor and mehran mohsenzadeh -- Effective Test Case Generation via Concolic Execution / Yan Hu and He Jiang -- An Integrated Method for Rapid Software Development and Effective Process Management / Jyhjong Lin, Chaoyu Lin and Weipang Yang -- A Configuration and Analysis System for Box-Joint Assembly Tooling / Yiwei Wang, Lianyu Zheng and Qingjun Liu
A Ranking-Based Approach for Service Composition with Multiple QoS Constraints / Weidong Wang, Wei Lu, Liqiang Wang, Weiwei Xing and Zhao Li -- Research of Multiple Tenants for Medical Information Service / Jie Liu and Qing Zhu -- Automated Generation of Test Cases Based on Path Optimization Algorithm / Ci Liang and Wei Zheng -- The Development of Jade Agent for Android Mobile Phones / Yu Weihong and Yan Chen -- Test Case Selection Based on a Spectrum of Complexity Metrics / Bouchaib Falah and Kenneth Magel -- Web Application Modeling and Anomaly Detection / Huihui Hou and Tongge Xu -- The Impact of Module Attributes on Project Defect Density / Syed Muhammad Ali Shah and Maurizio Morisio -- A New Method for Software Reliability Modeling / Weiyong Huang, Kui Chen, Yuqin Gao and Rong Bao -- The Study on Chinese Speech Recognition Based on Android / Yaping Wang and Baoshan Li -- A New Firmware Upgrade Mechanism Designed for Software Defined Radio Based System / Jianzhuang Li, Cheng Chang, Dongyuan Shi, Wei Xia and Lin Chen -- A Practical Key Management Scheme in Software Layer and Its Applications / An Wang, Zheng Li and Xianwen Yang -- CIE: Learner Behavior Modeling Oriented Component Model for Edutainment Game / Yue Zhang, Zhiqiang Dai and Fang Miao
Part 2. Digital Media Technology -- T-Base: A Triangle-Based Iterative Algorithm for Smoothing Quadrilateral Meshes / Gang Mei, John C. Tipper and Nengxiong Xu -- A High Efficient Real-Time Look-Ahead NURBS Interpolator / Jianhua Hu, Yunkuan Wang, Hui Wang and Ze Zong -- A Combinatorial Pruning Algorithm for Voronoi Skeletonization / Hongzhi Liu, Zhonghai Wu, Xing Zhang and D. Frank Hsu -- Three-Dimensional Geometric Invariant Construction from Images / Xiaodong Wang, Xiao Chen and Shanshan Qu -- A Novel (k, n) Visual Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Random Grids / Guanshi Zhong and Jianjun Wang -- Web 3D Model Library System Based on Cloud Platform / Mingang Chen, Wenjun Cai, Shida Lu, Luwei Zhang and Lizhuang Ma -- A New Framework for Layered Depth Video Coding / Zhu Ting, Dongxiao Li, Wang Lianghao and Ming Zhang -- Standard Speaker Selection in Speech Synthesis for Mandarin Tone Learning / Yanlu Xie, Jinsong Zhang and Shuju Shi -- Separating Algorithm for Quasi-Circle Overlapping Images Based on Improved Hough Transform / Siming Cheng, Kangling Fang and Xinhai Liu -- A Video Watermarking Scheme Resistant to Geometric Attacks / Hua Jiang, Tiexin Xu and Xin Wang
A Fast Tracking Algorithm for Multiple-Objects in Occlusions / Zhigang Zhang, Lei Bai and Junqin Huang -- An Improved Video Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Particle Filter and Mean-Shift / Zheyi Fan, Mo Li and Zhiwen Liu -- Video Content Retrieval System Based on the Contextual Color Features / Lei Niu -- A Semi-Supervised Active Learning FSVM for Content Based Image Retrieval / Guizhi Li, Changsheng Zhou, Wei Wang and Yahui Liu -- Low-Cost Virtual Driving Simulator Design and Its Application / Xingquan Cai and Limei Sun -- Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition System Based-On Geometric Features / Qiqiang Zhou and Xiangzhou Wang -- Alignment Error Analysis on Mask and Sensor in Light Field Camera with Attenuating Mask / Xiubao Zhang, Yushun Fan and Haojiang Gao -- Makeup Transfer Using Multi-Example / Hui Du and Lianqing Shu -- A Method for Removing Rain from Videos / Gang Liu, Yufen Sun and Xianqiao Chen -- Chaos System and YCbCr Color Space Based Semi-Fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Color Images / Zhenzhen Zhang, Jianjun Hou, Zhaohong Li and Zhengchao Yang -- Sparse Representation Based Gender Recognition Algorithm / Longfei Cui, Ming Zhu, Rui Liu and Wenke Zhang
Region-Based Image Annotation Using Gaussian Mixture Model / Xin Luo and Kenji Kita -- Web-Based Multi-Dimensional Medical Image Collaborative Annotation System / Gaihong Yu, Dianfu Ma, Hualei Shen and Yonggang Huang -- Real-Time Simulation and Visualization of Buoy in Irregular Wave / Xiufeng Zhang, Yong Yin, Guixin Zhan and Hongxiang Ren -- License Plate Location Based on Projection Method and Genetic Algorithm / Xin-Yan Cao, Ya-Juan Song and Tan Xu -- Image Segmentation Based on Edge Growth / Xiuyan Cao, Weili Ding, Shuo Hu and Liancheng Su -- The Study on Network Three Dimensional GIS Terrain Data Transmission Methods Based on the Terrain Features / Dong Wei and Lijuan Niu -- Distorted Document Image Rectification Based on Inflection Detection and Heterogeneous Registration / Lijing Tong, Quanyao Peng, Guoliang Zhan and Yifan Li -- Target Recognition and Tracking Method Based on Multiple Templates in Complex Scenes / Zhifeng Gao, Bo Wang, Mingjie Dong and Yongsheng Shi -- A Framework of Static Hand Shape Recognition System / Shufen Zhang, Liling Ma and Junzheng Wang -- Face Recognition Using Semi-Supervised Sparse Discriminant Neighborhood Preserving Embedding / Feng Li
ODTMIS: An On-Demand Transmission Based Medical Image System for Movable Analysis / Sujun Sun, Dianfu Ma, Hualei Shen and Yongwang Zhao -- Ship Target Segmentation in ISAR Images / Wang Jun and Wan Dongdong -- The Study of Target Tracking Method in Video Surveillance / Guoqiang Wang, Lan Wang and Jingquan Wang -- Inner-Knuckle-Print Recognition Based on Improved LBP / Ming Liu, Yongmei Tian and Yinghui Ma -- Fingerprint Classification Based on Sparse Representation Using Rotation-Invariant Features / Yong A, Tiande Guo, Xiao Liu and Guangqi Shao -- Human Action Recognition for Home Sensor Network / Yingyuan Gu and Chun Yuan -- Hardware Implementation of Tier1 Coding for JPEG2000 / Shijie Qiao and Yuan Yang -- Development of a Single-Leaf Disease Severity Automatic Grading System Based on Image Processing / Guanlin Li, Zhanhong Ma and Haiguang Wang -- Pornographic Image Filtering Method Based on Human Key Parts / Ni Pengyu and Huang Jie -- Imaging of Transmission Equipment by Saliency-Based Compressive Sampling / Jingjing Zhao, Xingtong Liu, Jixiang Sun and Shilin Zhou -- A Noise-Insensitive Algorithm for Pixel Level Image Registration Based on Centroid / Song Feng, Linhua Deng, Jiaben Lin, Hui Deng and Kaifan Ji
A Human Skin-Color-Preserving Extension Algorithm for Wide Gamut Displays / Xiankui Meng, Gang Song and Hua Li -- A Three-Dimensional CBM Reservoir System Based on Web3D Technology / Jian Wang and Lin Cao -- Model and Analysis on Time Complexity for Graph-Based Segmentation / Li Sun, Liu Jia, Lv Caixiai and Li Zheying -- Modified Binary Image Thinning Using Template-Based PCNN / Zuoyong Li, Runhong Wang and Zuchang Zhang -- A Method for Extracting Skeleton of Objects with Fuzzy Boundary / Yongliang Zhang, Ling Li and Yan Yu -- Relevance Feedback Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Image Retrieval / Lijun Cai, Xiaohui Yang, Shuncai Li and Dengfeng Li -- Improve the Resolution of Medical Image Using POCS Algorithm / Jun Luo and Ying Chen -- A Survey of JND Models in Digital Image Watermarking / Wei Li, Yana Zhang and Cheng Yang -- Camouflage Images Based on Mean Value Interpolation / Hui Du and Lianqing Shu -- The Simulation of Land Distribution Based on Strategy of Urban Space Development in Nanjing / Zaizhi Zhang, Yizhong Sun and Yi Lu -- A Fast Mode Selection Algorithm of Intra-Frame Used in Logistics Video Surveillance / Li Ma, Jianbin Song and Xiuying Wang
Research of Image Segmentation Based on Watershed Transformation / Bingren Sun and Sanxing Cao -- A Type of Block Matching Algorithm Based on Image Edge Extraction / Kexiang Liu, Chao Chang and Lu Zhao -- Non-Photorealistic Tree Creating Based on Stroke and Multipass Rendering / Buying Lai, Xiaoming Wang and Lifei You -- Comparison of Image-Based Measuring Methods for Analysis of Particle Mixing in Rotary Drum / X.Y. Liu and Lei He -- Research on the Confidentiality Oriented Image Slicing and Recovering System / Shiliang Yan and Hua Zhang -- Stereo-Based Dense Disparity Estimation for Lunar Surface / Yingkui Du, Wei Zheng, Dengke Zhao, Yaonan Wang and Jianda Han -- The Weighted Submodule LDA for Face Recognition / Ye Peng, Shunfang Wang and Longbin Liang -- A Novel Anti-Vignetting Algorithm for CMOS Image Sensor / Shengli Zhu, Suying Yao, Jiangtao Xu and Chenfeng Zhong -- Point Target and Plane Target Imaging of De-Chirped LFM-CW SAR / Huo He, Hong Wang, Xue gang Wang and Xue lian Yu -- Improvement of Image Decomposition for Cartoon-Texture Based on the VO Model / Qiubo Gong, Mingri Zhu and Nian Wang
Application of Binary Image Authentication Algorithm in Digital Watermarking / Wang Chunxian and Li Huishan -- A Novel Audio Information Hiding Scheme based on rMAC / Litao Yu, Liehuang Zhu, Dan Liu and Yuzhou Xie -- An Approach to Computer 3D Modeling of Horizon with Complex Faults / Leiyin Jiao, Hongzhuan Lei, Ziliang Yu, Li Luo and Tao He -- Digital Watermark of Static Image Based on Wavelet Transform / Wei Qi, Fan Xia and Yanjuan Wen -- Snore Formant Detection Method Based on Software Multi-Filtering / Li Zhang and Lei Xue -- Real-Time Simulation of the 3D Explosive Effects / Xin Li, Yue Cao, Ruijiao Tian, Shuai Zhao and Leiting Chen -- A Texture Image Denoising Model Based on Image Frequency and Energy Minimization / Chanjuan Liu, Xu Qian and Caixia Li -- Optimal Ellipse Fitting Method Based on Boundary of Least Square Approach / Wanguo Wang, Zhengfei Xu, Shirong Wang, Zhenli Wang and Wenbo Yang -- Research on Shared Ontology Model for Coal Mine Emergency Case / Zhenfeng Hu, Shangheng Yao and Yangtong Liu -- Simplified Skeleton Model Based Hand Gesture Recognition / Yuan Shi, Qi Wei, Ruijie Liu and Yuli Ge -- Ear-Clipping Based Algorithms of Generating High-Quality Polygon Triangulation / Gang Mei, John C. Tipper and Nengxiong Xu
Summary Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Information Technology and Software Engineering presents selected articles from this major event, which was held in Beijing, December 8-10, 2012. This book presents the latest research trends, methods and experimental results in the fields of information technology and software engineering, covering various state-of-the-art research theories and approaches. The subjects range from intelligent computing to information processing, software engineering, Web, unified modeling language (UML), multimedia, communication technologies, system identification, graphics and visualizing, etc. The proceedings provide a major interdisciplinary forum for researchers and engineers to present the most innovative studies and advances, which can serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working on information technology and software engineering. Prof. Wei Lu, Dr. Guoqiang Cai, Prof. Weibin Liu and Dr. Weiwei Xing all work at Beijing Jiaotong University
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