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Description IEEE Wiley e-books titles includes full text access to all copyrighted in the year(s) 1974-2014.The eBooks collection spans numerous content areas, including Bioengineering, Power & Energy and Communication technologies, among other growing areas of research.
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IEEE ebooks Accelerated stress testing handbook : guide for achieving quality products / edited by H. Anthony Chan, Paul J. Englert
IEEE ebooks Acoustic echo and noise control : a practical approach / Eberhard Haensler, Gerhard Schmidt
IEEE ebooks Active antennas and quasi-optical arrays / edited by Amir Mortazawi, Tatsuo Itoh, James Harvey
IEEE ebooks Adaptive antennas for wireless communications / edited by George V. Tsoulos
IEEE ebooks Adaptive control design and analysis / Gang Tao
IEEE ebooks Adaptive filters / Ali H. Sayed
IEEE ebooks Adaptive inverse control / Bernard Widrow, Eugene Walach
IEEE ebooks Adaptive wireless transceivers : turbo-coded, turbo-equalized and space-time coded TDMA, CDMA, and OFDM systems / L. Hanzo, C.H. Wong, M.S. Yee
IEEE ebooks Advanced biomedical image analysis / Mark A. Haidekker
IEEE ebooks Advanced design techniques and realizations of microwave and RF filters / Pierre Jarry, Jacques Beneat
IEEE ebooks Advanced electronic packaging
IEEE ebooks Advanced electronic packaging : with emphasis on multichip modules / edited by William D. Brown
IEEE ebooks Advanced FPGA design : architecture, implementation, and optimization / Steve Kilts
IEEE ebooks Advanced frequency synthesis by phase lock / William F. Egan
IEEE ebooks Advanced instrumentation and computer I/O design : real-time system computer interface engineering / Patrick H. Garrett
IEEE ebooks Advanced integrated communication microsystems / Joy Laskar [and others]
IEEE ebooks Advances in Multiuser Detection / Honig, Michael
IEEE ebooks Advanced methods of biomedical signal processing / edited by Sergio Cerutti, Carlo Marchesi
IEEE ebooks Advanced semiconductor memories : architectures, designs, and applications / Ashok K. Sharma
IEEE ebooks Advanced Signal Integrity For High-Speed Digital Designs / HALL, STEPHEN