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Description Press Reader provides access to current newspapers and magazines both locally and internationally. Just like reading the print edition, viewers can browse articles and other key content.
Subject area Business
  Public Relations
  Media, Communication and Creative Arts
Access information Publisher restrictions may block access to some titles.
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Other name PressReader
  Library Press Display
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الخليج الرياضي
الصحة والطب
Press Reader 4WDrive 01 Jan. 2016-
Press Reader 4x4 Magazine 01 Dec. 2009-
Press Reader 5/15 01 Jan. 2016-
Press Reader 50 years of Building and Development 11 Aug. 2017 - 11 Aug. 2017
Press Reader 66pixel Photo 01 Oct. 2019 - 31 Jan. 2020
Press Reader 7 Dney 13 Oct. 2011-
Press Reader 7 Jours 05 May 2011-
Press Reader 911 Porsche World 03 Aug. 2017-
01 informatique
Press Reader 01net 24 June 2015-
Press Reader 01Net Hors-Série 24 July 2015-
Press Reader Aalener Nachrichten 24 Nov. 2014-
Press Reader Aapla Mahanagar 13 Sept. 2018-
Press Reader Äärimmäinen Pokédex 29 June 2017 - 29 June 2017
Press Reader ABC 03 Feb. 2006-
Press Reader ABC (1ª Edición) 02 Dec. 2010-
Press Reader ABC (Andalucía) 10 July 2005-
Press Reader ABC (Australia) 01 Apr. 2016-