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Temporomandibular Joint Diseases -- See Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

A variety of conditions affecting the anatomic and functional characteristics of the temporomandibular joint. Factors contributing to the complexity of temporomandibular diseases are its relation to dentition and mastication and the symptomatic effects in other areas which account for referred pain to the joint and the difficulties in applying traditional diagnostic procedures to temporomandibular joint pathology where tissue is rarely obtained and x-rays are often inadequate or nonspecific. Common diseases are developmental abnormalities, trauma, subluxation, luxation, arthritis, and neoplasia. (From Thoma's Oral Pathology, 6th ed, pp577-600)
2 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases.   15
3 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases -- Diagnosis   4
4 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases -- Periodicals : Cranio : the journal of craniomandibular practice  1985 1
5 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases -- Surgery : Contemporary management of temporomandibular disorders : surgical treatment / S. Thaddeus Connelly, Gianluca Martino Tartaglia, Rebeka G. Silva, editors  2019 1
6 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases -- Treatment   6
7 Temporomandibular joint -- Diseases -- Treatment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc : Manual of temporomandibular disorders / Edward F. Wright  2014 1
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