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1   Sympathetic nervous system -- 6 Related Subjects   6
2 Sympathetic nervous system.   4

Sympathetic Nervous System Diseases -- See Autonomic Nervous System Diseases

Diseases of the parasympathetic or sympathetic divisions of the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM; which has components located in the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. Autonomic dysfunction may be associated with HYPOTHALAMIC DISEASES; BRAIN STEM disorders; SPINAL CORD DISEASES; and PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES. Manifestations include impairments of vegetative functions including the maintenance of BLOOD PRESSURE; HEART RATE; pupil function; SWEATING; REPRODUCTIVE AND URINARY PHYSIOLOGY; and DIGESTION
4 Sympathetic Nervous System -- drug effects : Neural control of renal function / Ulla C. Koop  2011 1
5 Sympathetic Nervous System -- physiopathology.   2
6 Sympathetic Nervous System -- surgery : The open neurosurgery journal  2015 1
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